Fitbit’s New Kid-Focused Watch Sets the Bar for Smartwatches – Video

Fitbit’s New Kid-Focused Watch Sets the Bar for Smartwatches – Video

Smartwatches Can Learn a Lot From Fitbit’s New Kid-Focused Watch

Fitbit has recently launched a new smartwatch specifically designed for kids called the Fitbit Ace LTE, and it is taking the market by storm. Priced at $230, this watch offers a variety of motion games that are not only fun but also encourage physical activity. The watch features games like fishing, golf, and a Mario Kart-like game that kids can control by moving their hands. These games aim to motivate children to stay active and earn fitness credits that can be used within the games.

In addition to the gaming aspect, the Fitbit Ace LTE also offers phone service over LTE, allowing kids to make calls and send messages. This feature provides peace of mind for parents as they can track their child’s location using the watch. The watch also comes with a range of watch faces and animations, with additional features and watch faces available through separate straps for $35.

Overall, the Fitbit Ace LTE has set a new standard for kids’ smartwatches with its unique combination of fitness tracking, gaming, and communication features. It is definitely a device worth exploring for parents looking for an engaging and motivating wearable for their children. Stay tuned for more updates as we delve deeper into this exciting new device.

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