Police Traitors Who Defected to Join the Sinaloa Cartel – Video

Police Traitors Who Defected to Join the Sinaloa Cartel – Video

The video titled “Traitorous Police Who Deserted To Join The Sinaloa Cartel” offers a chilling look at the corruption and betrayal within the Mexican police force. The video dives deep into the formation of the lagona reaction group, a supposed elite police unit, and the shocking revelations of their allegiance to the Sinaloa Cartel.

The video sheds light on the graduation ceremony of the first generation of the group and how they were initially trained to combat serious crimes. However, the narrative takes a dark turn as allegations surface that the group has transformed into an armed wing serving the brutal interests of the Sinaloa Cartel, particularly under the leadership of Ismael El Mayo Zambada.

The video exposes the alleged collaboration between the lagona reaction group and the Cabrera group, a criminal cell linked to the cartel, led by Jose Luis Cabrera Sarabia and his brothers. The infiltration of police forces by criminal elements is vividly portrayed, showcasing the extent of corruption and collusion at play.

The central figure in this web of corruption is Zamir Alejandro Braham Raza, alias Commandante Lince, the director of the GRL, who is portrayed as the mastermind behind the unholy alliance between the police force and the drug cartel. The video presents evidence of illegal activities, including drug trafficking and criminal operations, allegedly orchestrated by Commandante Lince and his family.

The video culminates in a call to action, urging viewers to reflect on the grave implications of such corruption within the Mexican authorities. It questions the ability of law enforcement to combat organized crime when those tasked with upholding the law are complicit in criminal activities.

Overall, the video offers a disturbing look at the blurred lines between law enforcement and criminality in Mexico, painting a grim picture of a system rife with corruption and betrayal. It serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced in the ongoing battle against drug trafficking and organized crime in the country.

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