Reviving the Lost Art of Sailing: A 1000-Year-Old Philippines Design – Video

Reviving the Lost Art of Sailing: A 1000-Year-Old Philippines Design – Video

The Philippines, a country with a rich maritime history, is known for its seafaring people who have relied on the ocean and boats for thousands of years. However, with the arrival of motorboats in the 1970s, the traditional art of sailing began to fade away. But as contrasts and paradoxes often do, they ignited passions and inspired people to revive old traditions.

One such individual is Gener Paduga, who has dedicated himself to reviving the lost art of sailing in the Philippines. His 72-foot sailboat, Balatik, is a representation of a 1000-year-old Filipino sailing design. Through his boat-building skills and knowledge of traditional navigation by the stars, he has created a vessel that not only pays homage to his ancestors but also serves as a symbol of his love for the sea.

The boat, constructed using local wood from Palawan, features traditional carvings and designs that are unique to the region. From the fully recycled helm station to the homemade vinegar in the kitchen, every aspect of the boat reflects Paduga’s commitment to sustainable living and self-reliance.

Despite facing challenges, including a near-disastrous maiden voyage, Paduga’s dedication to his boat shines through. And with plans to incorporate solar panels and an electric motor, he is on a mission to make his boat even more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Balatik is not just a boat for Paduga, it is his soul. And he invites guests to experience the beauty of traditional Filipino sailing through trips on his boat. So if you’re looking for a unique and authentic seafaring experience, Balatik and Gener Paduga are ready to take you on a journey of a lifetime.

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