The Simpsons’ Frightening Predictions for 2024 – Video

The Simpsons’ Frightening Predictions for 2024 – Video

The Terrible Simpsons Predictions for 2024
Predicted For 2024!

Michel de Nostradamus, a French astrologer living from 1503 to 1566, is famed for his uncanny ability to foresee the future. His prophecies have intrigued and amazed for centuries. Notably, he predicted an event that unfolded recently: a devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Ishikawa, Japan, resulting in massive destruction and the loss of 55 lives. Remarkably, Nostradamus had described such an event over 400 years ago. Yet, this earthquake is merely one instance of his foresight. An even more astonishing revelation linked to his predictions awaits, which we will unveil in this video.

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