We Indulged in Every Dish on Our Rome Food Tour – Video

We Indulged in Every Dish on Our Rome Food Tour – Video

In this epic Roman food tour, the Passport Couple indulges in the best of Italian cuisine, from sweet pastries for breakfast to delicious pasta for dinner. They take us on a culinary journey through the streets of Rome, trying traditional Roman sandwiches, artichokes, oxtail, gelato, and even pizza-in-a-pocket. Each dish is meticulously described, from the tender, slow-cooked beef in the sandwich to the creamy whipped cream on the morning bun.

The couple also shares insights into dining customs in Italy, such as the leisurely pace of meals and the importance of espresso after eating. They revel in the beauty of Rome’s parks and streets while savoring their final meal of handmade pasta. Throughout the video, Alicia and Nate showcase their love for food and appreciation for the Italian culinary tradition.

As they conclude their food-filled day, the Passport Couple expresses gratitude to the articles that helped them plan their adventure and share memorable moments, such as feeding pigeons and trying to be romantic with a dessert. Overall, the video captures the essence of Italian cuisine and the joy of experiencing Rome through its food. Join the Passport Couple on this mouth-watering journey through the streets of Rome in their latest vlog.

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