What is Responsible for the Invasion of Cicadas This Year? – Video

What is Responsible for the Invasion of Cicadas This Year? – Video

This year, Americans are experiencing a massive invasion of cicadas, with record numbers emerging from the ground in swarms. Many are wondering what is to blame for this sudden surge in bothersome bugs.

Experts have pointed to a variety of factors that have contributed to the increase in cicadas. One of the main reasons is the cyclical nature of cicada life cycles, where certain species only emerge every 17 years. This synchronized emergence can result in large numbers of cicadas appearing all at once.

In addition, environmental factors such as temperature and rainfall can affect cicada populations. Warmer temperatures and increased precipitation can create optimal conditions for cicadas to thrive, leading to larger numbers of insects emerging.

While cicadas can be a nuisance with their loud buzzing and swarming behavior, they are harmless to humans and typically do not cause any damage to plants or crops. Once they emerge, cicadas have a short lifespan of about four weeks before they die off in July.

So, if you find yourself face-to-face with a cicada “fly-by” this summer, just remember that this invasion is a natural phenomenon and will soon pass. In the meantime, enjoy the symphony of cicada songs and marvel at the wonders of nature.

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