“12 Compelling Photos That Suggest Time Travel Could Be Real” – Video

“12 Compelling Photos That Suggest Time Travel Could Be Real” – Video

12 Photos That Prove Time Travel Exists!
Have you ever been curious about whether traveling between different timelines will become a reality in the future?
Join me in the following video to explore a series of photos proving the existence of a time-traveling machine. Note that the images captured below may surprise you with their enchanting nature. Let’s start rewinding the time!

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A series of photos proving time travel is real have you ever been curious about whether traveling between different timelines will become a reality in the future join me in the following video to explore a series of photo proving the existence of a time traveling machine note that the images captured below may

Surprise you with their enchanting nature let’s start rewinding the time John titer the man from the future in the late 2000s John titer joined the time travel Institute Forum claiming to be a soldier sent from the year 2036 a time when a computer virus would supposedly Wipe Out the existence of the

Entire world he stated that his mission was to travel back to 1975 steal an IBM 5,100 computer and according to him this computer would contain all the essential information needed to combat the virus in the future over the next few months he answered uses questions about various ious things everything including

Scenarios and realities in the future he also provided many technical details about how time travel Works along with complex algorithms and pictures of an actual time machine John vanished permanently after the last post on March 24 2001 where he advised people to carry a gask and in case their car broke down

On the side of the road people believe he returned to his own timeline after getting bored with our today he’s a famous online figure with a large fan base and his predictions and theories are still meticulously studied although lacking specific evidence to support John teter’s claims many still believe

He is a genuine time traveler according to them Jon’s predictions about the future didn’t come true because his presence in our timeline altered the future preventing or postponing the foreseen events in reality some of Jon’s predictions such as the rise of a new world order and nuclear war in 2015 have

Been proven false I don’t know about you but I’m sure I’d love to meet this tidle person and have a chat with him with just over 10 years left until 2036 who knows when time travel will become common place the legend of Victor Godard Victor Godard was a member of the royal Air

Force who served in the British military during the world wars while commanding a squadron in World War I an aircraft mechanic named Freddy Jackson walked into a spinning propeller and died from the injuries however what happened on his funeral day would astonish everyone the Squadron gathered for a group photo

But upon later inspection Victor godded noticed a suspicious looking man in the back row and it was none other than Freddy Jackson this was the first shocking event God had witnessed a few years later he was assigned to inspect an abandoned Airfield in the village of

Dr Scotland upon arrival he found it to be a pile of UN finished Rubble the Airfield constructed during World War I I held little interest for gai the old Airfield had been converted into a farm where weeds grew abundantly and the aircraft hangers were in Ruins while

Flying over this area he encountered a strange storm his plane was engulfed in the Strong Winds of peculiar brownish yellow clouds of the unusual storm he suddenly lost control of his aircraft and it began to plummet Godard was certain of his impending crash into the mountains he couldn’t see the ground or

Anything around except for those bizarrely colored clouds however suddenly he emerged from those clouds into the bright sunlight he was still flying over the drem Airfield however its scenery had changed the Airfield had now been completely repaired and put back into operation to godard’s astonishment his plane was also

Painted yellow he discovered three familiar bipes but one looked unfamiliar to him the fourth plane was a single wi type that the raft did not have in 19 35 additionally there were mechanics however they didn’t dress like rough mechanics the airport staff worked diligently seemingly without anyone among them noticing him while the

Uniforms of the raft mechanics were Brown These mechanics were in blue the storm once again engulfed the plane but he managed to maneuver back to endover finally he returned to his base after returning home he recorded the flight log reported to his superiors however his Superior didn’t believe him thinking

It was a hoax and none of his colleagues believed him either nearly four years later in 1939 the abandoned Airfield was repaired and reopened and all Rafe planes were painted in bright yellow that year even the rff mechanics changed their uniforms from brown to Blue the

Scene from four years ago had become a reality exactly as Godard had described so was it an illusion or did God D time travel to the Future a photo over 100 years old proves time travel the photo is printed in the 1974 book The Great Cape Scott Story by

Lester Ray Peterson a historical account of the Canadian region the picture was taken over 100 years ago in Canada in the image a group of men women children are sitting on a hillside but those with Keen eyes noticed something extraordinary about the photo a man from the 20th century is present in the

Picture what makes him stand out is attire wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and athletic short with modern looking tousled hair clearly distinct from everyone else this fashion style is believed to be different from those around him by hundreds of years I don’t know about others but if I were to time

Travel to the past I would avoid cameras like this guy upon closer inspection the man on the left seems to be bewildered by his presence further to the right a woman also appears to be pointing towards the presumed time traveler leading many to speculate that this man somehow arrived here from an undisclosed

Place laptops have been around since ancient Greece the world’s first laptop emerged in the 1970s however in 2014 a conspiracy theory website posted a photo showing a laptop supposedly appearing in ancient Greece specifically the image was a photograph of a statue in the J Paul geti museum in Malibu California

The statue depicts a woman sitting on a chair extending her hand to what resembles a modern-day laptop not only does it resemble the shape of a laptop but there are also two holes beside it that look like USB ports this can’t be a normal makeup box or jewelry container

It seems very likely to be a modern laptop moreover many believe this is a way for ancient Greeks to communicate with a Divine possibly people from the future or even extraterrestrials from another world the mysterious man wearing a t-shirt in 1941 according to the information the photo was taken in November

1941 when the South Fork Bridge reopened in British Columbia Canada the reopening of this bridge attracted many people to visit in this random photo there is an image of a man wearing a t-shirt sunglasses and holding a camera in front of his chest with both hands the attire

Of this man doesn’t seem to fit in with those around him meanwhile the people bustling around to visit the bridge are dressed in clothing that appears appropriate for the 1940s after the photo was exhibited at various displays it sparked heated discussions among internet users about this time traveling

Man some believe it’s just normal attire While others subscribe to the theory that this man might be a time traveler the time traveling man during the Cold War era at first glance his photo doesn’t seem to be anything special and many might consider it just a regular historical photograph however what makes it

Intriguing is the person in the photo and basiago a member of the secretive Pegasus project of the US government in the 19 specifically beago claims that in 1972 who was one of the children involved in an experiment related to two quantum teleportation the experiment allegedly sent him back to Gettysburg in 1863

Where Abraham Lincoln delivered the speech marking the beginning of the American Civil War initially basiago was unaware that he had traveled to the Past however Upon returning to the present he was surprised to see his 10-year-old self appearing in a photograph taken in 1863 according to basiago description he

Is the child standing in the middle looking to the right in the photo according to baso this program was managed by the defense Advanced research projects agency DARPA focusing on researching issues surrounding three-dimensional time travel he also revealed that the government used Tax pairs money for time travel research but

It had to be temporarily halted due to its perceived danger do you believe the words of this man I wonder how he managed to come back to the present if he went back to the past self-proclaimed time traveler on January 28th 200344 4-year-old Andrew Carlson was arrested on suspicion of

Fraud having received illegal Insider information after making profits from 126 consecutive stock trades without any errors Andrew Carlson invested in high-risk stock trades starting with an initial investment of only $800 but later making returns of $350 million while the biggest stock players on Wall Street suffered significant losses due to Market

Volatility Carson’s massive profits in a short period raised suspicions among stock traders that something unusual was happening with him surprisingly Carson claimed that he came from the future specifically from the year 2256 and proposed telling investigators information such as Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts and the cure for AIDS in

Exchange for a lighter punishment and permission to return to the time machine however he refused to disclose to investigators the location or the principles of operation of the time machine an unidentified individual later posted a million dollar as bail for Cary he was supposed to appear in court on

April 3 2003 but disappeared without a trace this fascinating story may not be enough to prove the reality of time travel what do you think if not let’s move on to the next story personally I find this story beyond belief traveling from the past to the present just to

Play the stock market and make money that’s quite extraordinary number six Charlie Chaplain in the time traveling film in October 2010 Northern Irish filmmaker George Clark uploaded a video titled chaplain’s time traveler to YouTube the clip analyzes Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus on the DVD there is footage from the movies

Premiere at Gran’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles in 1928 one point a woman is seen walking by holding an object to her ear Clark suggested upon closer inspection she appears to be talking into a thin black device resembling a cell phone Clark concludes that this woman might be a time traveler the clip

Garnered millions of views and became the subject of widespread discussions online it’s curious how Time Travelers seem to be careless bringing mobile phones to the Past Nicholas Jackson Deputy editor of the Atlantic suggested the most plausible explanation is that she was using a portable hearing aid a new technology developed at the time

Philip SC osar an archivist at the Bernard Beckham Medical Library at Washington University School of Medicine proposed that the woman might be holding a rectangular ear trumpet writer Michael Sheridan of the New York daily news mentioned that the device could be an early hearing aid possibly an acoustic produced by Miller ree

Hutcherson number five Swiss watch in a 400-year-old tomb the watch was discovered when archaeologists were filming a documentary with two journalists in the town of shangi in the Sichuan Province as archaeologists were scanning the soil around the tomb a stone fell to the ground with the sound

Of metal clanging when picked up it looked like a ring after cleaning off the dirt and taking a closer look archaeologists were astonished to find a metal object shaped like a small ring with a clock face about 2 mm thick the small hand on the watch pointed to 10

Hours and 6 minutes now the back of this tiny watch was engraved with the word Swiss however the tomb was completely intact and had never been opened since its construction 400 years ago during the Ming Dynasty scientists could not explain why Swiss was engraved in English on the back of the tiny watch

Because during that time in Switzerland people spoke French and German in 1541 Geneva issued a ban on flashy jewelry SO watches became popular as they were considered a necessary accessory until now there is no documentation about the pre of this type of watch in Europe until around 1780 furthermore in 1848

Switzerland was established as a country before that it was the Swiss Confederation this could be the earliest known appearance of such a watch could someone has traveled back to the past and visited China in the 1500s to place this watch in that specific tomb number four evidence of time travel

From ancient Egypt the archaeological discoveries in Egypt eypt always conceal many surprising secrets about history captivating researchers for thousands of years from ancient tombs to pottery and tools these findings offer a glimpse into the lifestyle culture and habits of ancient Egyptians a recent discovery of hieroglyphs in Egypt approximately 3,000

Years old within a temple in abidos has left everyone astonished researchers found ancient Egyptian hieroglyph believed to be around 3,000 years old in inside a temple in abidos the exact meaning of each hieroglyph is thought to depend on the context in which it appears while some hieroglyphs depict animals and insects researchers claim

That some symbols refer to airplanes and submarines they believe that the presence of structures resembling airplanes in helicopters serves as evidence that ancient Egyptians had an early ability for time travel foreseeing the future of human evolution in the past when people carved hieroglyphs like these into Stone it was truly remarkable

Wasn’t it I wonder if you think these symbols resemble airplanes or submarines if not what do you speculate these hieroglyphs might signify number three Nokia phone with a history of over 800 years at the end of 2015 archaeologists in Austria declared the discovery of a unique artifact a

Piece of clay resembling an early Nokia phone what makes this artifact particular L intriguing is its estimated age eight specifically this phone dates to the 13th century and features keys with the caniform characters of the samarians one of the earliest writing systems appearing several thousand years prior around

3,500 3,000 B it’s hard to Fathom the authenticity of this phone I mean if there were Nokia phones 800 years ago we probably have phones capable of interplanetary communication today it can be firmly stated that mobile phones could not have existed 800 years ago therefore many people believe this to be

Evidence of time travel number two the Philadelphia Experiment The Philadelphia Experiment is one of the most famous urban legends that raises the question is time travel real in 1943 a Canon class Destroyer Escort ship was engaged in a top secret experiment designed to gain control of the oceans against the Axis powers the

Goal was to develop technology to make Navy ships invisible to enemy radar the experiment was set to take place at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard according to documents the US Eldridge was fitted with necessary equipment that the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard the experiment began in the summer of 1943 and was deemed successful Witnesses

Claimed that a faint greenish blue light emitted from the ship’s Hull as soon as the power generators started however the next event left everyone in shock the ship suddenly disappeared according to Witnesses when the ship vanished it was seen at the norfol Naval Shipyard in Virginia for a few seconds

Before reappearing back in Philadelphia at the original location it was alleged that Eldridge anchored for a while within sight of those on the SS Andrew furth when it suddenly disappeared and then reappeared in Philadelphia at the original location it was also said that the the warship had traveled backward in

Time even today those outside the incident Wonder was it a classic case of time travel or perhaps just a simple illusion what do you think feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments number one the painting of a man holding a smartphone I want to share

With you that the telephone was invented in 1973 however in the painting Mr Pinchin and the settlement in Springfield by artist Alberto Romano in 19 1937 it shows a Native American holding a small rectangular object similar to Modern smartphones he seems to be swiping the screen with his thumb this

Painting still Sparks controversy according to historian Daniel Crown this Smartphone is a the painting depicts the Native Americans astonishment at the fur trading Goods brought to America by English businessman William Pinchin and there may very well be a small mirror among them what do you think is this

Painting a prediction of the future or is the image of a smartphone simply a mirror you and I have traveled through a journey back in time exploring pictures that prove time travel is entirely possible we don’t know if we will live to witness this mysterious technology in

The future but I personally find it very intriguing feel free to let me know which picture impresses you the most by commenting and sharing your thoughts if you enjoy the video don’t forget to give the channel a like And subscribe to be the first to see new and exciting videos

Every day thank you for watching and now goodbye and see you in the next video

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