“14 Colombian Taboos and Bizarre Customs That Surprised the Global Community” – Video

“14 Colombian Taboos and Bizarre Customs That Surprised the Global Community” – Video

14 Taboos in COLOMBIA and Weird Things That Shocked the Whole World!
There is a country in the Americas hidden with many peculiarities, a place where men have to get it on the first time with a donkey, couples must have intimate moments in front of their mothers, or even crazier, celebrate 100 New Year’s in just one short year.
Hard to believe, isn’t it? I know you can’t imagine why such bizarre things happen. But don’t worry, everything will be clarified in a few minutes. Because this is a video about 15 prohibitions and strange things that only exist in Colombia.

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14 prohibitions and strange things that only exist in Colombia there is a place in America hiding many peculiar things where couples need to be cautious in front of the mother’s witness or even crazier celebrate 100 New Year’s festivities in just a short year hard to believe isn’t it I know you can’t

Imagine why such bizarre things happen but don’t worry everything will be clarified in a few minutes because this is a video about 15 prohibitions and strange things that only exist in Colombia number 14 wedding night must be witnessed by the bride’s mother imagine you’re about to do something with your

Wife and her mother suddenly shows up and stays there all night to watch you and your husband do it it is probably the most embarrassing and uncomfortable feeling for anyone but in Colombia this is a very normal thing and any young person getting married will have to go through something like this in

Traditional Colum Ian custom the wedding night must be performed in the presence of the bride’s mother according to Colombian beliefs the supervision of the mother is very helpful when young couples are inexperienced in marriage the mother will sit and observe the newlyweds on their wedding night she will immediately provide necessary

Instructions if their actions seem clumsy in this way the relationship between the couple will be strengthened by Harmony and love according to Colombians this helps the marital Bond become stronger and last longer ER oh it seems its purpose is to be good for the young couple but it seems to bring more

Embarrassment and trouble than benefit number 13 Ben iPhones Colombia is the only country to ban Apple’s iPhone and iPad product preventing the company its subsidiaries and partners from importing marketing and even advertising certain connected iPhone and iPad models 5G this ban will cause the iPhone 12 and 13 models as was the new

5ed enabled iPad to be suspended from sale in Colombia the judge also instructed local Customs authorities to stop importing similar item and apple was allowed to order to contact online and offline businesses as well as social media platforms to stop selling and advertising the affected iPhone and iPad

Models to the market additionally the Colombian Court issued an anti- suit injunction Accord according to the terms this prevents Apple from using a court in another country to force Erikson to relax its import and sales Banning Colombia the reason Colombia banned these products is because Apple’s 5G connected product to facing a lawsuit

With a Swedish company Eric the dispute concerns licensing payments for certain 5G standard essential payent Apple admitted that the patents were genuine but argued that Eric son was charging too much for them number 12 Jun food law snacking is a hobby for many people but if you are one

Of them it’s best not to go to Colombia this Latin American country was one of the first in the world to impose a health tax targeting processed foods or otherwise known as the junk food law after years of campaigning the junk food law came into effect this month and the

Tax will be introduced gradually additional taxes on unhealthy foods will start at 10% then increased 15% next year and reach 20% in 2025 the tax targets ultr processed products defined as industrially produced ready to eat Foods as well as those high in salt and saturated fat such as chocolate or crisps Colombian

Diets are high in sodium which is linked to an increas in cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart failure which cause nearly a quarter of deaths annually the average Colombian consumes 12 G of salt per day the highest rate in Latin America end among the highest in

The world nearly onethird of adults in this country have high blood pressure other non-communicable diseases are linked to diet and obesity such as diabetes with more than a third of deaths from diabetes occurring under the age of 70 increasing taxes on these products is a way for people to reduce

Consumption of this item and improve Public Health number a liver of seven colors coming to Colombia one place you cannot miss is this country’s famous seven colored River Cano cristales River in Colombia is known as a river flowing from Heaven the Koo cristales River is located in meta Province Colombia every year this

River attracts thousands of visitors because of its magical colors that seem to contain the entire galaxy within it thanks to its magical colors in Kano cristiles is also called the river of seven r rainbow colors by indigenous people the name of the river Keno crystals means glass flow perhaps

Because under the sunlight each river section has its own color making visitors think of a cut of glass refracting sunlight to the viewer’s eyes previously scientists believed that conoc Christ Tales had such colorful colors because it was formed by algae and Moss from hundreds of millions of

Years ago that still adhered to the riverb to create this unique beauty recently scientists have offered another explanation the reason the river has colors like this rainbow strip is because of an aquatic species with the scientific name macarenia clavera this aquatic species will change color depending on sunlight and water

Temperature with the right temperature and climate KOC cristales is at its most brilliant between June and December every year KOC cristales is isolated from the outside and is a peaceful place for tourists to immerse themselves in nature many regulations are set by the Colombian government so this Rainbow River retains its original captivating

Beauty such as welcoming a maximum of 200 visitors per day a tour group of no more than seven people limited swimming range and clearly designated River sections for tourists sightseeing and relaxation for stylish girls this place will not be suitable for swimming because the colian government completely prohibits tourists from diving into the

River when using sunscreen or body lotion besides with the purpose of protecting this River from par complex Colombia closes the tourist area from January to May so that nature can regenerate itself and become more beautiful when June arrives if you have the opportunity to go to Colombia during

The change of season don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Cano christes River surely it will be the most unforgettable experience of your life mysterious golden Lake continuing our journey to discover the natural beauty of Colombia let’s go to another extremely famous place guatavita golden lake guatavita lake is a freshwater lake

Located about 60 K north of bota the country’s capital this lake has a very special history and Legend related to the legendary Golden City El Dorado wat Avita lake is closely related to The Legend of El Dorado a legend about a mystical land rich in gold in South

America according to Legend the Lord or king of a nearby tribe would offer gold to the gods by releasing gold and precious stones into the lake gold offerings are performed by the indigenous muisca people hendi in Klein and guatavita Lake they believe that offering gold will please the lake

Spirit and protect the tribe from disaster the area around Lake guatavita contains MSA architectural remains including museums and other buildings archaeological objects and Relics show the wealth and developed culture of this tribe lake guita is protected and managed as a national cultural heritage s site of Colombia tourists can enjoy

Visiting this area but gold offerings have been banned to protect the environment and historical sites however the legend of the Golden City still makes many people risk diving into the Waters of lake guatavita with the dream of changing their lives but unfortunately the explorations have not yielded positive

Results number eight times is forbidden to go to indigenous Villages Colombia is a racially diverse country they have many ancient tribes that are used to living separately from the world tied of the Curiosity of the modern world indigenous people in many Colombian Villages have had to ban tourists from

Coming here now tourists wanting to visit Colombian villages will be greeted by guards armed with sticks ready to stop tourists with the rise of ecotourism along with Colombia Peru and Brazil this part of the Amazon has seen floods of tourists coming to experience some of the most diverse flora and fauna

Planet tens of thousands of Backpackers are attracted by ecotourism and the opportunity to witness firstand the long-standing traditional lives of indigenous people guests come here to swing with monkeys swim with the famous pink dolphins Frolic in the Amazon ways fish for panas hike through tropical for

And soak up the sunset on the Majestic Amazon River but the people here feel bothered they don’t need money from tourists don’t want to be pointed at photographed or have any contact that’s why they decided to chase away all curious people from far away number SE are many of the most

Beautiful women in the world Colombia is famous for being the country that produces the most beautiful women in the world according to a large scale poll of 45,000 men and more than 66,000 women on the website Mistral Columbia ranked fourth in the list of top 10 countries

With the sexiest women in the past in 2013 they suddenly surpassed Brazil to hold the highest position on this list three typical Colombian buy representatives are singer Shakira actress and model Sophia varara and beauty queen Paulina Vega they have features that represent the impressive beauty of Colombia and women a plump and

Vibrant body plump buttocks shiny brown skin attractive faces with deep eyes and plump lips long and straight legs has soft curves the special thing is that women in this country have the ability to maintain a toned and sexy figure for a long time at the age of 40 even 50

Many Colombian women still maintain beautiful vibrant bodies according to anthropological documents Colombian women are fortunate to have inherited excellent ENT bone structure and thanks to that their measurements are also very balanced Colombians also admit that the distribution of fat and muscles in their upper body legs and butttocks is very

Ideal this helps their midsection stay neat while their butttocks and hips expand making their body curves extremely feminine blessed with beautiful bones Colombian women tend to prefer moderately toned bodies rather than overly muscular physiques Colombian beauty standards are a lean body with an ideal fat ratio instead of an overly

Athletic body with a lowfat ratio therefore if they exercise they will not exercise too hard many Colombian Beauties have naturally attractive bodies without much Exercise number six Forest of death deran gappa forest located on the border of Panama and Colombia is the route chosen by many migrants to find the United States this UNH wholesome environment has claimed the lives of many migrants however Darian Gap is also a place where adventurous people come to

Explore these two stories two contrasting situations in the wilderness have raised many questions about the migration crisis as well as the ethics of organizing Adventure trips tourists are simply looking for a sense of adventure but in this place a contrary scene exists migrants from Venezuela from Ecuador and their families LED each

Other through the jungle amid countless dangers to find America the fast flowing river water can claim lives at any time the Forest roads are bumpy and difficult the swamps are slippery and there is also the risk of encountering groups of Road robbers some humanitarian Aid groups have criticized Adventure tourism

In Duan Gap saying these trips are inappropriate and downplay the severity of the migration crisis tourists and migrants rarely encounter each other on this journey if there is such a rare opportunity it must be a strange arrangement of fact number five country of mercenaries Colombia is the land of beautiful girls

And wonderful natural landscapes but is also the birthplace of many notorious mercenaries Colombian soldiers are carefully trained but their lives are not guaranteed after retirement so they often accept offers to work as mercenaries in many countries around the world according to officials and Military experts for those looking from

Mercenaries Colombia is a popular choice nearly 60 years of Civil War in this Central American country have created a force of well-trained soldiers people in a late counterterrorism units can retire in their 40s with meager pensions and few opportunities to find other careers the USA is an important customer of

Colombian veteran sending them to fight Iran backed hufi forces in Yemen or supporting forces in Panama El Salvador and Chile veterans from Latin America only get a fraction of what americ American or British veterans do but the income is also four times higher than their pension Colombian Soldiers with

Experience in counter Insurgency Urban terrorism or who have been sent for training in countries such as the United States and Israel are often targeted by recruiters a military Source said all Colombian men are required to serve at least one year in the army or national police force although some who attend

College can pay to be exempt from service becoming a professional Soldier is one of the few options for people from Humble backgrounds especially in rural areas disproportionately affected by conflict they are paid low wages do dangerous work and are far from relatives and have been the subject of

Criticism from the military accused of Human Rights Abuses number four social instability Colombia is considered one of the most unstable countries in the world drugs and other Evils are rampant in this country Colombia has long-faced problems of violence and crime especially related to drug trafficking and organized crime organized criminal groups often cause violence affecting Security in many

Areas the Colombian government faces many problems in the management process this has also caused protests and social protests to occur in Colombia especially by protesters who want to express their anger at the economic situation polit some protests may lead to conflict and clashes with security forces the gap

Between rich and poor as well as between urban and rural areas also causes social instability and increases protest situations Colombia has also made efforts to resolve the above problems and is gradually restoring stability however this country is still not a good place for you to live in the long

Term doors Zed out humbling number three Ted days the country of Colombia I in South America has more than a thousand National tet holidays a year meaning on average there are nearly three tet holidays every day the Tet holidays of Colombia people are divided into small groups te of the god of Agriculture

Religious tet of each ethnic group tet of male and female Beauty contests Ted of coffee Harvest agricultural tet established over 100 years ago is the most typical and typical tet of the Colombian people starting on January 5th and is the biggest National tet celebrated by everyone from adults

Children young and old the most enthusiastic response of the year in this country during the days of tet all the boys and girls of all ethnicities and localities in the country dress very beautifully and elegantly then take to the streets to sing and dance they mix

Pots of black and white powder and throw it on passes by then at the end of the day go to the river to bathe and return home now popular New Year’s custom in Colombia is the custom of burning the old year this custom involves the entire family burning Mr old year is a

Traditional custom of Colombian people during the New Year everyone in the family together makes a very large Effigy called Mr old year then they stuff it inside with unnecessary things especially things that can remind them of sad memories from the past year everything will be burned on New Year’s

Eve this custom represents the Colombian people’s desire to wash away the unpleasant events of the past year and welcome the new year with optimism overall these are the happiest days of the year for Colombians and they take this time extremely seriously number two being late is a

Custom in Colombia being late to an event or somewhere is quite normal Colombians are very relaxed about this issue no matter how punctual you are you must respect their culture and habits being 15 or 20 minutes late is not considered late some l cultures including Colombian tend have a more

Flexible view of time this means that being a little late can be considered acceptable and there is usually not much pressure to be on time due to their leisurely lifestyle combined with Colombia’s congested traffic or simply stopping to talk to a friend in the middle of the street locals neither

Expect nor appreciate punctual incommunication party plans are often affected by the above situations so the party host considers it a polite attitude to hold the party late than the party opening time that has become an unwritten law in this country number one the secret to happiness if you ask 100 Colombians if

They are happy you’ll definitely get 100 of the same answer yes Colombians are music and dance lovers they believe that money may be a necessary thing in life but it is not the most important their culture is to appreciate and be satisfied with what is currently available according to a 2012

Survey 87% of Colombians said they were very happy 92% said they were unhappy this has caused Colombia to have a happiness index of up to 85% 20% higher than the global happiness index and twice that of the US and in the years that followed Colombia continued to repeatedly rank on the list

Of the happiest countries in the world so what makes this country happy there are many questions that arise such as does Columbia have the best quality of life and health care System High job prospects they have the highest life expectancy and low risk of disease however all of these are not factors

That make Colombia happy it is known that the South American country has up to 1,000 festivals a year such as Carnival barquilla the most important folk Culture Festival in Colombia and one of the largest carnivals in the world then there are the wonderful flower displays in the FIA deas Flores

La Festival or the colorful parade of Caribbean Coastal residents in the festival deur the above is possible because this is a country with many ethnicities and cultures different traditional cultures all of them are respected by the Colombia government in free Harmony in all aspects of ethnic belief and culture not only that in

Colombia music is present everywhere such as train stations bus stations pedestrian tunnels supermarkets or on the streets the most typical is the largest walking Street in Colombia many kilometers long and always visited by tens of thousands of people like in many other places the most visible thing here

Is the borderless presence of Music freelance singers organized bands of a few members all of them are people with a mission to inspire music to those around them Colombia is also a country famous for its dances including the ravishingly beautiful salsa dance salsa helps people overcome inequality with its captivating rhythm and the

Sublimation of love it helps people become closer because it requires people to hug each other for a period and make ey contact helping them get to know each other and see the best in each other it is a cultural heritage of Peace most Outsiders know that Colombia is a

Country that still has violent poverty drugs corruption human trafficking and war that can break out at any time for more than 50 years because of conflicts between government government and the rebel group faru or L while peace negotiations went on endlessly but it seems that the chaos and

Unpredictability of life in the future builds courage and optimism and perhaps plays an important role in the happiness of Colombians for most Colombians nothing is more important than family friends and fun it can be said that Colombian people have never lost their optimism and resilience the suffering still happened but they continued with

Their lives sitting on the street cooking chicken stew in a large pot drinking wine and laughing with their families and neighbors they love life so much that every morning they can wake up and say I feel quite happy today Colombia is not only home to historical treasures and traditional cultures but

Is also a progressive country facing challenges and changes all of this creates a colorful and unique image with a regular and a strange blend to create a unique picture of Colombia hopefully you have found it interesting and encountered many new things through this video subscribe to the channel and stay

Tuned to discover more about strange things around the world thank you for joining us and see you on your next Adventures

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