15 Individuals Who Survived The Most Absurd Prison Sentences – Video

15 Individuals Who Survived The Most Absurd Prison Sentences – Video

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People Who Outlived The Longest Prison Sentences. Rephrased Intro
In a world where lives are locked away behind bars without hopes of seeing the light of day, there exist individuals who have defied the odds and Outlived the longest prison sentences. Come with us on this mind-boggling journey where we witness disturbing stories of people who lived longer than their long prison sentences. Let’s start with the crime boss..

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Video Transcript

In a world where lives are locked away Behind Bars without hopes of seeing the light of day there exist individuals who have defied the odds and outlived the longest prison sentences come with us on this mindboggling journey where we witness disturbing stories of people who lived longer than their long prison

Sentences let’s start with the Crime Boss John Fran this man was deeply rooted in organized crime which he began in the 1930s this criminal act ity spanned over eight decades and passed from one generation to another Fran served as under boss of the Columbo family from 1963 until

1967 the time he was caught for his crimes he was then sentenced to 50 years in prison for orchestrating several bank robberies across the country Fran didn’t stay too long in jail before he was paroled in 1978 but what do you expect from someone who knew no other way but to commit

Crimes he was re jailed failed at least six times on parole violations in the decades that followed after his 2004 incarceration he was again promoted to Columbo family underboss in 2005 for the first time since his 1967 imprisonment by Thomas Joi but you see franzii really can’t do without breaking rules he was

Returned to prison again in 2007 for a parole violation while he was still incarcerated in June 2008 he was indicted on charges of participating in Murder during the Columbo Wars of the early 1990s stealing fur coats in New York City in the mid 90s and participating in home invasions by

Police impersonators in Los Angeles in 2006 the same month Fran was indicted along with other Columbo Mobsters on charges of racketeering conspiracy robbery extortion narcotics trafficking and lone sharking in December of the same year Frane was released from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and still he remained the under

Boss of the Columbo family although police knew what he was they needed strong evidence against him to pin him down for his crimes soon the evidence surfaced and can you guess it was his son John franzei Jr young franzii surprisingly shook hands with the cops and stood to testify against his father

In 2005 he wore a wire around his body while talking to his father and of course Fran SN said a lot to ate himself with the help of franzii Jr’s testimony 93 years of franzii Senor was sentenced to another 8 years in prison for extorting two Manhattan strip clubs

Running a lone shark operation and extorting a pizzeria on Long Island prosecutors had asked for a sentence of 12 Years while Fran’s lawyer asked for leniency based on a variety of ailments including partial blindness and deafness gout and heart and kidney problems but things didn’t go as expected franze was

Denied compassionate release in July 2016 but on June 23 2017 he was finally released at the age of hundred making him the oldest federal inmate in the United States and the only centenarian in federal custody at the time of his release Fran was back in the open and

Continued to live his life but all that was left for him was just 3 years he died in February 2020 at the age of 103 while Fran senior made the oldest federal inmate in the United States his son Fran Jr became the first son of a New York mobster to turn State’s

Evidence and testify against his father what a family while franzii was in jail for the crimes he committed it was a different case with Joseph Sledge you see it all started on September 6 1976 when two women were found dead in Elizabeth Town North Carolina both women had multiple stab wounds and other

Injuries indicating a violent struggle in an unfortunate Twist of events Joseph then 33 years old had recently escaped from minimum security White Lake prison camp on September 5 because of his record police suspected him and issued a warrant for his arrest the first time the police would sight him was in a

Stolen 69 Chevrolet in Fayetville but that day he escaped on foot after an extended car chase the next day he was arrested in dillian and brought in for questioning Joseph was charged with misdemeanor Larsen and was slammed with a 4-year sentence the police took their time to interview other prisoners who

Were close to Joseph when he was in jail following the murders of the women mentioned earlier some of these inmates allegedly said Joseph confessed to murder while he was with them in prison based on that testimony Joseph was formally charged with the murders on February

1978 during the trial in May of the same year Joseph Deni denied that he had committed the crimes and after 2 days of deliberation the trial resulted in a hung jury again he was set on trial in August but this time the jury convicted him of second-degree murder and he

Received two back-to-back life sentences after spending a year in jail he appealed to the North Carolina Supreme Court but his efforts failed to acquit him of the crime Joseph didn’t relent he continued to file postconviction motions from prison declining help from a lawyer Joseph filed over 25 of these from

Prison including one that states one of the inmates Herman Baker who testified against him had lied under coercion by the police and promised favors however none of these motions succeeded in bringing about an investigation into his exoneration Joseph stood on the claims that he was innocent he requested that

DNA testing be conducted on the hairs and other evidence found in the case but somehow some of the evidence had gone missing and Joseph remained Behind Bars still in 2012 however the missing evidence resurfaced and was tested and the results showed that the pubic hair evidence did not match Joseph in 2013

Baker was given a chance to recant his story and then he confessed that he and the other inmate Sutton had lied about Joseph’s involvement because they were promised $3,000 and early parole additionally Baker claimed that police had described the scene to him so that his testimony would be believable after

Checking the records to verify this claim the authorities discovered that both Baker and Sutton received early parole and money the North Carolina Center on actual innocence which helped to investigate the case also learned that the prosecution had not shown to the jury key evidence that put Joseph’s guilt in doubt for instance they

Discovered that during the case the prosecution had f failed to tell the jury that there was a second suspect who lived 500 yard away where a shoe print was found that resembled the bloody Prince found at the Davis house where the two women were killed on January 25 2015 Joseph was declared factually

Innocent by a panel of three North Carolina Superior Court judges and was released he had been in prison for the crime for over 36 years making Joseph the longest serving inmate exonerated by DNA evidence and the longest serving inmate exonerated in North Carolina in the end the decision was made that Joseph would

Receive $750,000 in recompense for wrongful incarceration the current district attorney of Bladen County although he was not the prosecutor at the time of the original trials apologized to Joseph saying there’s nothing worse for a prosecutor than convicting an innocent person but even when everyone else believed Joseph Sledge was innocent

Caroline Brown the granddaughter of victim Josephine Davis expressed her disgust after Joseph became free still believing that he was guilty you have seen inmates who outlived their long sentences but have you heard about the one whose time in jail earned him a place in the Guinness Records meet Paul

Gule Jr now the second longest serving inmate after relax you’ll meet him soon Paul was born on May 1 1894 in Hartford Connecticut to an alcoholic Saloon keeper Paul gule Senior and his wife Annie pram when Paul was just five his father died leading him to spend much of

His childhood in an orphanage at age 14 he dropped out of school and worked a series of jobs in Hartford and New York City hotels by the time Paul was 17 he had started robbing wealthy people and one of his robberies led to the death of 73-year-old William H Jackson a wealthy

Broker Jackson was a guest at the iroy hotel on West 44th Street in New York City where Paul was working as a bellhop he entered Jackson’s room and suffocated him to death with a rag filled with chloroform and left with only a few dollars 2 Days Later Paul was arrested

And was subsequently convicted of second deegree murder and sentenced to 20 years to life in prison Paul began his sentence at the Sing Sing prison but was eventually shortened due to good behavior at the time he was really close to a possible parole hearing but doctors legally declared him insane in

1926 he was then moved to the damura state hospital for the criminally insane where he was confined until 1972 Paul was later moved to the Fishkill Correctional Facility where he lived in a unit designed for elderly inmates that more resembled a dormatory rather than a prison as Paul served his

Time he developed a rapport with prison officials who sometimes took him out to a baseball game or other outings making his life less miserable in August 1974 he was granted parole at the age of 80 but surprisingly Paul never wanted to leave he had spent 63 years which equals

His entire adult life in jail with no knowledge of his family’s whereabouts he believed he would never make it outside so he chose to remain in prison for six more years on May 7 1980 Paul left Fishkill having served one the longest prison sentences in United States history he

Left the facility for a beacon where he was believed to have spent the rest of his years before dying at 93 years if you thought Paul’s story was crazy you should see this next one Johnson van dijk griggsby Have you listened to Johnny Cash’s Michigan City well the

Song is actually not entirely about Michigan City but about Johnson van djk griggsby who was born in either February of 1888 or February of 1886 his age is not determined because even griggsby wasn’t sure of when he was born but tracing his origin back to the

Freed slaves he is said to be between those mentioned years in 1900 griggsby and his family moved from their home in Shelby County Kentucky to cooko Indiana the county seat of Howard County 7 years later griggsby an African-American killed a white man named James Brown

Over a game of Five Card Stud poker in a saloon in Anderson Illinois which led to a fight during the altercation the men as men often do cursed at one another then racial slurs were uttered as the frus became intensely heated Brown pulled a knife on griggsby who left the

Bar to retrieve a knife of his own when he returned Brown picked up a chair and threw it at him in response griggsby lunged at brown with his knife and subsequently stabbed Brown to death to escape the electric chair execution griggsby pled guilty to Second deegree murder he was convicted in 1908 and

There he began a new and extremely long chapter in life as prisoner 4045 he served his jail time as expected and was released in December 1974 which is 66 long years in the penitentiary with about 50 years of those years spent an award for the insane griggsby lived a

New life in jail being a model prisoner who passed the time by reading and rereading the Bible a dictionary and a complete set of encyclopedias from A to Z he had applied for parole 33 times before finally being released but there was a dilemma as a free man griggsby had

To adjust to life on the outside as someone who’d been secluded from the world for nearly seven decades while griggsby’s former daily life had consisted of staring at concrete and steel and barbed wire life beyond the Prison Walls passed him by and when he finally stepped outside the front gate

An entirely new world was there to greet him he was a 90-year-old man who was was launched directly from 1908 nearly 70 years into the future a world where he was instantly expected to adapt but as should have been expected griggsby found himself unable to cope with such drastic

Change and voluntarily returned to prison where he remained for 17 extra months before he was again released this time though at the age of 91 he was out for good he ended up in the Marian County Health Care Center though where he found much comfort in being told when

To get up when to eat when to bathe and when to go to bed this was the only way he knew to live and to survive his situation is similar to other people who have served a long time in jail his story reminds us that time people and

Life pass swiftly by leaving long- serving ex-prisoners confused and lonely upon their release next is Richard honick an American murderer who served one of the longest custodial sentences ever in American criminal history Richard honik was born on January 5 1879 to a wealthy dealer and farm equipment when Richard was 20 years old

He was arrested in Chicago in September 1899 for the murder of Walter F koher he and another man Herman hundhausen had gone to Ker’s room armed with an 8-in Bowie knife a 16-in Bowie knife a silverplated case knife a44 Cali C revolver a 38 caliber revolver a 22

Caliber revolver a club and two belts of cartridges they also carried a getaway kit consisting of two satchels filled with dime novels obscene etchings and clothes from which the names had been cut ker who was later found by the police sitting in a chair stabbed in the back had testified for the prosecution

Some years earlier when honk and hundhausen were charged with setting several fires in their hometown of Herman Missouri according to a confession made by hundhausen the two men had sworn revenge and planned Ker’s murder in considerable detail honik said hundhausen had stabbed the dead man with the 8in Bowie knife which was discovered

Smeared with coagulated blood after they were sentenced honk spent the first years of his sentence in jolet prison where in 1912 he stabbed the assistant Warden with a handcrafted knife for that he served 20 days in solitary confinement and was Shackled with a ball and chain for 6 months but had a clean

Record after moving to Southern Illinois Penitentiary where he worked for 35 years in the prison Bakery hanik was released on December 20 1963 upon the intervention of his niece Clara orth after spending over 60 years in jail and the two eventually settled in southernland Oregon in 1971 he was

Admitted to a Roseberg nursing home where he spent the last 5 years of his life he died in December 1976 at the age of 97 now it’s time for today’s subscriber pick if everyone had to choose how and where to spend their adulthood no one would choose to spend them behind bars

Life in jail is a different world entirely leading inmates to become better people or even get worse this man right here is Francis Smith the longest serving prisoner in the state of Connecticut to make it out alive and his case is one of the most pathetic cases

You’d ever come across in this video as we bring you the full story of Francis Smith we’d like to hear your opinion on whether inmates who are proven guilty should ever be released because of age or not now let’s talk about Francis Smith born in 1924 he was incarcerated

For a 1949 Greenwich murder which he was convicted of in 1950 although Smith was a petty criminal he was sent away for his part in the killing of a night Watchman at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club on the granite Shore a conviction that observers and legal experts believe he

Was innocent of since that trial ended in a Bridgeport courtroom he has spent 70 years in the custody of the state of Connecticut aside from two short intervals he escaped from a prison farm in Enfield in 1967 and eluded a huge Manhunt for 12 days in his last Taste of Freedom before

His release he was out on parole for 10 months before committing a violation that put him back behind bars in 19 75 after decades in jail Smith had most recently been incarcerated at the Osborne correctional institute in summers which is a specialized Jail unit for older prisoners according to the

State Department of Correction he was eventually released in September 2020 Smith had initially been reluctant to accept parole when it was offered to him several years ago according to the Board of Pardons and paroles but has since accepted a placement at the 60 West facility a privately run operation that

Contracts with the state for housing elderly Parolees according to Richard sparaco executive director of The Board of Pardons and paroles there had been no problems with Smith since his release He also mentioned that like prison and parole officials around the country the issue of an aging prison population has

Become a significant question the prison population has been seeing a rising number of older inmates Behind Bars a consequence of longer prison sentences that were imposed in in the 1980s and 90s for convicted felons in Smith’s case several observers and legal officials have questioned the length of his

Sentence as well as the handling of his murder conviction nearly 3/4 of a century ago Zachary Fry a data analyst from Greenwich with a strong interest in history has questions about Smith’s guilt after closely reading about the shooting death of the night Watchman Grover har at the Yacht Club two guns

And two shooters were involved in the killing of the 68-year-old old security guard one of the shooters George Lowden of Stamford quickly took a plea deal offered by the state’s attorney and claimed the other suspect was Francis Smith Lowden had been released since 1966 and he later said he had been

Forced into naming Smith as the shooter at the boat club by law enforcement authorities a key witness later recanted her testimony implicating Smith as the second shooter another Petty criminal from Stamford who was serving time in an Alabama prison David blumetti came forward to claim he was the other

Accomplice to fry studying the circumstances of the case it is absolutely fair to say that Smith was wrongfully imprisoned he called it a miscarriage of justice that Smith was convicted of first-degree murder as well as the dismissal of his appeals that were turned down in 1965 in federal court

Most likely Smith didn’t shoot Grover Hart but that’s only part of the story The Way Smith’s case was Miss handled is disturbing and so the Judgment cannot be trusted Smith was due to be electrocuted in the death house at Weathersfield before he was granted a reprieve in

1954 his head had been shaved in preparation for his trip to the electric chair but a call from the Board of Pardons just 2 hours before the execution commuted the death sentence to 25 years to life in prison the incident that led to Smith’s incarceration happened a long time ago and there was

Not much effort put in into proving his innocence just imagine he was indeed found innocent after he had spent the whole of his life in jail or eventually executed while many on this list started serving their time as adults Joe Lian was convicted as a juvenile Ligon was

Born on May 3 1938 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA he grew up on a farm in Alabama and had a difficult early life he dropped out of school in third or fourth grade without being able to read or write at age 13 he moved back to Philadelphia with his family on February

201953 while living in Philadelphia Ligon was part of an alcohol fueled violent spree by five teenagers that resulted in the murders of Charles pittz and Jackson ham he met up with two teenagers he knew casually and they came across two other teenagers previously unknown to him who were drinking wine

They began robbing people to try to buy more alcohol yet that was foolish but it led to their arrest anyway after his arrest he claimed he was not permitted legal representation or family visitation and signed confessions put in front of him by the police he was just

15 years old Ligon and the other defendants had a one-day trial and they were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole at the time of his trial Ligon admitted to stabbing one person who survived the attack he has affirmed his guilt for the stabbing and expressed

Remorse subsequently but he has always denied being responsible for either murder in the early ‘ 70s Ligon and his accomplices were offered clemency which only Ligon rejected since he would have to be on parole Bradley Bridge his attorney for 15 years said that Ligon had been found guilty by association and

That if he were tried today he would more likely be convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 5 or 10 years Bridge said giving an adult sentence to a child is inherent ently wrong in 2012 life sentences for juveniles without the possibility of parole were ruled to be unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court

In 2016 the Supreme Court said that the 2012 ruling was retroactive and in 2017 Ligon was resentenced to 35 years in jail and became eligible for parole due to the time already served Ligon felt his sentence had always been unconstitutional so he returned to court to argue against against the parole the

Federal court agreed and in February 2021 he was released without parole upon his release he became America’s longest serving juvenile lifer having served 68 years behind bars the last but not the least on this list is Glenn Ford born on October 29 1949 in shreport Louisiana he

Was convicted of murder in 1984 for the murder of 58-year-old Isidor Roseman who was found dead in his jewelry store on November 5 1983 by sheveport police Roseman had been murdered with a single gunshot wound to the back of the head Glenn Ford roseman’s Yard Man was known

To be in the vicinity of the store at the time of the murder and identified by multiple people at the trial he was known to be with Jake and Henry Robinson after the crime showing materials stolen from the crime scene as well as a 22 caliber pistol belonging to to Jake an

Acquaintance of Ford testified that he had a 38 pistol in his waistband the morning of the crime the same caliber bullet found at the crime scene police initially were unable to find any evidence of the crime at Ford’s residence but did find residue from a gunshot wound on his left hand and

Because Ford is Left-Handed it is game over he was immediately taken into custody evidence was however found in Henry Robinson’s possession as well as pawn shop receipts in for name from the date of the murder Ford was assigned two attorneys by the state due to his

Inability to pay for a lawyer on his own both were selected from an alphabetical listing of lawyers from the local bar association the lead attorney was an oil and gas lawyer who had never tried a case criminal or civil before a jury the second attorney had been out of law

School for only 2 years and worked at an insurance defense firm on slip andf cases prosecutors were able to take advantage of the def offenses inexperience and used a peremptory challenge capacity to keep African-Americans off the jury resulting in an all Caucasian jury with a Caucasian judge Ford was convicted and

Sentenced to death by the jury without a murder weapon linking him to the crime and with evidence from confidential informants withheld in 1988 Ford was sentenced to death by electrocution at Louisiana State penitentiary in 2000 the Louisiana Supreme court ordered a hearing on Ford’s claimed that the prosecution suppressed evidence that might have

Shown Jake and Henry Robinson to be responsible for the murder in 2013 an unidentified informant told prosecutors that Jake Robinson admitted to shooting and killing Roseman this led to Ford’s legal team filing a motion to vacate his conviction and sentence in March 2014 stating that credible evidence supporting a finding that Ford was

Neither present at nor a participant in the robbery and murder of Isidor Roseman that same month state district judge Ramona Emanuel overturned his conviction Ford became one of at least 150 people on death row in the United States who were later exonerated and released what

Do you have to say about these cases let us know in the comment section thank you for watching see you in the next video

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