15 Strange and Forbidden Things You’ll Only Find in Myanmar! – Video

15 Strange and Forbidden Things You’ll Only Find in Myanmar! – Video

15 Prohibitions and Strange Things Only Exist in Myanmar!
It’s hard to imagine, but there exists such a peculiar country in the world, where all citizens go barefoot, children are forbidden to spend money, and everyone is prohibited from wearing shorts above the knees.
I’m referring to Myanmar, a unique country in the Southeast Asian region. Join me on a journey to Myanmar, where I’ll show you 15 prohibitions and peculiarities that exist only in this land.

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15 prohibitions and strange things only exist in Myanmar it’s hard to imagine but there exists such a peculiar country in the world where all citizens go barefoot children are forbidden to spend money and everyone is prohibited from wearing shorts above the knees I’m referring to Myanmar a unique country in the

Southeast Asian region join me on a journey to Myanmar where I’ll show you 15 prohibitions and peculiarities that exist only in this land number 15 men wearing skirts would you believe that there’s a place where men wear skirts more than women do they’re not homosexuals they’re genuine men and

They wear skirts because they’re Myanmar people the traditional attire of myanma people is called the long g a type of garment similar to a wraparound skirt men tie the knot in the front while women tie it at the side they wear skirts in their daily activities from going to work temples

Markets and even when riding motorcycles or playing sports usually men in manma wear underwear underneath while in some rural areas they might not wear anything underneath according to locals this is a way to cope with the harsh weather during the dry season when temperatures can rise to 40°

C I don’t know how it feels to wear that skirt but it seems that the men here are quite comfortable and they also look quite interesting number 14 red teeth if you see a smile from a Myanmar person at night you might think they’re demons because their teeth are Reddish but

Don’t panic to them it’s just a sign of healthy teeth Myanmar people have a habit of chewing betel nut a type of herb chewed raw similar to how it’s done in Vietnam the betel nut here consists of betel leaves without lime a bit of tobacco and a piece of native tree

Nut not only the elderly or women but even young people and men like to chew B nut they chew Bal nut regardless of the activity they’re doing whether driving selling Goods walking or shopping many people when chewing betel nut carry a small spit tune to spit out the saliva and Remnants but sometimes

They spit directly on the street so if you come here for tourism don’t be surprised to occasionally see red stained water outside hotels on the streets or in shopping areas and with the continuous chewing of betel nut throughout the day their teeth naturally take on the red color of the beel

Nut elderly people who have been chewing beel nut for a long time will have darker colored teeth and the wonderful effect of beel nut is that it makes their teeth extremely strong and healthy number 13 terrifying Driving Experience a life-saving advice for you and your fellow Travelers is to rent the

Newest car possible from a reputable company to start your journey exploring Myanmar because if you accidentally rent an old car you will feel nauseous just a few kilometers into the journey as the vehicles here are very unreliable cars in Myanmar are mainly old imported from Japan the cars are designed for both

Leftand and right-and drive due to the ban on motorcycles public transportation is quite developed here but mainly consists of old trucks and buses with locals improvising additional seats for passengers at the back drivers always exceed the prescribed number of passengers and passengers even accept clinging onto the vehicles climbing onto the roof to

Travel regardless of the potential danger to their lives the roads here are wide but the road surfaces are very poor as the government rarely maintains them making you feel like you’re riding in a vehicle for transporting animals rather than a passenger vehicle number 12 prohibition on asking about women’s

Families recently according to Myanmar government statistics about 30% of women in major cities in Myanmar tend to not build families moreover in the office environment this trend goes up to over 50% for certain reasons women are very reluctant to be asked about Family Matters therefore you should not ask

Local women about marriage or family matters in the cultural communication with Myanmar women this is a taboo that you should remember in addition to the prohibition on asking about family when communicating with girls you you must also remember not to mock when talking to locals in Myanmar native people are

Very serious they are also friendly and welcoming to tourists but you must not ridicule or mock their personal issues for example whether men wear skirts or people chew Bal nuts this is a characteristic traditional culture of the Myanmar people so you should not or rather are not allowed to ridicule

Them number 11 with women with long necks you might think these are images created by artificial intelligence but no these are entirely real images of women with extremely long necks in Myanmar women of the Cayenne tribe belonging to the Karan ethnic group living in Myanmar have a very strange

Beauty custom of wearing many rings on their necks to elongate them at the age of five Cayenne girls start wearing rings around their necks made of brass they are stacked on top of each other and gradually elongate their necks over time by exerting pressure on the collar bones and

Chest at 8 years old girls wear the next set of rings weighing 1 kg and 4 years later a set of rings weighing 1.5 kg according to a 4-year cycle kaian women will be supplemented with rings until they feel their necks cannot be lengthened anymore this practice ends when they

Reach 45 years old the Rings will stay with them until they pass away on average each Ken woman wears a over 20 stacked rings around their necks weighing about 10 kg there are many explanations for this strange custom of the Ken people according to traditional beliefs the

More Rings a Cayenne woman wears around her neck the more it reflects the nobility and wealth of her family at the same time it also symbolizes the long-standing traditional culture of the tribe but there is also an opposite explanation that cayen tribe women wear many neck rings to diminish

Their beauty to avoid human trafficking and the prying eyes of other tribes meanwhile another explanation suggests that this custom stems from the self- protection of women against wild animals in the past when men went hunting women had to stay at home and wild animals often approached so by wearing Rings women

Could protect themselves from being bitten by wild animals over time this habit spread and became one of the strange and unique customs of the Cayenne people estimates suggest that this body modification practice dates back to the 11 century and has become a tradition over 1,000 years

Old wearing heavy rings for a long time also affects the health of cayenne women to some extent such as damaged neck skin and a discolored appearance compared to other parts of the body however cayen women do not want to remove them the reason is that they have worn the Rings

Since childhood and it has become an indispensable part of their bodies another interesting point is that when a woman betrays her husband she is forced to remove these rings as a punishment perhaps this is one of the most important reasons why many Cayenne women refuse to remove their neck

Rings number 10 do not use old money if you’ve just arrived in Myanmar don’t be surprised to find that all the money the vendors give you is new and they also require you to pay them back with new money it’s very complex and confusing but this is a law applied throughout the

Entire territory of this country there is no specific re for this maybe it’s the Myanmar people’s preference for new things and secondly they may think new money lasts longer than old bills even government services in Myanmar do not accept payment in old money especially in places with many foreign visitors like airports border

Crossings in Myanmar besides Kays you can use S dollars for payment but US Dollars can only be used in shopping centers or large restaurants and of course they must be new number nine do not touch the head if you accidentally touch the head of a child in Myanmar you will immediately be

Scolded and attacked by their parents I know you’re very surprised and don’t understand what’s happening but you deserve to be reprimanded even physically because you have violated a taboo in this country according to the beliefs of the Myanmar people the head is considered the most sacred part of the body

Therefore touching someone else’s head even in a friendly manner is considered extremely rude by the Myanmar people even with adorable children you should not touch their heads similarly touching or pointing your feet at someone or something especially the Buddha statues in Myanmar is considered extremely disrespectful because the feet are the

Most disrespectful part of the body moreover tourists visiting this country should not Place their feet on objects it’s best not to let anyone see you violate these tabos or if so leave immediately to avoid unnecessary trouble in this overly superstitious country number eight prohibition on giving money to

Children once again I have to talk about the unspoken rules when encountering children in this country that is do not give any child even a penny no matter how pitiful they may look in Myanmar giving money to Children is considered encouraging them to skip school and beg and you also indirectly

Show disdain for their parents or worse you may think their parents are dead another reason this is prohibited is that it may support those who exploit children for money such as orphanages specializing in exploiting children in Myanmar there are many orphan children and orphanages often use them as moneymaking tools for their managers

Tourists like you will be targets that these children will follow until you give them money although I know you are a compassionate person remind yourself that not giving money is actually helping these children number seven quirky makeup Myanmar women rarely wear makeup but they use thanaka sunblock powder a powder made from the

Bark and wood of the faka tree the Powder made from the bark of the faka tree is pounded by adults into pieces about 10 cm long people grind this stick on a wet stone and use the resulting powder to apply to their faces for Myanmar women this is the most effective

Powder for sun protection makeup and skincare boat day and night not only is it sunscreen specifically for women but men and children also use sunblock powder when going out or working wherever you go you can see the faces of the people in Myanmar covered in powder as if it’s always a festive

Occasion depending on the artist’s hand they create different shapes some simply draw circles some rectangles some hearts leaves or flowers Myanmar people apply powder to protect against the Sun and whiten the skin although their skin is generally very dark while there is no difference in the skin of someone who regularly

Applies sunscreen and someone who doesn’t people here still believe that the Naka powder will make their skin whiter and More Beautiful number six prohibition on exposing knees Myanmar has a relatively hot climate but no matter how hot it is never wear shorts or short skirts out especially in sacred

Areas before visiting religious sites in Myanmar everyone must cover their knees and shoulders even in bagen where many temples and pagodas have no guards tourists should still abide by this rule if they do not want the locals to look at them with discomfort or be asked to

Leave the temple some places even do not allow women to approach the altars or directly light incense prohibiting the wearing of shorts exposing knees and shoulders in Myanmar is not a measure of public behavior management imposed by the government or regulatory agent this is a strict prohibition based on

Their culture and religion myar follows Buddhism and as we all know Buddhism has many complicated rules regarding behavior clothing and especially gender distinctions therefore in sacred areas Myanmar people often do not welcome women and if you violate the dress code you will be considered disrespectful to their religion and being chased away or

Even cursed severely is quite normal number five prohibition on using the left hand consider your left hand injured and unusable when visiting Myanmar it might sound like silly advice but it’s actually what you should do in this country in Myanmar culture the left hand should only be used for Hygiene

Activities therefore they believe the left hand is not clean enough for other tasks that’s why when eating they use their right hand to pick up food near the dining table there will be a basin of water and before starting the meal you must wash your hands first before enjoying the

Food moreover you should not use your left hand toand objects to others you can only use your right hand or both hands to hand objects to others especially if you use your left hand to shake hands with a local or even touch a monk congratulations you will be immediately expelled from there for

Daring to offend human beings and the sacred things in their culture number four prohibition on touch ing monks anyone who has traveled to Southeast Asia will know that just like in Thailand or Cambodia monks in Myanmar are highly respected therefore people often show their Respect by not shaking

Hands with them and they are not allowed to touch them especially for women I have to emphasize again that women are absolutely not allowed to touch monks women in Myanmar must use a handkerchief to pick up objects and are absolutely not allowed to touch monks directly they believe that women can

Dirty the body and especially the soul of a monk and in Buddhism there is an absolute prohibition against violating the celibacy monks must always keep away from women to maintain purity of the soul and reach the highest Realms in Buddhism however this prohibition also shows that their culture is somewhat

Lacking in respect for women let’s try to ask the opposite question if they have a pure Soul why are they afraid to touch women even just for a handshake number number three prohibition on killing even if it’s just an ant I must remind you that even the

Life of an ant you are not allowed to harm if the locals see it or the monks find out the eyes of hatred will all be directed at you Myanmar is a country steeped in Buddhist religion therefore killing is often listed as prohibited here when you go to the markets in

Myanmar you will surely find it difficult to find stores selling live animals such as fish cattle chickens it Etc Myanmar people usually only buy meat that has been prepared and processed in daily life they never kill except in unavoidable or accidental situations there is one thing that makes

Myanmar friendlier in the eyes of tourists they don’t eat dog meat while most Southeast Asian countries like this dish myamar says no to it so dogs in this country live quite comfortably and are rarely harmed number two no shoes in temples if you visit is it a temple in Myanmar

Don’t be surprised to see everyone Barefoot from the street to the temple I must remind you again that the people of Myanmar highly worship Buddhism they worship Buddha to the extent that when they visit any Temple they will leave their shoes outside the temple no matter how big or wide the temple

Is therefore when entering any Temple or pagoda in Myanmar you should leave your shoes outside don’t be lazy to take them off and invite trouble because wearing shoes into a temple in Myanmar is considered disrespectful to the deities in the temple but there is a problem with this tradition in Myanmar when villains

Deliberately throw syringes containing HIV infected blood and other dangerous bloodborne diseases on the temple grounds many innocent devout people have become victims of them so every morning the monks have to search and clean the temple grounds in addition people entering and leaving are often checked to ensure they are not carrying anything dangerous

Number one the country of temples perhaps when mentioning southeast Asia you will remember that Thailand is known as the country of pagodas then Myanmar is compared to the country of temples over 90% of the population here follows Buddhism so throughout the country there are thousands of different sized temples the Grandeur uniqueness in

Architecture of the temple Towers will make any visitor feel overwhelmed if the ancient Capital Bagon is where the most ancient and respected temples in Myanmar are located Yangon is famous for its unique goldplated temples in the world the most famous of them is the Schwan Pagoda the Pagoda holds four religious

Treasures most important to the people here including Buddhist staff Buddha’s water filter Buddha’s robe and Buddha’s hair the special thing is that the temple is gilded with 90 tons of gold the top of the tower is adorned with thousands of colorful diamonds emeralds gold bells and

Rubies you didn’t miss here at night you will see these temples shining from prohibiting wearing short clothes to regulations about interacting with monks Myanmar contains unique cultural rules and characteristics but most importantly Myanmar is not the only country in Southeast Asia with harsh laws like this

We invite you to follow us and continue to Vietnam a place that will truly surprise you 20 peculiar things that only exist in Vietnam Vietnam is a small country located in Southeast Asia it boasts numerous beautiful landmarks that Travelers can visit however alongside that this country possesses an extremely diverse

Culture often surprising many visitors a notable example is the chaotic and incessant traffic situation in Vietnam where Road Rules may seem disregarded or the cuisine that might intimidate with dishes like raw blood soup tea KH duck embryo eggs or the rare midday nap culture sell found in any other country in the

World join me in exploring the beautiful Asian country of Vietnam to experience 20 things that are sure to shock tourists when they set foot in this nation number 20 extremely chaotic traffic I thought traffic in Beijing was terrible but those cities are nothing compared to Hanoi or hoochi Min City

Where there are millions of motorcycles on the roads according to the Vietnam motorcycle manufacture ufacturers Association by the end of 2022 the total number of motorcycles in Vietnam reached around 72 million with roughly two motorcycles for every three Vietnamese so sidewalks have become parking spaces forcing pedestrians to

Walk on the road this results in a mix of pedestrians cars motorcycles bulky cargo carrying bicycles buses and containers sharing the same space people seem to navigate through the chaos honking not necessarily to warn others but more as a way to announce their presence surprisingly this method of

Movement is effective as there are very few accidents on the roads sometimes people continue moving even when the traffic lights are red or green leaving tourists unsure of when to cross the road especially during rush hours you wouldn’t want to step onto the road as the traffic situation is truly

Dreadful number 19 rustic tobacco smoking not only do the Vietnamese smoke cigarettes but they also have a traditional way of smoking loud tobacco rustic tobacco smoking has been a part of Vietnamese culture for a long time passed down through generations in the rural areas of Vietnam almost every household used to

Have a smoking pipe rustic tobacco is a unique specialty found only in Vietnam the entire process from cultivation processing trading to smoking is known only by the Vietnamese if you visit any sidewalk tea stall in Vietnam arm you’re likely to come across a lower tobacco pipe when smoking you have to take a

Strong inhale producing a loud sound and for those trying it for the first time it can be dizzying and leave them unable to stand up number 18 noisy funerals while funerals are typically solemn occasions Vietnamese funerals are anything but quiet if a neighbor passes away in Vietnam you might want to book a

Hotel room for a few days because sleep will be challenging for at least 48 hours people drink alcohol sing karaoke play drums and have a band with brass instruments but why all the noise there are two layers of meaning the Lively sounds are believed to ward off evil

Spirits and the festive atmosphere is intended for The Departed to receive the best before departing in the northern regions there are even professional mourners hired to cry during funerals when family members can’t these Specialists both cry and speak about the deceased’s merits and contributions the sorrowful words touch

The hearts of the bereaved and guests making them feel the pain impr prompting tears therefore a standard morning expert must have a strong voice and be able to cry at funerals making others shed tears too number 17 surviving flooded streets well another memorable experience that might stick with you

When you visit Vietnam is navigating flooded streets throughout the year especially during the heavy rainy season some streets get flooded making Transportation more challenging however life goes on and so do the people despite the flooded streets Vietnamese locals skillfully maneuver their motorcycles through the water if you find yourself on a flooded

Road don’t worry as there are plenty of options for you you can take a taxi or a motorbike taxi instead of waiting through the water some may feel safeer walking on the sidewalk since they are higher than the flooded streets however during Heavy Rain even and the sidewalks

Might get submerged turning the city into a giant swimming pool some might find it exciting to Wade through the water but remember to take thorough foot hygiene precautions afterward there are even those who bring out boats to paddle through the streets on flood days number 16 Cheap Tobacco in Vietnam

The price of a pack of tobacco in Vietnam is around or below 1 USD making it one of the cheapest in the world one reason for the low cigarette prices and the relatively High smoking rate in Vietnam is the low tobacco tax in contrast tobacco prices in Australia are exorbitant due to high

Taxes to purchase a 25usd pack of tobacco in Australia you would have to pay a staggering 18 USD in taxes perhaps that’s why you’ll encounter many smokers when visiting this country number 15 Regional Cuisine you’ll experience this as you travel throughout Vietnam in any direction for example Hanoi is famous for Foe and

Fried rice but as you head south to places like Hugh foe becomes ordinary as Hue beef noodle soup becomes the traditional dish of the region this is still a type of Fae but the noodles are thicker and round distinguishing it from the northern version again when you visit hoochi Min

City you’ll encounter different flavors Landscapes and people each dish contributes to the unique characteristics of each region in Vietnam making every province worth exploring number 14 sleeper buses regular buses are to mundane for you in Vietnam you can experience sleeper buses sleeper buses are an excellent mode of transportation throughout the country as

They are affordable and provide a certain level of comfort it’s quite ingenious when you think about it however if you Bor a sleep a bus remember to bring warm clothing because the air conditioning is usually at an insanely low level essentially they purchase regular buses remove all the seats from the inside and

Customize them to become sleeping beds it’s quite comfortable for shorter individuals but if you’re taller and not a fan of air conditioning it might not be the most enjoyable Experience tickets for a sleeper bus are very affordable and you can practically travel half the country for around 20

USD also always opt for night Journeys to save on accommodation costs as you can have a good night’s sleep on the sleeper bus bus traveling through different provinces and cities number 13 always remember to haggle when buying haggling in Vietnam is absolutely crazy everyone Bargains to lower the price when buying things

Locals will try to make a higher profit from you if you’re not familiar with the prices and cannot negotiate when making a purchase perhaps many people have never bargained before coming to Vietnam but once you’re here you’ll realize that some people even pay three times less than the initial price after all you

Start thinking about the reasons and what you can do to get a similar price haggling isn’t that difficult because people want to sell their goods some might not haggle and then complain that they were cheated Because the actual value of the item wasn’t that high usually you might end up paying slightly

More than the locals even after bargaining but that can be acceptable so what can you do to negotiate the price and buy what you like at the market first never let people see that you really want something to the point they immediately realize it be comfortable and offer a

Price that is 30% lower than the original price and finally accept a price around 50% number 12 serious pollution situation we rarely if ever see litter strewn around public places after finishing food or drinks as we usually look for trash bins and gently place them inside therefore the people doing

The sweeping and cleaning job often have an easy and leisurely time in Vietnam it’s completely the opposite streets are filled with plastic bags candy wrappers and more moreover Vietnamese people even throw trash directly into rivers and lakes just because it’s convenient in supermarkets plastic bags are still widely used and thrown away

Carelessly with people not switching to using their own bags to protect the environment in addition due to vehicle exhaust motorbikes improper waste burning incorrect disposal of rice St ra Hanoi the capital of Vietnam consistently ranks as one of the most polluted cities in the world according to statistics Hanoi has

Nearly 7 million motorcycles in circulation many of which are old not regularly maintained emitting black smoke into the environment contributing to the release of fine dust this is also one of the main causes of air pollution if you come here remember to wear a mask regularly when going out and

Don’t mistake the Morning Mist for beauty as it’s actually toxic smoke number 11 terrifying Foods in addition to having a rich culinary culture with various diverse dishes Vietnam also has some foods that are sure to terrify anyone first is dong Dua coconut worm this is a specialty of the mom

Delta prepared in various ways such as grilling or frying but the most haunting is when it’s soaked in fish sauce and eaten raw the laa live in the coconut tree trunks even wriggling when the diner Picks Them Up to eat those who enjoy this dish are impressed by its Rich chewy taste

Coconut worms often appear on the list of the most terrifying dishes in Asia Next is blood pudding this dish is made from the blood of animals most commonly duck goose or pig mixed with minced meat peanuts and served with basil leaves and boiled liver it is

Enjoyed as an appetizer with a sweet and refreshing taste however this dish is not recommended due to its high risk of harmful bacteria and viruses which can cause stomach pain and poisoning another equally horrifying dish is duck embryo eggs this is a common and nutritious dish for the

Vietnamese people duck embryo eggs are often eaten with salt Ginger and cilantro however for international tourists the site of duck embryo eggs resembling a duckling can be frightening and they may find it cruel to eat a duck embryo t taken from inside the egg number 10 students have to go to

School very early if you think your school hours start early in Vietnam school starts even earlier in Vietnam Elementary School students must be present before 7:15 a.m. secondary school and high school students before 7 a a.m. and University students before 6:45 a.m. that’s right 6:45 a.m. means you

Have to try to open your eyes and get out of that beloved bed before 6 6 a.m. to get ready for school if you bring a backpack to Vietnam for a certain period long enough to immerse yourself in the local culture don’t miss the opportunity to visit any Elementary

School you will see Vietnamese students yawning cutely every early morning then exercising together on the schoolyard in a very sleepy and drowsy state number nine wearing pajamas outside pajamas or loungewear are usually only worn at home or when going to bed however when you come to Vietnam

You will see people wearing pajamas all day selling faux in pajamas walking in pajamas and sometimes even going on dates in pajamas this is not just for middle-aged people young people also love to wear casual clothes outside this is completely different from other countries where people consider going

Out to require elaborate and fancy attire even when throwing away garbage to respect others due to Vietnam’s hot climate the f fa used for making sleep wear is very soft and cool so people love to wear this type of clothing at home even when going out for shopping or other

Activities the second reason why people in Vietnam consider wearing sleepwear outside normal is that even though sleepware is designed to be worn when going to bed it has the form of a long sleeved shirt and long pants logically wearing sleepware outside doesn’t reveal anything inappropriate or offensive therefore besides wearing it incorrectly people

Can still wear sleep wear outside so the next time you see many women selling street food wearing this type of outfit don’t be too surprised number eight all shops close during Luna New Year if you travel to Vietnam during tet Luna New Year don’t be surprised if the country looks

Deserted like a ghost town tet and ginan is the most anticipated Festival in Vietnam celebrated on the first day of the Luna calendar and typically lasting for 6 days during this time business activities in Vietnam come to a halt and the streets are often deserted many families have to

Prepare food reserves for about a month because usually shops and markets are closed during the Tet holiday the city during these days is like scenes from Hollywood survival movies number seven snake wine Yes you heard it right in Vietnam snake wine is a specialty bottles of liquor with

Coiled snakes inside Looking ready to strike can be seen in stores and markets across the country generally it is created by placing a live snake into a bottle and letting it drown just before the snake dies it coils into a defensive position which is quite appealing to customers as

It signifies the snake as a Fierce and Powerful creature sometimes the snake is stunned gutted and then sewn back before being placed in the liquor this process needs to be done quickly to ensure the snake is still alive when submerged merged in the alcohol according to Vietnamese traditional medicine snake wine is

Mainly used to treat joint pain and it’s believed to be beneficial for older people or those who do physically demanding work especially in fluctuating weather conditions in addition to snake wine Vietnam also has wines infused with scorpions and various other animals I wonder if you would dare to

Try snake wine just looking at it already makes me shiver number six nap culture in Vietnam while taking a nap in many countries may be considered odd or lazy in Vietnam napping is quite common for newcomers it might be surprising to see colleagues bringing blankets and pillows to take a

Nap right on the office floor during lunch break the offices that are typically Lively suddenly become silent about 20 minutes after lunch people take advantage of this time to doze off on their chairs with their heads on their desks or lying on mats on the floor however Vietnam is not the only country

With this culture afternoon siestas are a tradition in many regions with hot climates worldwide including Southern European countries like Spain and Italy in these countries working hours are adjusted to the hottest parts of the day according to tradition the Spanish work from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the

Morning take a 2-hour lunch break and return to work from 4: p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in reality napping is beneficial for health some studies even suggest that the mortality rate from heart disease is lower in the Mediterranean region compared to the United States and Northern Europe partly due to the

Potential role of siestas in releasing daily life stress number five passionate football fans if you travel to Vietnam during the World Cup you’ll experience an amazing football atmosphere across the country with people watching matches and wearing jerseys representing teams from around the world football in Vietnam has undergone on significant changes in

Recent years and the teams are playing very well whenever Vietnam is playing everyone stops their work and starts watching the game to cheer for the national team even Street vendors set up small TVs to broadcast the matches driving around the city you might see people standing in front of shops watching

Football drinking beer and cheering after the match there’s a tradition called di B where people wear red shirts carry national flags and hit the streets in a literal sense the atmosphere on the streets changes in seconds and everyone usually drinks beer rides motorcycles shear and shouts it’s an incredible

Feeling to be in the midst of that football frenzy number four using chopsticks for any dish instead of using knives and forks Vietnamese people have the habit of using chopsticks for every meal from regular meals to Grand feasts so when you come to Vietnam most likely you’ll be surprised and intrigued by this

Somewhat peculiar habit for Vietnamese people using Chopsticks is not just a tool to pick up food it’s also a way to show Care and Share in a delicate manner almost every time a meal starts especially during feasts before picking food for themselves they often use clean Chopsticks to pick and offer food to

Everyone around the table similar to many other East Asian countries that use chopsticks such as China South Korea 8C besides avoid pointing Chopsticks directly into a bowl of rice which is considered impolite Vietnamese people also refrain from tapping chopsticks on bowls or other objects to make noise while eating

They believe this may attract hungry ghosts and create disturbances moreover refraining from tapping Chopsticks is a sign of good manners that Vietnamese people highly appreciate traditional Vietnamese Chopsticks are typically round and untreated without paint or decoration the tips of the Chopsticks are also usually not too pointed in the north

Chopsticks are often made from bamboo while in the South they are commonly made from coconut wood I wonder if you can use chopsticks proficiently it’s quite a skill to Master number three home place of the world’s largest cave located in Fong NA kebang national park kuang bin Province Vietnam Sund

Doom cave with a length of about 5.5 Mi a width of 650 ft and a height of 500 ft is the world’s largest cave this cave offers thrilling opportunities for those passionate about exploration sundom cave has a total length of nearly 9 km a vast cave

Ceiling with a volume of up to 38.5 million cubic M making it the largest natural cave in the world the volume of sundom cave is more than five times that of deer cave in Malaysia previously considered the world’s largest natural cave with a volume of 9.5 million cubic

M what makes s Doom cave especially unique and attention Worthy is its unique internal features it contains numerous gigantic stalagmites with some over 80 M High Harbors a primeval Forest growing within the cave contains an ecosystem its own weather system or an endless underground river yet to be fully explored by any

Explorer this place is absolutely fantastic for those who are passionate about adventurous cave exploration anyone who has visited Sun Doom cave describes it as entering another world the Masterpiece of nature number two interesting facts about Vietnamese coffee for coffee enthusiasts you might be surprised to know that Vietnam is currently the

World’s second largest exporter of coffee following Brazil coffee was first introduced to Vietnam by the French and was cultivated in Highland areas around the 1800s with an annual ual production capacity at that time of about 80 tons coffee production continued to rise after the Vietnam War and in recent

Years Vietnam produces over 1 million tons per year weirdly enough Vietnam is home to one of the most expensive coffees in the world known as copi luak in Indonesia and the Philippines the price for this specialty coffee can go up to around 150 USD per kilogram making

It one of the top 10 most expensive coffees globally what makes this coffee valuable and pricey is the digestion process yes you read it right digestion civits eat coffee cherries and the beans survive the civits digestive system eventually being collected from the animals feces these coffee beans become extremely aromatic with vanilla notes

And a sweet taste although the French introduced coffee to Vietnam the Vietnamese have transformed this black beverage into their unique style slightly strange but delicious ground coffee is placed in a small metal drip filter over a cup then hot water is added and the hot coffee drips slowly into the cup interestingly

Most Vietnamese people prefer black coffee with ice and sometimes condensed milk moreover Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of Robusta coffee Vietnamese Robusta coffee brands have gained recognition and won awards at top International coffee competitions such as the best of the world international catering cup it’s cing cup Etc credible

Organizations like rainforest Alliance UTS and fair trade certifi Vietnamese robuster coffee for meeting International Quality and standards number one the people one undeniable aspect when you come to Vietnam is the extremely friendly and hospitable people the most wonderful thing about the Vietnamese is their friendliness kindness and willingness to

Help you at any time whether in any Province across Vietnam you will cter new local people and each of them maintains an extremely friendly attitude ready to give directions and do whatever you need without expecting anything in return for example if you run out of gas

In a remote area locals will be ready to help even if they don’t understand your language tourists always feel very welcomed in Vietnam and in many places because it feels like you are at home this habit may stem from their empathy and care for each other when they meet

Laughter creat creates a cheerful atmosphere this also reflects the love and passion of the Vietnamese when sharing and connecting however this might be uncomfortable for you if you dislike excessive noise especially in public places scenes of people arguing or moving hands and feet might surprise tourists thank you for exploring these

20 interesting facts about the incredibly friendly Southeast Asian country Vietnam if you’re impressed by any shocking facts feel free to comment and share your thoughts

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