15 Taboos and Strange Facts in Mongolia that Will Blow Your Mind! – Video

15 Taboos and Strange Facts in Mongolia that Will Blow Your Mind! – Video

15 Taboos In MONGOLIA And Strange Facts You Won’t Believe Exist !
A vast, mysterious, and perhaps the most frightening steppe in the world, where the number of horses is 13 times more than humans, a place with a dinosaur cemetery, and there are even continuous visits from extraterrestrial beings.
If you still can’t believe these are true, then join me in the upcoming minutes of the video about 15 prohibited rules and strange things in Mongolia. I’m sure you will be amazed by what exists and is happening in this land.

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15 prohibited rules and strange things that only exist in Mongolia a vast mysterious and perhaps the most frightening step in the world where the number of horses is 13 times more than humans a place with a dinosaur cemetery and there are even continuous visits from extraterrestrial beings if you still can’t believe these

Are true then join me in the upcoming minutes of the video about 15 prohibited rules and strange things in Mongolia I’m sure you will be amazed by what exists and is happening in this land number 15 do not touch others heads we often Pat the heads of cute children

As a gesture of affection and praise however when dealing with Mongolian children never foolishly performs such an action not touching the heads of others especially children is part of the traditions and cultural beliefs of the Mongolian people it signifies respect and reverence for the head a place where

Where Mongolians believe the soul and spiritual power reside in Mongolian culture touching someone’s head can be seen as inappropriate and even disrespectful this is particularly important for children as they are considered pure and vulnerable souls and touching their heads may be viewed as disrespectful and improper if you intentionally touch a

Child’s head their parents will be extremely angry they may chase you away attack you or Worse use a spell to retaliate against you they believe that your dirty hands have damaged the soul of their child and the price you have to pay will undoubtedly be very high in contrast to the Head

Feet are considered the dirtiest part so do not put your feet on tables or chairs if by accident your foot touches someone or you accidentally touch their head take their hand and apologize sincerely number 14 whistling is prohibited in the G if you enter a g the traditional dwelling of Mongolians one

Thing you should never do is whistle whistling in the G is considered taboo because it is believed to invite evil spirits into the home in their traditional culture There are rules regarding the use of music and musical instruments in specific situations some sources suggest that whistling is an unacceptable practice in

Certain cases or specific environments such as inside gear where silence and respect for personal and communal space are crucial dirty things and wandering Souls might perceive it as an invitation and come to the Gia to inhabit it that’s why no Mongolian dares to do this they are extremely fearful of spiritual forces

And create many rules to ensure their lives remain peaceful number 13 no bathing or washing clothes if you notice unpleasant smells on the bodies of Mongolian people do not remind them to bathe or maintain personal hygiene as this will make you seem rude in their eyes historically during the time of

Jenis Khan Mongolians believed that bathing and using water could disrupt the natural flow of energy therefore they would never wash or bathe thinking that it would pollute the water and anger the deities at a different point in the past Mongolians restricted bathing and were forbidden to bathe in

Rivers Mongolian Warriors did not change clothes they only occasionally took them off vigorously shook them to remove lice and fleas and put back on immediately most of the time they did not wash their clothes they wore them until they were torn or could no longer maintain their original shape The Only

Exception was during festivals and holidays when Mongolians change their attire by wearing special cloaks ancient Mongolians had a different concept of body odor they viewed the smell on someone as something unique and very personal if confronted with a person with a strong odor your attitude might change but for Mongolians this scent is

Considered something worthy of respect and is seen as part of the person’s character the best advice I can give you when around Mongolian people is to wear a mask number 12 kneel to drink alcohol I don’t know if you can endure it but if you want to drink alcohol with

Mongolian people you will have to kneel for hours with them yes they kneel while drinking alcohol the drinking ritual here is very elaborate especially during major holidays when it becomes exceptionally complicated when visiting someone’s home the first thing to do is bow before the Buddha then perform the ceremony with

The host in the house young people in the house must be responsible for this task and the seniors upon receiving the alcohol must kneel to Express gratitude men will kneel with two pillows bowing their heads low humbly bringing both hands forward unmarried girls will also perform the same ceremony married women

Only need to kneel with one pillow raising their right hand to invite the alcohol newlyweds need to sing while offering the wine I know this is a very interesting cultural aspect of the people here but I really don’t want to go through such elaborate rituals before toasting someone with a glass of

Wine number 11 prohibitions when going to the restroom oh it seems that many guys are quite comfortable urinating Outdoors or anywhere where secluded with some particularly enjoying relieving themselves near small streams or stagnant water pools but did you know that if you do this in Mongolia you

Could be attacked and even risk your life natural water sources in Mongolia are highly valued and locals may use them directly therefore it is absolutely forbidden to go to the restroom in any water area such as lakes rivers or streams if Mongolian people catch someone urinating in the water they use

It is certain that they will attack you Mongol Ians are nomadic tribes and you don’t want to anger them unless you’re willing to face the consequences in addition to indiscriminate urination there is another strict prohibition not throwing waste into the fire for Mongolians fire is sacred so it

Is strictly prohibited to throw waste into it they also highly value cleanliness so leaving dirty clothes on the Family’s belongings is unacceptable once again I want to emphasize that if you visit Mongolia you must absolutely listen to the tour guide number 10 the more beautiful a

Woman is the harder it is to find a husband it’s amusing that while many of us always dream of having a romantic partner a beautiful wife Mongolian men are not enthusiastic about it Mongolia is a place where women have a more Progressive career than men women are surpassing men in education facing less

Unemployment livestock farming traditionally a male occupation is on the decline in bars pubs or clubs or clubs women are the majority of customers however precisely because of their social status superiority modern Mongolian women who decide to stick to City Life for employment after graduation find it extremely challenging to find a life

Partner this situation is prevalent in universities and workplaces this leads to a phenomenon where Mongolian men have more options over 40% of men over the age of 15 are married while this percentage for women is only 32% most unmarried women over the age of 20 remain single until death it may

Sound absurd but they are often the most beautiful and accomplished individuals number nine the number of horses is more than the population it’s truly unbelievable but in Mongolia the number of some animal species is greater than the human population specifically the number of horses is 13 times greater than the

People living in the country and the number of sheep is 35 times greater the population density of Mongolia is extremely low compared to many other countries in the world the country has a vast land area but the population is sparse mainly due to the harsh terrain and severe climatic

Conditions statistical data shows that at the current time the average population density of Mongolia is about two people per square kilometer this makes Mongolia one of the countries with the lowest population density in the world it means that there is about one house for every 5 Square km this implies

That if a family wants to meet their neighbors they need to travel at least 5 km it’s truly exhausting isn’t it number eight Yulan Batar the coldest capital in the world if you plan to visit the capital Yulan Batar of Mongolia the Essen ential thing I want you to remember is to wear

Plenty of warm clothes because it is cold here to an unimaginable extent due to its high altitude relatively High latitude and being far inland hundreds of kilometers from the coast along with the influence of the Siberian high pressure system Ulan betor is the coldest capital in the world with an extremely cold semi-arid

Climate the city has a characteristic of a short warm summer and a prolonged bitterly cold Icy and dry winter the coldest temperatures occur in January usually just Before Sunrise ranging from – 36 to -40° C and no wind due to temperature inversion Ulan bartar has an average annual temperature of -0.4 de CSUS

Making it the coldest capital in the world record temperatures have been recorded dropping to as low as – 72° c it’s so cold that water poured out freezes instantly if you don’t want to risk your life due to the cold as I mentioned wear the warmest clothes you

Can number seven reverence for the color white you will be more respected if you wear white clothes in Mongolia because the color white is revered here Sagan sa translated from Mongolia into English means white month the origin of this name may come from the white color of

Winter or the white color of food the start of the Tagan sa Festival signals the end of the harsh winter here and the upcoming spring it is also a time for families to gather perhaps for this reason Mongolian people especially love the color white Mongolians consider the color

White a symbol of Purity bringing good fortune and luck during the first Days of the New Year Mongolians wear white clothing ride white horses eat white food made from dairy products and exchange white colored gifts if during this time you give them black colored gifts or stain the the white clothes

They wear they will see it as a great insult bringing bad luck for the entire following year and of course you will be chased away with the most unpleasant words possibly even with sticks number six dinosaur Cemetery all right if you still can’t imagine how vibrant and diverse the dinosaur world

Was in the distant past then join me in visiting this place in Mongolia the inner Mongolian Museum some people have likened this Museum to miniature Jurassic Park the number of dinosaur fossils on display at the inner Mongolia museum is approximately 20 types including the rarely seen giant dinosaur species such as the Tyrannosaurus

Rex in the inner Mongolia region there are still many secrets about dinosaurs that have not been revealed tens of millions of years ago the vast and expansive land of inner Mongolia undoubtedly hid many secrets in the 20th century a team of American explorers came to the uninhabited Wilderness of inner Mongolia

Not far from the GOI desert and unexpectedly discovered an incredibly large number of dinosaur fossils the location where dinosaur fossils were discovered is in a salt Pond covered by red sand and mudstone a place that the Press later named the dinosaur Cemetery since then inam Mongolia has been known as one of the

First regions in Asia to find dinosaur fossils number five Mirage phenomenon in the sky if you truly want to witness UFOs or other mysterious phenomena in the sky then head to the inner Mongolia region of Mongolia people often encounter unusual natural phenomena or unidentified flying objects in this area on September 25th

2005 at 1830 an unidentified flying object appeared in the sky of inner Mongolia disappearing by 1840 on the same day UFO sightings were reported in Russia and some provinces of China the term event 925s became the name for this incident on July 19th 2017 a series of

Photos were shared on WeChat in webo in China showing a bizarre image in the sky above baa Ina Mongolia it depicted streaks of clouds arranged like a message conveyed in the sky the question arises who is the message for who is the sender of this message speculation at the time suggested extraterrestrial beings

Visiting Earth on April 28th 2018 once again unusual images of unidentified flying objects were reported in Mongolia particularly in the capital city of hot many suspicions were raised about extraterrestrial exploration in the inner Mongolia region from the past to the present these speculations are not entirely baseless considering that Mongolia always Harbors numerous

Mysteries and enigmas known as top secrets number four man eating Lake there is a place in Mongolia you are not allowed to approach a lake that supposedly devours human flesh a lake that seems to exist only in horror movies but is in fact real in this region this lake is called tratan Kong

Its name transliterated from Mongolian implying immeasurable depth the lake is not large with a diameter of only about 30 m but its depth has yet to be precisely measured in winter when the lake freezes people have attempted to drill a hole in the ice and lower a rope to measure the

Depth but the Rope never reaches the bottom locals estimate the minimum depth to be more than 20 M the reason locals gave it such a name is that many livestock and even humans approaching the lake for water disappear hence it is also called the man eating Lake in the 1990s tratan Kung witnessed

A series of horrifying incidents with a total of 300 horses 500 cattle and 25 people missing strangely all those who disappeared whether alive or dead left no Trace no one seen alive nobody found dead number three insects from hell my friends after returning from Mongolia

Shared that the locals have a fear of a type of subterranean insect they only dare to move along marked paths and avoid encroaching even a centimeter into the soil believed to Harbor these creatures known as insects from Hell The Peculiar looking creature is described similar to images found in magical books

Insects from hell are believed to be capable of causing harm to those who come close the truth remains unknown resembling a mysterious Tale in modern times in 1907 foreign explorers conducted archaeological studies in inner Mongolia and discovered the presence of subterranean beings subsequently many Russian experts came here for exploration but unfortunately

The results they obtained were not promising a few decades later giant fossilized skeletons were found in Mongolia however several decades later giant fossilized skeletons reappeared in Mongolia the authorities made every effort to erase all traces and locals were hesitant to share with foreigners what truly exists in the vast depths where they

Reside number two execution of homosexuals if you are homosexual my sincere advice is not to visit Mongolia Jenis Khan banned homosexual behavior in the Mongol Empire subjecting individuals to execution aiming to increase the Mongolian population to around 1.5 million during that time while their rival the Song Dynasty

Ruling in modern-day Central China had a population of 100 million after being criminalized in 1961 all references to homosexual relationships were removed from the Mongolian criminal code in 1993 effectively legalizing private and consensual same-sex activities however legal acceptance has not necessarily translated into a better life for the lgbtq community in this

Region same-sex couples leading families lack the legal protection afforded to heterosexual couples until recently violence and discrimination against the lgbtq community in Mongolia have been common and often go unreported to the police number one secret tomb of genis Khan Genghis Khan the powerful Warrior who conquered the world on Horseback the

Stories about this Emperor involved numerous abductions Bloodshed everywhere love and intense Revenge the legend arose after GIS Khan’s death in his lifetime Jenis Khan ruled over vast territories from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian see before his final Moment The Warrior Emperor ordered a secret burial a colossal army with profound grief

Brought Jenis Khan’s remains back to his homeland prepared to kill anyone to conceal the path of the funeral procession when Jenis khn’s remains arrived at the burial site a group of riders with 1,000 horses was sacrificed to close all traces in the 800 years since jenas Khan’s demise nobody has

Ever found the exact location of his tomb foreign Le Expedition groups have pursued the traces of Jenis Khan’s tomb for many years exploring various terrains Landscapes and even using space observation however all efforts ended in disappointment and the Mongols have never revealed a word about this tomb

They fear the curse of the great emperor who built the Mongol Bloodlines reputation so we have embarked on an intriguing journey into the unique culture and traditions of the Mongolian people the prohibitions and peculiar events we’ve explored not only represent rules but also reflect the respect reverence and diversity of this

Culture let’s continue to discover diverse cultures worldwide don’t forget to like share and subscribe to follow our upcoming videos thank you for accompanying us on this journey see you in the next videos

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