15 Taboos and Strange Facts in Peru that Will Blow Your Mind! – Video

15 Taboos and Strange Facts in Peru that Will Blow Your Mind! – Video

15 Taboos In PERU And Strange Facts You Won’t Believe Exist!
Welcome to Peru, a land where not a single drop of rain has fallen in 600 years, a place adorned with hundreds of gigantic drawings on the ground, and a nation where people have a peculiar taste for cat and mouse meat, engaging in annual New Year’s brawls. Allow me to introduce you to this unique country, and in this video, we’ll explore 15 prohibitions and peculiarities that exist only in Peru.

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15 prohibitions and bizarre things that only exist in Peru welcome to Peru a land where not a single drop of rain has fallen in 600 years a place adorned with hundreds of gigantic drawings on the ground and a nation where people have a peculiar taste for cat and mouse meat engaging in

Annual New Year’s brawls allow me to introduce you to this unique country and in this video we’ll explore 15 prohibitions and peculiarities that exist only in Peru number 15 mouse meat addiction while in Europe guinea pigs are considered pets in Peru they are raised by the locals and prepared by marinating the whole

Animal with garlic and salt then frying it to a crispy Perfection or skewing and Grilling it as a traditional delicacy that has been enjoyed for thousands of years mouse meat is typically roasted or fried crispy one of the famous Delicacies in Peru this dish is a favorite among ative peruvians such as

The Moshe inass and qua people many claim that all Peruvian children become addicted to this flavor until they pass away after consuming it guinea pig meat has high protein content and lower cholesterol compared to chicken pork or beef in Cusco there are even programs to raise guinea pigs as a food source for

Cancer patients as their meat is considered healthier than other types guinea pig in Peru even has its own national celebration held on the second Friday of October when offered guinea pig by a Peruvian family even if you are hesitant it is advisable to try a little as locals

Consider Ki guinea pig a delicacy reserved for honored guests number 14 fighting to welcome the New Year if you find yourself in Peru during the last days of the year never try to prevent the locals from engaging in fights in fact you might want to join in to bring yourself good

Luck as bizarre as it may sound this is entirely true in this country during the year-end festivities the chumas province in Peru hosts takaku a festival similar to Christmas but much more lively in dot dot dot dot bilent at first glance the event May resemble Festive Celebrations in Latin America except here people

Openly engage in physical combat right on Christmas Day entire communities Gather in large areas to witness hand-to-hand combat the purpose of tanaku is to resolve accumulated grievances and resentments from throughout the year whether disputes or personal conflicts in essence after enduring the year people come together to release their built-up frustration through physical

Combat in front of the entire Community while it may sound violent takaku is fervently supported by the people of Peru rather than suppressing emotions for an extended period peruvians encourage individuals to express their true selves and release anger once and for all at least the local community in the

Town of chilas believes that this activity helps eradicate negativity and promotes a happier coexistence however before eliminating negative aspects of relationships many individuals have suffered severe injuries during this festival and some have even lost their lives due to fatal blows from opponents number 13 survival rules with locals many tourists have been attacked

In Peru often unaware that small actions can provoke strong reactions from the locals for example attempting to speak loudly in English to peruvians who speak Spanish can lead to mockery and disdain tourists might be perceived as arrogant and disruptive especially in traditional Peruvian markets such actions may result in

Locals Shing away tourists and immediate attacks can occur if someone tries to take a photo without consent if you want to photograph an individual or a small group it’s crucial to ask for permission first faade to do so might lead to locals yelling at you and even physically attacking to seize your

Camera surprisingly when you report such incidents to the police you might be shocked to find out that the police ask you for financial compensation for those who were photographed therefore Extreme Caution is advised when it comes to Photography in this country pay special attention to capturing images of police or military

Personnel as well as their corresponding buildings and structures learn about the photography regulations and always respect the people living in the area number 12 600 years without rain all right we just talked about a water filled place in Peru but now let’s explore a location seemingly abandoned

By the gods as it hasn’t received a single drop of rain in 600 years The Peculiar City in question is Lima the capital of the Republic of Peru according to scientists Lima has experienced almost no rain for over 600 years since the last significant rain shower meteorological data indicates an

Annual rainfall of only about 15 mm in Lima this figure is not even 1/5 of the average rainfall in the Sahara Desert one of the driest regions in the world rain in LMA often appears in the form of mist that moistens the soil without forming actual droplets consequently the

Residents of Lima rarely need to carry umbrellas or raincoats when going outside in fact the city doesn’t even require Drainage Systems many houses in Lima are designed without roofs and some are even constructed using hardboard meteorological experts attribute Lima’s lack of rain to its unique geographical location situated on

The Eastern Slope of the Andes mountain range Lima is also home to the highest peak in South America despite the absence of rain LMA never faces water shortages close to the ocean and with the mark of River nearby the city has abundant groundwater additionally residents of Lima tap into

The water supply from the paric river formed by melting ice from the Andes not only does LMA have sufficient domestic water but its water sources also support thriving vegetation indeed It’s A peculiar land that only Peru can possess number 11 gruesome cat meat Festival I don’t know what to say about

This Festival but if if you love cats you might find it unsettling in Peru as the locals view cats as a delicacy rather than as pets held annually in September in canet Peru the cat meat Festival shocks many as it features the consumption of cat meat in various mouthwatering dishes from sophisticated

Cat state to traditional huak cat dishes participants in the festival can witness the cat meat preparation process and enjoy artistic performances that honor this unique culinary experience peruvians believe that cat meat is rich in nutrients and notably enhances male libido of course an entire Army of cats is bred specifically for this Festival

Along Jaya cucho in the center of Lima tourists can easily spot shops selling cats as well as Birds monkeys and reptiles of Uncertain origin these animals are confined in hardboard boxes or cramped Rusty cages animal rights activists criticize the conditions of these captive animals organizing protests outside Peru’s

Bullfighting Arenas in an attempt to save the lives of the cats despite their efforts cats continue to be bred sold and served as a delicacy on the plates of the Peruvian people number 10 no cheap bus rides and aggressive taxis if you truly want to try your luck

In finding gold here’s a piece of advice for you ensure your safety until you reach your destination in in Peru every 10 people in traffic experience 1.7 accidents traffic accidents are prevalent in Peru a country plagued by careless drivers and poor road conditions according to regulations the

Safest way to travel by bus in Peru is to choose reputable bus companies when taking a taxi in Peru opt for a modern looking well-maintained vehicle with a clearly visible taxi sign avoid taxes without signs extremely old taxes and those with d on the body I’ve

Tried it before and you won’t know which curve death will pick you up from number nine the largest bird in the world the Kula Canyon is home to the largest bird species in the world this Majestic creature has a massive body making it the largest flying bird globally individual specimens have been

Recorded with a body length of up to 2 m weighing 20 kg and a wingspan of 4.5 M these birds birds can fly for hours without flapping their wings originating from the Andes mountain range it is considered a sacred bird by the Inca people this bird is known as the andian

Condor or the god of the Andes despite being called a condor it is not closely related to other Condor species worldwide although they share similarities especially in their Scavenging Behavior they have an excellent sense of smell unlike other Condors worldwide which rely mainly on their vision the andian Condor locates Kion by

Detecting the smell of Ethel map a gas released by decaying corpses the people of Peru consider the god of the andian Condor an integral part of their culture and religion in Inca civilization the Condor is revered as the god of the sun and one of the most significant Divine beings

The Condor is depicted as an eagle symbolizing power strength and sanctity according to the religious traditions of the Inca the sun is seen as the source of life and the energy for the nation’s development thus the god of the andian Condor represents the loftiness power and sanctity of the

Sun it is essential to refrain from photographing or causing harm to this bird to avoid significant consequences number eight Red River in Peru there’s a place you must visit in Peru the vilcanota mountain range where you’ll have the opportunity to witness a unique natural phenomenon the river flowing red like blood through pristine

Stone valleys Cusco home to the Red River is a city in Southeastern Peru near the urubamba Valley of the Andes the locally named palella puku or the Red River is formed by rain from the famous payo Rainbow Mountain nearby the reddish color of the river comes from various mineral Rich sediment layers

Formed by soil erosion the river’s intense pink red hue is particularly due to the presence of iron oxide from the red areas of the mountains many people upon seeing a photo of this River for the first time may think a massacre occurred at the Mountain’s Peak causing blood to flow

Down and die the river red fortunately this is not the case although the river water is indeed brackish due to the high iron content it’s best not to touch it and when posting pictures of it be sure to explain that it’s not the result of editing and the red color is not blood

Related number seven the mysterious nasca line if you’re someone who believes in conspiracy theories extraterrestrial existence or time travel then you would likely be fascinated by a place in Peru the NASCAR desert this desert can be considered one of the most mysterious deserts in the world as its surface is marked with

Hundreds of enormous geoglyphs for which the origin remains a profound mystery these intricate drawings depict humans llamas Birds killer whales cats and snakes notably some patterns resemble the animated character Homer Simpson with wide open eyes and a feature that resembles a mustache around the mouth the images date from 100 BCE

To 300 CE some recently added lines enhance the original drawings but have become blurred due to erosion the nasar lines in Peru have captivated the attention of archaeologists for centuries they are large patterns created on the ground located in in the NASA desert Southern Peru ancient people used simple

Surveying tools to create these lines some drawings depict animals objects and small images While others consist of simple geometric shapes the true meaning and purpose of the nasca lines remain a mystery to archaeologists some theories suggest the lines acted as an observatory indicating the rising and setting positions of the

Sun and other celestial bodies throughout the year others believe they were created for gods in in the sky to see some even propose that extraterrestrials drew them for entertainment still in the end it remains an enigma and who knows you might be the one to unravel

It number six the 750 ton gold treasure if you want to become incredibly super wealthy then head to Peru where you can find the legendary 750 ton gold treasure of the Inca Empire the tale of the 750 tons of gold from the Inca Empire dates back to the Spanish invasion of South

America leading to a series of Explorations spanning over 500 years in Peru historical records state that the Inca people controlled most of Western South America concentrated in the Andes Mountain range through conquest and peaceful assimilation in its prime this Empire unified present day Peru Southwestern Ecuador western and southern Central

Bolivia Northwestern Argentina most of present day Chile and South Southwestern Columbia comparable to other empires in Asia and Europe the Inca economy didn’t use money and lacked a market they exchanged goods and services through reciprocal relationships between individuals a community a group of people or Inca leaders simultaneously Inca residents

Accumulated Assets in the form of gold jewelry and other Precious Minerals before succumbing to Spanish Conquest the Inca people are believed to have amassed up to 750 tons of gold valued at approx o imately 37 billion USD at current rates Inca General rahoi allegedly hid the gold in a mysterious

Pristine location continuing to fight until his last breath the exact location of the treasure remains a question without an answer the area is believed to be around the lanat mountains and every year many people still visit this place in hopes of changing their lives number five the Empire of counterfeit money

Be cautious with the currency you exchange or receive as change in Peru as it could very well be counterfeit money Peru’s police anti-counterfeit team estimates that the amount of counterfeit money produced in the country is much higher than reported they state that the seized counterfeit money in the past 2 years is

Only a small fraction of the various types of fake money circulating including Peru’s noo s mass produced by illegal printing presses a recent check on six different currencies in circulation found counterfeit values exceeding 27 million USD notably fake 100 USD bills comprise nearly 13d of the total seized counterfeit money along with counterfeit

Euros worth 4 million USD the remaining fake money included Bolivian bolivianos Chilean pesos Peruvian noo souls and Venezuelan boulevards sophisticated counterfeit bills can easily circulate in the United States in retail stores where cashiers are less vigilant only the newly designed 100 USD bills are found in the US while 10 USD and

20usd bills are sent to many neighboring countries of Peru where there is a high demand for US Dollars such as Argentina Ecuador and Venezuela where currency controls are less strict number four the highest lake in the world you might not believe it but at an elevation of 3,800 m above sea

Level there’s an incredibly vast in beautiful Lake the gem of Peru lake tiaka lake tiaka leaves its Mark with an immense surface area of 8,372 square km situated at the cultural crossroads between Peru and Bolivia this lake with its pristine Beauty and intriguing history was once the Cradle of The Magnificent incor

Civilization the emerald green color of the lake resembles a grand natural painting marking the natural boundary between two South American countries the lake experiences a distinct climate with two seasons cold and rainy or cold and dry with freezing temperatures possible during winter nights and intense sunlight during summer

Days when you have the opportunity to travel to Peru especially to visit Lake tiaka you’ll experience a different world where traditional culture and ancient ways of life have been preserved through centuries the floating Euros Islands ancient revered churches women wearing bowler hats and men with colorful hats are characteristic images unique to Lake

Tiaka it’s truly an unforgettable experience but remember that this Lake can be extremely dangerous with over 70 drownings reported each year and more than half of them are tourists number three 3,000 potato varieties I have never seen such peculiar potatoes with various colors sizes and flavors as those in Peru Peru

Boasts thousands of potato varieties that we have never known when visiting Peruvian markets the diverse and uniquely shaped potatoes will immediately Captivate your interest previously it was believed that potatoes did not have a single origin but were rather multi originated with the region of origin spanning from Peru to Northern

Argentina however recent Studies by American scientists revealed that all present potato varieties Trace back to a single origin a type of potato that grew in Peru over 7,000 years ago this conclusion was drawn after analyzing the DNA of 261 wild potato varieties and 98 cultivated ones and these are just a few

Varieties among the 3,000 potato types that Peru possesses if you visit Peru try to experience the different flavors they offer compared to the potatoes you eat at home number two bride shaped waterfall not everyone can witness the silhouette of a a bride in a white wedding dress on

Their first visit to Casada lovia waterfall Casada lovia is a new tourist attraction drawing visitors to the town of namora kajaka Peru the Intriguing aspect of this waterfall is that after Heavy Rain it takes on the appearance of a bride in a white wedding dress according to local Legend many

Years ago there was a young couple deeply in love in this area however their love was forbidden by their families despite opposition they were determined to be together and held a wedding on their big day the bride’s father shot the groom with a rifle overwhelmed by grief the young girl ran

Towards the mountains still wearing her wedding dress here she pleaded with the mountain and Mother Earth to transform her into a beautiful waterfall for generations to come this waterfall is located in a secluded wild and undiscovered place however since some tourists visited discovered its charm and shared it

Online more and more people have been drawn to explore it number one Rainbow Mountain a natural wonder in this country that exploration enthusiasts always want to set foot on is vinona also known as the Rainbow Mountain vuna stands at 4,876 m above sea level situated in the Andes mountain range about 100 km

Southeast of Cusco Peru unlike other Rocky Mountains or those covered by Forest this mountain provides a completely different feeling as it is adorned with a colorful coat even though there are no trees around like other mountains vinona is essentially a natural rock formation however climatic conditions and differences in Mineral composition in

The soil have caused this mountain to develop such colorful stripes according to geological experts this mountain was covered by transparent snow for a long time until the 1990s the melting of glacier water created the multicolored phenomenon seen today in which the dominant colors often visible on vinona are pink white red green and

Yellow pink is the result of a combination of red clay mixed with sand and mudstone green is the combination of fite and magnesia clay yellow comes from sulfur Rich Limestone and finally white is derived from mudstone combined with stones containing calcium carbonate it is known that the Inca

People had discovered this Marvel a long time ago however they had no intention of commercializing it by promoting tourism it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that vinona began to gain attention when mountain climbers shared stunning and Majestic images of this unique Mountain on social media thank you for accompanying us on

This journey of exploring the wonders of Peru let’s continue to discover the diverse cultures around the world don’t forget to like share and subscribe to follow our upcoming videos thank you for being with us on this journey see you in the next videos

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