15 Taboos and Strange Facts in Tibet You Won’t Believe Are Real! – Video

15 Taboos and Strange Facts in Tibet You Won’t Believe Are Real! – Video

15 Taboos In TIBET And Strange Facts You Won’t Believe Exist !
A one-year-old child submerges under ice, miraculous reincarnated monks, women allowed to marry up to 5 husbands simultaneously – these are just a few of the truly bizarre occurrences in the region known as Tibet.
Sacred beings, monsters, supernatural phenomena, peculiar human behaviors – all exist in this most mysterious land on the planet.
I won’t keep you in suspense any longer; let’s now explore 15 forbidden and peculiar things that only exist in Tibet.

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15 forbidden and strange things only exist in Tibet a one-year-old child submerges Under Ice mirculous reincarnated monks women allowed to marry up to five husbands simultaneously these are just a few of the truly bizarre occurrences in the region known as Tibet sacred beings monsters supernatural phenomena peculiar

Human behaviors all exist in this most mysterious land on the planet I won’t keep you in suspense any longer let’s now explore 15 forbidden and peculiar things that only exist in Tibet number 15 sky burial when in Tibet the most commonly encountered animal is undoubtedly the vulture many might

Wonder with such a scarce presence of animals here how do vultures find enough food to survive well here’s a chilling fact in Tibet vultures Survive by consuming human flesh yes that’s right they feed on the remain of the deceased for their survival in Tibet there exists a

Tradition known as sky burial where the deceased’s body is taken to the mountains to decompose naturally or to be consumed by vultures also known as Sky burials Sky burials are typically practiced among common people or the wealthy it is the most common form of burial in Tibet seen as a final offering

Of the body to the heavens and earth creating conditions for the soul to ascend and reincarnate however the sight of a sky burial often invokes fear in those who witness it in the lung Valley burial site black vultures fill the sky ready to approach the deceased and pick at The Remains the

R yaer or body handlers attract the vultures by burning juniper berry before the sky burial ceremony the deceased’s body is kept in the house for 3 to 5 days afterwards the family takes the body to the burial site located on a high mountain far away from po populated

Areas all family members participate in this sacred ceremony Tibetans believe that vultures act as Messengers helping the soul of the deceased transition according to the diamond way Buddhism the soul is the most important part of human life when reaching the realm of Nirvana the soul exists eternally while the physical body is

Considered a mere empty vessel to be discarded therefore allowing vultures to consume the body is an expression of the family’s re for The Departed if you ever find yourself here never approach the vultures and it’s advisable to avoid witnessing a sky burial ceremony it is genuinely a profoundly unsettling

Experience number 14 one-year-olds must immerse in the icy River I don’t know what people in Tibet are thinking but they indeed subject their one-year-old children to bathing in The Frigid Waters of an icy River with an average altitude exceeding 4,500 m above sea level tibet’s climate is bitterly cold and the

Air is extremely thin these harsh conditions have elevated the resistance for survival more than ever as per tradition upon reaching the first birthday of any child the most respected woman in the village possessing Spiritual Authority will take the child to immerse in the swiftly flowing icy River for precisely 1 minute

Leaving only the head exposed subsequently the the child is brought out dressed and wrapped in regular clothes if the child survives and remains entirely normal it means they have passed the rigorous life and death selection of this ritual however if the child cannot endure the cold and perishes afterward

It is said to be the will of the Divine Spirit many innocent children have not survived this ritual but it continues to be practiced for all children born in this region number 13 tree burials I don’t want to further terrify you but I cannot Overlook another Dreadful aspect large baskets placed on tree

Branches if you happen to come across these in the forests here leave immediately before something Dreadful happens because these are locations where Tibetans perform tree burials Tibetans have a dedicated forest for Sky burials considered the most Serene and sacred area of the forest on each tree there are baskets and wooden

Containers containing the remains of infants tree burials are an ancient and peculiar form of burial that Tibetans still uphold often conducted for children under 1ye old salt and butter are applied to the hands eyes and mouth of the deceased infant and the body is wrapped in a blanket or diaper placed in

A bamboo basket or wooden container when the right time is chosen the family carries this basket into the forest selects a large leafy tree and hangs it as the final resting place for the frail child throughout the entire ceremony the parents are completely excluded according to Tibetan beliefs

Newborns have not yet been exposed to good or evil making their souls pure and pristine therefore the tree burial ritual helps them to depart from the human world in Purity with the hope that in their next life they will grow up strong and robust like the Towering trees in the

Forest there are four types of tree burials hanging the body on a tree tying the body to a tree placing the body on a tree branch and putting the body in a tree Hollow with hanging being the oldest form of tree burial I presume getting lost in this

Tree burial Forest would be the most horrifying and terrible experience you could ever undergo in your life number 12 closing doors to tourists in reality you might never get to visit Tibet because this region was once closed off to the world it wasn’t until 1980 that Tibet opened its doors to

Welcome the first wave of tourists currently although tibbet still closes its doors during the New Year celebrations they allow tourists during the rest of the year under the condition that they participate in guided tours this is the homeland of Buddhism with countless ancient rituals and daunting areas that authorities do not

Permit you to explore on your own listen to your guide if you want to avoid disasters that’s the most crucial advice you should remember before setting foot in this country number 11 the truth about Mount Everest compared to sea level Everest is the world’s highest mountain towering at

8,848 M Everest is also known as chalma and it is situated in the Tibetan region Everest holds numerous stories and legends about supernatural phenomena like the existence of the Yeti and strange events witnessed by local residents and Mountaineers but an extremely unpleasant truth about Everest is that it is filled

With garbage and human remains Everest has become increasingly polluted and transformed into a trash Mountain due to the heightened mountain climbing and Adventure tourism activities this mountain is now the world’s highest garbage dump as more and more people climb it and leave behind items they no longer need just this year

At least 600 people have climbed Everest and left behind fluorescent tents mountaineering equipment empty gas cylinders plastic bags and even waste turning the 8,848 M Peak into a disgusting eyesa apart from the garbage many have also left their lives on this terrifying Mountain over 200 Mountaineers have lost

Their lives on Mount Everest since 1922 the time when the first recorded deaths of Mountaineers on Everest occurred most of the bodies are believed to still be buried under glaciers or snow therefore don’t be surprised when those who return speak of sensing spirits around when spending the night at this

Peak number 10 the yeti mystery did you know that Tibet holds one of the three great Mysteries of the world the people of Nepal and Tibet often tell Tales of a giant creature living in the snowy mountains around Everest known as the yeti according to them the yeti

Originates from the Everest region the frequent sightings of giant footprints in the snow only strengthen their long-held belief moreover in 195 1 a British Everest Expedition led by Eric Shipton saw giant Footprints at an altitude of 6,000 m in 2009 American filmmaker Josh Gates and his Destination Truth team also discovered similar Footprints

Believed to be from the yeti the hair samples that Josh Gates obtained from a 33 cm long 25 cm wide footprint after being analyzed by a forensic analyst showed DNA sequences completely unknown until now as the has been no direct sight or conclusive evidence the stories of the Everest Yeti

And in many other regions worldwide still Harbor a lot of skepticism therefore The Lochness Monster the Yeti and Bigfoot Remain the three great Mysteries of the century that biologists have yet to fully decode number nine the source of Life known as the third pole on Earth Tibet holds the

Third largest water and ice reserves in the world after the North and South Poles with lakes rivers or glaciers at every turn the water resources in this region are immeasurable therefore it is also the source of many of Asia’s major rivers including the mikong yti and Indus Rivers scientists believe that 47% of

The world’s population depends on water from this region another deeply spiritual explanation is linked to mount kyash according to mythology Mount Kash is the axis of the Earth or the ladder leading to heaven the intersection Between Heaven and Earth in Hinduism Mount kyash is considered the Abode of Lord Shiva in

Buddhism It is believed that Lord Buddha once resided here the water flowing from the mountain is considered the source of life and all living beings rely on this water to survive in reality Mount Kash is located more than 1,000 km west of tibet’s capital Lassa is a striking red colored

Granite Mountain standing proudly amidst the surrounding mountain ranges its extraordinary shape is also a symbol in Buddhism the mandala representing a miniature universe and also signifying the convergence of blessings and wisdom the southern face of the mountain has Terra Flat Rock layers forming steps that lead to the Heavenly

Realm Mount kyash is also regarded as the center of the world among followers of various religions including Buddhism Bon Hinduism and jism therefore whether you believe in the Legends or not it is not permissible to disrespect this land in front of its people or those who follow the mentioned

Religions number eight red skin and superpowers if you’re visiting Tibet for the first time you might be surprised to see that the people there resemble Native Americans both in facial features and skin color however there is no blood connection between them at all because they live in an extremely harsh

Environment the intense ultraviolet rays in Tibet make the skin of those who work Outdoors appear darker red than usual additionally Tibetans who have lived for Generations on the high Plateau experience a lack of oxygen this condition causes localized vasodilation resulting in certain body parts like the face lips and eye whites

Appearing redder than normal another astonishing fact is that scientists have identified a genetic trait in Tibetans that seems to have evolved from a different human species these genes enable tobet to a de high altitudes breathe efficiently and live healthily with very low oxygen levels on the Tibetan Plateau the key factor behind this

Superpower is the endothelia paas 1 Gene significantly improving oxygen circulation in the blood prevalent among Tibetans and modern-day Siberian women an ancient version of a gene similar to this was found when scientists extracted DNA from the thumb bone of a dinas ofan girl discovered in the altime mountains Siberia this is

Believed to be an incredibly powerful source of genes providing resilience and Rapid adaptability through Evolution number seven polyandry if you truly want to have more than one husband at the same time then settle in Tibet where you can marry as many husbands as you wish and the men don’t mind at all

Perhaps Tibet is the only region in the world where polyandry still exists women here often marry two to five husbands who are all Brothers within the same family the origin of this practice is that having Brothers share a wife helps maintain family Harmony avoid conflict and distribute land and

Property due to the harsh living conditions and limited arable land this custom has helped the people of Tibet sustain their lives and ensure social order nowadays due to improved living conditions and active government promotion this practice has gradually diminished however in remote Highland areas far from Central Tibet the

Tradition of women having multiple husbands is still prevalent and their lives seem remarkably happy and harmonious number six The Mystery of the gue Kingdom if you think Atlantis is the most mysterious Kingdom in the world you might be mistaken because in Tibet there’s another kingdom named gu with an equally mysterious

Disappearance after existing for 700 years the gue kingdom collapsed in one 1,635 with over 100,000 people Vanishing Without a Trace various theories surround this event but the most widely accepted one suggests that in 1,635 war broke out and the ladak regime occupied and destroyed the GU Kingdom

The last king of gue and family members were captured and taken away today the remaining ruins of the gue palace continue to astonish tourists the castle-like palace is built along the mountains side and its interior features underground tunnels leading in various directions this archaeological site covers an area of 720,000 sare M

Including 445 rooms 879 caves four secret tunnels and 28 Buddhist temples number five Tibet doesn’t grow tea when it comes to Tibetan Specialties butter tea is likely the first thing that comes to mind butter tea is a traditional beverage in this highland region considered by the locals as a Divine

Elixir for its excellent warmth keeping and nutritional properties helping the body withstand harsh weather conditions however few people know that the Tibetan Plateau is not where this tea is grown due to its characteristic climate growing tea is Impractical therefore all the tea is exchanged with horses and transported from India

Covering a distance of nearly 4,000 km due to the length and challenge ing nature of the Transportation Route this te for horse trade route has become one of the legendary trade routes in the world equivalent to the famous Silk Road in history number four red snow we often

Assume that snowflakes are white and extremely pure but when it comes to Tibet you’ll be truly amazed to find that the snow on mountain peaks is red red snow is a unique natural phenomenon occurring in some Tibetan mountainous regions Red Snow results from from algae or bacteria living in the snow and ice

Rapidly developing and creating a bright red color on ice and snow surfaces these red spots include clonus nalis chlorococcum infusionum and other types of algae in the Eternal snow and ice high altitude algae are widely distributed capable of withstanding extreme cold and not dying at temperatures below – 36°

C these algae contain a pigment called sanguin giving them a red color in the folklore of the Tibetan people red snow is often considered a symbol of good luck the protection of dieties or a sign of a good harvest red snow in Tibet is one of the marvelous natural phenomena in the world

Attracting the attention and curiosity of Travelers and natural researchers number three forbidden to see the gods if you visit Tibet the first warning you must heed is not to set foot on the summit of kyash no mortal is allowed to step on the Mountaintop amidst the clouds The

Dwelling Place of the Gods anyone daring to ascend the sacred mountain and witness the gods will surely perish this warning is found in almost all ancient Tibetan scriptures however in recent decades many adventurers have ignored this warning and attempted to conquer one of the world’s most mysterious Peaks it may

Sound unbelievable but mountain climbers a face sudden weather changes nearly insurmountable obstacles and bizarre experiences all these unexplainable phenomena have led to fatalities or immediate Retreat upon reaching the Mountain’s Edge according to local residents American Mountaineers around 30 years old inexplicably aged overnight their nails grew abnormally long and their

Hair turned completely white within 2 weeks although extensive research has been conducted on this unusually rapid aging phenomenon no scientific explanation has been found the only explanation found in tibetan scriptures suggests that the mountain is protected by supernatural beings capable of altering reality in time certainly modern science does not

Acknowledge spiritual phenomena like the sacred Mountain but no one can verify what exactly happened except for the accounts of dozens of individuals who felt powerful energy and had mystical experiences near the mountain number two reborn if you still doubt the stories of people being reborn after pass away way come to Tibet where

The tales of The Reincarnation of llamas will undoubtedly make you believe in the Tibetan mindset the Dalai Lama holds the highest Authority leading the Buddhist sect in this region according to Tibetans reincarnation is the embodiment of avalokitesvara bod satva in human form to Aid in the salvation of sentient

Beings the stories might sound extravagant until children selected at an early age start speaking about Buddhist teachings and displaying behaviors no different from high ranking monks truly these boys later became llas and considering the event it’s not surprising that all Tibetans believe in this cycle of rebirth number one taboos in Tibet but

As I mentioned this land is the Cradle of Buddhism and has countless strict rules one must adhere to carrying a unique architectural style in its Monastery system makes one eager to explore from a distance unfortunately if you wish to enter you need approval from the overseeing Llama of the temple or

Monastery once granted permission it’s respectful to leave your hat outside the entrance especially for women who should avoid revealing clothing despite the potentially scorching climate if you see a stack of stones engraved with scriptures walk around from left to right when inside the temple people walk from right to left

Ultimately mimic the activities of the group ahead of you absolutely absolutely refrain from touching Buddha statues paintings or scriptures when communicating with monks it’s better to fold your hands and initiate conversation in the case of talking to llamas Never Hug or shake their hands especially avoiding sensitive topics maintain a considerable distance

From sitting monks and never approach their wardrobe or ceremonial items in reality if we were to list all the permitted and prohibited actions the list would be endless potentially making our journey dull however understanding a few Basics will make our Expedition more enriching and broaden our perspectives thank you for accompaning

Us on this journey to explore the Wonders and fears of Tibet cherish and respect your experiences while safeguarding the precious Treasures of our planet until next time in upcoming videos

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