15 Unique Prohibitions and Curiosities Exclusive to Turkey! – Video

15 Unique Prohibitions and Curiosities Exclusive to Turkey! – Video

15 Strange Prohibitions And Oddities That Exist Only In Turkey !
Hiding between the western part of Asia and the eastern part of Europe, Turkey is a culturally rich Middle Eastern country deeply influenced by the Roman, Greek, Ottoman, Byzantine, and Persian empires that once ruled this land.
This long history has turned Turkey into an extremely mysterious country, with many rules and principles that defy logic and are not found anywhere else in the world. Join me in the next few minutes to explore the prohibitions and peculiarities that exist in this country.

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15 strange prohibitions and Oddities that exist only in Turkey hiding between the western part of Asia and the eastern part of Europe turkey is a culturally Rich Middle Eastern country deeply influenced by the Roman Greek ottoman Byzantine and Persian Empires that once ruled this land this long history has

Turned turkey into an extremely mysterious country with many rules and principles that defy logic and are not found anywhere else in the world join me in the next few minutes to explore the prohibitions and peculiarities that exist in this country number 15 prohibition on direct communication with single women in

Public places no matter how much you like a Turkish girl it is not allowed to approach her and start a conversation right on the street even if you know her previously Turks highly value discretion and respect towards women they believe that directly talking to Turkish women especially young or single ones in

Public places is an indecent act it may lead to misunderstandings in Turkish culture there is a level of respect between genders especially in public situ typically Turkish men will avoid direct communication with unfamiliar or unrelated women in situations like public transportation social events or other public places this attitude

Reflects the respect and protection of the honor of women in Turkish Society also signifies the acceptance and respect for the traditional and cultural values if a girl is seen talking to a man on the street she may be judged as being too casual it can be challenging

For her to get married in the future because no Turkish man wants to marry a woman who appears casual number 14 prohibition onbody language in communication do you often give the okay sign to your friends if that’s your habit you should correct it immediately before going to Turkey as it

Might lead to a disaster while in other countries the okay sign represents agreement or approval in Turkey it is considered an offensive gesture therefore you should absolutely avoid making the oak sign in Turkey to prevent unnecessary trouble in Turkey if you want to say yes or agree with

Someone you should nod your head once if you want to say no or disagree you should raise your chin frown and slightly press your tongue against the roof of your mouth also pointing at someone while talking is considered impolite for those who have strong self-respect and a firm belief in

Spirituality offending them can have significant Consequences number 13 prohibition on buying Stones antiques do not buy any stones or fossils when vacationing in Turkey as they’re considered cultural artifacts and exporting them is illegal all antiques especially those with historical or cultural significance will fall under the same category and owning buying and especially exporting them is

Unlawful the penalties for this action can include up to 12 years in prison or a substantial fine in Turkey markets are among the favorite places for international tourists due to the diverse range of items especially in decorative item markets many of these items are souvenirs or replica is of

Antiques but some are genuine ancient AR some items may be bought and sold within turkey but taking these items out of the country is illegal what makes it complicated is that in Turkey the definition of antique items not only considers their age and historical significance but also their Rarity therefore distinguishing between allowed

And prohibited items can be challenging for international tourists while cases of confusion are rare they do happen Travelers should be cautious when shopping in Turkey to avoid legal consequences before deciding to purchase a decorative or souveni item it is ADV advisable to ask the seller for legal documentation authenticating that the

Item is only for display or souvenir purposes in addition to antique related issues tearing Bank notes can be considered offensive and can lead to imprisonment for 6 months to 3 years tourists also need permission to take photos near Military facilities in the country number 12 ban on Twitter if you

Are traveling to Turkey be cautious about your Twitter account as there is a possibility that you will not have access until you leave the country this is because following the earthquake disaster in Turkey access to Twitter for users in the country was blocked by the government many Twitter users in the

Country couldn’t post tweets about the earthquake that occurred in February 2023 this was considered a foolish reaction by the Turkish government to disaster that claimed over 17,000 lives they aim to block any information from the public public most of which was about the shortcomings in the government’s rescue efforts before this

Incident turkey had also restricted Twitter advertising according to Turkey social media law social media companies without a local representative would face a series of fines the law allows authorities to remove content from platforms instead of blocking access as done previously using Twitter in Turkey poses a challenge and it is advisable to

Check your account regularly when visiting the country number 11 taxes must have a logo I should have brought this rule to the Forefront because it is crucial and can affect you right from the moment you set foot in the country that is the matter of choosing the right taxi for travelers

Using taxes is quite common but in Turkey it’s important not to choose taxes without logos the reason is that some taxi drivers in Turkey often deceive tourists by taking longer roots or using faulty meters to charge additional fees therefore one thing you should never do in Turkey is to take a

Taxi without a logo because you cannot determine which taxi brand it belongs to it’s best to choose taxis with logos on the door to use a taxi service with accurate Fair meters moreover unchecked taxes could belong to individuals with malicious intent surveillance by Turkish police is relatively loose so you must

Take measures to protect yourself rather than expect time ly assistance from them number 10 prohibition on wasting food immersing yourself in local Cuisine is one of the most authentic ways to experience a culture Turkish Cuisine is celebrated worldwide but don’t forget to adhere to basic table manace for instance when using toothpicks wandle

Them discreetly in Turkey they are called kurur and using them without any finesse can be considered impolite most importantly you must eat everything on your plate it would be considered disrespectful if you leave food on the plate when dining with a Turkish family leaving anything behind indicates that

You don’t like what they provided this is a sign of Maximum respect and the proper behavior to complete everything on your plate people here highly respect food considering it a gift from the Divine and wasting it is never acceptable or else they may face penalties even if it doesn’t taste good

You should try to finish it unless you want to encounter trouble Number nine belly Dany I bet you that this is one of the things that attract men to Turkey the most the captivating belly dances of Turkish women belly dancing also known as Middle Eastern dance is a traditional and Famous Dance of the Arab people but did you know that

The origin of this art form is from Turkey originally belly dancing was just a performance art for Palace feasts wasn’t until the late 18th to early 19th Century that Europeans became aware of and recognized belly dancing as an art form that honors the beauty and Perfection of women approaching belly

Dancing is also an effective way to approach Middle Eastern culture where belly dancing has become a distinctive feature from Turkey to Egypt and even India belly dancing has created significant allur spreading to many countries worldwide nowadays belly dance classes competitions and performances have become familiar belly dance is not

Only for women anymore even men can practice belly dancing the health benefits have transformed belly dance from an art form into a sport chosen by many however there is an extremely illogical thing existing in Turkey related to this dance making me skeptical about the principles that the Turkish people adhere

To number eight no last names everyone has a first and last name right well not in Turkey most people didn’t have last names until the Turkish government enacted a law requiring everyone to have a last name or face sanctions in 1934 in the culture and tradition of the Turkish

People the use of last names is not as common as in some other countries instead people in Turkey are often referred to by their first name accompanied by their father’s name for example a person might be called Ali son of Meed where Ali is the personal name

Mem is the name of his father this creat it’s a distinctive calling system and reflects the importance of family in Turkish culture certainly after the government regulation in communication with foreigners or in official documents Turks had to use the last name system similar to European countries but in everyday communication the naming system

Based on the father’s name is still more common so don’t be surprised if you see a Turkish person having at least two different names it’s a quirky and interesting characteristic number seven no revealing clothing allowed we all know that belly dancing requires extremely sensual Attie at least revealing the waist and hip area

However strangely the girls who belly dance are not constrained by the prohibition on revealing attire in this country for ordinary citizens and tourists dressing provocatively is something not to be done in Turkey in this country where 97.8% of the population is Muslim the dress culture remains modest unlike many other

Countries when traveling here it’s advisable to wear modest clothing to avoid disapproving looks from the locals especially when visiting famous mosques in Turkey such as the Blue Mosque or yeni Cy you should not wear revealing outfits like crop tops short skirts or shorts to show respect with modest

Clothing you will feel more comfortable when sightseeing and traveling in Turkey Mak you won’t attract excessive attention number six every 10 days a new plant species is discovered it’s not by chance that turkey is consistently among the top 35 countries with the most diverse biological hotspots in the world

The country situated between Asia and Europe with extremely diverse geographical and climatic conditions provides a habitat for over 880,000 animal species and 10,000 flourishing plant species notably these figures continue to increase every year turkey boast organic Landscapes like forests grasslands deserts freshwater lakes and seas this creates a diverse living

Environment for numerous Flor and fora if you have a great love for nature and want to discover a new plant species on your own try exploring the map of Turkey marking national parks reserves or simply embarking on trekking and mountain climbing who knows you might discover a new plant on animal species

That hasn’t been documented before number five strangest wrestling olive oil wrestling olive oil is always known for its Exquisite taste and is present in count famous dishes but did you know it’s also the main ingredient in a wrestling competition in Turkey if I hadn’t seen videos of this wrestling I

Wouldn’t believe it but they indeed coat themselves with olive oil to increase the difficulty of this competition the olive oil wrestling Festival is considered a tradition that has been around for 658 years for Turkish men the festival showcases the strength of men and each participant takes pride in

Being part of it in the wrestling Arena Turkish men will bear their upper bodies where Buffalo High trousers cover themselves in olive oil and wrestle until they find the Victor under the scorching sunlight the wrestlers take turns until they find the ultimate winner to claim the championship belt

And prize money if you want to witness this oily and Lively battle head to Turkey in July the hand some and muscular wrestlers at the festival will leave you amazed number four prohibition on eating in public places during Ramadan if you visit Turkey between March and April

Remember that it’s not allowed to carry snacks around the streets and indulge in them as it’s a foolish thing to do during this time when most people in Turkey are fasting the month of Ramadan holds cultural and religious significance for for Muslims worldwide for most of the turkey population strict

Adherence to fasting rules is emphasized as a way to demonstrate their dedication during Ramadan they fast the entire month which is considered one of the five pillars of Islam the Ramadan Festival is organized according to the Islamic calendar rather than the Georgian calendar you must ensure that

You do not eat or drink anything in public places practicing the annual commemoration during Ramadan actions like speaking ill arguing or displaying impatience or deemed inappro apprpriate for the spirit of this month smoking is a prohibited behavior in the history and teachings of Islam and it is also considered unsuitable during Ramadan

Therefore if you visit Turkey during this time you need to be cautious in every action to avoid being disliked by the local people number three bargain when shopping bargaining or haggling a bit while shopping won’t harm you it ensures you get the best price for anything you

Buy in Turkey I can tell you that Goods in Turkey are often marked up significantly higher than their actual value turkey has unique traditional bazaars that are perfect for both exploring local culture and shopping at reasonable prices famous bazars to visit include the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and chimal Bazaar in ismir handicrafts

Carpets fashion accessories and traditional Turkish delight are some standout items in these markets especially the original flavor of Turkish Delight can only be found in these traditional bazars but here you must remember to always bargain before buying as as I mentioned prices are often double for foreign visitors bargaining can sometimes be quite

Interesting and more importantly you won’t end up paying for something that isn’t truly worth It number two the mystery of the name turkey did you know that there was a campaign to abandon the name turkey in Turkey what my sound funny but it’s true turkey the way the country’s name is written in Turkish has been in use since 1923 when turkey became a new nation

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in reality the term tur is not new or unfamiliar to the people of turkey as they have been calling their country Turkey since 1923 when the nation declared independence the issue here is that the term turkey when searched on Google

Results in it jumble of images articles and and dictionary definitions associating the country with the meleagris or the Turkey Bird a large bird native to North America famously served in Christmas Menace or Thanksgiving dinners meanwhile look at the Cambridge Dictionary defines turkey as something that is extremely unsuccessful or a foolish or silly

Person and of course to avoid the country being associated with the Turkey Bird or foolishness turkey decided to change its name number one the homeland of Santa Claus and tulips the man associated with the childhood of children and one of the most enchanting flowers in the world

Both have their origins in Turkey Santa Claus was born in the region of batara in Turkey based on the real life figure of St Nicholas a Turkish Bishop who lived in the 4th Century St Nicholas was born into a wealthy family and from a young age he was devout having strong

Faith in God always helping the less fortunate and having a generous heart towards everyone one famous tale about him is the story of the gold coins placed in stockings on one occasion he encountered a poor family with three daughters of marriageable age but because of their extreme poverty no one

Wanted to marry them that night he secretly dropped gold coins down the chimney and they fell into the stockings the next morning the father saw the miraculous happening in the stockings and exclaimed thank God for his grace through that silent act the three sisters found peaceful family lives and

Lived happily ever after as for tulips although we do not have information about where the first tulips grew during the Ottoman ERA this flower was popularized and introduced to European countries there is speculation that the first tulip seeds were so when a Flemish Envoy met ottoman emperor sulan in the

16th century and brought them to Holland so if someone asks you about the homeland of tulips don’t rush to answers Holland might not be the correct response the historical landmarks delicious quisine and enchanting Landscapes of turkey will undoubtedly Captivate you but don’t forget the Forbidden things that we just reminded

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