18 Countries Where Americans are Restricted in 2024! – Video

18 Countries Where Americans are Restricted in 2024! – Video

18 Countries Where Americans are Not Welcome in 2024!
Political instability, poverty, armed conflicts, perpetual warfare, and numerous other reasons have led the U.S. government to issue warnings to its citizens against traveling to countries such as the Arab world, North Korea, Cuba, Russia, and more.
Let’s explore the 18 countries that Americans are least welcomed in 2024! If you are planning to travel to these nations, think twice after watching the video!

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18 us non-w welcoming countries in 2024 political instability poverty armed conflicts Perpetual Warfare and numerous other reasons have led the US government to issue warnings to its citizens against traveling to countries such as the Arab world North Korea Cuba Russia and more let’s explore the 18 countries that Americans are least welcomed in

2024 if you are planning to travel to these nations think twice after watching the video number 18 Republic of Yemen Yemen is another Asian country that Americans are not welcome to visit similar to Myanmar the US government has imposed strict Travel warnings to Yemen due to the ongoing Civil War in the

Country the US government sees terrorism and infectious diseases as significant issues in Yemen and warns that American citizens May face dangers when visiting moreover they state that foreign are often the target of kidnappings to make matters worse the US Embassy in the country closed in 2015 meaning American citizens are not

Legally protected while in Yemen number 17 Saudi Arabia despite being a major oil supplier to the United States obtaining a visa to Saudi Arabia is challenging before 2019 visas were only granted to individuals traveling there for religious purposes specifically pilgrimages to Mecca additionally no tourist visas were issued making it highly unlikely for

Americans to visit however in 2019 Saudi Arabia introduced new tourist visas to attract foreign visitors and diversify its economy Beyond oil to significantly alter the previous restrictive policies Saudi Arabia now allows Americans to apply for tourist visas online nevertheless female Travelers still face restrictions women under 25 must be accompanied by a

Relative while while those over 25 can travel to Saudi Arabia alone despite relaxing the previously strict dress code regulations women are still required to dress modestly number 16 North Korea North Korea officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is another country Americans are not welcome to visit in

2024 before I explain can anyone guess why feel free to comment prior to 27 17 a daring few could visit North Korea through guided tours from China either via direct flights from Beijing or by train from the border City the reason Americans should not go there is because North Korea follows

Isolationism and has tense relations with the us contributing significantly to travel restrictions but currently North Korea tops the list of countries that Americans cannot easily visit the current travel band started with the heartbreaking story of Otto War waria a young American who witnessed the severe consequences of the country’s rigid

Political system warer a student at the University of Virginia visited North Korea on a guided tour at the end of 2015 in early 2016 he was arrested at Pyongyang International Airport while attempting to depart the North Korean government accused War beer of committing hostile acts against the state by attempting to

Steal a propaganda poster from his hotel after a 1-hour trial warer was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor his case highlighted the extreme risks and the possibility of detention that American tourists face when visiting North Korea unfortunately wom’s situation became even more tragic in June 2017 after 17 months of

Imprisonment North Korea released him but he returned to the US in a K State with severe brain damage he passed away 6 days later War Beer’s case escalated tensions between the US and North Korea leading to the travel ban to North Korea for American citizens since July

2017 now Americans wishing to go to North Korea must have a special valid passport issued by the US state department only granted in very specific cases such as for journalists reporting on the region or for humanitarian Aid workers after hearing this story do you feel that risking a trip to North Korea

Is very frightening leave your comments below with your thoughts number 15 Iran next is Iran a country rich in historical landmarks and extremely hospitable people but entangled in diplomatic barriers for Americans the 1979 Iranian Revolution led to strained relations between the two countries with the US imposing severe sanctions on Iran for nuclear

Disputes traveling to Iran is not impossible but you will need to book a guided tour and undergo a lengthy visa application process the process to achieve this is far from simple independent travel in Iran is not allowed for US citizens all organized tours are Guided by government approved

Guides your tour company will provide a detailed itinerary requiring strict adherence and no freedom to explore independently number 14 Russia certainly the name Russia cannot be a Ed from this list with the Russia Ukraine conflict visiting Russia is almost a distant dream for Americans but even before this

Conflict Americans often had to overcome a lengthy process to get there were only granted in advance and you needed an invitation letter from someone within the country to apply for a Visa once obtained you would fill out a lengthy visa application it required you to disclose every country you had

Visited in the past 10 years details about your education your parents names your employment history and even professional organizations you were a member of after all of this you could hope that your passport would be issued a valid visa do you find this process challenging let me know in the

Comments number 13 Belarus not only Russia but also the country sharing its western border with Russia and the southern border with Ukraine barus has been flagged for various reasons these incl include the Belarusian government’s continued support for Russia’s war against Ukraine the construction of Russian military forces in bellarus arbitrary enforcement

Of local laws the potential for civil unrest the risk of detention and The Limited ability of the US the embassy to assist US citizens residing or traveling to Belarus the US Embassy in Minsk Belarus also temporarily suspended operations in February 2022 number 12 Myanmar most Southeast Asian countries are considered safe and

Friendly to visit but there is a notable exception Myanmar on February 1st 2021 Myanmar underwent a coup when the military overthrew the democratically elected civilian government and established a new military regime this led to an ongoing internal conflict in Myanmar with the country experiencing numerous protests and brutal suppression by the military

Regime therefore the US government government has advised its citizens not to travel to Myanmar the US government cites various reasons for this advice including the risk of being unlawfully detained civil unrest and violence limited health care and essential services and even the possibility of death from hidden landmines until this conflict is

Resolved Americans are certainly not welcomed in this country have any of you visited this Asian country share your thoughts in the comments number 11 Syria alongside Libya Another War torn country and a region with high risk factors that the US Department of State advises against traveling to Assyria the main reasons include

Terrorism civil unrest and armed conflicts the Syrian Civil War which began in 2011 has severely strained Syria Das .s relations the war has significantly reduced tourism making the process of obtaining a visa to Syria as an American a complex and lengthy procedure the application must be processed through

The Syrian Embassy in the country of your residence in the case of the United States this poses a challenge as the Syrian Embassy in the US located in Washington DC suspended operations in 2014 therefore you would have to apply through a third country with an active Syrian embassy it’s worth noting that while

Syria boasts numerous historical and cultural landmarks including the ancient cities of Damascus Aleppo and palmara the ongoing conflict in the country has led to widespread damage and destruction gradually eroding these historical sites the dire situation of War has resulted in human rights abuses and extremely unstable Safety and Security

Conditions therefore traveling to Syria is currently strongly discouraged number 10 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan is a vast desert land with many ancient sites and modern architecture that attracts visitors however it is undoubtedly one of the most challenging countries for Americans to visit due to its strict Visa policies and the government’s General weariness of foreign

Tourists us diplomatic relations with Turkmenistan are also limited with issues of Human Rights and democracy creating a lack of Common Ground the stringent visa application process dating back to the Soviet era is still in place today unlike many countries offering online visa application processes Turkmenistan requires you to submit your application

Through an embassy or Consulate in the US it’s the Turk minan Embassy in Washington DC the invitation letter requirement is often the most challenging part of the visa application process you will need to arrange your tour through a turkman travel company and the company will act on your behalf

To submit the invitation letter this process can take several weeks and does not guarantee a approval be prepared the embassy May reject your application without providing any specific reasons independent travel in turkistan is almost non-existent with most tourists required to be accompanied by a guide throughout their stay despite these challenges

Turkmenistan still offers unique attractions for adventurous travelers from The Surreal beauty of the caracum desert with the darasa gas crater to the white marbled buildings in the capital city of ashkabad and the ancient r ruins of MV and kogen turkistan is a destination worthy of Exploration with the complex visa

Application process but the breathtaking natural landscapes would you like to try visiting this country at least once let me know in the comments number nine erria erria is often referred to as the North Korea of Africa due to its authoritarian and repressive policies the United States and erria have tense relations involving

Various issues such as Atria’s human rights violations and the Detention of US Embassy staff obtaining a tourist visa for erria is notorious for its difficulty and approvals are often arbitrary even with all the necessary documentation there’s no guarantee of approval it’s essential to note that Visa processing times can be lengthy

Often taking several months even with a Visa your freedom to explore erria is restricted to travel outside the capital asara foreign tourists need to obtain a travel permit from the eretrian government a process that can be prolonged and exhausting despite the challenging process of visiting erria it is considered a unique and attractive

Destination featuring asmara’s distinctive architecture and the beautiful landscapes of the dalac Archipelago number eight Cuba although relations between the United States and Cuba have somewhat eased recent years travel restrictions still exist between the two countries US citizens are prohibited from traveling to Cuba for business purposes due to the trade embargo imposed in 1958 the Embargo also applies to Americans wishing to visit the country

For leisure making tourism to Cuba off limits for US citizens however Americans can visit under specific categories such as family visits journalistic activities professional research religious activities public performances or exhibitions and the support for the Cuban people category the latter requires travelers to maintain a fulltime schedule of activities supporting the Cuban people

Which may include staying in private homes dining at private restaurants or engaging in discussions with local residents about their lives and Society most Travelers can obtain a travel card through their Airline when booking a flight to Cuba regardless Cuba remains a beautiful country with friendly people those who

Have visited are encouraged to share their thoughts on what makes traveling to Cuba appealing number seven Bhutan do you know what Bhutan is often called if you do please leave a comment before hearing the answer this country is known as the happiest nation in the world but traveling here is quite

Challenging the kingdom of Bhutan nestled peacefully in the Himalayas poses challenges for those wanting to visit not due to political reasons but because they limit tourism to protect their environment and culture Bhutan allows only a limited number of tourists each year with Americans required to pay a daily fee

Ranging from 200 USD to 250 USD this policy known as high value low impact is an Innovative effort to promote sustainable tourism the fee includes accommodation in three star hotels all meals licensed tour guides Transportation within Bhutan camping equipment for TR and sustainable tourism funds for Education Healthcare and free infrastructure development in

Bhutan the country highly values Environmental Conservation evident in its lush green Landscapes and it’s not uncommon for people to have three to four spouses if you plan to visit or have additional information about this country feel free to share your thoughts in the comments number six Somalia known for

Its long coastline Somalia is situated on the Eastern edge of Africa neighboring Ethiopia and Kenya however Somalia is an extremely impoverished country with up to 70% of the population living in poverty it ranks last in the human development index for us tourists Somalia is not a recommended destination

Due to frequent terrorist attacks and high levels of violent crime in densely populated areas illegal activities are widespread throughout the country with frequent occurrences of kidnappings and detentions a severe drought resulting from five consecutive failed rainy Seasons claimed 43,000 lives in 20122 leading to famine amid ongoing conflicts with islamist

Insurgent groups violent crime is prevalent across Somalia with piracy occurring offshore and limited health care facilities crime terrorism civil unrest poor health care and kidnappings pose significant dangers to life in January 2024 Rebels from al-shabab captured some passengers on a un contracted helicopter after it crashed in central

Somalia in reality the danger in Somalia is so severe that the US government advises preparing a will and providing a DNA sample before entering the country after hearing these details it’s evident that Somalia is an extremely hazardous destination please share your thoughts in the comments number five Sudan the United

States evacuated ated at its Embassy in carum in April 2023 and Sudan has since closed its borders due to ongoing conflicts only allowing evacuation efforts and humanitarian Aid crime terrorism kidnappings and armed conflicts are prevalent the country is currently facing widespread poverty political instability and divisive violence making

It highly dangerous for Americans who wish to visit Sudan millions of people have been displaced due to conflict and the UN reports that their relief efforts have been hindered by a lack of support and a lack of safety in December 2023 the UN warned of a severe famine with millions

Of Children at Risk of malnutrition in Sudan armed conflicts and civil unrest are rampant across the country and areas frequented by westerners are often targeted in terrorist attacks furthermore tourists are often victims of purposeful crimes such as attacks kidnappings and armed robberies even rural areas outside Urban centers are filled with hidden

Explosives making domestic travel extremely dangerous and risky number four Libya Libya is a country in chaos with conflicts occurring Nationwide making it a no-go zone for American tourists the US Department of State strongly warns that any travel to Libya must be approached with caution due to high levels of crime

Terrorism kidnappings and armed conflicts bordering Sudan Libya is the fourth largest country in the Arab world US citizens have been targets of kidnappings in this region moreover tourist destinations such as shopping centers hotels and airports are known hotpots for terrorist activities foreigners may also face detention at checkpoints controlled by

Unauthorized militias not to mention opportunistic crimes like assaults and robberies there are no official travel companies operating in Libya to ensure the safety of tourists making travel highly unpredictable the internal conflict in Libya in 2011 and the assassination of the US ambassador in the Benghazi attack strain u.s.- Libya relations obtaining a

Tourist visa for Libya as a US citizen can be a complicated process and as of 2023 tourist visas are not being issued due to ongoing political instability however you can still visit Libya on a business Visa in normal cases a business Visa application would require a valid passport a fully filled

Out application form application fees passport size photos and an official invitation from a company based in Libya would you dare to visit Libya for tourism feel free to share your thoughts in the comments number three Afghanistan this Asian country has been in a state of instability since the late

1970s starting with the sore Revolution that overthrew president Muhammad da Khan to establish a socialist republic since then Afghanistan has been engulfed in the Afghan conflict experiencing almost continuous violence for over 40 years traveling to Afghanistan is strongly discouraged due to extreme danger with Western tourists at a high

Risk of abduction or injury terrorist attacks and hostage situations occur frequently and there is no official tourism industry in the country for furthermore the US Embassy in cbble closed in 2021 leading to an increasing number of unlawful detentions at the same time women are losing all their human rights under

Taliban control in this country since the Taliban took control many forms of international Aid have been halted in 2023 one of the most devastating earthquakes of the Year killed over 2,400 people in Afghanistan exacerbating the ongoing extended drought and resulting in Contin is famine number two Venezuela Venezuela a

South American country known for its beautiful and poetic natural landscapes has been facing a political crisis since 2014 accompanied by human rights violations and a shortage of healthc care services as a US citizen you will need a visa to enter Venezuela however obtaining a Visa can be a complex

Process due to the absence of a Venezuelan Embassy or Consulate in in the US since diplomatic relations between the two countries broke down in 2019 Visa applications must be processed through a Venezuelan Embassy in a third country and require a valid passport a fully filled out application form

Passport sized photos evidence of travel itinerary evidence of accommodation and the appropriate fees Venezuela is currently the only country in the Western Hemisphere that the US Department of State has listed as do not travel for its citizens crime social unrest kidnappings unlawful detentions and inadequate Healthcare infrastructure are among the dangers

Faced by this country this poses significant risks for foreign visitors number one Iraq the last country on the list is Iraq the state department considers terrorism kidnappings armed conflict and civil unrest as reasons why Americans should not travel to Iraq the northern border of Iraq and the border with Syria are particularly

Dangerous since the escalation of conflict in the neighboring country of Israel in October there has been an increase in attacks targeting military bases in Iraq where US military and other International forces are stationed therefore if you decide to visit you must mentally prepare for the possibility of getting involved in any

Riot at any time so we have explored 18 countries that Americans are not welcome to in 2024 have you visited any of these countries or do you have the most Vivid impression of the instability in any country feel free to comment below thank you for watching our video

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