“2023 MobilityDog Sizzle Reel Showcasing Assistance Dogs in Action” – Video

“2023 MobilityDog Sizzle Reel Showcasing Assistance Dogs in Action” – Video

changed for me when I was paired with Winston, my mobility service dog. I grew up with a disability, dealing with pastoral orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which made me very unstable. Winston is trained to catch me if I fall, giving me the confidence to navigate the world more freely.

Every month, as Independence Do A they say, my subconscious PTSD is eased by Winston’s presence. He had to work with a therapist just to feel confident enough to go through doorways. At 30 years old, I wasn’t able to do simple things, but with Jake, my service dog, we can do those things I couldn’t do before. Walking was always a challenge, but with Jake by my side, I finally have the freedom to move and go wherever I want.

Mobility and balance were the biggest obstacles for me, but with Jake, I have another set of eyes to help me navigate the world. The West Coast Project focuses on advancing functional Independence for people with disabilities, making the world more accessible for everyone. Service dogs are an extension of us, not the other way around. Jake steps into what I need to do, giving me the freedom and confidence to stand up and walk, and go into a store without fear.

The West Coast Project is truly a blessing. Their volunteers work for free, with all donations going towards raising and training service dogs for those in need. They have no paid staff or office overhead, making it all about giving people the independence and freedom they deserve. With Jake by my side, I finally have the confidence to live my life to the fullest, no longer held back by my disability.

Video “MobilityDog Sizzle Reel 2023” was uploaded on 09/19/2023 by Mobility Service Dogs- West Coast Project Youtube channel.