22 Historical Facts That Schools Don’t Want You to Know! – Video

22 Historical Facts That Schools Don’t Want You to Know! – Video

22 Shocking Historical Facts Forbidden to Teach in Schools!
The real life of pirates, the secrets of George Washington’s teeth, the fire that engulfed all of London, the horrific famine in Bengal, India,… All these fascinating historical truths I guarantee no one has told you.
Join me to uncover 23 strangely intriguing historical facts that you may have never heard in your lifetime!

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22 shocking historical facts forbidden to teach in schools the real life of pirates the secrets of George Washington’s teeth the fire that engulfed all of London the horrific famine in Bengal India all these fascinating historical truths I guarantee no one has told you join me to uncover 23 strangely intriguing

Historical facts that you may have never heard in your lifetime number 22 the capital of England London engulfed in flames on September 2nd 1,666 a small fire broke out at the bakery of Thomas farer after Thomas Bloodworth the mayor of London at the time arrived to inspect the fire he

Nonchalantly Shrugged declaring nothing serious and went back home to sleep however a strong East Wind AR Rose carrying the Flames from the bakery to neighboring houses eventually consuming 3/4 of the city of of London England over the course of 5 days the result was the complete destruction of the inner part of London

Incinerating 13,200 houses 87 Parish churches Saint Paul’s Cathedral and most of the city’s government buildings it is estimated that it annihilated the homes of around 880,000 City residents the initial material damage was estimated at about ps1000 million at the time approximately 100,000 people were rendered homeless nearly 162,000 square m of the

City area were reduced to ashes leaving behind a black and desolate landscape and charred remnants of once thriving wooden structures indeed it was a horrifying event wasn’t it what are your thoughts on this largest fire in England’s history feel free to comment below number 21 the self-inflicted battle in 1788 the Austrian Empire

Declared war against the Ottoman Empire at that time the Austrian Army consisting of around 100,000 soldiers Advanced to the town of karanes to confront the Turkish forces however due to excessive alcohol consumption and revry among the Austrian troops that night they mistakenly started attacking each other thinking they were the Turkish

Army the Austrian soldiers argued amongst themselves and engaged in combat amidst thousands of confused and panicked soldiers unaware that they were fighting their own comrades everything fell apart the morning after the sunrise it was as if witnessing a blood soaked scene with about 10,000 Austrian soldiers killed or

Wounded and not a single trace of any Turkish soldiers what’s even more noteworthy is that 2 Days Later the Turkish Army officially appeared effortlessly dispersing the remnants of the Austrian forces and occupying the kby region without firing a single bullet number 20 leprosy in Hawaii in

The mid to late 1800s leprosy became an incurable epidemic in the Hawaiian Islands marking one of the most horrifying incidents in history very little was known about the disease during that period in addition to its debilitating effects such as nerve damage loss of muscle control blindness and skin ulcers

Leprosy also caused limb damage leading patients to amputate their own limbs leprosy truly alarmed Europeans and Americans during that era as they found the images of the disease repulsive white missionaries and businessmen living in Hawaii leveraged their connections with the government to criminalize leprosy the efforts to curb

The spread of leprosy in 1866 resulted in many infected individuals facing Exile they established a quarantine Zone on the island of mikai in the Hawaiian archipelago those afflicted by the disease were hunted down and some were even captured by bounty hunters if someone was declared a leper they were

Sent to cop papap in the Hawaiian Islands to die many families they were shattered due to isolation never to reunite again number 19 the Battle of ATU in World War II the Battle of ATU was the only land battle of World War II to take place on American soil this fierce battle

Occurred between the United States and Japanese forces involving intense Bloodshed with the use of grenades samurai swords and bayonets the battle took place from May 11th to May 30th 1943 lasting only a few weeks however the brutality of this conflict is something both Japanese and American soldiers would never

Forget the war erupted when Japanese forces invaded the island of ATU in Alaska where the uian tribes had resided for centuries the Japanese Army Advanced into the icy terrain of the village of ATU and ruthlessly killed the native inhabitants without reason moreover they captured the native aluan treating them like animals in prisoner

Of war camps when the war ended the survivors were returned to their Village but the war had devastated everything today the people of ATU still live scattered in the land of their ancestors but they are on the brink of Extinction number 18 the most devastating storm in US

History the storm that hit Galveston in the 1900 100 stands as the worst natural disaster in US history the hurricane destroyed 7,000 buildings including 3,636 residential structures nearly 10,000 people lost their homes and approximately 6,000 to 12,000 people lost their lives the winds during the storm were

Estimated to reach speeds of up to 230 kmph when it made landfall on September 8th the storm surge flooded the entire Island there are stories that under the force of the storm roof tiles could become lethal projectiles flying off houses like bullets property damage from the storm was estimated to be around $20

To $35 million in 1900 equivalent to over a billion dollar today number 17 the syphilis epidemic of 1,494 in, 1494 Europe experienced a surge in syphilis cases during the Italian Ren Rance the Renaissance often romanticized had a dark side that is less known in 1,492 Columbus crossed the Atlantic and

Discovered the Americas but upon his return from this historic Voyage he also brought the trapon Paladin bacteria causing syphilis which spread throughout the French army later the Army carried what was then known as the great pox to the rest of Europe in an era without antibiotics the disease could spread

Uncontrollably and its effects were excruciating the skin on the face of the victims would essentially rot away with horrendous ulcers in some cases the nose lips or other affected body parts would essentially disappear and some victims eventually died from the disease number 16 medicine made from human flesh and

Bones in the early 16th century extending to the mid 17th century the use of corpses for medicinal purposes reached its peak Physicians tasked with caring for the health of members of the English royal family as well as personal doctors to Emperors queens and Court officials in France Italy Spain Austria

And more frequently employed remedies containing bones and fat from human bodies to treat various ailments from headaches fever coughs joint pain to seizures archaeological excavations reveal that many corpses were mistreated by medical practitioners of that time some bodies were missing skulls leg bones and pelvic bones some corpses

Still had skulls but the skull caps were cut open to extract the brain another reason why human skeletons were considered powerful was because they were believed to contain the soul of the deceased perhaps that’s why in ancient Rome Aristocrats would divide the brains of Fallen Gladiators among themselves thinking that consuming it

Would give them added Vitality number 15 the real life of pirates any pirate enthusiasts here comment and let me know throughout the 17th and 18th centuries ruthless and brutal Pirates were notorious criminals in Maritime regions worldwide They carried out numerous attacks plundering ships carrying goods gold and silver

Living outside the law life on a pirate ship was far from luxurious each pirate ship had a captain who established rules and regulations on board based on hierarchy Pirates had to adhere to these rules any pirate who violated the rules faced beating starvation torture or even death living on a ship meant Pirates

Often lacked fresh water food medicine and many died from diseases without timely medical treatment their bodies were often thrown into the sea moreover many Pirates were captured by Naval forces during crime crackdowns after being captured they often faced severe punishments such as imprisonment or execution for the crimes they

Committed after hearing all this does anyone still want to become a pirate number 14 the strangest dancing plague in history in history there was an incredibly bizarre dancing plague that caused hundreds of people to uncontrollably dance for weeks on end until they died from exhaustion even now no one knows what

Happened or why this dancing phenomenon persisted for so long let’s turn back the clock to July 14th 1,5 118 a woman named fra tropy from Strasburg left her house and began dancing she walked and danced like that for hours until she collapsed sweating profusely convulsing on the ground after hours of joyous

Dancing fra tropy’s body eventually couldn’t withstand the severe exhaustion after getting some rest she woke up and resumed the frenzy dancing to the bewilderment of her family her body was bruised and she had bleeding from the strain of the movements but the bizarre dancing Affliction didn’t stop with tropy it

Quickly spread throughout the city initially around 30 people started dancing tirelessly in both private homes and public places similar to what trophy did eventually up to 400 people were wildly dancing in the streets at the peak of this epidemic the uncontrollable chaos over about 2 months led to many

Deaths from heart attacks strokes and exhaustion it is reported that at the height up to 15 people people died each day in total about 100 people perished in this body induced frenzy according to many researchers this epidemic may have originated from the consumption of hallucinogenic fungi

By the woman what do you think feel free to comment and share your thoughts number 13 Viking helmets didn’t have horns in books movies or illustrations Viking warriors the ancient ancestor of modern-day Northern Europeans are often depicted wearing distinctive and impressive helmets with horns when they went into battle this imagery is popularized

Because when Excavating their ancient Graves a pair of animal horns is often found leading people to believe Vikings Adorn their helmets with horns in reality archaeologists and in-depth researchers have affirmed that those horns buried with the dead were merely vessels for drinking replacing the need for cups so they could drink

While on horseback wearing helmets with horns in battle would have been very dangerous number 12 the myth of 300 Spartans holding off 1 million Persian soldiers for 3 Days to prepare for the invasion of Persia 30 small Greek city states along with Sparta and Athens organized a military Alliance Sparta had

The most powerful military force and was chosen to lead this Alliance many sources in books media and film suggest that only 300 Spartans directly faced and held off more than 1 million Persian soldiers for 3 days it’s true that 300 Spartan soldiers stood against the advancing Persian forces but alongside them there were

Numerous Warriors from other Greek city states in the alliance history often overlooks the presence of 4,000 Greek soldiers fighting alongside the Spartans before they withdrew also during the final Valiant defense against the Persians 1,5 00 Greek soldiers fought alongside the 300 Spartans this diminishes the Grandeur of the 300 Warriors compared to popular

Imagination additionally historical analyses now suggest that the Persian army had around 70,000 to 300,000 soldiers not over 1 million as believed in ancient times number 11 France was the starter of chemical warfare in World War I at the dawn of the 20th century military Powers worldwide feared that future Wars

Would be as much decided by chemistry as by infantry so they signed an agreement at the 1899 he convention Banning the use of poison gas Germany is often blamed for initiating chemical warfare in World War I but it was actually the French who used it first gas masks another French invention

During the war were essential because before using poison gas one had to protect themselves from it the Germans later escalated chemical warfare used using their own toxic gases at this point French soldiers were very confident due to their possession of gas masks technology however the French gas masks filters were

Ineffective against the German toxins and they were too airtight causing soldiers wearing them to die even faster than those without number 10 the secret of the first US President George Washington’s teeth did you know that the first US President George Washington had really bad teeth if you did leave a comment

Below most Americans know that George Washington had bad teeth but the story behind his teeth is more than what most people know perhaps due to gum disease Washington had to extract his first tooth at the age of 24 in 1,756 from then on his Dental condition worsened he endured not only tooth acers

But also the judgmental looks of others every time they glimpsed his difficult to look at teeth in the 1770s and 1780s he began wearing a set of dentures made from various materials including Alloys hippopotamus Ivory walrus Ivory cow’s teeth horse teeth and even human teeth at least two pairs of Washington’s

Dentures made between 1,789 and 1795 contained human teeth however it’s unknown whose teeth they were dentists during Washington’s time frequently collected teeth from clients so they could find the right size and color for dentures to meet this demand poor individuals both white and black slave and free sold teeth for

Money the myth that Washington wore dentures made of wood probably arose because the ivory used for his Dentures discolored resembling wood grain Washington’s teeth often turned yellow likely due to his fondness for drinking red wine number nine the age of witch hunts in Europe among the most horrifying

Events in history are the witch trials that led to the torture and execution of thousands mostly women some of the most famous Witch Trials occurred in 15th century France 16th century Scotland and 17th century Massachusetts victims wrongfully accused of being witches were often tortured and then executed witches were scapegoated

Because they were associated with rumors of the spread of plagues devastating Liv stock deaths male impotence or calls for storms due to these rumors people gradually started believing that unexplained phenomena Misfortune or anything inexplicable were caused by witches one of the most common and brutally evaluated methods to interrogate suspected witches was the

Use of water the accused were brought to a pond lake or river then their hands were tightly tied behind them before being thrown into the water for people of that time water was considered a sacred element that could test whether a person was a witch or not if the person

Genuinely was a witch they would float on the water in cases where the accused did not float proving their innocence there was a high risk of drowning only a few lucky ones were brought ashore in time while most others drowned during the water ordeal number eight the Roman Arena the

Ancient Roman Emperor Commodus was eccentric and insane much like many other Emperors of that era he enjoyed bestowing titles upon himself such as when close to death Commodus commanders commanded people to call him Hercules the son of the god Jupiter additionally he ordered the renaming of months to correspond with

His titles and names such as Commodus Augustus amazonus Invictus cetr in 190 this Roman Emperor even changed the name of Rome to Commodus the Senate was not allowed to object and had to ful fulfill all the emperor’s irrational commands Commodus especially liked performing as a gladiator in public he

Was skilled with a sword and enjoyed killing wild animals in the Roman Arena perhaps due to this interest he organized up to 735 gladiatorial games in the arena forcing the public to attend and no one dared to disobey to eliminate the imperfect cadus ordered the Gathering of all the

Disabled dwarfs and mentally Disturbed individuals making them fight in the arena do you find this historical truth terrifying leave a like and comment to let me know number seven the shortest war in world history only lasted 38 minutes the 38-minute conflict between Britain and the sultanate of Zanzibar in

East Africa in 1896 is considered the shortest war in world history this brief war is believed to have started after the sudden death of Sultan hammad bin th on August 25th 1896 the sudden death of the sultan sparked power struggles within Zanzibar specifically the Sultan’s cousin khib bin bash arranged a coup

Quickly seized the palace and took power with the support of Germany this went against the political interests of the United Kingdom prompting the British military to send an ultimatum and deploy forces to besiege the Palace khed had only one Royal yacht and about 3,000 Defenders while Britain had a fleet of over five

Warships the conflict erupted and Khaled was said to have fled the palace leaving his army to fight however khaled’s flag still Flew Over The Palace and the British considered it it a refusal to surrender they tore down the flag completing the conflict in just 38 short minutes with such brevity what kind of

Fight was it folks it’s truly a meaningless battle isn’t it if you agree give my video a like next we’ll move on to a f fascinating historical truth that’s also quite humorous number six Emperor Napoleon bonap partti in Napoleon’s time sycophantic courtiers seeking an impressive image for him coined the term

Great little man for him according to Conventional wisdom military leaders should be tall but Napoleon himself wasn’t particularly tall compared to other generals additionally British clergy under Napoleon often described him as a short man furthermore when Napoleon became emperor he was frequently obscured by towering bodyguards around him who were usually

Tall and imposing with the shortest being at least 6 ft tall therefore Napoleon appeared small among these Giants misunderstandings about Napoleon’s height were exploited by his enemies to contribute to lowering his image speaking about him disparagingly and gradually convincing people that Napoleon was short that’s why everyone thinks he was quite

Short however in reality Napoleon was over 5′ 7 in which was quite tall for his time in fact his height was higher than the average height of Frenchman at that time number five the Persian Grand Vier sahib ibben Abad always carried a library of books sahib Ian Abad was born in Persia in

938 when his father passed away ibin Abad was only 7 to 8 years old and was raised by his father’s friend friend he became the grand vizer of Persia always carrying a library of books with him iban Abad is believed to have made significant contributions to the development of Persian culture he

Supported the development of poetry having extensive knowledge on various topics from the books in his Library when the summoned Emperor invited sahib iban Abad to be the grand Vier he replied that he couldn’t agree because of his Library later the emperor sent 400 camels to transport all the

Books of this scholar including 60 camels carrying dictionaries anyone here who loves books like this Grand Vier comment and let me know number four the entire Netherland sentenced to death on February 16th 1968 the Inquisition Court in Spain issued a death penalty order for all residents of

The Netherlands by order of King Phillip this special Court was established by King Charles I in 1,52 to the terrifying sentence was due to the majority of the Dutch population at that time following the Protestant Faith while the Inquisition Court in Spain had the task of Prosecuting those with unorthodox religious

Beliefs before this to suppress the opposition of the Dutch people King Philip not only oppressed the Protestant Faith but also imposed taxes as an inevitable consequence Philip’s autocratic policies led to a rebellion starting from the nobility in 1, 1567 the this Spanish King appointed Fernando Alvarez de Toledo a renowned

Commander to suppress the uprising and executed 1800 Nobles all these events led to the frightening order from Spain to execute all Dutch residents of the Protestant Faith number three Trail of Tears since the European colonization of the United States Native Americans have endured many brutal actions in 1829 the Gold Rush began in Georgia LED by the Cherokee People this prompted the government to forcibly relocate Native Americans to take over resource Rich

Lands in the Deep South from 1,830 to 1850 about 100,000 people from the Cherokee musco G seol chaur and choor nations were forced to leave their settlements and undertake a journey to a new location west of the Mississippi River called the Indian Territory Cherokee people were confined

To small camps like animals not only that they were were not allowed to pack or prepare supplies for the journey and had to leave immediately their homes were quickly looted and burned within a few weeks around 17,000 people were transported to concentration camps Cherokee people were not provided

With adequate medicine or food and went hungry to the point of eating tree bark weather conditions were extremely harsh they had to walk hundreds of kilometers in snow and rain were loaded onto boats to cross rivers in Tennessee Ohio Mississippi Illinois and Arkansas many traveled hundreds of miles and thousands did not

Survive number two Stonewall riots in 1969 on June 28th 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village gay men decided it was time to end the Injustice against the lgbtq community with the support of transgender and lesbian individuals Stonewall Inn became a landmark in the history of the lgbtq

Community and that pivotal day changed the United States and the world in the 1960s homosexuality was still illegal and spontaneous police raids on gay bars were common on June 28th 1969 the New York City Police raided a gay club in Greenwich Village the police were brutal pulling staff and attendees onto the

Streets the bar was closed leading to uprisings in the lgbtq community many led by transgender activist Mar P Johnson they all chanted slogans like gay power the rebellious Spirit resonated throughout the city it was the uprising of the lgbtq community Number One Bengal Famine of

1943 the Bengal Famine of 1943 is one of the worst man-made famin recorded in human history before the 1943 famine Bengal had experienced two major famines in the past one occurred in 1,770 it was controlled by 1,772 and the other occurred from 1,873 to 1874 the main causes of past famines in

Bengal were drought crop failure combined with high rice prices leading to the deaths of millions in reality data shows that there was plenty of rainfall during the worst period of the 1943 famine however due to Japan occupying Burma a major rice supplier to Indian regions and various crop diseases there was a

Shortage of food mostly the catastrophe seems to have stemmed from wartime inflation and panic buying along with the government’s rationing and increased taxes because the British feared that Japan would invade India and seize the grain they also seized a large amount of rice to prevent it from falling into

Enemy hands all these factors caused prices to sore making food too expensive for the poorest people people in Bengal about 3 million people perished in the Bengal Famine of 1943 so we have explored 22 historical truths that are absolutely banned from being taught in schools which one

Impressed you the most for me I find the dancing disease quite intriguing comment on which event you like the most thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated with our latest videos see you in the next videos

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