22 Unique Things Found Only in Liechtenstein – Video

22 Unique Things Found Only in Liechtenstein – Video

22 Strange Things That Only Exist In LIECHTENSTEIN!
A country with no army, where everyone is invited to a party at the castle by the prince once a year, or you can rent the entire country on Airbnb for an evening. It sounds strange, but these are the fascinating things about the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Join me to discover 22 unique facts about this country! You will be surprised that although it is a small country, it has one of the highest GDPs in the world!

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22 fascinating facts about lighten Stein you never knew a country with no Army where everyone is invited to a party at the castle by the prince once a year or you can rent the entire country on Airbnb for an evening it sounds strange but these are the fascinating things about the principality of

Lonstein join me to discover 22 unique facts about this country you will be surprised that although it is a small country it has one of the highest gdps in the world number 22 lonstein has no Army since 1868 lichenstein is one of the few countries in the world that has no Army

It is one of 22 countries without a military the only Armed Force protecting security here is the National Police which has a total of 125 people including 90 officers and 35 civilian support staff however the crime rate in this tiny country is is still very low due to

Its small size the principality also does not have any embassies number 21 you can rent the country of lighten Stein have you ever wanted to try renting a country let me know what you think in the comments if I had enough money I would also want to try renting a

Country for fun and it’s great that for only €70,000 you can own the entire country of lonstein for a night by renting it on Airbnb even if you rent the whole country you can only drive around it in 30 minutes since April 2011 the lonstein government has offered the option to

Rent the country for €70,000 per night equivalent to 1.9 billion vnd in addition they also allow the tenant to bring a group of 150 guests during the validity of the rental contract the0 police officers of lonstein will completely obey the orders of the tenant however you have have to cue and book in

Advance besides you can customize the street signs also get the symbolic key to the country have a wine tasting with Prince Hans Adam too it seems like no one has ever participated in this deal even though rapper Snoop Dog seemed to have tried to

Make a plan to rent it in 2010 to shoot a video in the country unfortunately he was Rejected number 20 lonstein has the longest lunch break in the world it has an official lunch break of 90 minutes it is not only the richest city in Europe but also has the longest lunch break in the world residents are also discouraged from making any noise during the

90-minute lunch break from 12: to 13:30 and should not try to make noise after 10 p.m. or they will risk meeting the police number 19 the prince offered to sell the country to Bill Gates back back in 2001 the prince of lonstein was trying to implement a series of

Constitutional reforms that would give him more power specifically a veto and the power to appoint judges when the controversy erupted across the country the prince threatened to leave the country and take his family’s wealth to Vienna if he did not win this reform as for the country the prince

Threatened to sell it to Bill Gates or anyone else who can afford it while it is debatable whether you can actually sell a country to someone else it would be quite interesting if this actually happened in the end the prince was supported by the people in a referendum so this did not

Happen if this had happened what do you think let’s comment and share your Opinion number 18 the country does not have its own airport the nearest major airport is in zurc Switzerland about an hour and a half drive from Vu lonstein only has a small plane in the north of the town of Shan which is used for agricultural purposes if an airport were to be built

It would need to be located either on the Rin River to the east or in the mountains to the West so if you want to fly you have to take a bus to Zurich do you find this inconvenient let us know your opinion in the comments number 17 there is only one

Billionaire in lonstein but he owns 50% of the country’s GDP according to Forbes Kristoff Zeller is the country’s only billionaire he made his fortune in Dental product running a company called ioca Vivid an interestingly the company’s success means that lonstein is also the world’s largest producer of Dentures accounting for 20% of global

Sales lonstein is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita thanks to its relatively low corporate tax rate of 1 12.5% so many companies often locate their parent companies in the capital Vues the company is responsible for producing 60 million sets per year with

Over 10,000 different models thanks in part to its strong relationship with Bollywood dentists number 16 Switzerland accidentally invaded lonstein Switzerland accidentally invaded lonstein three times in the past all by mistake the most recent time was in March 2007 when about 170 Swiss infantrymen wandered across the border

And advanced more than a mile into lonstein before realizing their mistake by the way I’d like to add that Swiss soldiers are armed with assault rifles but no ammunition speaking of the Swiss lightness Stein border there are no border guards between the two countries both border areas speak the same German

Dialect and citizens of both sides do not need visors to cross the border furthermore they also use the same currency Switzerland tends to see lonstein as its 27th Canton according to an agreement between the two countries Switzerland is not only responsible for Leen Stein’s security but also has the

Right to represent it in certain diplomatic situations the Swiss government apologized and this was the first time the lonstein government learned of the invasion lonstein a country with no Army of its own admitted that it did not notice the Swiss Invasion until it was informed that it had

Happened because the country does not enforce border controls with Switzerland and of course in the end lonstein ultimately chose not to retaliate against its famously neutral neighbor number 15 lonstein is the richest country in the world by GDP P per capita for many years in a row

Lonstein has always been in the top five countries with the highest gdpp per capita in the world in 2020 the kingdom held the championship with an average income of 18,22 USD which is 7 times higher than the global average GDP it was not until 2023 that lonstein

Was overtaken by Monaco making it the second richest country in addition lonstein is so wealthy that it has almost no foreign debt the unemployment rate of the people in this beautiful country is also super low only 1.5% in 2016 only 406 lonstein citizens since were unemployed including women on maternity

Leave the prosperity of this micro State comes largely from the financial banking sector number 14 lonstein is the fourth smallest country in the world located between Switzerland and Austria lonstein has an area of only about 160 Square km making making it the fourth smallest country in Europe after

Vatican City Monaco and San Marino accordingly lonstein is only 1/8 the size of Los Angeles USA in terms of the world lonstein is the sixth smallest recognized country lonstein is also a landlocked country located entirely Inland the official language of this country is German lonstein is conveniently located

For transportation to other countries in the European region bordering Switzerland and Austria so European tourists can easily travel here lonstein is 774 km from Paris France 852 km from Rome Italy 473 km from Frankfurt Germany and 523 km from Vienna Austria if you are coming to lonstein from Switzerland

The closest departure point is Zurich which is only about 80 km away you can also travel from other European countries by bus or train which is very convenient number 13 women were only recently granted the right to vote women were only granted the right to vote in lonstein in

1984 this was the last country in Europe to grant women the right to vote there were referendums on women’s suffrage in 1, 1971 and 1973 but both were voted down it took another decade for the final referendum to be held in 1984 the party won by a very narrow margin

2,370 votes in favor and 2,251 votes Against number 12 low crime rate lonstein has one of the lowest crime rates in the world with the last murder occurring around 1997 and the prison holding very few inmates citizens sentenced to more than 2 years in prison will be transferred to Austria the crime rate is so low that

Ordinary Len Steiners don’t even lock their front doors according to figures provided by Doris Frick langenstein’s ambassador to burn there are about 1,200 crimes in lonstein each year of these 120 to 150 are thefts and there are no drug trafficking crimes as a country with a developed Financial Market perhaps Financial

Crimes account for a high proportion of the crimes in this country with 197 cases per year number 11 lonstein a heaven for tax evasion for the wealthy lonstein although small is famous for being one of the most prosperous and Wealthy countries in the world it is a Global Financial Center

With nearly 74,000 businesses from around the world registered to operate Banking and secret Financial Services account for a large proportion of langenstein’s economy this sector employs 14.3% of the workforce and contributes 30% to the GDP of €2.7 billion the royal family owns the largest bank in the country lonstein has

A total of 15 Banks and more than 300 trustees who manage thousands of investment funds foreign clients like to invest in funds here because they can easily avoid taxes and keep their identities confidential the maximum tax rate in lonstein is only 18% due to this loose Financial system in

The year 2000 lyste faced accusations from International organizations are providing conditions for Russian Italian and Colombian Mafia groups to launder money under International pressure lonstein had to undertake legal reforms compelling account holders to disclose their identities and prohibiting Anonymous accounts number 10 lonstein is a a constitutional monarchy like many European countries

Lonstein is a constitutional monarchy however unlike other nations the head of state is not a king or queen but a prince the current leader of lonstein is Prince Hans Adam II who ascended to the throne in 1989 the principality of lonstein has its roots in the 17th century when carai

Of lonstein was appointed a prince by the Holy Roman Emperor mathas his son Hans Adam later acquired the lands of the lordship of shelburg and the county of vus number nine low population density not only is lonstein small in size but its population is also extremely low the current population of this European

Principality is around 38,000 people the population density of lonstein is also quite low with only 227 people per square kilometer in terms of both area and population it ranks as the sixth least populous country globally sha is the largest city in lonstein with only about 6,000 inhabitants furthermore the

Capital vdu located about 18 km from scan has even fewer residents approximately 5,400 people number eight landlocked country a landlocked country is a nation that lacks a coastline and is surrounded by other landlocked countries lonstein only neighbors are Switzerland and Austria both of which are landlocked Nations as

Well the only other landlocked country in the world without a bordering sea is usbekistan moreover about 2/3 of Len Stein’s terrain consists of hills and mountains creating a landscape dominated by forests Hills and Serene natural beauty lonstein is likely to be an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil and healing travel

Experience number seven the wealthiest royal family in Europe do you think the British royal family is the dominant one in Europe well you’re mistaken despite being less famous the lonstein royal family surpasses others in terms of wealth the current head of the constitutional monarchy in this country

Is Prince Hans Adam in contrast to other constitutional monarchies the Royal Family’s wealth amount to nearly 5 billion USD is predominantly managed privately with fewer constraints the personal Fortune of Prince Hans Adam exceeds that of Queen Elizabeth II by approximately 10 times the royal family owns the LGT

Group with total assets around 300 billion USD members of the royal family also enjoy significant trust and affection from the people the eldest son of Prince Hans Adam Max currently serves as the chairman of the LGT group a company that generates substantial profits from asset management and Investments besides LGT

The lonstein royal family owns land and real estate including a castle overlooking the Rin River they have also amassed a large art collection featuring works by Anthony van djk Peter Paul Rubin and bomes deban Millo what do you think of this Royal Empire feel free to share your opinions in the

Comments number six rich cuisine in lonstein despite being a small country lonstein has a diverse and Rich Cuisine Len Stein’s culinary scene is quite varied and the principality boasts some unique dishes in the world the winter months are the best time to visit lonstein to enjoy hearty stews and

Broths typically served with larger meals the national dish is CNL a simple Dough made from flour eggs water salt and pepper it is then served with local cheese onions and finely grated Apple next if you’re here you must try Riel until the 1970s Penta was a poor man’s

Dish in Len Stein’s Cuisine nowadays you will find many restaurants serving this traditional Len Steiner breakfast dish ribel is made from corn and wheat boiled in water and milk before being roasted with butter it is often enjoyed with a finely grated apple or various Fruit and Berry sauces dryon exoin is also an

Interesting dish in this country this dish is nicknamed the king’s cake and the recipe varies in lonstein but the size Remains the Same it is often found in bakeries and typically contains a small figurine hidden inside the cake the cake dough is sweetened and then sprinkled with raisins and

Chocolate chips before baking according to tradition this is shaped into a crown and a paper crown accompanies it do these dishes sound interesting to you comment if you also find them tempting or if you have tried these dishes let me know your thoughts I find the king’s cake here quite

Intriguing number five every citizen is invited to the prince’s party once a year every year on starts fire tag Len Stein’s National Day the palace opens its doors on this national holiday Prince Hans Adam I I and his son Alo invite the entire population and even tourists to the vu’s

Palace people can enjoy beer in the Gardens along with a feast and fireworks in the capital city on August 15th every year isn’t it interesting to have a country where everyone is invited to a castle party in the 21st century would you like to be invited to such a party

Let me know in the comments number four lonstein does not recognize the existence of the Czech Republic in Slovakia in the Years following World War II the later separated Czech Republic Republic and Slovakia seized properties belonging to the lonstein royal family considering it The Spoils of War from the defeated

Germany the seized land which was 10 times the current area of lonstein mainly consisted of forests and agricultural land in Moravia as well as some family palaces and accompanying Estates although the Czech Republic later proposed returning only the Palaces interestingly lonstein rejected this agreement opting for an uncomfortable attit ude and refusing to

Recognize the Czech Republic or Slovakia as independent states it wasn’t until Prince Hans adami I announced in 2009 that lonstein would not take any further legal action regarding the seized property that the three countries resumed diplomatic relations number three a country known for its famous wine production lonstein is a country

Specialized in producing famous wine due to its ideal climate for viticulture with slopes facing Southwest Limestone soil and an average of 1,500 hours of sunshine per year The Vineyards produce high quality wines especially in the southern region of the country there are around 100 wine makers in this small country producing red and

White wines the most popular white wines are chardonay reing X Silvan and Jewish Trina while the most produced red wines are BL buranda zilt and bl Frankish lonstein has several locations for wine tasting with the most notable and famous among tourists being the hofc Des year

End and first and Von lonstein the wine seller of the prince of Lonstein number two commuting to another country for work and returning home every day commuting to an entirely different country for work every day and then returning home sounds surreal doesn’t it but that’s the reality of this country in lonstein education is compulsory and free for 8 years from ages 7 to 16

Graduates can enter pre-university or vocational schools many students study abroad in Austria and Switzerland lonstein also has one of its four universities named lonstein graduates all have stable jobs because they are trained according to society’s needs besides lighten Stein emphasizes attracting Talent however 5% of Len Stein’s Workforce Works in neighboring countries

And returns home every day with Germany being the top destination followed by Switzerland conversely even though lonstein has only 38,000 inhabitants it welcomes 10,000 Swiss 8,000 austrians and 2,000 Germans to work every day to manage the country ahead of the risk of an immigration wave lonstein only allows

68 foreigners per year to live permanently in the country apart from the education system lonstein only has a small hospital but Community Healthcare is quite good the government provides insurance so that people can seek medical treatment in Austria and Switzerland additionally there are Insurance programs for the elderly disabled and social and unemployment

Benefits number one Len Stein’s national anthem is identical in Melody to the national anthem of the United Kingdom langenstein’s National anthm is called obam jungan Ry listen to it and then come back to this video to like it and comment if you notice something familiar it has the same Melody as God

Sav the Queen the national anthem of the United Kingdom but with different German lyrics back in the 19th century The Melody of the British national anthem was actually used by some germane speaking States including Saxony Prussia Bavaria and Switzerland three of them are no longer countries and Switzerland has its unique

National anthem however lonstein still holds on to this melody and only changed the lyrics of its national anthem so we’ve explored the 22 weirdest and most interesting facts about lonstein which fact impressed you the most remember to comment and let me know what you find most interesting about

Lonstein as I’m curious to hear your thoughts thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated with our latest videos see you in the next one s

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