22 Unusual Places Where People Call Home! – Video

22 Unusual Places Where People Call Home! – Video

22 Strangest Places Where People Actually Live!
From the town beneath the desert, the house wedged between four rock tiers, the village mimicking Austria, and more – these are the 22 strangest inhabited places on Earth.
Join me in exploring each location to discover what makes them interesting and peculiar. I assure you will be impressed by the architecture of the cliff-hanging temples and monasteries!

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22 strangest inhabited places from the town beneath the desert the house wedged between four Rock tiers The Village mimicking Austria and more these are the 22 strangest inhabited places on Earth join me in exploring each location to discover what makes them interesting and peculiar I assure you will be impressed

By the architecture of the cliff hanging temples and monasteries number 22 iOS shimak Cat Island anyone here loves cats if you do comment below because I’m about to take you to Cat Island once a thriving fishing Village in Southwestern Japan Aima now has only six human residents but it’s home to hundreds of

Cats it’s often referred to as Cat Island despite becoming a popular tourist destination there are no shops hotels or restaurants on the island what alsma does have is cats lots and lots of them at one point there were over 200 cats living on this tiny Island

Measuring only 1.6 km in length and 46 hectares in width the cat population continues to grow daily these cats are accustomed to humans and are considered semi- wild they playfully interact with visitors and there’s even a designated feeding area near the community center number 21 gang the ninstory

Village in the sky gang is a village nestled deep within the Thang mountains in henan Province China with 83 families and a total population of 329 reaching gang requires traversing a dangerous road with towering Cliffs at a height of 1,752 M because of this Guang is often dubbed

The village in the clouds or the ninstory village before the completion of the gulang tunnel due to the treacherous mountainous terrain The Village was nearly isolated from the outside world with a population of just over 300 the Chinese government did not invest in a road that would cost millions of USD for the

Residents Guang was almost completely forgotten and became a deserted Place remembered by few the road to the Village was inaugurated on May 1st 1977 with a length of 1,250 m a height of 5 m and a width of 4 M enough for two vehicles to pass each other it took 5

Years and five lives to create this world’s most peculiar road every year adventurous tourists flock here for unforgettable experiences number 20 sein the world’s smallest country at first glance it might seem like an offshore drilling rig but it’s an entirely self-proclaimed country originally an abandoned sea for

From the British Navy post World War II in 1967 the Bates family took over and declared it a Sovereign Nation for over five decades they ruled this tiny country as if it were a real Nation they named it principality of cand issued a constitution had a flag currency postage

Stamps passports and even a football team don’t underestimate this nation its history is quite dramatic witnessing Royal deaths hostage kidnappings territorial disputes and even armed conflicts specifically in 1968 the British government decided to prosecute M Bates however since Sealand was outside the Waters of the UK they couldn’t do anything

The Bates family considered it a recognition of Sean’s independence from then on about 50 of their friends moved here in 2002 the population on the Fortress peaked at 27 people today very few people live in Sealand typically only two individuals taking turns every few weeks as security

Directors they can appoint anyone as a temporary citizen by purchasing an ID card with titles like sir lady Baron or baroness ranging from ps30 to ps200 would you like to try becoming a citizen of this country comment your thoughts below number 19 Castel fet de loka Cliffside Village castelet de laroka is

An exceptionally located Village in the province of Catalonia Spain it sits at top of basalt rock wall that stands over 50 m High nearly 1 km long and seemingly just wide enough for two rows of houses facing each other the rock wall was formed by the cooling of molten lava

From a volcanic eruption millions of years ago creating a truly impressive and spectacular landscape there’s only a single narrow pathway separating the multi-story houses throughout the town the compact buildings sway to the extent that it feels like even a small rock slide could engulf most of the Town into the flua OR

Tnal Rivers the converging point at the base of the bual rock wall where Castell fullet de aroka is situated with a population of over 1,000 people they live in houses built in medieval architectural style that has changed very little over many centuries the Strategic location of the village

Made it an ideal defensive position during wartime besides the earthy tones and ancient charm a part of the village has been newly constructed with modern amenities including an outdoor swimming pool for residents entertainment and relaxation number 18 Yakutsk City the coldest city in the world situated approximately

5,000 km east of Moscow on the permafrost land of the Far East Siberian region Yakutsk is dubbed the coldest city in the world residents of this Mining City often experience temperatures dropping to -40° C and sometimes during prolonged cold spells it can plummet to – 50°

C yet this is home to around 300, ,000 people during the summer months everything operates as usual but when the cold sets in life becomes extremely challenging things we take for granted become unfeasible in such conditions for instance wearing glasses is impossible as they freeze cars must

Run continuously 24 hours a day because stopping means there’s no way to restart the engine until the weather warms up moreover during the winter daylight lasts only about 4 hours a day while in summer it extends to 21 1 hours making everything even more perplexing in yakut SK the temperature

Is around -40° C children still have to go to school these kids are toughened from an early age learning how to cope with extremely cold weather does anyone want to experience this place comment if you’d like to give it a try personally I find this level of cold quite intimidating number 17 underground

Desert Town Cuba pedi there are many wonders in the desolate deserts of Australia things that haven’t been seen for hundreds of years vast stretches of scorched land extending for kilometers where almost nothing seems to survive yet right amid this there is still a bustling Town underground named Kuba

Pedi this is a rare opal mining area located in Southern Australia predominantly inhabited by miners to survive in a place without electricity where daytime temperatures soore to 50° C while dropping to 0° at night the residents found a unique solution living in underground dugouts the underground homes in kubba

Pedi are robustly built connected through labyrinthine passages despite living underground the houses are modern and equipped with all the amenities of regular homes from internet access to electricity and water the only difference is that people don’t have direct exposure to natural sunlight yet this doesn’t make the place

Cramped or or claustrophobic due to its sophisticated architectural design moreover KUB pedi has all the public facilities like any other town from museums and art displays to churches restaurants supermarkets Amusement areas bars and even a hotel for those who want to experience life underground life beneath the surface is

Vibrant in stark contrast to the landscape above number 16 Cara do panado the house between four rocks this might be one of the weirdest and most intriguing houses I’ve ever come across do you agree let me know in the comments CAD D penedo is located in Northern Portugal and appears

To be wedged between four colossal rocks although it was constructed in 1972 the unique structure gives anyone visiting a sense of stepping into prehistoric times or embodying characters from the famous animated series The Flintstones this distinctiveness has garnered International attention and featured in numerous magazines originally built as a weekend retreat

For the rodriges family led by Mister Victor rodriges they probably didn’t anticipate the architectural Marvel would attract so many tourists today the house has been transformed into a small Museum showcasing artifacts and historical photos of the area number 15 long yearb the place where death is prohibited in the far north of Norway

Lies a town named long gear bayin exceptionally unique and globally renowned for an unusual rule the prohibition of death despite having a cemetery it hasn’t been used for 70 years the reason behind this is The Frigid climate preventing corpses from decomposing and the bodies could become

Prey for wild animals hence no one is allowed to bury the deceased in longar Bayan when someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness they have flown to Mainland Norway long year be with around 2,000 residents lack nursing homes and in cases of severe illness author orities must airlift patients to the nearest

Hospital a 2-hour flight away even childbirth is nearly impossible here pregnant women must relocate to the mainland 3 weeks before delivery the small Hospital on the island operates only in emergencies working in longear buying until retirement is possible but as soon as you’re ready to retire you must return to the

Mainland number 14 Sentinel deas bodegas Town under the rocks Sentinel deas bagas is a town in Spain that captivates visitors from around the world its most impressive feature is the enormous rocks protruding above Charming white houses strolling through its streets one can see rocks hanging overhead though it may seem dangerous or

Frightening these rocks have remained stable for Centuries with a population of about 3,000 residents setel deas bodas exudes the Tranquility of a small town with cave style houses and impressive Stone covered streets acting as natural canopies these giant rocks create a natural awning preventing excessive heat from penetrating the air below keeping

The houses cool in summer and warm in Winter number 13 mattm Town under the caves any Star Wars fans here if so let me know in the comments because I’m a fan too now let’s head to the town of matmata in southern Tunisia this is a unique town where many underground

Houses of the Berber people still exist today the distinctive architectural structures of the village are created by digging large pits into the ground around the perimeter of the pit caves are carved to be used as rooms with some houses having multiple pits connected by Alleyways resembling

Channels leaving the main pit as an open courtyard once completed this construction provides an excellent Shelter From the daytime heat and a sturdy dwelling that can last for many years the most famous residents of this Village are not locals or even from Earth one of the underground houses was

Used as Luke Skywalker’s home in the Star Wars movie residents and tourism officials eagerly welcome visitors to Matt Mara as many come to see the place that appeared in the film though the population has decreased over time some residents still maintain the old culture working in Olive Farms

And opening their underground homes for tourists to visit today only a few people know how to dig and construct these unique hous houses number 12 houses on Pono ponio is arguably the most unique Bridge globally resembling a miniature City on a river when viewed from a distance rather than a bridge as it

Lacks traditional Bridge structures or traffic built with stone during the Roman ERA this bridge serves as a landmark for many historical events and is the only bridge in the area that wasn’t destroyed during World War II ponteio doesn’t allow vehic particular traffic on the bridge the reason is that this ancient

Bridge is always bustling with people shopping at various stores stepping onto the bridge it feels like entering a vibrant small Central Market complete with stalls for trading moreover it’s a witness to the love of couples from various countries worldwide couples often come here to buy a padlock engrave their names attach it

To the bridge and throw the key into the river believing that this act ensures a lifetime of happiness together number 11 the lonely house on the Dr River can you believe there’s a solitary house the only one on the Drina River if not you’re about to this small lone

Housee stands firmly on a rock in the middle of the Drina river near the town of Bina Basta in Serbia built in 1968 by a group of young men for sunbathing purposes the house was constructed using a small boat and several other boats to transport Building Materials in the

Subsequent years the group spent their entire summer on this small house in the middle of the River today the house is no longer lonely as it welcomes a steady stream of visitors daily tourists can participate in River tours or paddle kayaks to reach this unique location number 10 hallat Village China’s replica of

Austria do you know that China is famous for replicating almost everything if you know comment below China has copied numerous famous landmarks worldwide including the Eiffel Tower and the canals of Venice one such replication is the holat village in Austria recreated in guandong Province China holat Austria is renowned for its picturesque and

Quaint charm featuring fairy tale like churches and medieval castles since becoming the inspiration for the animated film Frozen in 2013 it has welcomed nearly 1 million visitors annually to the extent that locals had to beg tourists not to come interestingly a perfect replica of this Village was built by China just a year

Before China seems to have a penchant for recreating famous Global landmarks not only hallad but also the Eiffel Tower and even the canals of Venice can be found in this country this Village was constructed with the intention of selling it to wealthy Chinese who couldn’t live in Austria and perhaps wanted to experience

Western life more fully China is wellknown for its production of imitations and replicas and this replica Village is a clear Testament to that number nine Villa jasol the sunflower Villa situated on the Northern Hills of Italy near Verona There’s A peculiar shaped house named Villa Gasol which means

Sunflower the origin of this name comes from the strange rotating structure of the ancient Villa in Italy which can turn itself towards the sunlight at different times of the day the house consists of two twostory Wings extending from a central column with a staircase and an elevator the wings are

Divided into multiple rooms and are built over the base which contains the rollers beneath a central column the entire house moves on adaptable tracks controlled by two diesel engines with a speed of approximately 9 in per minute residents can control the rotating motion of the house using three simple switches

Forward backward and stop the first floor is called the day area with a dining room at the end of One Wing and a music room on the other side in the middle is Mis and Mrs in ven’s office and a smoking room with a kitchen food storage and restrooms located near the central

Tower the second floor includes a row of bedrooms and restrooms symmetrically arranged in each Wing number eight Madonna DEA Corona Church perched on a steep Mountain Cliff the Madonna DEA Corona church is a pilgrimage site that attracts visitors from around the world located on a Rocky

Mountain wall at an altitude of 774 M it overlooks the adage River Valley from a distance the church seems to hover between the cliffs Defying Gravity according to the church’s website a small Monastery in Chapel existed since the 13th century but it wasn’t until 1,530 that the first structure of the

Current church was inaugurated pilgrims initially had to navigate a dangerous Narrow Path along the cliff to reach the site later two stairways and a bridge were built to facilitate crossing the river if you wish to visit you can Trek for 2 hours from the town of breno or

Drive to spazzi town and walk an additional 1 km to reach the church the road leading to the church features 14 Bronze Statues symbolizing the Stations of the Cross if walking isn’t feasible you can take a shuttle bus from spii to the church number seven hanging Monastery on the

Cliff the hanging Monastery is built on the Cliffs of Mount henan Hunan County Sante Province China approximately 60 km Southwest of dong City according to historical records this 1,500 year old Monastery was constructed in 491 by the monk liaran with its back against a concave rock

Face and facing a valley sitting 75 m above the ground when viewed from a distance the monastery appears to be suspended in midair the structure is secured by oak logs inserted into the rock face the main support beams for the entire Monastery are hidden inside the mountain

Rock the suspended structure is held in place by wooden columns embedded into the mountain rock the monastery is situated in a narrow mountain Gorge with the entire structure hanging between upright Cliffs under the summit of the high mountain this design Shields the the monastery from the damaging effects

Of sunlight and the erosion caused by rain and storms additionally this unique location helps avoid noises such as crowing roosters animals and human activities today the hanging Monastery is a popular tourist attraction and a renowned historical site in the region to protect the monastery the number of

Visitors is limited to 80 people inside the temple at the same time would you dare to visit this dangerously hanging mon share your thoughts in the comments number six campong fluke floating village campong fluke floating village is a renowned destination in cm re Province serving as the home for

Fishermen on the Cambodia Lake in this floating village there are houses standing 9 M tall painted in bright blue and perched on a framework of skeletal bamboo other houses are painted in various colors like green red and yellow balancing precariously on the waterers surface alongside floating rafts crafted

From large truck tires linked together the front porches of the houses are covered in yellow awnings catching sunlight and displaying colorful flags from laundry drying in the day chicken CPS made of woven thatch float like everything else thanks to the bottoms made from bicycle tires this is the scenery and living

Environment for over 100,000 cambodians in this floating village if you need to go anywhere you’ll need a boat to live here is to embrace the gentle rocking on the water fishing for a living number five Meteora monasteries metora meaning middle of the sky in Greek is a complex of monasteries

Perched on top of towering Sandstone pillars in the fessy region of Central Greece in the 9th century a group of athetic monks reached the sharp Summit of these rock formations becoming the first inhabitant of metora during that time they lived in rock recesses and cracks in the stone Towers the area

Being a approximately 600 m above sea level the isolation of this region along with its height made it an isolated place the monasteries were built in the 14th century using materials transported up 550 M using pulley and Nets initially to reach the monasteries ropes and wind lasses were used but over time Stone

Steps were carved to facilitate easier access the construction process resulted in many accidents and significant casualties due to the dangerous trans transportation of stone and climbing up and down the mountain number four Freedom Cove in the Years preceding the covid-19 lockdowns that forced many of us to learn to live

Alone and reconnect with our homes the life of Wayne Adams and his wife remained relatively unchanged their Abode is an entire floating complex they built with their own hands in 1992 off the coast of Tofino Canada called Freedom Cove all the homes are enti ly floating on the water and secured by ropes

Despite the beautiful scenery the area is prone to storms so the couple regularly renovates Freedom Cove every 3 to 5 years fresh water for daily use is sourced from rainwater and a nearby flowing waterfall electricity is supplied through solar panels and a hydroelectric generator it’s a true Eco village with

Complete residences Pathways art galleries dance floors a power system a lighthouse a waterfall and even some peculiar peripheral devices that you might find hard to imagine despite being a 45 minutes boat ride from the nearest town and living entirely Off the Grid it’s a paradise for them to unleash their artistic

Creativity and practice Green living number three s are the world’s first city Yemen’s Capital sana a looks unlike anywhere else in the world both ancient and modern it features Brown houses with crowding rooftops on towering Cliffs according to Legend s was built by Noah’s son Shem after the great flood

3,000 years ago believed by many to be the first city constructed in this era of human civilization secluded and hidden behind mountains SAA a is known as the Hidden Gem of the Arab block with its multistory buildings what’s astonishing is that these structures are built entirely from mud or stone and having

Endured thousands of years of History still stands strong today it’s a Living testament to the Lost Art of high quality ancient construction number two aulia Village the hanging Village in China aulia Village in Lang Shan Sichuan Province southwestern China is a Bonafide Cliffside Village situated up

To 800 m above the ground The Village’s altitude is over 1,400 M and it’s home to 72 families previously the only access to the outside world for the villagers was climbing down a 17 tiered interconnected wooden ladder including two vertical ladders spanning 100 m this staircase has been likened to climbing to

Heaven and they had to conquer it to reach the hospital for childbirth despite the daily dangers many locals reported approximately eight fatalities on this path some being villagers and other tourists along with numerous incidents of Falls and injuries among those who climbed these precarious ladders were 15 children attending the elementary school

Below the mountain due to these concerns the authorities decided to replace it with a sturdy steel staircase featuring 2556 steps with handrails the steel staircase was completed in 2016 many students from the 19 Cliffside Villages became eligible for free boarding at the school number one Yayo dong Village the

Underground village with a history spanning over 4,000 years yayong is a village deeply entrenched underground in tamon hyp Hanam Province this area still hosts nearly 10,000 homes situated 6 to 7 M below ground level housing around 3,000 people these are remnants of cave dwellings believed to date back to the

Neolithic period when humans lived in deep holes during the Ming and Ching dynasties they became more widespread some houses have existed for over 200 years years home to six Generations sharing the same living space the houses are designed in square or rectangular shapes due to their Subterranean location the winter temperature is

Always 10° C higher than outside while the summer remains relatively cool around 20° C each house shares a common tunnel connecting to the outside through a communal Courtyard serving as a community activity area for events like weddings and funerals today this housing style has been modernized with various electronic

Devices and essential amenities making it look like any above ground home all daily activities of the residents are encapsulated within these dwellings notably the drainage system is cleverly designed to ensure water drains away without causing flooding so we’ve explored the 22 most peculiar places where people live on our

Planet which place impressed you the most as for me I’m intrigued by aoshi Maat Island remember to comment and let me know your favorite place thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated on our latest Journeys see you in the next videos

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