25 Controversial Moments Captured on Live TV – Video

25 Controversial Moments Captured on Live TV – Video

In the world of live television, anything can happen, and sometimes those moments are not just unexpected, but also inappropriate. From wardrobe malfunctions to controversial gestures, the live TV setting can be a breeding ground for embarrassing and cringeworthy moments.

In this video, titled “25 INAPPROPRIATE MOMENTS CAUGHT ON LIVE TV,” viewers are taken through a journey of some of the most shocking incidents that have occurred on live television. From Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs to a news presenter walking into a pole, these moments are sure to leave you entertained and shocked.

Covering a range of events from political debates to award shows, this video showcases the unpredictability of live television and how even the most prepared productions can lead to some awkward and uncomfortable situations.

So, if you’re a fan of strange and bizarre occurrences or just love to see how things can go wrong in the live setting, this video is sure to keep you entertained. Just remember, when it comes to live TV, anything can happen, and these moments are just a small taste of the wild ride that is live television. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the cringe-worthy moments caught on live TV.

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Video Transcript

[Applause] being away from the Saving Grace of post- production edits can lead to some very embarrassing and cringeworthy moments whether it’s accidental nudity inappropriate interview questions there’s a time when you snuck into the room to see what I sneaked into the room snuck isn’t a word con we having a

Wardrobe malfunction I’m really happy for you I’m let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time anything can happen on live television despite the best efforts of producers to stay on script so join us as we have a look at 25 inappropriate moments shown

On live television he’s really asleep I don’t think we’re being good co-hosts right now already said I will not be making any comment oh my god that hurt number 25 Natalie’s distracting dress whether on purpose or by coincidence this actress decided to Dawn a dress on Spanish reality

TV that allowed her to get a leg up on the competition her attire was provocative to the point where you could See that her competition wasn’t having the best time focusing on the task at hand number 24 falling asleep on live TV you know how it feels you’re tired at work and decide to sleep for a short while hoping that others wouldn’t notice but sadly for this guy a lot of people

Witnessed what happened on live television do it live I can all write it and we’ll do it live in 2013 during Fox and Friends Tucker Carlson was caught sleeping in front of cameras that were rolling he’s really asleep I don’t think we’re being good co-hosts right now

Good to see you Carlson stayed awake last night to fill in for sea Hannity and decided to take a short nap during the ad break but he didn’t realize they’d returned to live broadcasting the host decided to make jokes about him while he was asleep is this is this honestly on

TV and um I don’t know if it was my dulet tones that lulled you to sleep but he managed to handle it professionally number 23 accidentally pulling down a dress this woman left a television set quickly when the host pulled down her [Applause] Dress the interviewer accidentally pulled her dress down from her shoulders exposing her to the rolling cameras of live television after getting over the shock of her shirt being yanked down she faced another difficult situation a recently taken video revealed her chest again but this time on a large

Television screen in the studio making her experience an awkward situation she then walks away quickly and the video was watched over 2.3 million times people online have directed strong criticism toward the host some saying that the prank was not okay and that he got off easy number 22 Kanye interrupts

Taylor Kanye West is known for stirring up drama and has caught a lot of people off guard like that one time in 2005 when he didn’t hold back his thoughts about President George W bush during a broadcast that was meant to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina victims George

Bush doesn’t care about black people however it was in 2009 that he really shook things up at the VMAs and the moon man for best female video goes to Taylor Swift as Taylor Swift was celebrating her her win for best female video he suddenly showed up on stage interrupting

Her moment taking the mic to say that Beyonce should have won Yo Taylor I I’m really happy for you I’m let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time one of the best videos of all time the move not only threw shade on

Swift’s win but also caused quite the awkward scene and even though he said sorry later it set off a fiery backlash that lasted years number 21 a skit going off script this live show showcased talents Like Larry David and Michael Richards who’d eventually strike gold together on Seinfeld but one

Unforgettable moment features Andy Kaufman you feel stupid stupid you feel Stupid in what goes down is the Andy Kaufman incident it all begins with a skit about two couples at dinner where sneaking out for a secret smoke was part of the gag when Kaufman’s turn came up he ditched the script and the result was television Gold Michael Richards flung Q cards

Across the table in frustration and got doused by Kaufman’s water glass in return and everyone seemed to jump into chaos right then and there come on nothing hey this is so much fun it’s so much fun come on it’s all fun what viewers didn’t know is

That it was an elaborate joke set up by Kaufman himself the main actors were all in on it but not one crew member expected what turned out to be a fake fight in the show that’s why what do you have to this sham scuffle did more than just ruffle feathers it generated such

Positive publicity that the show got picked up for another round before becoming cancelled in 1982 number 20 Janet and Justin’s fumble Janet Jackson’s big moment at the 2004 Super Bowl did not go as planned she was performing alongside Justin Timberlake when suddenly she had a wardrobe malfunction even though the moment

Lasted less than half a second and it was unintentional it caused an uproar for people across the country the halftime show is usually all about awesome songs and having a good time but this time it would be riddled with controversy that resulted in major changes in how TV is

Regulated Janet got the short end of the stick in terms of the Fallout the moment is what people say ended her career but meanwhile Justin managed to avoid the worst and came out unscathed from the controversy number 19 teeth flying out this politician was attempting to strengthen his

Argument and during a live television debate it became so intense that his false teeth popped out of his mouth and he pushed them back in so quickly that some people didn’t even realize it had happened he was responding to strong feelings to what another member had said regarding the desire for Independence

And in the video you can see the host attempting to hold back a smile when the camera moves to him while his guest recovers from their awkward mistake and goes on with the conversation number 18 Spider-Man fail imagine Spider-Man without his Spidey senses creating hype for the amazing SPID Spider-Man 2 the

Web slinging hero made an appearance on Good Morning America the segment would be pretty straightforward Spider-Man arrives on a balcony the reporter steps back and loses her balance and then he saves her as she almost collapses while she had made it seem like she was fainting she escaped from Spider-Man’s

Grip and fell to the ground I know he’s here somewhere and I cannot wait for the moment I can say I miss [Applause] when Spider-Man did eventually react she had landed on the floor with a loud thump already even though they laughed and joked about it you can’t fault

Spider-Man he was never good at catching blondes in the first place number 17 a racist gesture in 2017 the World Series finished when the Houston Astros got their first Victory ever playing against the LA Dodgers Peterson with his third of the World Series however sportsmanship was at an all-time

Low during the second inning of the third game an Astros player hit a home run and when he went back to sit down in The Dugout cameras caught him making a gesture as though it was mocking the pitcher’s Japanese Heritage he seemed to silently say a disrespectful word that

Referred to little Chinese boy the incident led to the suspension of the player for five games in the 2018 season and the Pitcher would later receive an apology number 16 blending into the green screen a news presenter in La helped his coworker avoid an embarrassing moment with the green

Screen because of a clothing issue do we have another camera like can I show can we turn this one around so yeah this is what happened dressed by Chris Burrows oh my God it’s like but anyone who works around green screens in their profession knows the Fatal mistake that she made

The color of the dress she wore was completely wrong because it immediately became a light show of temperatures and heat Maps the video begins with her stepping into frame in front of the weather chart and as she initiates her discussion about the conditions she becomes aware of her mistake right now

Temperatures in the 30s in the high desert oh I’m going to have to change look at this oh fortunately her colleague immediately runs to the Rescue by putting his suit jacket around her by the end of the video she begins to move and dance as everyone in the studio

Laughs about how comically oversized the jacket is one day one newscast about me okay I’ll stop it took a while for the laughter to die down before everyone regained their composure and she got back to the weather report number 15 forced to cover up in this weather report the meteorologist has on an

Evening dress but they requested that she wear a sweater you want me to put this on why appropriate that she was dressed like she was going to a cocktail party apparently viewers complain that her attire was much too revealing number 14 an awkward high five the UK’s labor

Party supporters were all smiles because votes were in their favor that also included the leader of the party Jeremy Corbin throughout his campaign he had showed everyone that he was the best choice and he got young people excited to vote and made waves of Hope amongst left-wingers around the globe to this

Parliament like no other Parliament ever before to challenge and hopefully bring about that change while his his political Feats are remarkable his high five prowess is not so much during a photo op with another person Corbin went for a surprise high five she didn’t see it coming and his

Hand didn’t land where it was supposed to number 13 unexpected guests in a more wholesome moment of British awkwardness Professor Robert Kelly faced an amusing Interruption while he was in the middle of an interview about South Korea on the BBC working from home means that parenting never stops and that forced

Had anything like this in our life before um you know got to the point where we had to turn off our phones and Facebook and Twitter and all that sort of stuff um Professor Kelly did juggle Family Life on TV while he was talking to bbc1 his two children popped up

Behind him things got even better with his wife’s entrance to take them away um I would be surprised if they do the pardon me my apologies the clip then went viral online and despite the mixup he kept his composure and finished the interview without a problem number 12 getting too

Touchy feely this video captures a moment when LS Walsh didn’t behave properly towards melb on a live show while on the show together Walsh made the wrong choice I’m got it for her and I’m got it for you so s she really s amazing she went out on a high and you

Know what she’s such a comp and his hand on the EXs Spice Girls behind in the middle of the program you can see melb stopping the host to question Walsh about his actions he said he did it as a joke but she clearly didn’t find it funny at all number 11 announcing the

Wrong winner back in 2007 everyone tuned into the BBC show making your mind up to find out who’d represent the UK in a massive singing contest 1 2 3 C there’s your ticket [Applause] that’s when broadcaster Terry wogan had an unforgettable mixup he announced the wrong winner crowning Cindy instead of

The actual winner scooch so close done a fantastic job tonight than everyone up for cind who ended up performing in Helsinki this is just another example of what can go wrong on live television and it happens more than you think number 10 the walk out of the century in 2014

Everyone was talking about Charlo green a reporter from Alaska’s ktva because of her unexpected onair resignation as for this job well not that I have a choice but [ __ ] it I quit while reporting about the Alaska Cannabis Club and their work to make recreational herb use legal in

The state she shared a secret she actually owned the club it was then and there that she announced she was quitting her job on TV to fight for cannabis rights full-time things got tough when the club was raid though and she faced serious federal charges that

Could have sent her to prison for 50 years in the end she plad guilty to one charge number nine reporter walks into a poll sometimes we become so wrapped up in what we’re doing that even simple tasks slip our minds like watching where we’re going take this reporter in Canada

For example who was so focused on getting the story he walked right into a pole you see the moment that he bumps into the pole and the Crash was loud enough to make the lawyer he was chasing come back to see if he was okay already

Said I will not be making any comment oh my god that hurt are you okay impressively he managed to stay standing although the runin might have cost him some eyewear or given him quite the headache the professional reporter works for CTV in British Columbia Canada and has now been immortalized on the

Internet as the reporter who ran into a poll number eight Mike Tyson bites off a Vander Holyfield’s ear Mike Tyson got into trouble in his second fight with a Vander Holyfield where he bit his ear two times what happened here action well and he C that hurts like hell but he

Certainly had a big bite and that’s a one of those bites was so hard he actually tore off a piece and spit it out after that the boxer was thrown out and had to deal with large problems like a fine and losing his license to box

They did give it back to him later but it’s still one of the straight strest things to have ever happened in the boxing ring and millions of people watched it live number seven don’t eat off the floor in this clip weatherman Scott Haney from WFSB TV in Hartford

Connecticut went a bit over the top while giving the weather he thought he was being funny when he picked up what he believed to be grape nut cereal from the ground and then ate it on live television soon though he realized it wasn’t cereal at all here what is

Happening come on everywhere clean up there oh the elephant that you are crazy they taste like shoes I SM it was actually cat vomit As Time passed on Haney figured out that no one was likely to just scatter cereal all over the floor and what he had eaten

Was something that was much much worse number six when you don’t know all the details back in 2012 movie star Martin Short was on the Today’s Show chatting about Madagascar 3 and during the talk the host mentioned Short’s wife Nancy and asked how they kept their romance

Alive but you’re still like in love madly in love mad wow why cute I’m cute it does sound like a sweet question at first but there was one big problem Nancy had passed away almost 2 years prior you wouldn’t have guessed it by how short answered he was being

Professional although he didn’t feel the need to correct your misunderstanding he answered politely and moved along with a bit when when the host learned about her error she then apologized on television number five is snuck a real word Conan O’Brien sure is proud of his Harvard background but one time Jennifer Garner

Thought that she had one up on him during a talk in 2003 there’s a time when you snuck into the room to see what I I sneaked into the room snuck isn’t a word Conan and you went to Harvard and you should know that Conan mentioned some spy tricks from her television show

Alias and used the word snuck Garner called him out for his choice of words words thinking that it wasn’t correct the crowd cheered for her as Conan seemed a bit embarrassed just want to look at what the hell look right here snuck p and pass part of sneak but later

In the same episode he couldn’t help but show off a dictionary confirming that snuck was indeed a real word number four another embarrassing announcement this moment at the Miss Universe contest was Unforgettable for all the wrong [Applause] reasons the battle had come down to Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia and

Everyone was on the edge of their seats when host Steve Harvey declared the wrong contestant to be the winner the first runner up is Colombia Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines she got to Revel in her crowning moment complete with Sash and Crown if only for a brief time but not

Long after Harvey had to go back on stage and admit his mistake it was actually the other contestant who had won even though people kept cheering you couldn’t help but squirm watching Harvey confess his mistake number three into the water at a boat Event in San Diego

California a man was set to impress onlookers with his jet Lev r200 jetpack and then just as he kicked off from the dock and into the air something went wrong the Yellow Engine key had fallen off the control and suddenly there was no power the man dropped right into the

Water below his jetpack has the same safety feature as a jet ski has morning everybody I’m hanging out with my friend John Fox 5 Morning News starts look over there and it starts right now oh my gosh what is that if you end up losing the key it shuts down to keep

You safe except that at that moment safe meant an unexpected swim number two caught lip sinking Jude Law was hosting Saturday Night Live but it was Ashley Simpson who had stole the spotlight for all the wrong reasons she had gotten through one song just fine and then went on to the next

One as they found out last Saturday night when the musical guest exactly I feel so bad my Baner playing the wrong song and I didn’t know what to do so I thought I’d do a ho down I’m sorry or at least she had tried to oddly enough the first song started

Playing again instead of the new one Ashley tried to laugh it off with some quick dance moves but everyone knew that she was lipsyncing at that point number one a flightless drone back in 2014 an unmanned drone was the pride of the Portuguese Navy as it was constructed by

Only using Portuguese technology when it came to its first showing though let’s just say the flight did not go as planned but eventually they did manage to get a proper demonstration out of the little drone what did you think of these embarrassing and inappropriate moments that were caught on live television as

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