3-Day Luxury Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, Egypt ūüá™ūüᨠ– Video

3-Day Luxury Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, Egypt ūüá™ūüᨠ– Video

Welcome to the luxury Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, Egypt, a 3-day journey that promises stunning views and unparalleled luxury. In this video, we will be taking the Movenpick MS Sunray, which is one of the best routes to experience the beautiful Nile River. Join the host as they share their firsthand experience and let you know if this is something worth spending your time and money on when traveling in Egypt.

The Movenpick MS Sunray is known for its luxury Junior Suites and exceptional service. With only 10 guests onboard during the low season, you’ll feel like you have a private cruise ship for the next 3 days. The boat features a sun deck with beach chairs, lounging areas, and a swimming pool, offering the perfect setting to soak in the sun and take in the breathtaking views.

Throughout the video, the host shares their journey, from being received with warmth and hospitality by the friendly staff to exploring the amenities and luxuries on board the ship. They also highlight the option to pay for excursions to different temples and markets, or simply relax and enjoy the tranquility of the Nile.

The Movenpick MS Sunray promises a luxurious and unforgettable experience, offering the perfect blend of comfort, relaxation, and awe-inspiring sights. Whether you’re seeking Nile River cruises in Egypt or simply looking for the best 3-day Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, this video will provide insight into what you can expect from this remarkable journey. So sit back, relax, and let the Nile River cruise transport you to a world of luxury and beauty in ancient Egypt.

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The luxury Junior Suites on the N cruise from  Aswan to [Music] Luxor I literally read hundreds   of reviews and this was hands down the ship  with the best reviews whiskies wines juices   beers alcoholic drinks non-alcoholic drinks hot  drinks all kinds of stuff I showed you guys the  

Outside let’s head on in and wow look at all the¬† vibrant colors on the front you can imagine this¬†¬† whole facade of this Temple once was a mixture¬† of Reds blues and yellows what’s up everybody¬†¬† welcome back to another beautiful day here¬† in Aswan Egypt now today I’m super excited¬†¬†

Because as you can tell I’m on a boat I’m on the¬† water and today we are about to embark on a 3-day¬†¬† cruise from Aswan to Luxor which is actually¬† a very popular trip most people that come to¬†¬†

Egypt Embark in a Nile cruise and well there’s¬† many different itineraries some people come from¬†¬† Luxor down to Aswan some from Aswan up to Luxor¬† and I’m not sure if there’s cruises that are a¬†¬†

Little bit longer that go all the way to Cairo¬† I’m not too sure but today we are on board the¬†¬† moven pic Ms Sunray which is actually one of the¬† luxury Cruise Lines here on the Nile there’s quite¬†¬†

A bit of options however I chose to go with¬† this option because you can’t go wrong with¬†¬† a moven pick anywhere in the world now I actually¬† stayed at at the moven pic Resort Aswan last night¬†¬†

Which in my opinion was incredible definitely¬† a great place to spend a few days if you’re in¬†¬† Aswan especially if you’re coming here as a family¬† and well today we’re on board the moveen pick Ms¬†¬†

Sunray I almost said that wrong and no this video¬† is not sponsored at all um I’m going to give you¬†¬† guys an honest outlook on the cruise and tell you¬† guys if it is worth the price in my opinion and¬†¬†

Of course if I recommend it to you guys by the¬† end of the journey now up here we’re actually¬†¬† on the Sund deck and up here they have all kinds¬† of um yeah beach chairs tables places to lounge¬†¬†

Around you can imagine cruising the Nile and just¬† sitting down right here soaking in all of the sun¬†¬† now this boat is Big right there’s a lot of room¬† guess how many guests are on board today only 10¬†¬†

So um it’s actually low season right now in Egypt¬† and there’s only 10 people on board the MS Sunray¬†¬† which means we pretty much got a private cruise¬† ship for the next 3 days how awesome is that over¬†¬†

There they got like a mini bar coffee tea station¬† and then there’s a swimming pool up front which¬†¬† we actually walk up to right now now I’m very¬† impressed so far because I’ve never been on a¬†¬†

Cruise ship before in my life this is the very¬† first time I’ve always refused for some reason¬†¬† I’m not sure why but the moment I walked in I was¬† like wow man this feels like a festar hotel and¬†¬†

You couldn’t have told me that I was inside of a¬† boat from the moment I walked in now this here is¬†¬† the swimming pool and it’s actually winter right¬† now it’s been around 15 to 16¬į C every day but¬†¬†

Today the sun is shining so I might actually go¬† in for a swim yeah I think that’s going to have to¬†¬† happen they actually got some uh beach chairs with¬† towels here on the sides right now man this boat¬†¬†

Is awesome and these staff are incredibly friendly¬† they received me with lots of love you actually¬†¬† get received on the on the actual Street side¬† there’s actually one more ship um docked up on¬†¬† the side of us but you get received on the street¬† side and then there’s um employees for moving pick¬†¬†

That actually help you with your luggage bring it  all the way down into the ship and then of course   escort you to your room and give you you know the  whole night yards the the room tour introduce you  

To staff all of those things that make you feel¬† at home but yeah today we are going to be leaving¬†¬† Aswan actually we’re not leaving Aswan until¬† 5: in the morning tomorrow right now a couple¬†¬†

Other people that are on board are actually out on  excursions you can actually opt in to um pay for   excursions as any other Cruise liner in the world  you can pay for excursions to different temples  

Different markets I opted to just hang out here¬† in Aswan for today and so I’m going to show you¬†¬† guys around the boats and then I’m just going to¬† relax I didn’t really want to do a whole lot I’ve¬†¬†

Been non-stop the last few days and I booked this¬† cruise to relax enjoy the views down the Nile and¬†¬† most importantly just man enjoy the luxury side of¬† Egypt all right well let’s make our way downstairs¬†¬†

And then I’m going to show you guys where should¬† we kick this tour off I actually don’t want to¬†¬† go into the lounge yet because there are a few¬† people in there hanging out and you know I don’t¬†¬†

Want to interrupt anybody with the camera so let’s¬† actually head to the bedroom that’s a nice way to¬†¬† kick off the tour so this ship is actually Four¬† floors and right now we were on the Sund deck this¬†¬†

Here is the third floor which is super beautiful  hello sir and this here is like the main Corridor   reception second floor a jewelry shop and this  here is like a nice little seating area another   bathroom common bathroom and then look at the  views now the best part about the ship is that  

Every level you look outside the window man it¬† changes the perspective of of the view here they¬†¬† got like an emergency safety plan which I should¬† probably look over because I’ve never been on a¬†¬† ship before and I don’t know like the safety¬† protocols over in that direction is the the bar¬†¬†

Lounge area now this here is my hallway which is¬† on the third floor and I’m actually in the junior¬†¬† suite rooms which are located in the front of the¬† boats you guys are about to be truly impressed by¬†¬†

This now this here is where the magic happens baby  just kidding not today but this here is the master   bedroom I got a KingSize bed they even put a nice  little touch in the Middle look at that fer rer  

Chocolate can’t go wrong I got a desk over here an¬† espresso machine coffee on the man and of course¬†¬† a beautiful view of the n and not just one view I¬† got two views look at this how cool is that huh I¬†¬†

Could just sit right here drink my coffee man I  got my tissue right here what a bad look I blew   my nose as soon as I walked in here but um yeah I  can drink my coffee right here on this chair enjoy  

The views look at the couch nice little fruit¬† basket that I’ll definitely be destroying during¬†¬† my trip television dresser a bench over here we¬† actually got a telephone and you can dial room¬†¬† service dial reception the bar yeah you can order¬† whiskies to your room and the most dangerous part¬†¬†

About that is they put it on the tab and you pay¬† out the end so we’ll see exactly what the damage¬†¬† costs at the end now with the junior suite you¬† actually get a Wi-Fi router which is super cool¬†¬†

And handy to have on board now this here is my¬† closet I actually got um some extra pillows I¬†¬† just hung up my sweaty shirts extra blankets two¬† life jackets we’ll slide this over and right here¬†¬†

I have a safe laundry bag and slippers and then¬† here is the bathroom super clean I don’t really¬†¬† want to step in there with my shoes but hey why¬† not and for the video sake I want to see what’s¬†¬†

Inside of here wow shower caps vanity kids Combs¬† toothbrushes lotion conditioner soaps down there¬†¬† you got shampoo conditioner soap yeah man this¬† is awesome I wonder if there’s a time limit on¬†¬† boats for how long you can shower not that I take¬† hour long showers but I’m just very curious on the¬†¬†

Setup of a boats I’ve never been on a cruise ship¬† before I should do more more often this is awesome¬†¬† what’s over here milk teas coffees Kettle yeah the¬† usual stuff oh down here a refrigerator with water sodas they got a sewing kit a¬† shoe M what the hell is a shoe

M but yeah guys this here is my junior suite the  luxury junior suite on the N Cru from Aswan to   Luxor how amazing is this let me know down in the  comments section what do you guys think about the  

Room I also forgot to mention the beautiful¬† flower bouquet is this real yeah they’re real¬†¬† wow they’re beautiful it’s actually yeah smell¬† nice but yeah let me know what you guys think¬†¬†

Of this let me know if you guys are a huge fan¬† of cruise ships or not and you know what I think¬†¬† I’m going to take a few minutes to relax and then¬† we’ll work our way down to lunch because there is¬†¬†

A lunch right now starting at around 12:30 and¬† later on tonight they got belly dancing so now¬†¬† that I showed you the room let’s head down¬† to lunch because the first meal is already¬†¬† ready now oh man this place smells incredible¬† the hallways have like this really nice scent¬†¬†

Almost like the one that we that they had at the¬† moven pick maybe it’s a moven pck sents I’m not¬†¬† sure um but yeah here is the I don’t know what¬† do you call it the main Corridor the reception¬†¬†

Is down at the bottom it’s actually four floors¬† the dining hall is under the reception over here¬†¬† they have a nice little jewelry section where¬† you can purchase some gifts to take home with you and I’ll show you guys the bar area here¬† in a little bit but first let’s get down there¬†¬†

To lunch now they also have some uh gift shops¬† where you can purchase like you know some wraps¬†¬† luggages and look $5 not bad at all magnets this¬† boat is truly incredible now I’ve never done any¬†¬†

Other cruises before in my life but if you guys  want to see more cruises here on the Channel   please let me know down in the comment section  because I will definitely be able to make that  

Happen for you and I want to make a lot more of¬† those happen in the near future so for now time¬†¬† for lunch hello sir hello um downstairs is lunch¬† thank you so much look at the view doesn’t get¬†¬† old and and from every floor it actually¬† gives you a little different perspective¬†¬†

Unique angles of denial okay down here is the¬† restaurant hello sir hello Hi how are you good¬†¬† good wow smells amazing that one right there¬† okay so this here is the restaurant down at¬†¬† the bottom of the ship look at how beautiful it¬† is super um well organized and there’s actually¬†¬†

Only 10 people on board so here’s the salad bar¬† you got all kinds of different mix of salads¬†¬† veggies over here we got a little variety of¬† soups we got cream of mushroom vermicelli soup¬†¬† they actually have grilled fish with lemon¬† butter that looks amazing chicken cordon blue¬†¬†

Sauteed vegetables french fries ve all kinds¬† of pastas fruits desserts zucchini man just a¬†¬† wide selection of all kinds of dishes and of¬† course a nice variety of vegetarian and meat options so I’m actually on my second plate right¬† now but the dining room was full with other guests¬†¬†

I wanted to be respectful let me just tell you¬† guys the food on board First Impressions Next¬†¬† Level they got a nice variety of Western dishes¬† Egyptian dishes and then they even got like some¬†¬† Indian cuisine on board now as I mentioned¬† in the beginning of the video there’s only 10¬†¬†

People on board I just got done meeting them  a few of them are from Australia others from   European countries and let me just tell you guys  it looks like we got a nice little crew on board  

And this cordon blue is nothing to play with  now um with the meals I believe only water is   included however they do have a menu on board a  beverage list where you can actually order yeah   whiskies wines juices beers alcoholic drinks  non-alcoholic drinks hot drinks all kinds of  

Stuff and the prices are very reasonable as  well about the same prices that I was paying   back at the M pick hotel for a soda around 60  Egyptian which I believe is about $150 and and  

Let me just throw out a glass of wine um Grand¬† Maris red about $900 so around $30 I believe¬†¬† that’s for the bottle um yeah that’s for the¬† bottle so not terrible yeah Scotch whiskies¬†¬† whiskies get kind of expensive 1,00 I wonder¬† if that’s for the bottle or just the cup I’m¬†¬†

Not too sure but definitely going to have a¬† few of those tonight um because there is a¬†¬† belly dance performance tonight at 8:30 how’s it¬† going sir and uh they told me to show up there¬†¬†

A little bit early for to get a good seat but¬† guess what there’s only 10 people on board so¬†¬† I don’t really have to worry about that too¬† much man this whole experience is amazing so¬†¬† far and we’re just getting started how cool¬† is this right let me give you guys another

Look and the best part about this seat is you¬† get perfect view of the Nile all the cell boats¬†¬† passing through it’s a good time I’m going to¬† finish up my meal and then we’ll see what we¬†¬† get into now that we’re absolutely stuffed¬† let me show you guys around the lounge bar¬†¬†

Area where the belly dancing is actually going  to take place later on today now this here is   the entrance to the bar I love the mirrors they a  nice touch over in this direction you have a Gym   treadmill elliptical a couch for someone like  me to watch other people workouts and look at  

This yeah while you got the treadmill you got a¬† nice view of denal as well television it’s nice¬†¬† to see what’s over in the other direction oh¬† this here is like a little conference meeting room and then over in this direction is the actual¬† lounge and bar look plenty of nice seating areas¬†¬†

It’s a super cozy place this boat just makes¬† you feel right at home look at those couches¬†¬† later on tonight it’s going to be a show they’re¬† bringing the belly dancers on in here and I love¬†¬†

How yeah it’s just so welcoming right you want to¬† just sit down on each sofa on each chair they got¬†¬† a little dance floor right here it’s truly¬† incredible and then a fully loaded bar with¬†¬† all of your favorite drinks of course alcoholic¬† and non-alcoholic I can’t wait for tonight I’m¬†¬†

So excited I will it’s make sure about that¬† it’s going to be a good time thank you thank¬†¬† you brother the staff on board yes thank you the¬† staff on board are amazing as well make you feel¬†¬†

Right at home all right well now that I gave¬† you guys a a tour of the boats I’ll show you¬†¬† guys actually look there’s all kinds of cruise¬† ships that um work their way down the n i mean¬†¬†

Look at how many are around us so yeah there’s¬† so many different options but um this is the one¬†¬† that I chose do some research you know if you¬† guys like the boat that I’m on then feel free¬†¬†

To book this one I’ll leave the information down¬† below that way you guys don’t have to jump around¬†¬† and read reviews like I did I literally read¬† hundreds of reviews and this was hands down¬†¬†

The ship with the best reviews and I was like I’m¬† going on it so um I’ll leave the links down below¬†¬† that way you guys don’t have to worry about all¬† of that and then back here there’s also some more¬†¬†

Seating area which is nice you can sit down enjoy¬† the views of the river as you’re cruising on back¬†¬† what’s back here oh these are the safety boats¬† you got to have safety boats come on we’ve all¬†¬†

Seen the Titanic all right Chris stop talking¬† about Titanic when you’re on a boat not a good¬†¬† look all right well right now I’m going to get¬† changed and then I think I’m actually going to¬†¬†

Jump onto the Sund deck and go jump in the pool¬† wow look at this sailboat man that’s a huge sell I would love to get on one of those to¬† be honest maybe I’ll go down there and maybe¬†¬†

That’s what I’ll do today maybe I’ll just go¬† on a little river cruise through us one but¬†¬† then again I don’t know I’m feeling a little¬† bit I want to have a chill day you know you¬†¬†

Guys ever get that way when you’re traveling¬† like you you wake up one morning and you just¬†¬† don’t want to do nothing that’s how I feel today¬† especially after entering a super cozy ship it’s¬†¬†

Like why would I want to leave the ship you know¬† all right I’ll catch up with you guys here in a minute just spent a few hours hanging out by¬† the pool man I knocked out on these chairs¬†¬†

Look at the sun it’s starting to go down such¬† a beautiful day here on an island I didn’t get¬†¬† off the ship once man I’m about to get off¬† right now to go buy an iPhone charger but¬†¬†

This is exactly what I needed now I’m actually¬† going to um well while I was having my lunch¬†¬† an Australian family invited me to join their¬† table for dinner so I’ll just grab a couple¬†¬† shots but I won’t talk too much and then of¬† course I’ll record the belly dancing and all¬†¬†

The activities that go on later on on tonight but¬† right now it is tea time on the boats and because¬†¬† there’s only 10 people on the boat all these¬† snacks are mine so you know what we’re going¬†¬†

To take a couple a couple of each n I’m joking¬† just one of these and one of these that should¬†¬† be good but yeah I mean coming on a cruise¬† by yourself has its perks sometimes so I’m¬†¬†

Going to sit down right here I actually don’t¬† want any tea they got tea coffee the gentleman¬†¬† just went downstairs but yeah they got te’s¬† coffees I just um don’t want one right now¬†¬† at the moment because I’m probably going to have¬† a couple whiskey here in a little bit so um yeah

Cheers the food on the boat¬† even the cookies really good I’m excited to set sell because I’ve never been on a boat like this¬† before and I’m curious to see if you¬†¬† can actually like feel feel it going¬† up or down or not or is it like fully

Stable things that I think about you know yeah¬† these are nice all right guys well I’m about to¬†¬† go into town buy an iPhone charger and then¬† I’ll see you guys is down in the lounge for¬†¬† the belly dancing actually it’s dinner before¬† then belly dancing so we just got done with¬†¬†

Our dinner dinner was incredible I actually had¬† me an amazing steak and potatoes with veggies a¬†¬† beautiful chocolate dessert and they brought out¬† all kinds of appetizers now right now we’re on¬†¬† the third floor belly dancing is about to start¬† they got live music man this ship is awesome and¬†¬†

I’ve also just made some incredibly incredible¬† new friends and because our cruise is so small¬†¬† I’ve I’ve gotten to know everybody uh quite well¬† so far now let me show you guys a little bit of¬†¬†

The belly dancing performance and then I think¬† it’s time to call it a night because I got to¬†¬† get some sleep and then tomorrow the cruise is¬† going to start making its way all the way up to [Music] Luxor [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh

Good morning guys so last night we fell asleep  after the belly dancing performance and let me   just tell you guys that was incredible it was  such a fun time they brought out a good team  

They brought us all out on the Dance Floor even  though I had no rhythm you know I still gave gave   it a go and it made for an awesome experience  now this morning I woke up at 6:30 to try and  

Get some footage of the boat mov turns out we had¬† already arrived to our destination I didn’t feel¬†¬† a thing last night so yeah pretty incredible huh I¬† actually like that I want to take more cruises now¬†¬†

Because I like that feeling of just like falling  asleep somewhere and waking up somewhere else but   right now we are in a place called isbat Al bayara  and this place is famous for the komombo temple  

And actually um the other 10 people or the other¬† nine people left this morning on an Excursion and¬†¬† I decided to just stay in I’m relaxing man that’s¬† why I booked this Cruise so this here is breakfast¬†¬† because there’s not many people on board they¬† just brought out a little selection of Breads¬†¬†

And H and salami and cheeses coffee juice and¬† I’m going to enjoy it with this beautiful view¬†¬† and here in a little bit we’ll actually go out¬† and explore and we’ll see if I end up filming¬†¬†

Something or not but I’m super excited to be here¬† we’re going to be here the entire day according to¬†¬† uh the gentleman that brought me my food so uh¬† plenty of time for activities I’ll see exactly¬†¬†

What I get into and I think that’s what I’m going¬† to end up doing right now is just filming a bunch¬†¬† of b-roll over the course of the next two days¬† that way I don’t bore you with breakfast lunch¬†¬†

And dinner but let me just tell you guys if¬† you’re looking to experience a nle cruise man¬†¬† this is the way to do it with the moving pick¬† it’s honestly super incredible and there’s not¬†¬†

One bit of detail that’s missing on this boats¬† all right I’m going to dive on into this I think¬†¬† this is boow cheese oh can’t do that one but um¬† I’ll have a couple of these cheeses um probably¬†¬†

Destroy the bread platter my coffee and then¬† I’ll head on out and start exploring it looks¬†¬† like there’s also another cruise ship in front¬† of us I wonder if there’s one more behind us¬†¬† there probably is but what a beautiful place¬† waking up on the Nile man what a dream come true

All right guys so I made a little bit of a¬† mistake I didn’t look at the itinerary and¬†¬† now we’re selling off it’s 9:00 in the morning I¬† actually did some work on the computer and then¬†¬†

I was like okay I’m going to get off and go see¬† the okum temple I believe it was and I missed it¬†¬† I got out the shower and we were already well on¬† our way so the next up is actually um after lunch¬†¬†

It’s going to be a place called The edu Temple¬† and I’m absolutely going to jump off and explore¬†¬† that now the itinerary for today is well cumbo¬† is where we sell to this morning the temple that¬†¬†

I missed man if you’re on a cruise ship pay¬† attention to the itinerary and the times so I¬†¬† re I read it wrong I thought we were going to be¬† there all day now we are going to I guess there’s¬†¬†

A fire drill at 11:00 lunch on board barbecue  12:30 and then we visit the Ed food Temple at   around 300 p.m. then we got a 2 hours there and  an afternoon tea before we sell to luxur via asna  

So it’s going to be a long day we got an oriental¬† show tonight and then we’re going to be spending¬†¬† overnight in Luxor um so I’ll be seeing you guys¬† at the edu Temple maybe I’ll show you guys what¬†¬†

The lunch is looking like they also have a um¬† cocktail hour today which should be very nice¬†¬† to enjoy especially with a view like this but¬† overall I mean that’s what you come on an aisle¬†¬† cruise for some people get out and explore¬† the temples other others come here to relax¬†¬†

Personally I was on the relax Vibe and so I just¬† saw everybody’s photos about the com uh Ki Temple¬†¬† so man don’t relax on this ship get out and see¬† everything God hopefully I get the chance to do¬†¬†

This again all right I’ll see you guys at the edu¬† Temple we should be there in about um I think 2 3¬†¬† hours according to the itinerary and look at the¬† look at the views guys I mean this is stunning¬†¬†

So today we got pretty much a whole day sailing¬† besides those two stops so it’s nice that we get¬†¬† to admire all the different views of the n look at¬† this boat getting pulled by a tugboat it’s truly

Incredible yeah let me know if you guys want  to see more cruise videos around the world   I definitely want to go on some some like crazy  cruise ships now because you know this is a small  

Little introductory cruise but I’d love to go and¬† do like yeah one of those like 14 days across the¬†¬† Mediterranean or across the Caribbean I¬† think that’d be awesome yeah look at the tugboat so we just arrived in a town called edu¬† and man lunch was incredible they had a¬†¬†

Wide selection of all kinds of great items on¬† the menu we had lasagna turkey it was great but¬†¬† now I am in edfu and yeah I don’t really¬† know what we’re going to do here in this¬†¬† part of the city there is a famous temple¬† but to be honest with you guys yesterday¬†¬†

In Aswan I tried walking around to ATMs and I¬† couldn’t find one with any cash in it so I have¬†¬† no cash on me the plan is to find an ATM and¬† then we’ll try and make it to the edu Temple¬†¬†

Because I definitely want to see that place I¬† saw it on Google Maps and it looks incredible¬†¬† but this town man looks very interesting a lot¬† different than every other place I’ve been to¬†¬† this trip maybe because well it’s location in¬† the middle of the Nile there’s not really any¬†¬†

Other big cities around here but yeah a lot of¬† people come here for the Edo Temple and the edu¬†¬† pyramid which both look very very interesting¬† there’s also a lot of Tuk tuugs here in this area a lot of the tourists are already on their¬† carriages and heading towards those areas I would¬†¬†

Have hopped on one as well but I have no cash¬† so I’ll put the camera down I’ll look for an ATM¬†¬† and then yeah we’ll see we’ll see what happens¬† if we actually make it to the temple or not we¬†¬†

Got 2 hours here so should be plenty of time¬† for activities well now let’s start venturing¬†¬† off inside of the temple I showed you guys the¬† outside let’s head on in and wow look at all the¬†¬† vibrant colors on the front you can imagine¬† this whole facade of this Temple once was a¬†¬†

Mixture of Reds blues and yellows we made it back¬† to the boat and I haven’t actually showed you the¬†¬† boat from the outside so let me give you guys¬† a little look this here is the the moven pick¬†¬†

Sunray that we’ve been cruising on how amazing is¬† it it’s a beautiful boat four floors my room’s on¬†¬† the third floor yeah that one that you can see¬† right there with the curved Windows that’s where¬†¬†

The lounge is it’s a beauty of a ship right¬† and I find it quite impressive that we have¬†¬† such a large team on board and there’s only 10¬† of us on board I love it though I wouldn’t try I¬†¬†

I I think I made the best decision on choosing  this ship this morning we arrived here to the   beautiful city of Luxor and let me just tell you  guys waking up on the N is just a dream come true  

Now this here is the West Bank of Luxor the East¬† Bank is where we are now and the Valley of the¬†¬† Kings is actually out there onto the distance¬† now once you’re here you can actually head off¬†¬†

On many different excursions you can go to the¬† Valley of the Queens the Valley of the Kings to¬†¬† Cara there’s an abundance of things you can do¬† look at the local fishermen out on the Nile this¬†¬†

Morning it is beautiful out here but this here¬† is where this video is going to come to an end¬†¬† now we’re actually parked here all day we’re¬† sleeping here tonight then waking up again to¬†¬† this beautiful view so I hope you guys enjoyed¬† the beautiful Nile Cruise last nights I had an¬†¬†

Enjoyable time the dinner was incredible the¬† food on this ship is just met be met all of my¬†¬† expectations actually beyond my expectations and¬† honestly I don’t think there’s another brand of¬†¬†

A cruise that can do what the moven pick has done  here um on the N River so if you want to come on   out here and enjoy a n river cruise from Aswan  to Luxor from Luxor to Aswan then the moven pick  

Boat is definitely a great option for you and your¬† family now right now I’m actually going to put the¬†¬† camera down I’m going to head off into the Valley¬† of the Kings but that video is going to be half¬†¬†

Or that video is gonna have to be its own video¬† because come on the Valley of the Kings is such¬†¬† a special place and it’s a dream destination¬† for many so I hope you enjoyed this video for¬†¬†

Now I’ll let you guys go and I’ll see you again¬† soon for another video from here in Egypt later guys I was the one to take love I remember¬† how we started do realize what my Supply

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