A Large Immigrant Community Under Construction Near Houston – Video

A Large Immigrant Community Under Construction Near Houston – Video

Welcome to Colony Ridge, a massive housing development being built just 30 minutes outside of Houston, Texas. This sprawling community, known as “Texico” to some locals, is marketed toward Mexicans living in the United States. The development has been a topic of controversy, with some people calling it a giant illegal alien compound.

The development is being marketed as a Utopia in the USA, with land being sold to individuals who can then bring in mobile homes or build their own houses. The developers behind Colony Ridge have been actively promoting their project to people in Mexico and on social media. The community is growing rapidly, with new lots being sold each week and ample room for expansion. However, not everyone is happy about the development. Some people have expressed concerns that the developers are preying on poor migrants, while others have reported high interest rates leading to foreclosures and other setbacks for the residents.

As I traveled through the area, I encountered a vibrant community with many residents from Mexico. Spanish was the predominant language spoken, and I observed numerous yard sales hosted by residents. However, communication was challenging, as many of the residents did not speak English.

The community has received attention from the media and lawmakers, with reports speculating that it could become the largest illegal immigrant settlement in the nation. The governor of Florida even called out the state of Texas for allowing the development to house thousands of illegal immigrants.

Colony Ridge is a unique and controversial place, raising questions about immigration, housing, and community development in the United States. It’s a fascinating and complex topic that continues to spark debate and discussion.

Watch the video by Nick Johnson

This is cool I like this yeah this was me going undercover in an illegal Market no this isn’t Mexico it’s 30 minutes from Houston Texas did you know there’s a place outside of Houston that’s been called a giant illegal alien compound if it’s true it’s called Colony

Ridge and they say one day this place could become an entire city Colony Ridge is this sprawling housing community being marketed to Mexicans and well they got the memo they’re coming here by the thousands it’s very controversial and it’s one of the strangest worlds I’ve ever visited on my

Adventures and here’s the thing nobody in Houston even knows about it yet around over here hey little chicken welcome to Texico it was about 9: in the morning and I was at a taco stand in Liberty County Texas now I’ve had my share of Mexican

Food up to this point on my Lone Star Adventure I’d been to the food trucks in Austin had fish tacos by the water but I did not think I’d be eating in a peculiar place like this that morning outside of Houston so where in the Texas are we

Anyways we’re here we’re about 45 minutes away from the the fourth biggest metro area in the US we’re in Colony Ridge in Liberty County and technically within the borders of a place called plumgrove Texas Colony Ridge is his vast unincorporated subdivision carved out of what was once a soggy forested patch of

No Man’s Land it’s not very desirable out here that’s why all these people are out here this place is growing so fast that most of the roads I was on hadn’t even been mapped out by Google yet but here’s the latest satellite view you can see just how fast all this is

Being built and there is a lot of room to expand so why is this place so controversial I’ll tell you as I begin my day at the taco place hey what’s going on what’s up man you’re almost done huh yeah somebody’s fixing up their home you see a lot of that out

Here when I first got to the taco stand that morning my only real desire was to well get some tacos I just got to Colony Ridge and the first road I turned down happened to have this old tacos stand in a dirt lot I was like well I better eat

Cuz I don’t know when I’ll see this again today what was sure wrong about that as I ate I looked around and I was like this place kind of looks like Mexico well that’s because almost everyone in here is from Mexico as soon as I got my tacos I set

Out and headed into the woods now all over this area the’re ripping out trees and they’re turning him into Lots sure enough within 10 minutes I came across a billboard that that I had heard so much about tanos Houston the masterminds behind the development call it tanos Houston online

That means Houston land in Spanish for years they’ve been promoting this development to people in Mexico and on social media here’s our website it’s all in Spanish and the marketing materials they say things like own land in the USA stop renting no money down no credit check

Bring your mobile home or build your own home and enjoy a Same Day barbecue welcome to America but they aren’t sold houses they’re sold land and then it’s up to them to build on the land the latest offer was two adjacent lots for $65,000 with nothing on

Them they’re promoting this as some too good to be true Utopia in the USA and everyone in Mexico knows about this place that’s where you get your trailer it’s fire your land and then get your trailer for 569 or you get a giant one for

789 you got to hand it to him it was kind of Genius somebody saw a bunch of cheap crummy land outside of Houston and thought you know what we can get that at a bargain and carve out 50,000 lots and Hawk them off to a bunch of Mexicans

Well there’s a bunch of people in this part of Texas who do not like this place here people have said whoever’s building this community is praying on poor migrants other people say that they give these migrants hope with cheap housing but then they’re faced with high

Interest rates so a lot of these people just lose their homes to foreclosure anyway and then Colony Ridge buys the place back up and sells it to somebody else there’s a bunch of pissed-off Latino families who came here and wound up leaving because of one setback or

Another the poers never turned on the area floods they just feel duped this has all been reported on the internet the New York Post talked to one woman who told him she put down $39,000 on a property only to find out there was a mysterious $7 million lean on on the

Place what that’s not the American dream look at all this land everywhere they have all these streets that basically just go nowhere look at the it’s just going to be this huge oh there’s a cop actually state trooper some people have a little bit of land cheap land put a trailer

Down then hopefully build a house on it but look at all this land that they’re going to be building on out here so I was driving around and I saw a bunch of people selling stuff I think I saw 20 yards sales driving around I stopped at a few to see if I

Could figure out who these people are and where they came from and how long they’ve been here but hardly anyone spoke English all right this lady has a garage sale I’m going to see if I can communicate with her you live here yes okayo okay tried to ask her how long she’s

Been here and what’s going on and and no engl I mean you got halfway built houses next to trailers way out here in the middle of nowhere just very very odd to see this we’ve got people literally just squatting out here in the middle of the Texas shrub land farm Marsh whatever this

Is unbelievable what is happening this does not feel like just outside of Houston Texas some people are calling this the largest illegal immigrant settlement in the nation and it’s getting bigger every day right now they think there’s 50 to 75,000 people out in this part of Texas

But no one really knows and there’s ‘s room for 200,000 yeah news media speculating this place could become that big the company says they’re selling 250 New Lots a week my my my and no one knows exactly who these people are it’s assumed that most of these people are immigrants straight across the

Border some have speculate that there’s drug cartels living in here well the governor of Florida took notice and he called the state of Texas out for allowing this on Twitter he wrote How have we gotten to a point in this country we’re permitting and facilitating sprawling developments to house thousands of illegal immigrants

Who have broken our nation’s laws our national sovereignty is at stake damn just down the road there was another garage sale I did my best innocent Gringo thing to no avail it’s okay do you have shirt like shirts like long sleeve cowboy BTO shirts B yeah like cowboy with the button

No do you got do you guys live here yeah yeah yeah yeah suasa quantos quantos anos three years three years okay do you like it here oh yeah yeah okay all right that’s good it’s good yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s it’s hot it’s not so hot yeah beautiful yeah yeah all

Right don’t they uh what did you guys where did you guys move from Mexico yes oh good finish why is it finished the the the oh the water’s no good no oh okay some people have started to call this place a Colonia that’s what they call dilapidated communities that are down by

The Mexico border where the new arrivals from Mexico buy cheap land and try to make a go of it I did a whole other video just on the Colonius there’s very little police presence here right now one guy wrote a book about the Border crisis and in the

Book he said that there’s cartels that have invested in this place they set up safe houses for human and drug smuggling operations that’s scary the Texas governor Greg Abbott says he’s concerned about Colony Ridge and the Texas lieutenant governor says he’s shocked about what’s happening here

He said we can’t have entire cities of people who are here illegally basically no law enforcement and in some cases I’m told no running water it’s a very dangerous place to be this is not what America was built on this massive complex of people here illegally creating their own city north of Houston

It’s just unacceptable crime is up arrests are up in here they’re finding dead bodies out here this place is growing so fast it’s putting a strain on the services in the area like the firefighters and cops cannot keep up the County’s been overwhelmed with calls about substandard housing the roads are falling apart

Because of all the new traffic the schools are bursting with kids who don’t speak English there’s been reports of tens of thousands of gallons of Wastewater and sewage contaminating the area God this is some of the stuff people are complaining about I mean look at that these filthy stinky water pits out

Here one day we’re all going to live like this that’s our agenda whose agenda you don’t know about the conspiracy to take over the world and make us all poppers oh yes the agenda I think I’ve seen that on Facebook a few times before

Mappy but if they get rid of all of us then who’s going to work for them I haven’t figured that out yet that’s how it is out here you just kind of make a go of it it’s pretty random out here it’s like the wild west some places have no water or

Electricity and clearly there’s a lot of people living in trailers and some houses are completely finished look like something you’d see in a normal Housing Development like this right here these people are clearly further ahead than others out here there’s entire streets where somebody’s put up a nice house and a yard and

Everything I wonder what the difference was from these people the ones with the trailers or bare land did these people have more money were they further along are they even Mexicans do you have any hats for sale what yeah no do you speak English yeah okay and then I finally found somebody

Who lives here that I could communicate with so I pulled over okay cuz a lot of people here are from Mexico right well most of the people are from Mexico Salvador Honduras um you can see people different kind of C why why do they like to come here to be

Honest I I like the pie like right now you see how pie it is yes I can fall asleep right there in my hammer like that baby look yeah that’s what I like yeah so peaceful so quiet so clean yeah that’s that I like the way that’s sulma she

Lives in a beat up trailer in the middle of what used to be forest and farmland she’s only been here 9 months now and she said this place is blown up all around her you know people people watch the TV there were a lot of promotions and they were cheaper like just getting

Your proper land for $50 month the one started like 10 years ago cuz I got mine 10 years ago yeah they say in the TV you with $50 a month you already have your property suam is one of tens of thousands of newly arrived Hispanics that came out here just trying to figure

It out and despite all the setbacks I think a lot of them are just happy to be here they’re getting loans that they normally wouldn’t be able to get they’re getting a house when so many Americans can’t afford a house some of the people that come here

Want jobs some want safety some just want good leadership although I don’t know if you can call anyone in charge here a good leader anymore but I think I know how they’ll vote look at all the home signs everywhere there you go they’re marking into Hispanics free public

School I’m telling you this place is blown up there’s promotions all over this development you drive around and you see these handwritten signs for land and property I don’t know who’s selling the land and if it’s even legit out here it’s like the wild west so we got for rent we

Got buy your own land from $100 square foot call just putting homes in everywhere if you ain’t got a home you got a trailer but you can see the extent of this place what it’s going to be one Day incredible and this is just one little teeny part there’s construction going on everywhere here I mean this place is booming look at this they’re just plopping down they got some Land just put a trailer down and try to build around it this address Tortuga Circle there’s the other one 20527 Tortuga Circle and then you have these dirt roads one day that’s going to all be cleared and then there’ll be trailers on it 200 250,000 people are going to live out here

Now I saw this all over when I was here there were a lot of places that were maybe legal maybe not that were selling food and booze and clothes in the afternoon I came across that market I showed you earlier now this was when things started to get

Interesting at this point people were like who is this green go driving around with the camera I think they thought I was border patrol or some kind of County Inspector so they let me take pictures when I went in here this is cool I like this

Yeah the whole thing looked like it had been thrown together in an afternoon a little Underground Market on the side of the road then a block away I drove past a makeshift bar that somebody had on their dirt lot I was like what is going on here people are just building Shanty Shacks

Hawking $5 cesas a stranger in my own land if I were a border agent no one would get in the USA well no one knows if these people are illegal or not Mappy some of them might be mexican-americans that’s the point we don’t know but I do know Mexico

Is taking Texas back Mappy you can’t say that on YouTube tube there were many many many places to get Mexican food out here now I don’t know if they were legit or not but it all smelled wonderful there’s more Taco stands here than I’ve ever seen they even had them in the wasara

Parking lots just piecing together house bit by bit just put a house down where you can they bought that lot and just threw a house down and hoping to get a permanent house one day if they don’t get foreclosed on and is like this up and down entire area

Kind of a mix of you got new houses like this that are kind of up and coming and then you got trailers on the other side of the street got these Lots just like this they probably sold that to somebody or they’re going too soon and then there’ll be a tra on

That all over are sounds of construction and Mexican music look at these people just fixing up their House God and it just goes on and on and on down this dirt road [Applause] hey guys that’ll probably one day be a street there’ll be some trailers on it undoubtedly this is all so new I saw dudes handing out AT&T internet service cards I saw lots of people burning their

Trash so I didn’t think there was even trash service here until I saw the trash man drive by there he goes there’s the trash service some guy it’s so peaceful I don’t have no problem with nobody I don’t hear no music loud not B bang like they

Nothing and she basically said that a lot of people are coming up here because it’s quiet and it’s cheap and they’re all coming up not just Mexico but all the South of the Border countries and she is frustrated because she’s not allowed to do what she wants on her own

Property and she’s like when I first came here there was nobody out here and now there’s trailers everywhere I get you Suma I get it the new generation of homesteaders back in the late 1800s our nation was founded on land grabs just stake a claim on the wide open USA and

You can make a life for yourself out there say what you want about what I’ve just showed you but this is exactly how our forefathers made a go of it here they came to the country as immigrants and went West it’s just the same thing except now they’re heading

North newly arrived Latinos haven’t had an easy Pathway to buy a home in the US especially the migrants who just got here but this could change everything and all of this is just a half hour outside the fourth biggest city in the country the bigger question is is this

The future of the United States you can look at this how you want to I’m not saying any of this is bad but it sure is controversial and it sure is strange they say for every one white person that moves to Texas 11 Hispanics come it’s pretty clear the demographics of our

Country are changing I don’t think a lot of people care what race or what country people come from but the way this community is going down right under our noses showed me how little I actually know about our country’s future and that troubled me are you looking to move and need advice

I do Consulting that’s right I’ll sit down and talk about where the next perfect place for you and your family should be I do it all the time together let’s find you a new home that safe and checks all your boxes and I can also help you find your new house too email

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