A Week of Productivity and New Goals in NYC: Exploring Events and City Life – Video

A Week of Productivity and New Goals in NYC: Exploring Events and City Life – Video

In this week in my life vlog in NYC, Elena Taber takes us through her daily routines, events, and new goals she has set for herself. From getting ready for Valentine’s Day to moving to Paris, Elena shares her thoughts and experiences with her viewers. She talks about her decision to become a glass half full kind of person and how it has had a positive impact on her life.

Throughout the week, Elena attends events, goes on dates, and even finds time to work on her French language skills. She shares her perspective on choosing luxuries that add value to your life and the importance of budgeting wisely. Elena also takes us through her outfit choices for events and gives us a glimpse into her social life in NYC.

Overall, this vlog gives viewers a look into Elena’s life in the city, her new goals, and the exciting changes that are coming her way. Whether she’s getting ready for a night out or reflecting on her experiences, Elena’s vlog is a mix of productivity, fun, and growth. So, join Elena on her journey through NYC and get inspired to set new goals, experience new events, and make the most of life in the city.

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Video Transcript

[Applause] hi hello I’m back in New York I have not been here for the better part of the last I think 4 months which is wild so I’m so happy to be back in my room in my bed with my people and my routines and the whole

And I’m not here for very long which I’m going to explain later in the video so just stay tuned Big Life updates I feel like I always say that but like this is actually a big one anyways okay today’s Valentine’s Day so why I’ve done my

Makeup it looks a little crazy in this lighting but we’re going to hope for the best Happy Valentine’s Day toone Out There whether you’ve got a love or not sending you love and I was thinking about it earlier and I was like I spent most of my valentin’s single I was in a

Relationship with two of them and I was in like a situ situationship for like one and a half of the other one anyways I really come to enjoy Valentine’s Day whether I have like a romantic partner or not because in the last year or two

Have gone out of my way with friends to like make it good instead of having one Valentine’s Day I actually have five hot dates stay tuned um I’m a lucky girl you could say and we’re not messing around we’re like we’re going to make this year

A good one and we made a really good reservation like 3 weeks ago at Dante I have a dress that I just haven’t had a reason to like wear yet which I’m excited so we’re all going to get dressed up and have like a really lovely little Chic Martini cozy West Village

Restaurant night out which I’m very excited about so on that note I need to finish getting ready to put on my dress yeah come along Maury necklace the rot and bow dress the ref Boots the Amy purse get in here this is my sexy roommate wearing for l l these are and Other

Stories there’s our boy date number one date number two hi Hello it’s time for me to stra got to help me find I Vlog and my eyes look down My Hello good morning we’re back baby how you doing Happy post Valentine’s Day um yesterday was cute it’s time for breakfast I had French class this morning for the first time in like 3 months I completely fallen off the bandwagon don’t take me as your inspiration for language learning because I am hot and

Cold New York no let’s make breakfast together I’m making what I make literally every morning aay avocado toast and eggs Life Update I’m moving actually this time I didn’t expect to really piss so many people off by saying I was moving when I hadn’t yet moved out of my apartment but I actually

Am moving I’m moving out of this apartment which is very Bittersweet I have like a ton of mixed emotions going to put a lot of stuff into storage I’m fully moving out I’m selling most of my belongings and I’m not going to have an apartment in New York and I’m going to Paris

So oh God I’m really excited I think this is going to be a very exciting new chapter of life it’s bittersweet I’ve Loved this apartment this apartment’s probably held my years of the most growth I’ve undergone I’ve like come into my own while living here I met some

Of my favorite people I moved here I think I was like 23 I was in a long-term relationship I didn’t know as many people in New York and just like i’ just I become me in this place I’m like very Bittersweet about up I said this in past

Video so it’s kind of a continuation but I feel like time has come to do that thing that has always kind of scared me but intrigued me life is only going to get busier and crazyer and I feel like this is the year to try something new I

Have this apartment for another month over take then I have to move out and I’m going to be living in the 18th in Paris that’s big update and to everyone who said you’re not moving I am moving I just need a second okay y’all with all

Of that in mind I’m very excited to have a very full next month and a half here in New York I want to do all the things I want to soak up all the experiences I want to go out I want to go to museums I

Want to go to events I just want to do the most and fully appreciate New York for all the beauty that it holds I’m excited I’m scared I’m excited I’m feeling hopeful I’m finally getting back on track with French the angle I’m not play that it’s easily the most important thing in

My spice cabin jumbo te oh side note nutriful I’ve now been using it for about 5 months and I can actually confirm this stuff works I went to my hair stylist to get my haircut and she was like I can see there’s all this damage down here but she’s like your new

Growth looks so healthy and something like nutriful it can’t necessarily affect your older your older hair but it improves the hair health of what growing in and So no thanks hello decided should go on a little hot CR walk and get a little coffee I should have vlogged it look how I I’m barely Alive I was on my way to go to the park and have a cup of coffee and as I walked into 9th Street espresso I saw Taylor Bell who if you don’t follow your videos you should she’s a really cool YouTuber so I just had a lovely little like

Hourlong coffee ketchup with Taylor which was so nice to have it’s always fun running into like friends in the area it just makes a big city feel more smaller honestly I’ve been getting so nostalgic about leaving New York feel like my like love for New York is being

Like reinvigorated which is not good cuz I’m leaving anyways either way it’s time to work let’s go Only run straight through to the end close the chapter dignified Dam girl you did it again my filming place I’m not going to have for that much longer I’m me getting nostalgic over literally every little thing now okay so I was looking through some of my New Year’s resolutions it’s

Good to like re remind yourself what some of your goals were as you like start to just you know get into the routine of a new year and it’s cheesy but hear me out it’s really been a game changer for the last 2 months my goal

For this year was to become a glass half full kind of person I think I used to be that way like back in college and living in Southern California I was just like healthy and happy all the time life was easy my biggest problems were just like

Studying for like a calculus test or doing a really difficult like accounting exam besides that my emotional state was like generally like happy healthy person which I’m really grateful for to have been able to experience that for like such a big season of life I think as you

Get older I think it’s very easy to like follow trapped to focusing on different elements of your life and I found myself kind of becoming a glass half empty person again back to the cheesy clunes and focusing so much more on like what I

Lacked what I wish I had in my life what I was unsure about what I was confused about started feeling like I was becoming just like a little bit more of a negative person in conversations with friends or the way I would be journaling or whatever the case was I’m very

Capable of changing this and therefore I should work to reframe my mindset because because truly like our thoughts have so much power over our General Health and well-being and like my life is beautiful like sure I’m one to say this but I do think no matter what place

You are in your life take this with great off don’t come for me the perspective you try to take and the way you try to frame your way of thinking can drastically change how you feel day in day out like for a lot of people of

My age like apathy is cool and you bring it back just like cheesy seeing the bright side of things allowing ourselves to geek out over things get excited over things like not having to be too cool is this hitting the Right audience I don’t know maybe this will make sense to

Some of you hopefully and maybe this is something too that you experience more in like Urban settings I don’t know anyways that’s my like very basic but powerful new frame of mind and way I’m trying to walk into this year and experience the es and the flows of this

Year so that’s enough of that chitchat um I have a little bit of work to do classic back at my good old desk set up we love her and I’m just going to be working the next few hours not very exciting but I have fun event and then I

Have a little date after that I’ve been going on some dates putting myself back out there baby another 2024 goal okay I got to work hello how we doing um I have an event tonight with for love and lemons and DOL a host of by my friend Talia I’m

Super excited cuz they sent me two dresses to try out and we need to figure this out together about what I’m going to wear cuz I need to leave quite soon so let’s try them on we I think this is fun I feel like I never dressed like this feminine but

It’s kind of fun I feel like I’m like cosplaying I guess that’s the whole point of dressing up but with such a high like waistline and this like flouncy skirt it’s so like they pockets shut up oh my god oh I’m stoked I cut out this ribbon

And I feel like this would be so cute tied it around my neck okay I feel like this is giving bow tie not coet core so maybe we just turn that around like that’s more like it and some jewelry and of course these little cutie dolta Vita heels complet the look wait I

Feel like this is so cute and fun and a little bit different we maybe the Char Sone Co look who am I right now I don’t recognize her I guess that’s the fun part about clothes is you can just like step into a completely different identity why not okay let’s go have dinner O it’s cold I expected if you live in a city you understand this having to dress in your outfit for the day cuz you have to keep whatever you need on your back all day so off to Equinox that was not smooth back from the gym and got ready and I think I’m going to go to L house to work I’ve talked about this in finance videos but never really a vlog before I was enjoying my bougie gym I go to Equinox it’s bougie I get it

But it just reminded me the concept of like choosing your luxuries and picking and choosing what is worth spending a little extra on to make your life better like each week and I feel like for someone like me one of my luxuries would be like having a nice gym I

Actively like look forward to going I like like being there and spending time there I don’t dread it because it just feels like a good environment there’s great people watching there’s a lot of cuties out there like equipment’s really nice it’s just like a well structured building the showers are amazing I’m

Talking about it because I think I used to feel guilty about spending money on certain things now I realize how important it is to choose the things to spend money on that will make your life easier and like truly add value even it feels like a bit Superfluous of like

What you need per se but like don’t choose all luxuries choose your luxuries and I feel like this concept is helpful for anyone that kind of swings the pendium a bit too far and is either a big spender or is super Thrifty like for example my sister she’s a gr student

She’s not working and making much money like her luxury would be like paying for like the fold and delivered laundry living here in the city instead of having to wait in the laundry M for like 2 hours for the whole process and it kind of depends on like where you’re at

Financially figur it’s kind of just a helpful concept for anyone out there who’s trying to get a little bit better with their budgeting and finances on that note it’s time time to go work Know I was talking about luxuries earlier and you pick and choose but ones that are important to you one that I give up for luxury Ubers you bet your ass I’m going to bike myself home in the rain to save money onu

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