Actor Steve Buscemi, known for supporting Biden, assaulted in NYC – Video

Actor Steve Buscemi, known for supporting Biden, assaulted in NYC – Video

In a shocking turn of events, actor Steve Buscemi, a vocal supporter of President Joe Biden, was assaulted in broad daylight in New York City by a man who randomly punched him in the face. The incident took place on Third Avenue, leaving Buscemi with bruising, swelling, and bleeding to his left eye. Despite the physical harm, Buscemi’s publicist reassured fans that he will be okay and appreciates all the well-wishes he has received.

This attack on Buscemi adds to a string of violent crimes in the city, with other victims coming forward to share their stories of being assaulted on the streets of New York. The NYPD is actively seeking the suspect responsible for the attack on Buscemi, as well as offering rewards for information on other assault cases in the city.

As the nation continues to grapple with ongoing challenges, including a pandemic, economic struggles, and political unrest, incidents like these serve as a stark reminder of the need for safety and unity in our communities.

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