Actors, Actress Who Died Today 31st March 2024 – Passed Away Today – Video

Actors, Actress Who Died Today 31st March 2024 – Passed Away Today – Video

We have sharing the latest news about today’s deaths. Actors and actresses who died today on 31st March 2024.

Passed Away Today
Maria Richwine
Jennifer Leak
Víctor Legrotaglie
Tim McGovern
Chance Perdomo
Géza Tordy
James A. Moore
Christian Rodska

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Video Transcript

Christian rodska he was an English actor who appeared in many television and radio series and narrated a number of audio books including Sir Winston Churchill’s Nobel prize winning the Second World War he is perhaps best known for his regular role as Ron striker in 1970 series Folly foot rodska

Began acting professionally in the late 1960s and got his first big break when he was chosen to appear in fall ofoot in 2004 Roda guest starred in The Doctor Who audiio drama Faith Steeler he continued to act on television recently appearing on Doc Martin and as di Dennis

Carter in the BBC’s 55° North his birth birth year is September 1945 he died from cancer died on 21st of March 2024 at the age of 78 James a Moore he was an American Horror novelist and short story writer and role-playing game Author Moore wrote the novelization of Buffy the Vampire

Slayer chaos bleeds many of his books have been released by small press Publishers like Earthling and Cemetery Dance AS has signed hard cover limited editions he was born on September 1965 he died on 27th of March 2024 at the age of 58 Gaza toi he was a Hungarian actor director meritorious and excellent

Artist he was awarded the title of actor of the nation winner of the kasu prize and two time Mari jasi prize permanent member of the Society of the Immortals he started his career in 1956 from 1959 he became a member of the Hungarian People’s Army theater and the

Comedy theater from 1985 he was the director and then from 1988 to 1990 the chief director of the pedify theater in bestm he worked in the Productions of Ida vereni istvan comr and istvan horv for 2 years his birth date is May 1938 he died on 30th of March 2024 at the age

Of 85 chance Pomo he was a British and American actor born in Los Angeles and raised in Southampton England he earned a British Academy television award nomination for his performance in the BBC 3 film killed by my debt 2018 he gained further prominence through his roles as Ambrose Felman in

The Netflix series chilling Adventures of Sabrina 2018 and Andre Anderson in the first season of the Amazon Prime series gen V 2023 promo made his television debut with a recurring role as Henry Goodall in the third series of the CBBC adaptation of hey feather which aired in

2017 promo made his feature film debut as Landon Gibson and after we fell 2021 the third installment of the after film series he voiced snork in the third season of finished television series M belly his birth date is October October 1996 he died on 29th of March 2024 at

The age of 27 died in a motorcycle accident Tim McGovern he was an American visual effects artist he won a special achievement Academy Award in the category best visual effects for the film Total Recall he was best known for first man 2018 dunker 2017 and Total Recall 19 9 he was born

On June 24th 1955 he died on 30th of March 2024 at the age of 68 no cause of death was Given Victor LLY he was an Argentine football player and Coach he played as a midfielder and was the fourth highest scorer from free kicks LLY began his professional career in gymnastics and fencing of Mendoza in 195 3 where he became the institution’s greatest star in 1959 he moved to chakita Juniors

Where he won a second division National Championship he returned to Mendoza in the mid 1960s 3 years later he played for Argentino de Mendoza his birth date is May 1937 he died in Mendoza on 30th of March 2024 at the age of 86 Jennifer leak she was a Canadian Ian

Film and television actress best known for her role as Colleen North in the 1968 film Yours Mine and Ours she began her career in Canada at the age of 17 after she appeared in the Mike Nichols directed pilot of the Canadian television series wjuk leak played the role of olive Springer Gordon Randolph

In the soap opera another world 1976 and blanch Bouvier and Guiding Light 1981 she was born on September 28th 1947 she died on 18th of March 2024 at the age of 76 Maria Richwine she was a colombian-born American actress who was also the first Latina Playboy Bunny her

First film role was as Buddy Holly’s wife Maria in The 1978 biopic movie The Buddy Holly Story her performance received positive reviews she was born on June 1952 she died on 12th of March 2024 at the age of 71

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