Analyzing a Horse for Parasites | Amazing Dr. Pol – Documentary

Analyzing a Horse for Parasites | Amazing Dr. Pol – Documentary

In the latest episode of Incredible Dr. Pol, the team is called out to examine a horse named Magic who has been showing signs of lameness under the saddle. Concerned about his well-being, Magic’s owner calls in Dr. Brenda to assess his condition and ensure that whatever is going on is not aggravated by continued riding.

Dr. Brenda immediately begins her examination, testing for weakness and instability in Magic’s hind end. She expresses concerns about the possibility of Equine Protozoal Myelitis (EPM), a potentially devastating condition caused by a parasite that can lead to neurological symptoms and weakness in the hind end.

However, after a thorough examination, it becomes clear that Magic does not exhibit the symptoms typically associated with EPM. Instead, Dr. Brenda determines that his behavior under the saddle may be more of a personality trait than a medical condition. Magic seems to have a stubborn streak and may be using his behavior as a way to avoid work.

Relieved that Magic’s condition is not more serious, his owner is grateful for the reassurance that he is simply a bit of a Prima Donna and not suffering from a debilitating illness. As the episode concludes, the team reminds viewers that sometimes, a horse’s behavior can be just as challenging to treat as a medical condition, and that professional training may be the best solution for behavioral issues.

Video “Examining a Horse for Parasites | Incredible Dr. Pol” was uploaded on 03/28/2022 by Nat Geo WILD Youtube channel.