Animal Fight Night: The Betrayal in the Animal Kingdom – Documentary

Animal Fight Night: The Betrayal in the Animal Kingdom – Documentary

Betrayal in the Animal Kingdom (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night

In the animal kingdom, survival often comes down to a brutal fight for food, territory, and the right to reproduce. In the full episode of Animal Fight Night titled “Betrayal in the Animal Kingdom,” viewers are taken on a journey across Earth’s diverse continents to witness some of the most intense battles in nature.

From the iconic lions of Africa’s plains to the massive Alaskan moose, each animal fights tooth and claw to ensure their bloodline continues. The episode also explores the deadly encounters between saltwater crocodiles in Northern Australia and the Japanese giant hornets in the mountain forests of Japan.

Through stunning visuals and expert commentary, viewers are given a front-row seat to the savage world of animal combat. From the tactics used by lion brothers to take over a pride to the deadly death roll of a saltwater crocodile, each fight is a testament to the raw power and ferocity of nature. “Betrayal in the Animal Kingdom” is a gripping and educational look at the harsh reality of survival in the wild.

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Video Transcript

Earth’s diverse continents home to millions of species of animals who clash in Nature’s Savage Battle of survival but what happens when these terrestrial Titans turn against each other animals fight tooth and Claw to win food territory and rights to the bloodline from The Plains of Africa to the swamps

Of Australia there are no rules this is Animal Fight Night Africa’s Plains home to one of the largest of all the feline Predators the lion up to 11 ft long and 600 lb of sheer power they need 10,000 calories a day to survive nearly five times more than a

Human they’re the only big cats to live in social groups a male lion chances of survival are much higher inside a pride but when lion kings Collide it’s The Clash of the Titans young adult Brothers prow the Savannah their thick dark mans signal their high levels of testosterone they want to establish a

Bloodline the plan simple take another Lion’s Pride by force 85% of young cubs are killed after a pride regime change so first the Hostile takeover team has to get past the females the Queen’s back off Cubs in mouth it’s time for reinforcements the king’s here to take up the

Fight 10 years old he’s Ruled The Pride for almost 2 years repelling Invaders is all part of the job he sizes up his opponents their first strategic move prevent him using his weapons against them attack from both ends and pin him to the ground their power is concentrated in

Their stronger front limbs muscle makes up 59% of a line Lion’s entire body weight the highest percentage of any mammal 18 1 and 1/2 in claws hook into his hide preventing Escape lock down the king can’t launch a Counterattack the brother’s next move aiming 8 2-in canines at his exposed neck and back

Their bone crushing bite exerts a pressure of 1,000 lb per square in their huge jaw muscles are attached to a raised Ridge of bone on the top of their skull giving them added crunch power their front canines are perfectly spaced so they can slip between the cervical vertebrae and sever a spinal

Cord the king’s helpless the brothers go in for the definitive move dangerously close to the crown jewels they lacerate his flank and rum the king is left to live but is lame and helpless his time as a pride leader is over he leaves to lick his wounds in

Private the brothers have seized the keys to the kingdom and a chance to Father the next batch of Savannah Fighters now they can lie back and get to know all their new mates but surprisingly some fights are even deadlier the subarctic forests of Alaska the Alaskan moose the biggest animal in North

America near nearly 7 ft tall and clocking in around 1,800 lb it’s September The Mating Season this 7-year-old Bulls in his prime his antlers act as a huge satellite dish directing far away sound to his ears he can hear a cow’s mating call from 2 miles away and wants to check out the

Action the problem is he’s not the only one to respond but as far as he’s concerned he got there first it’s a full-on face off to see who’s got the biggest antlers one side of these would normally scare a smaller opponent they are evenly matched it’s tough to

Call they tried to intimidate each Other after a couple of minutes of psychological warfare it’s time to get physical 3,600 lb of bone and muscle slam into each other their antlers lock into a bone jarring grip they reach 6 ft wide the largest of any animal and weigh around 50 lbs moose handlers regenerate each year

They can grow at a rate of 5 1/2 in a week antler bone is six times harder to break than human bone loaded with collagen it’s three times more able to bend under the immense pressure of combat while it may produce small cracks it will rarely Shatter mature Bulls can have as many as 30 spikes on their rack so it’s crucial to keep a Fronton headlock an upper cut to an exposed flank could be Fatal finally the Super Bowl gains the advantage with a Twist he manages to gore his opponent one of his super sharp spikes pierces the quarter-inch thick hide gouging his stomach he flees into the woods but soon succumbs to his injuries the veteran bull has earned his prize the winning bloodline

And now it’s time to get back to that call our next fight trades spikes for teeth and lots of them the coasts of Northern Australia playground for The saltwater Crocodile the world’s largest reptile males can grow up to 23 ft long the length of four grown men ultimate survivors they can go for over a year without food they’re one of Nature’s most efficient killing Machines they can launch themselves 7 ft out of the water to snatch their next meal and their most challenging enemy is other Crocs it’s the dry season and that means trouble for the saltwater crocodile this 12-year-old female takes a life-saving dip she relies on water to keep her below 93°

F if she overheats she’ll die only one in 100 make it to the age of five but this section of the river belongs to a 50-year-old male the king Croc circles her surprised she’s had the nerve to come so close but she doesn’t blink he has no choice but to show her who’s

Boss Crocs can snap their jaw around their victim in just 60 milliseconds both launch open-mouthed attacks displaying their weapons the pressure from their teeth is 3,700 lb per square in the strongest of any animal in the world their jaws can crush a turtle shell with ease their 3-in teeth are

Conical and designed for gripping not shearing they frequently fall out but are replaced every 20 months Crocs are specially equipped to keep from drowning during a fight flaps covering the nostrils and the back of the throat allow them to keep their mouths open and fight without swallowing water suddenly the veteran fighter gets

The perfect grip and can Now launch into the Croc’s killer move the death roll the saltwater crocodile’s tail is the longest of any crocodile up to 11 ft it’s half its total body length and loaded with muscle an Eng engine for movement it acts like a fifth

Limb by twisting it from side to side they create a rolling motion spinning at one rotation per second with a force so powerful it can dismember smaller animals she’s overwhelmed by the supersized chap no match for his 2,000 500 lb weight his next move disable her main

Motor using jaw muscles that can crush a pig’s skull with a single action he holds her in a vice likee grip without the use of her tail she’s just another piece of meat in the water and can no longer fight it’s all over her raised nose signals to feet he

Lets her off this time but he’s made his point she’ll have to take a dip in a river somewhere else you don’t need to be 23 ft long to be a brutal Fighter the mountain forests of Japan are home to one of the biggest and baddest bugs on the

Planet the deadly Japanese giant hornet since the spring this Queen’s built up an Empire she’s laid thousands of eggs 2 in long and with a 3-in wingspan they’re five times the size of a regular honeybee one of Nature’s Most Savage exterminators every year they kill around 40 people with their fatal

Sting they can decapitate a praying mantis with ease and just 30 of them can Slaughter 25,000 honeybees within hours hardwired to kill she keeps her Army of daughters in control with powerful pheromones she lives for a year but they survive only for a month their job is to expand the nest

And provide food for the Relentless waves of developing larvae the chain of command here is crystal clear the faithful Warriors show their Respect by licking the Queen but now it’s the end of the season and that’s about to change without her commanding smell she’s no longer able to rule her Empire once an all powerful matriarch she’s now an unwanted Intruder and in the merciless world of the giant hornet there’s no place for

Weakness it’s time to put the Queen’s head on the Block together her own daughters move in for the kill and launch of palice coup their quarin Stingers are loaded with Venom so powerful it can dissolve human skin just the smell of Venom draws hundreds of hornets to a Killing Frenzy the Queen’s completely

Outnumbered instinctively they target the most critical body part her head giant hornets have enormous cheeks with powerful mandible muscles to rip their enemies to shreds these mandibles are half the length of the rest of their face that’s the human equivalent of having teeth 5 in Long they literally tear her Apart it’s an unceremonious end to an exhausting rain but her Legacy lives on her final Offspring leave the nest as ferle CS to start their own colonies hornet need warmth to survive but in the cold Montana winter a wolverine uses tooth and Claw to take on a wolf three times his Size all in a day’s work for one of Nature’s ultimate scavengers the largest of the land dwelling weasels Wolverines are designed for life in the cold they have thick Frostproof fur oversized feet with 20 sharp hook-like claws which act as Snowshoe crampon and shovel Wolverines travel up to 19 m a

Day to find food they can smell a carcass through through 20 ft of snow brazenly raiding anyone’s refrigerator for a decent Lunch Wolverine territory can extend to 250 square miles he’ll fight to the death to protect it and all the precious food in it one of his deadliest foes another Wolverine so when Wolverine meets Wolverine all their tools for survival become weapons for war it’s spring this solitary Wolverine is enjoying a deer

Caucus but a rival male has broken the rules drifting onto his path match in search of dinner savagely territorial the interrupted Diner instantly attacks in food fights like this wolverines have taken on polar bears and killed them both Wolverines use the same simple strategy they leap at each other and aim

Killer bites for the neck Wolverine teeth are a devastating weapon their jaws contain 38 of them strong enough to chew through bone so they can eat the entire carcass special upper MERS are rotated 90° toward the inside of the mouth so the Wolverine can shred meat that is frozen

Solid this is an equally matched Bout changing tactics both Wolverines use defensive blows from Razor shot claws to keep the other’s Jaws at Bay a fall offering the trespasser the chance to cut his losses and head for the Hills this deer isn’t worth dying for he’ll have to track down another meal for

Himself the defender can get back to disemboweling his dinner next a power wrestler whose arena is high up in the jungle this Hercules beetle is primed for a fight he set up a bachelor pad to attract females but with only a two-month window in which to

Breed the race to establish a blood line is on another heavily armed Beetle has his eye on the neighborhood they grow up to 7 in Long pincers are only found in males turning 50% of their body length into a weapon that’s the equivalent of a rhino having a 6t horn they’re evenly

Matched the name of the game a show of strength it’s not about injuring the other but proving who’s the most powerful by forcing the Rival off the dispute muted Turf the Challenger gets him up in a humiliating grip all he can do now is cling on Hercules beetles can lift up to 850

Times their own body weight that’s like a human bench pressing 35 family cars both have ultra fine hairs on the inside of their hiners to help stabilize their grip back on the ground The Bachelor fights back to defend his territory digging deep he uses two hooked claws on his feet to grip the

Ground and provide counterbalance the tables turn the bachelor lifts him high in the air rearing on his abdomen his back legs help stabilize him and his front legs splay out bolstering his balance it’s a superhero move the Hercules Beatles signature hold he’s got the Invader exactly where he wants

Him Victory declared he puts him down but the Invader isn’t done he has the advantage for round two on top of a slippery Mound he’s unbeatable trying to climb upwards the defender’s claws can’t get traction on The Damp surface The Invader hoists him from below ripping his claws out from the

Ground still grasping tiny clumps of mud with a mighty shove he evicts the defender from his home turf it’s the winning move that settles it once and for all there’s a new champion in town but now for a real heavyweight 725,000 black bears live in North

America in home ranges of 15 to 80 square miles and increasingly their search for food leads them into people’s backyards where they enjoy the outdoor amenities potentially lethal they usually give each other a wide birth but when bears do fight it’s all out War a young adult male black bear checks

Out the dining options in Suburbia his sense of smell is seven times stronger than a blood hound and the sent of some potential takeout from a dumpster is irresistible but he’s not Alone it’s a vicious brawl to establish who has feeding rights to the new hood their 2-in canines can rip through a moose hide with ease Bears produce a mass of foam during a fight to Signal their heightened state of aggression these Sumo Champs make full use of their 6ot height and

Power upright they can box better with their powerful for liims trying to grip onto each other with their 1 and a/4 in front Claws the strategy wrestle and twist the other to the ground to land as many bites as possible to the Neck the Challenger almost gets his opponent on the ground but the only thing he can do now is try and push him out of the Ring with no clear winner they call it quits with a trash can outside every house maybe the neighborhood is big enough for the both of them after all but where food is not so easy to find the fights don’t end so nicely 16,000 ft above sea level this small

Colony of Himalayan Griffin vultures hits the skies to forage for dinner with a 9-t wingspan they’re one of the largest vultures on Earth they spread out to survey as much territory as possible they’re on the lookout for anything from a dead Yak to a human

Corpse and can spot a 3ft carcass from 4 mil away this 5-year-old young adult strikes it Lucky he pushes the crows away clearing a space for the others to move in vultures lack feathers around the head and neck so they don’t pick up an infection from rotting meat they can strip the equivalent of a human body to the bone in just 30 minutes to manage The Feeding Frenzy

They have a fiercely defined pecking order Elders eat first but this youngster thinks it’s time he rises in the ranks he helps himself to the carcass when the 10-year-old boss vulture arrives and sees the lack of table manners he enforces the Law he issues a threat with head and neck thrust forward and wings spread wide it’s pure intimidation showing off the full extent of his size not accepting his place the youngster doesn’t back Off time to ramp up the artillery and brandish his 1-in Talons but the youngster holds his own with retaliating Pecs the old timer’s outraged and launches into the ultimate display of dump dominance with his entire 22 lb body weight he pins the youngster down and targets his most vulnerable spot his exposed head and neck with his Ultra sharp beak it’s engineered to be both extremely light and extremely tough

Its hooked shape and sharp edges can easily Pierce through skin both the neck and Beak are equipped with ultra strong muscles enabling them to sever tough senu and muscle from the bones of a carcass the youngster’s audacious Gambit hasn’t paid off but he’s made his

Point for now he’ll have to wait to grow stronger before rising up the ranks from a fight over who eats first to a laidback looking Contender with a hidden Ultra aggressive streak the koala conserve strength by sleeping up to 20 hours a day koalas are born the size of a

Bee they may look cuddly but adult males can be 30 lb of muscle claw and tooth the only animal besides primates to have fingerprints these tree dwellers have three fingers and two thumbs on each front paw for climbing and sharp 1-in hook claws for gripping koalas rarely fight but when they do

Collide it’s time to wake up and smell the smackdown this adult male koala has a home range the size of a football field normally he’s solitary until mating season when female koalas are welcome on his perch the invitation doesn’t extend to rival males this Invader didn’t get the

Memo his first jobs to evict him from his tree the chances of fighting back are much better on the ground but it’s equally matched both fueled with testosterone they grip each other with claws that can cut through wood Furs thickest on the backside to provide cushion when sitting on branches

So the Invader targets his soft underbelly Where the Fur is thinnest koalas have eight razor sharp incizors their back teeth work like a wood chipper in a shearing action The Invader tries to bite Brew his flesh pinned against his tree the defender is in danger of getting his throat ripped

Out but The Intruders chewed his way into a corner the defender pulls an agile move with a quick twist he gets on top and grabs his chance to even the fight sensing The Intruders flagging he pulls out all the stuff payback time settling once and for all the punishment for gate Crashers

His humiliated rival speeds off to reconsider his expansion plans and after all the exertion it’s time to return back home and take a well-deserved nap from laying low to the animal high jump The Plains of Southern India black Buck Central one of the most agile contenders on animal fight

Night they can leap over 6 ft off the ground it’s the spring the beginning of a breeding season this Bull’s dagger-like horns advertise his virility 14 years old he is reaching the end of his prime but he’s determined to continue his bloodline to attract females he marks

Out his own private bachelor pad with his scent living in herds so close together they’re fiercely territorial other rival males stand on their own separate patch it can be anything from 3 to 40 acres the mixture of of dung and urine is one big keep out sign for the

Competition and to send home the message he postures showing every other buck in town he’s more than ready for a fight a female comes over to check out his new place but while he’s distracted it’s also the chance for A Brave Young upstart to try and Stage a land grab

With zero tolerance for intruders he chases him off his home turf black bucks are one of the fastest animals on land reaching up to 60 MPH but there’s only one way to settle it to smash into each other with 100 lb of force on impact the strategy Keep Their Heads

Down as low as possible to get underneath the other’s horns and try to lift his 88lb bulk off the ground even if it means taking the skin off their nose fueled with testosterone they don’t even notice horns can grow up to 2 and 1/2 ft long made of solid bone core they can

Easily impale flesh sometimes they snap In the Heat of a fight these fights are fatal when a buck skewers another at best the loser will concede mating rights at worst he could be skewed a male black Buck on the edge of his prime battles a younger Challenger for mating rides to his

Territory the Challenger uses his horns to throw his opponent off balance with a small Twist of the neck he exerts maximum leverage but he quickly recovers the ultimate challenge is to twist the other’s neck and expose a vulnerable flank finally the veteran pulls off the decisive move he twists his opponent’s head he’s

Trapped him his overstretched muscles powerless to lift line up and Counterattack the young Challenger is out fought now he’s got to run for his life the wannabe Buck isn’t pulling off any land grab today he just isn’t Tough Enough he bows in submission it’s a signal he’s given up the Fight the champion Buck returns home and waits for the ladies to pay a visit he’s now safe to mate in peace while black bucks may be magnificent our next Contender is small but our most deadly the rainforest of Central America home to the poison dart frog there are more than 100 species of Dart each has a different coloration all have the same warning this 1-in frog is laced with poison so deadly just one could kill 10 human adults it’s Earth’s most toxic vertebrate darts live up to 17 years this Old Pro is primed for mating a territory of up to 50 square ft check

A high perch to display Authority check a loud mating call to attract females check a pair of fancy blue jeans check he’s got it all but there’s an unwelcome visitor a rival male a bigger territory means a better chance of attracting a mate so this guy wants to expand his

Range and that makes The Old Pro hopping mad first the opponents try a shout off threatening each other with calls lasting up to 30 seconds that may be repeated up to 40 times neither darts backing down so the battle of the blue jeans is on it’s time to get

Physical darts are immune to each other’s poison so the strategy in this grapple match is simple prove your dominance by pinning down your opponent then sitting on him until he submits 25% of their weight is in their heavily muscled legs their tendons release coiled energy in a huge blast like like a

Catapult propelling the frog out of a lockdown both are covered in Slippery slime thanks to mucous glands on their skin it aids breathing and protects from injuries Dart bites can last for up to 20 minutes neither frog is willing to lose access to the bloodline The Old Pro proves he has the

Moves a Smackdown followed by the decisive sit it’s a clean finish the Challenger submits leaving The Old Pro to climb back on his perch content he’s still the best blue jeans champ on the Block

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