Anne Hathaway Shines in SXSW Rom-Com

Anne Hathaway Shines in SXSW Rom-Com

Robinne Lee’s 2017 debut novel “The Idea of You” followed an almost 40-year-old woman who enters a romance with the star of a giant boyband sensation. The book was a giant hit, in no small part due to fans viewing one of the main characters as a stand-in for One Direction’s Harry Styles. Now comes a movie adaptation from the director of “The Big Sick,” which translates the novel while making enough changes to improve upon the source material, including a fantastic ending that puts a perfect bow on the story.

Like all rom-coms, “The Idea of You” starts with a meet-cute — and this one is pretty magical. Anne Hathaway is stellar as single mother Solène, who stumbles upon the lead singer of one of the hottest boybands on the planet, Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine) after she mixes the singer’s trailer for a restroom at Coachella. The thing is, she wasn’t even supposed to be there surrounded by teenagers screaming their lungs out. She should have been on a nice little solo camping trip in the woods, trying to make up for the years she lost after getting pregnant at a very young age. 

But when her idiot of an ex-husband Daniel (Reid Scott, fully embracing the douchery of the character and relishing in it) bails on taking their 16-year-old daughter Izzy (newcomer Ella Rubin, looking just like a young Hathaway circa “The Princess Diaries”), it falls on Solène to take a group of teens to see their childhood favorite band August Moon in…

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