Australia’s 24 Unique and Fascinating Wonders That Will Astonish the World! – Video

Australia’s 24 Unique and Fascinating Wonders That Will Astonish the World! – Video

24 Strange Things That Only Exist in AUSTRALIA Making the Whole World Amazed !
Do you know that Australia is a country that attracts a lot of tourists because of its beautiful natural landscapes and the strange, mysterious things that are unique to this country? For example, it is the homeland of kangaroos and venomous snakes, or you can become super rich by finding gold while touring in Australia.
If any of you are planning to study or travel to the land of kangaroos, join me in this video to explore the strange things in Australia. And if you want to see what peculiar things this land has to offer, stay tuned, as we travel to the vast and sparsely populated country of Australia in the next moments.

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24 strange things that only exist in Australia making the whole world a do you know that Australia is a country that attracts a lot of tourists because of its beautiful natural landscapes and the strange mysterious things that are unique to this country for example it is the homeland of kangaroos and venomous

Snakes or you can become super rich by finding gold while touring in Australia if any of you are planning to study or travel to the land of kangaroos join me in this video to explore the strange things in Australia and if you want to see what peculiar things this land has

To offer stay tuned as we travel to the vast and sparsely populated country of Australia in the next moments number 24 nude bathing Australia is home to numerous pristin beaches in places like Alexandria cow lady or Maslin Sunnyside Kings Beaches and many other locations where you need to respect their regulations what

Regulations of course it’s about bathing in the nude so if you’re not accustomed to it pay attention not to accidentally stumble upon such places number 23 not easy to buy beer when traveling in Australia when visiting the beautiful country of Australia in many places like Queensland supermarkets and grocery stores are not

Licensed to sell alcoholic beverages in Queensland only bar owners are allowed to sell beer however this is due to different policies in different states in Australia in New South Wales or Victoria alcoholic beverages are still available on the shelves at supermarkets so if you’re a beer lover heading to Queensland don’t be surprised

Because you won’t find beer in supermarkets or convenience stores number 22 home to 21 venomous snake species who would have thought that a beautiful country like Australia is home to 20 out of the 25 most venomous snake species in the world especially with 11 of them ranking in

The top 11 globally the Inland typen the world’s most venomous land snake is found only in Australia it is an extremely toxic snake capable of delivering enough Venom in one bite to kill 250,000 mice at once if you’re afraid of snakes like me when going to Australia it’s might be a challenge

Besides the highly venomous inland taipan Australia is also home to the common death th which is quite common in the dense forests around Sydney instead of fleeing to protect themselves The Snake species has an incredible ability to camouflage while many other snakes would Slither away when feeling threatened the common Death Adder

Disguises itself hiding in the underbrush before lunging out unexpectedly to bite you due to its long fangs the wound inflicted by this snake can be quite deep the snake’s venom will gradually impair the victim’s ability to move and feel subsequently the victim will experience numbness paralysis and

Even death if you’re planning to explore Australia be cautious as you might easily encounter snakes everywhere in supermarkets air conditioners and even in some cases toilets snakes pose a constant hidden danger around you when shopping in Australian Supermarket pay attention as snakes might appear in your bag of greens not just

Insects number 21 giant crocodiles or Australia is renowned for its cool climate and its people’s friendly and humorous nature however the wildlife here is anything but gentle besides the muscular kangaroos Australia is home to gigantic crocodiles with sizes reaching up to 4.7 M and weighing 1300 kg the

Reason behind these colossal sizes a unique climate in Australia which has led to the tremendous growth of crocodiles even the lizards here are enormous with some reaching a body length of 2 m there have been cases of giant lizards entering restaurants owing to which staff had to forcibly remove

Them giant spiders are also a source of fear for the locals when walking around Australians May encounter spider web spread everywhere number 20 prohibition on wearing pink pant if you are planning to travel to Australia make sure to familiarize yourself with the seemingly ordinary rules in other countri that are

Banned here to avoid unjust fins specifically wearing pink pants in public places after 12:00 noon on Sundays is considered illegal if you have a pensent for pink it’s wise not to bring it to Australia to avoid unnecessary trouble number 19 strange facts about kangaroos Australia is known as the

Homeland of kangaroos however don’t be misled by their cute portrayals on TV or in movies because in real life they can be quite mischievous and often exhibit Thug Behavior they are known to break into people’s homes to steal food shamelessly there was an incident where a kangaroo was caught red-handed

Stealing instead of being afraid he turned the tables and attacked the person sending them to the hospital with their tough and fierce nature Australians often organize boxing matches between Kangaroos and humans which is quite intriguing the kangaroo’s signature move involves grappling the opponent’s head and kicking their

Stomach with its hind legs despite being a national treasure the government commits Hunters to C millions of kangaroos some species are considered overpopulated posing a threat to the land native wildlife and themselves during times of drought number 18 the longest fence in the world the dingo fence also known as

The dingo barrier fence was constructed from the 1880s and completed in 1885 to prevent dingo dogs from damaging crops and sheep in southern Queensland dingo are a unique and wild dog breed in Australia known for their strength and they even prey on both animals and humans this is one of the longest

Structures globally stretching about 5,614 km despite occasional sightings of dingos in the South the fence has proven effective in the 1990s more gaps started to appear in the fence and Dingo Took Advantage migrating to areas with Lush grass lands home to Young rabbits and kangaroos for food number 17 Red Crab invasion of

Australian towns one shocking phenomenon in the land of kangaroos is the massive migration of red crabs at the end of October every year over 50 million red crabs embark on a journey from the rainforest to the coastal areas on Christmas Island off the northwest coast of Western Australia the crab swarm

Covers the surface of Christmas Island like a red stream crabs crawl over roads Bridges rocks and along streams to reach their breeding grounds in a timely manner they even appear in some peculiar locations like Cliffs and City centers as a key species in the Island’s ecosystem local authorities have

Implemented various measures to protect them such as building tunnels and overpasses over highways during the peak migration period some roads on the island are closed or restricted to vehicles to make way for the red crabs despite some crabs getting stuck while climbing buildings or fall in from

Cliffs most of them survive on the shores there are countless red crabs migrating undoubtedly creating a shocking scene for those witnessing it for the first time as it may seem like a crab Invasion taking over the earth I don’t know if there is a day when red

Crabs invade the planet but seeing herds of crabs everywhere in the city is quite amusing feel free to comment and share your Thoughts number 16 gold prospecting tourism believe it or not in Australia you can genuinely travel and bring back gold instead of spending money on tourism in other countries you can become a millionaire with your Australian travel experience gold prospecting tours take place in Ballarat Australia this gold

Mining town is located in the state of Victoria it’s a historic town with an average population density in the 1830s Ballarat was the site of the first gold rush in the country within a few years multi people flocked here for gold mining making the town contribute to onethird of the world’s gold production

By 1850 why it might sound unbelievable gold prospecting tourism is indeed a thing in Australia you can try your hand at gold panning and if you’re lucky you might discover some Treasures to take home you’ll be taken into Century old gold mine shafts and experience gold panning by a nearby stream in reality

Many people have struck it rich by finding gold in Australia for example in 2020 two two men named Brent Shannon and Ethan West found two gold nuggets with a total weight of 3.5 kg valued at 250,000 USD earlier in 2019 Australian man also discovered a 1.4 kg gold nugget

Estimated to be worth around 69,000 if you’re looking to change your life book a flight to Australia now if you plan to form a group feel free to invite me Along number 15 ban on wireless tops one of the peculiar laws in Melbourne Australia has surprised many people it’s the ban on men wearing dresses or Wireless tops if you’re a man and appear on the streets of Melbourne wearing a dress or a wireless top it means you’re

Violating Australian laws and could face Hefty fines all you boys heading to this country make sure not to break this law number 14 429 spoken languages in a Australia currently there are 429 languages spoken in Australia including 18 183 indigenous languages English is the most common language the Australian

Bureau of Statistics and released results of the five-yearly population census from 2016 to 2021 showing that in 2021 Australia had 32,7 58 people speaking Vietnamese at home ranking after Arabic and in Chinese number 13 27 years to visit all beaches in Australia for those who love swimming and immersing themselves in

Cool Water Australia is a paradise the expensive Marine area of Australia covers 8,55 348 Square km with nearly 50,000 km of Coastline this country has around 10,000 fantastic beaches more than any other country in the world it’s estimated that it would take you about 27 years to stroll through all the

Beaches here making it a quarter of a Lifetime number 12 ban on noise disturbance I think Vietnam really needs this law especially on days when neighbors sing Karan K all day this law would be super effective it’s the law against creating noise disturbances in Victoria when attending a home party tourists should be mindful of the noise

They generate tourists could violate the law or if they create noise exceeding the tolerance threshold the Environmental Protection residential noise regulations 2018 apply to noise in residential and construction areas on regular days the noise disturbance pens through S him and zero tole pment why this is when people are sleeping on Good

Friday noise is prohibited all day if the police have warned and tourists continue to make noise they will have to pay a fine number 11 not allowed to own 20 kg of potatoes Western Australia covering onethird of the country’s land area as a very peculiar law no one is allowed to

Store 50 kg or more of potatoes unless they are a member of the potato marketing Corporation or authorized parties this law was established in 1946 and has not changed since the first offense results in a fine of 2,000 OD subsequent offenses lead to a hefty fine of 5,000 OD plus additional fines based

On the weight of the potatoes doesn’t it sound strange when this law was enacted during the post-war recession its purpose was to prevent speculative hoarding of potatoes for resale at exorbitant prices if you love potatoes and plan to visit Australia remember not to exceed 50 kg number 10 sheep outnumber people

Australia is home to about 75.5 million sheep sheep three times the country’s human population this indicates that encountering sheep on the road is easier than encountering people because the country has a relatively low population density alongside beef sheep and related products are significant exports for Australia currently Australia is the

World’s number one exporter of sheep number nine prohibition on harming pigeons it’s truth in Victoria and South Australia you not allowed to kill injure or unlawfully capture pigeons even having the intention or planning is prohibited in Victoria the maximum penalty for harming pigeons is $155 Australian doar in South Australia the

Maximum penalty can go up to $250 Australian dollar if the pigeon has an owner The Violator also has to compensate the owner separately if you’re someone who likes to try pigeon soup it might be a bit challenging here number eight witchy grub a pfly l

Would you dare to try witchy grub it’s a delicious creamy and aromatic dish in Australia made from the Lara of the witchy moth that lives in witchy bushes witchy grub Lara are about 10 cm long and have a milky white color indigenous people in the desert region often enjoy

These Lara in the most common way eating them live putting the lava in their mouths and chewing until it’s no longer Squishy in terms of taste witch he grow Lara are incredibly rich and fatty when you bite into the Lara the creamy filling inside melts in your mouth

Additionally According to some who have tried it it has a flavor profile that combines the taste of chicken a hint of shrimp and a Nutty undertone anybody getting Goosebumps besides being eaten alive they’re also prepared as soup fried or grilled would you dare to try this dish if given the

Chance number seven find for not wearing a bicycle helmet Australia is one of the pioneering countries in enforcing mandatory helmet laws for cyclist however this law has sparked controversy Nationwide due to its Hefty fines if you ride a bicycle without wearing a helmet you can be fined up to 319 USD this law

Led to a bicycle protest in Sydney in 2018 as residents opposed its strict enforcement would you support such a law in your country I think such a bicycle law would likely face resistance number six traffic rules in Australia while in most countries the only option for pedestrians to cross the

Road is to wait for the green light it’s entirely different in Australia pedestrians especially at zebra Crossings have the right of way this is why you’ll find pedestrians push buttons at crosswalks when you want to cross you simply press the button and pedestrians are given priority even if

The traffic light is green for vehicles number five Pink Lake when it comes to Lakes people usually think of blue however wi strer there exists a pink lake which is intriguing and unique isn’t it if you ever visit the land of kangaroos you’ll be amazed by Lake hilia

Located on the Middle Island for those who adore pink this is a must-visit spot to capture beautiful and poetic moments lake hilia has a length of about 600 M surrounded by white sand and dense paper B in eclips forests when viewed from above the lake looks like a piece of

Pink bubble gum an interesting fact is that lake hilia has a high salinity level comparable to that of the Dead Sea and you can Harvest salt from the pink Waters which is actually formed by the presence of the Dona Selena alga number four National coat of arms of Australia Australia is renowned for

Its Landscapes unique Birds wildlife and Flora throughout the country look at at the national coat of arms of Australia and you’ll see this reflected however you might wonder why the coat of arms features two animals the kangaroo and the Emu the uniqueness lies in the fact

That these two species are found only in Australia and they are also the only animals in the world that cannot move backward hence the Australian government decided to include them in the coat of arms to symbolize nation’s commitment to only moving forward and never stepping back number three Boomerang while for us it’s

A fun toy with the ability to return no matter where you throw it you might be surprised to learn that for the indigenous people of Australia the boomerang is a weapon with the ability to fly extremely fast and cover a great distance assisting them in hunting the first boomerangs were made from the

Curved roots of mulga or aaia trees many explorers had the opportunity to observe the lives of indigenous people and were amazed by the boomerang’s ability to automatically return after being thrown far away when indigenous people throw a boomerang it rotates in the air and can travel up to 200 M three times the

Distance of a regular spear boomerangs were used to instantly kill or disorient prey additionally boomerangs were utilized in battles against enemies in movies boomerangs are often portrayed as formidable weapons used to attack foes the fly out and comeback characteristic of the boomerang this is symbolically used by the Australian tourism industry

Boomerangs are chosen as an iconic image on suers representing the idea that gifts will come back to the recipients like Boomerang furthermore the image of the boomerang appears in the logos of many businesses in Australia and is associated with various significant events number two hot River principality the Hot River principality is located

Within Australian territory over 500 kilm North of Perth in recent years it has gained notoriety as a peculiar attraction drawing many curious tourists it was established in 1970 by a farmer named Leonard casley with an area of only 75 Square km double that of Mao and

A population of fewer than 30 people hot river is a micro nation a self-proclaimed existing nation that is not recognized by any government or organization another term for such entities is Phantom Nation it was established in 1970 when Leonard Kesley of farmer self-appointed himself the title of Prince and later bestowed Royal titles

Upon everyone in his family he transformed his farm into an independent nation naming it the Hut River principality despite lacking official recognition it continued to function as an independent nation with its own visas driver’s licenses passports currenc stamps and a unique flag the principality even had 13 representative offices in 10 countries worldwide

Including the United States and France unfortunately the principality has been dissolved upon the death of self-proclaimed Prince Lenard casley in February 2019 he left behind a tax bill of $2 15 million the economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic combined with a colossal tax bill forced Hut River to

Issue a final statement selling the inherited land to settle the debt Prince gra kisley announced this in early August number one wave rockim Australia’s unique landscape if you visit Australia and don’t check in at this location consider it a missed opportunity in your youth wave Rock the uniquely shaped giant rock resembling

Ocean waves will undoubtedly Captivate anyone at First Sight from a distance massive Rock looks like a rising ocean wave suddenly Frozen in place The Marvelous colors of the rock result from minerals deposited during thousands of years of rain creating beautiful shades of red yellow and gray at different

Times of the day the color of the wave Rock changes under the influence of sunlight in the wave Rock area various unusual rock formations also emerge such as a rock resembling a yawning hippopotamus a camel’s hump or a hat and a king’s head these are the largest and

Most prominent among hundreds of of different Rock shapes scattered around the Central Area many travel bloggers and photographers have visited and captured mesmerizing images making everyone yearn to set foot in this extraordinary place what about we’ve embarked on a journey to explore the unique aspects found only in Australia

What impressed you the most and if given the chance would you like to travel to this peculiar country don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments

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