Becoming a Trans Dad at 15: My Unconventional Family – Video

Becoming a Trans Dad at 15: My Unconventional Family – Video

I Became A Trans Dad At 15 | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY video showcases the inspiring journey of Nev, a transgender man who became a parent at a young age. Coming out as non-binary at 11 and then as a trans male at 13, Nev met Jazmine at 15 and became a stepdad to her daughter, Naomi, who instantly connected with him. Despite receiving judgment and hate on social media for being a trans parent, Nev remains resilient and proud of his identity. His dad, Korey, initially had concerns about Nev taking on such a big responsibility at a young age but has since seen Nev’s maturity and resilience shine through. The family, including Jazmine and Naomi, have become Nev’s safe haven, providing him with love and support. Through sharing his story, Nev hopes to inspire acceptance and understanding of LGBTQ families. Stay tuned for more heartwarming moments and challenges faced by this extraordinary family. Follow Nev on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube for more updates on his journey.

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Video Transcript

I’m transgender and I became a parent at 15 she just grew a connection with him right away I don’t get as much hate from being a teen parent than I do for being a transparent you’re more of a mother than a father it was just a lot all at

Once for my dad wasn’t sure you could handle it my name is Nev my pronouns are he they and I’m a transparent I came out as a trans male at the age of 13 before I came out as a man I came out as non-binary at probably age 11 the way I

Would describe my transition Journey would be more mentally than physically I became the main person to be bullied at school and I didn’t expect that going into it because my parents well my mother specifically was extremely accepting of me my mom was a big supporter with me coming out as trans

My mom did pass away in 2021 it’s hard to talk about my mom yeah sorry no it’s okay I want to it’s just I can’t do it without choking up it was hard when she passed because she was going to help me go on hormones and like all that stuff when I

Had turned 16 she passed away when I was 15 my mom was so open arms and she was so accepting of me and she was like just be you my dad wasn’t that prone on my transition and after my my mom passed away he kind of was just like you can do

All that stuff after you turn 18 it’s hard to understand but I also do understand to an extent I love the person I am now I hope I can grow to be a better person I also hope I can start hormones eventually should we look at this one okay come here where’s the

Rhino here it is I have a stepdaughter her name is Naomi and she’ll be turning three very soon who is it d d is that what you said what did you say daddy that’s Daddy and then who’s this over here’s that Mom my name is Jasmine I’m the

Biological mother of n me and I’m 20 and who’s in the middle who’s this no I met Jazzy around 2 and 1/2 years ago um I was about 15 and she was 17 we were meeting at my dad’s for pride and my sister had invited her and we

Just kind of hit it off from there when I heard that Jazzy had a daughter I was like I need to meet her I found out I was pregnant at 16 and at 17 that’s when Naomi was born this is mommy elephant where’s Daddy elephant when I did first meet n she was

5 months old and I was 15 years old look at her my top head it’s on top top of your head oh my you’re so silly Naomi definitely took a liking to his chains and jewelry that he wore and she just grew a connection with him right away

Daddy I am really hungry can I have that ooh candy daddy’s favorite wilers I think she just throws herself she I think she’s just ping I enjoyed the look that Nev had on his face when he met her go over there let’s walk over to the swings you

Ready are you going so high yeah she’s never going to want to leave if she could live in the park she would there isn’t much trans people or any lgbtq people around us but we always keep our heads up around that having that outlet of social media definitely helps

Find people we’re not the only family that is Young or trans or queer or anything like that use this hand reach over here okay this one we can go down this one together or you and Mom wo once I started going on to social media I did get a lot of hate

I don’t get as much hate for being a teen parent than I do for being a transparent there’s nothing that really comes out that’s original someone might be like oh if anything you’re more of a mother than a father there’s a few times that um people have asked me why I’m with a

Trans guy I love this person and Love’s going to love you know my my dad was all right with my relationship it was more of the parenting part of the relationship that was a little iffy with him 3 months after my mom passed away I had met Jazzy

We were all still grieving and it was just a lot all at once for my dad hello how you been I’ve been all right how about you SW I was 15 and he didn’t think I needed that that he was just kind of iffy about me running into something this serious so

Quickly I was a little concerned at first well at first you know N I was just a baby baby so I was like okay that’s a lot of responsibility for YouTube I didn’t really think of it as as very negative I thought it was kind

Of noble I guess I had no worries other than just their Financial State and how they were going to get through everything can you talk about what it’s been like to watch Nev kind of take on the role of being a dad it’s that weird weird wasn’t sure you could handle

It cuz there were times you were stressed out about it especially when she would have her moments where teething and oh my God at the beginning I did not I can’t wait till she’s potty trains so then you can finally take her oh really mhm what do you got there

Are those your new toys they should he play are you proud of Nev I’m very proud of him see he caught me I got it yeah I I’m kind of very impressed by how you’ve been doing this you’ve acted a lot older than you have been you’re more mature

Than normal and even especially since mom passed you have been a lot more resilient and self-reliant I have a good support system I think well like I said you’re very self-reliant your your mother taught you that you did too I was the tough love yeah that part what sound does Peppa Pig

Make what would you like to change about how other people think of I would definitely like to see more people accepting who we are and how we do things I was in a really tough tough position when I first met Jazzy and meeting her kind of gave my life purpose

Jasmine how happy are you that you met enough honestly it’s something that I didn’t think I’d ever find he’s a good father too my family is just basically my safe haven I feel blessed to a father

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NEV came out as a trans male at the age of 13. When he was 15 years old, he met Jazmine and started a relationship. Jazmine had a daughter, Naomi, who was five months old when Nev met her and then became her stepdad. Jazmine said: “Naomi definitely took a liking to his chains and jewellery that he wore. She just grew a connection to him right away.” Nev started sharing his story on social media and while he’s received a lot of support, he’s also received judgement. He explained: “I don’t get as much hate for being a teen parent as I do for being a trans parent.” Initially, Nev’s dad, Korey, had reservations about him becoming a dad as a teen but is proud of Nev’s maturity and resilience. The now 18-year-old said: “I feel blessed to be a father.”

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Editor: Helen McKee

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