Capturing the Queendoms on Camera | National Geographic – Video

Capturing the Queendoms on Camera | National Geographic – Video

The National Geographic documentary series “Queens” takes viewers on a breathtaking journey into the world of female animals and their extraordinary lives within their queendoms. Behind the lens of this captivating series are a team of talented wildlife camerawomen who bravely ventured into the wild to capture the stunning footage that brings these incredible stories to life.

In the video titled “Filming The Queendoms | National Geographic,” the camerawomen share their experiences and insights on how they were able to capture such intimate and rarely seen moments of these queenly creatures. Over the course of four years, these dedicated women immersed themselves in the natural habitats of lions, elephants, bees, and more, all in an effort to showcase the resilience, strength, and beauty of these female animals.

From battling extreme weather conditions to patiently waiting for the perfect shot, the camerawomen reveal the challenges they faced and the rewards of capturing these breathtaking moments on camera. Through their passion and dedication, they have brought audiences closer to the incredible queendoms that exist in the animal kingdom.

Join National Geographic on this behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Queens” and gain a newfound appreciation for the powerful and inspiring female creatures that rule their queendoms with grace and strength.

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