“Caught on Bodycam: Woman Displaying Erratic Behavior While Stealing” – Video

“Caught on Bodycam: Woman Displaying Erratic Behavior While Stealing” – Video

In the video titled BODYCAM: ‘BLACK QUEEN’ Gets Caught Stealing And Acts Like A Maniac, a pregnant woman is confronted by police officers after being suspected of stealing at a Macy’s store. The woman becomes increasingly agitated and refuses to cooperate with the officers. She repeatedly claims to operate under a different set of laws, mentioning UCC 1-308 and the Black Law Dictionary, and insists on speaking to the chief of police. Despite the officers’ attempts to reason with her and offer her a chance to go to the hospital instead of going to jail, the woman continues to resist and demand an ‘amber lamps’.

The video captures a tense and chaotic interaction, as the woman’s behavior escalates and she ultimately gets taken into custody. The incident highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement officers in dealing with individuals who are uncooperative and resistant to following procedures. Overall, the video provides a dramatic and intense look into a challenging situation for all parties involved.

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Just hang just stand up and turn around for a second you can figure out anything with their medical needs rela relax relax your arms and listen you’re being detained right now what for what you’re here for for put your hands your back do not rip your hand out you are

Being detained right now I don’t cons no nothing because I didn’t do anything sir okay great well don’t you have a seat yes can I get why don’t you have a seat right now there’s a suspicion that you stole you are being detained for an investigation we believe there was a

Retail that’s where you’re being detained we’re going to have a discussion with I do not understand it’s Britney I do not understand I do not understand what is your middle I do not understand you’re going to have to give us your name what is your date of birth I don’t

Understand I don’t understand I get what you’re saying that you don’t understand okay you need to understand the circumstances that you’re in I don’t understand looking at the property that you have here I don’t understand if you can relax for a second we have a process

That we can go through we are the police we’re going to ask you for information you’re not in control of the situation you need to stop I do not understand we understand that you do not understand okay you can stop talking thank you stop talking stop talking I’m very well

Educated it’s when you have knowledge you have no idea what you’re talking about I’m the living person UCC 1-308 I do I operate under your cable law I have knowledge knowledge is power do you know who you’re looking at a black queen I do not operate under your

Jurisdiction so when I get done with you guys you’re going to feel me I have the Black Law Dictionary I do not understand you guys law I do not operate under your callable law yourself deeper I’m not digging myself deeper I’m standing for what I know because God’s going to get

Me out of here you think you’re going to fool me you guys been enslaving us for years I’m not a dumb ass anymore I was back then you caught me five was stupid UCC 1-308 that means nothing it means yeah cuz I have melon and you don’t I know

That’s why you’re we are the Creator you guys were created you know you don’t have melon in your skin of course I’ll be mad too yeah I know I’m a black queen I have the Black Law Dictionary I know what’s going on I’m awoke I’m in the

Light you know when I get done with all my paperwork you guys are going to feel me trust me you guys are going to feel me no we’re not but uh you got United States is a corporation me to the hospital I’ll take you to the

Hospital and you’re still going to go to jail okay so we can go to the hospital they’re going to clear you and then you go to jail all right let’s do that that’s not a good out of jail free card just an FY something something I’d like to

Explain to you is that if you would be interested in cooperating with our process we can give you a ticket where you show up for court and you do not have to go to jail right now oh so you you have not showed any interest in in in following our procedure list listen

You understand what I’m saying can you step in officer cuz I don’t want to be rude so let’s let me turn around and give you guys the respect that you no it’s too late listen oh my goodness are you kidding me yeah let’s go come on don’t do that

I’m going to act up cuz you guys don’t want to let me talk now taking you to the hospital right is this another phone Amber LS call Amber them call Amber call Amber we’re going to call the Amber Lamps good Lord did you go to the school of giving

People a hard time or what sir yeah I mean you’re doing a great job but you’re still going to go to jail and you’re going to catch more charges because of all this we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas well I’m just getting we have the sergeant here

You said you wanted to talk to the chief of police you the CH I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m going to say wa I have to give you the highest the highest I’m going to respect you can you I want to go all the way to

The back this I need to speak with I’m not any harm I’m in good health and good strength I’m not feeling well I do not understand the law that you guys are operating on it’s a colable law I reserved my rights UCC 1-308 I told the officer before they got

Here I even called the police while they hold me against my will this gentleman is here because you said you’re not feeling well yeah but I need to speak the they’re going to take you to the hospital okay but I need I’m trying to give you the option you to speak I’m

Trying to I’m trying to see if you’re able to get called a notice to appear which is a piece of paper and then you would be released in the custody of the hospital but you are supposedly not cooperating so we cannot make it so you could go home for Christmas Mr Chief

Listen oh my God you can you can either hold it or you can go whatever you need to do let’s go try to everything you’re not going to pass out stand up you do not get out of jail by acting like this fantastic I’m not pregnant

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