Changes on the Horizon in El Salvador – Video

Changes on the Horizon in El Salvador – Video

Over the past few years, the small Central American country of El Salvador has been undergoing significant changes and improvements. In a recent video tour of San Salvador, the capital city, Gabriel Morris explores the country’s history and recent developments.

With affordable prices for accommodation, food, and transportation, El Salvador offers a budget-friendly travel destination. The country’s history has seen shifts between different empires and unions, leading to its independence in 1898.

Under the leadership of President Nayib Bukele, who has been in office for five years, the country has experienced positive changes. The streets of San Salvador are bustling with activity, from street markets to historical sites, showcasing the vibrant culture of the country.

As Gabriel Morris explores the city, he highlights the unique aspects of El Salvador, such as the use of US dollars as currency and the local street vendors selling fresh produce and handmade goods. He also notes the ease of travel for visitors, with simple visa requirements and convenient transportation options.

Overall, El Salvador is a country on the rise, attracting more tourists and offering a glimpse into its rich culture and history. With its welcoming atmosphere and affordable prices, it’s no wonder that travelers are starting to take notice of this hidden gem in Central America.

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Video Transcript

N He Hey there this is San Salvador the capital of the little Central American country of El Salvador a nice uh hot day here in the middle of winter today is March 7th first time here first full day in the country that Uber ride was $340 L Salvador is quite affordable not

Dirt Cheap my room there was uh a little expensive for what you’re getting I’ve had the same sort of room in mexic for like 20 bucks that was like 10 years ago so maybe 30 bucks now but if you’re like you know in the uh more local area away from

The tourist zone of course in Mexico you can easily pay 50 bucks 60 bucks whatever and much more for hotel rooms but uh for being kind of outside the Center and just an okay room a little expensive there but uh most of the uh things around the country seem to be very

Reasonably priced food is cheap Uber rides are cheap okay so organization deast Centro americanos so this is something that I wanted to talk about a bit of the history of El Salvador 15th September 1821 Al Gloria Del benam marito General Francisco morzan LA Republic de El Salvador so this is

Morison square so 1880 so the uh history of El Salvador is kind of back and forth between various empires of course it was part of the Spanish Empire founded in the 16th century it then became part of the Mexican Empire and then the Central American Union of Nations and

Then I think went back to the Mexican Empire or it was independent I think it was independent and then went back to another Central American Union of Nations that was different from the previous one and then finally it got its real Independence in 1898 the main language is of course

Spanish the currency is the US dollar and they have a not exactly new president but naib buele who has been in office for 5 years and I guess has really transformed the country and which people seem to be very happy with the Uber driver there was really nice and said that he Was happy with uh the president however on Wikipedia then it states that he was kind of removed from being president but not actually removed from office something like that so I’m not sure exactly what the deal is with the uh president’s current status but uh anyways it is a country going through

Changes so we’re in the uh Historical Center here got some interesting street artists okay here’s an opportunity to show you one of the interesting coins here as I mentioned then they use the US dollar okay I’m going to uh stop the camera for a second get a coin

Out so as I mentioned in my last video then I went to a convenience store last night and bought some stuff and then got three of these $1 coins in change there is the Statue of Liberty it is a for Real $1 US coin with John Adams on the

Back but I have never seen it before I’ve seen other $1 coins the Saka Jia coin and I think some other ones so I’m really curious if I were to go to like 7-Eleven in the US and try to pay for something with these would they take

It or would they be like what’s this this isn’t real because I’ve never seen this in my life what year does it have a year on it I mean it should they always do but uh man it’s like really small oh no this one doesn’t have John Adams it has Martin vanban

Okay so it’s like a series with a different uh presidents who I guess like didn’t make other coins or notes or whatever but I cannot see a year on there anyways here we go M Gracius all right we got confirmation that she was a real human being since she moved there and so uh the plan is just to uh like walk around the Central Area show what’s going on show the uh plazas some Churches give a little taste of this uh kind of little known country that

Is opening up a bit more to tourism you see a lot of police around okay here we have maybe this is libertad square there’s a series of plazas right in this area look at this must be the uh main Cathedral here we go El Salvador del mundo it’s open that’s great

Because online I thought it said it was closed from 1: to 4: could have been another church or it was just wrong but uh looks like we can go inside so that is awesome it is massive taking sunglasses off what are the rules don’t use cell phones don’t scream appropriate

Attire no food but uh oh okay no pictures during Holy Mass so otherwise it’s okay I guess So it is hot I already got my uh pants rolled up should have brought the shorts it is 88° f that is 31 de C and here’s a little better uh explanation of the different phases of the history of El Salvador so Kingdom of Spain 1525 to

1821 Mexican Empire 1822 to 1823 so just for a year or two and then Central America so a nation essentially the Central American Nation 1823 to 1841 and then an independent El Salvador 1841 to 1896 and then back to Central America 1896 to 1898 and then El Salvador independent 1898 to

Present looks like they’re getting ready for for a performance that would be great to see but uh maybe it’s not happening anytime soon but uh people standing up there nobody’s sitting yet though so maybe uh later in the evening once it cools down that would make sense who have we got here Hal

Memoria sarito capan General cardo baros ELO Central Americano 1909 this guy is doing a bit of vlogging as well okay it is time for me to uh check my recommendations and uh see where else to go from here it’s bird feeding time pretty cool all right well I see where I should go

Next boom looks like a street market all right all right all Right definitely interesting a new country new city new culture just barely starting to learn about it looking forward to the next 10 days or so here in El Salvador I have my hotel room for another two night so tomorrow to explore further and then I will plan to go to Santa Ana the

Second largest city and I wanted to mention about entering El Salvador as far as visas requirements with a US passport of course it’s different depending on where you’re from if you are from uh a nearby country then you won’t need to do the uh step that I had to do when arriving at

The airport which was to pay $12 basically an entry fee into the country sort of a Visa waiver but I didn’t have to get a Visa in advance I also did not need an onward flight I don’t have a flight booked out of the country yet so it was just super easy short

Lines at the airport going through immigration cheap flight $23 one way from San Francisco direct to the only International Airport in the country which is about a 45 minute or so drive away Uber from there for $34 to my hotel so things have been quite convenient I think when I go to Santa

Ana I will once again get a uh Uber there skip having to like get across the city to the bus station take a bus to santaa take another Uber or taxi from there to my hotel just do a straight shot because it is about the same distance as the airport it’s also an

Hour away pelia El Chalito let’s continue the market Tour not seeing a lot of Gringos around a few but it is not a popular tourist destination I think there will be more foreign tourists over on the Pacific Ocean at the beach scene what are [Applause] these no idea looks sort of like olives but definitely not some interesting fruit smells I’m sure very good prices around here let’s do a uh around the block thing here are the local buses cool paint jobs on all of them Bluebird All American just SC it here we go different kind of Bus okay Plaza del trovador so you can sort of see the edge of the city I mean you can it’s like not that far away houses on the Hills there I wonder if those are the uh fancy Beverly Hills Mansions Let’s uh continue around the

Block so as I mentioned this is my first time to El Salvador country number 94 other countries in Central America that I’ve been to include please now I have to find somewhere to stay I don’t have anything Reserve tonight there’s a lot of uh hostiles I

Guess just going to walk around see what I can find excuse me you’re fine pardon me hi there excuse me Guatemala Costa Rica I thought this was a piece of wood in the road and then it moved here’s a sloth crossing the road whoa like I never would have thought and

Panama only saw Panama City and the Panama Canal in pan but uh explored more of the other countries the only countries in Central America I haven’t been to yet are Nicaragua and Honduras which are very close [Applause] by all right let’s uh get over here continue the market tour beans beans beans

Sewing shirts on the street there hammocks nice looking hammocks some crunchy looking snacks potatoes man there’s just everything for sale around here and it keeps on going up this way so uh let’s go for it fruits veggies this is the real deal what is this building up ahead parking lot very color fully

Painted good smelling our pusas There Marcato Central okay so is that an indoor market must be as for my Spanish spish speaking not great but I can kind of get by with the basics papaya something sinko La Grande so big papayas For vente cinko big papayas for 25 so maybe 25 cents for a big papaya so there you can see I know a little Spanish not a Lot and it is looking like indeed this is a indoor market right on let’s see how it’s different I’m sure that there will be a pretty epic food scene inside there another church it looks like maybe that is the one that I’d seen was closed

From 1: to 4: we can pop over there later Let’s uh head on up Here W

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