Democrats are extremely concerned about Trump’s return! – Video

Democrats are extremely concerned about Trump’s return! – Video

The video “Democrats are FREAKING OUT About Trump’s Return!” highlights the fears and concerns of various individuals regarding the potential return of Donald Trump to the presidency. The speakers express their anxiety about what a second Trump term could look like, painting a picture of a dystopian future filled with violence, suppression of rights, and the destruction of democracy.

They warn of Trump’s intentions to curtail freedoms, persecute his enemies, and use extreme measures to stay in power indefinitely. The speakers emphasize the need for people to put aside their differences and unite to prevent Trump from being reelected, as they believe that his return to office would mean the end of democracy as it is known.

The video ends with a call to action, urging viewers to watch an upcoming documentary titled ‘RIGGED: Death of the American Voter’ and to become a Daily Caller PATRIOT to stay informed and involved in the political process.

Overall, the video serves as a stark warning about the perceived dangers of a potential Trump comeback and aims to mobilize individuals to take action to prevent it.

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And what are you going to do to stop the crazies now are are you scared first of all what could happen if Trump ever became God forbid president again and what are you going to do to stop the crazies I am scared as heck yeah which is why I’m traveling our

Country you know there’s an old saying that there are only two ways to run for office either without an opponent or scared so on all of those points yes we should all be scared these people are crazy what would a second Donald Trump term look like well he cannot be the next

President um it it because if he is you can’t imagine the things that he’s going to do Mexico Canada we can’t go to Canada because eventually Canada will become an next to America and shoot visitors to the White House yeah that means he can shoot the first lady we’re

Going to see violence the likes of which we didn’t even see on January 6th these people are crazy make it illegal to run against him to throw his opponents in jail to shut down the media he will make himself into the furer and he will make everybody raise their hand

And salute him using marshall law against the American people germinate the Constitution to rewrite the Constitution create Mass internment camps these people are crazy throw everyone into GMO might be sent to jail or their rights might be suppressed especially minority groups in society you might have any number of things

Happen to you and your family every one of us our freedom our Liberty none of us is safe he’s going to have people around him executing against an enemy’s list assassinate generals ordering troops uh to um attack American citizens Trump’s very well-armed and extremist base will try to kill people these people are

Crazy going to he’s going to basically burn the house down he will unravel the institutions of our democracy dra similarities between musolini and Hitler Adolf Hitler and Bonito musolini makes Donald Trump even more dangerous wants to take away your vote these people are crazy Senate in the house are

Immediately going to be paralyzed people will begin in their minds to censor themselves they might say well maybe I shouldn’t say this this is the end of democracy I think that could be the end of our democracy but democracy is dead if Trump is reelected POS you up to

Putin that democracy will be at risk these people are crazy the absolute destru of the justice department as we know it the justice department could be entirely transformed I am really concerned about that every person who was associated with the attempted coup elevated in the administration he’s reelected he will curb transgender

Rights and of the rule of law arrest political opponents these people are crazy to persecute not prosecute but persecute his enemies take a wrecking ball to the rule of law he’s going to make the law everyone else will have to follow vote for Donald Trump uh May mean

The last election that you ever get to vote in to go after the independent and free parts of American Civic life he would tear down our institutions these people are crazy Purge the government of employees Department by Department effort to weaponize the powers of the government to use the military to quash

Protests reading the government of all Democratic safeguards junking American democracy as we have always known it that he would try to stay in office Beyond a second term that he would never leave office there’s no question Trump is reelected he won’t leave Donald Trump will never leave office voluntarily and

What that means is that everybody who wants us to remain a republic has to put every other thing aside these people are crazy

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