Discover Authentic Thai Cuisine in Bangkok: Embrace Local Flavors, But Beware of the Fiery Sauce! – Video

Discover Authentic Thai Cuisine in Bangkok: Embrace Local Flavors, But Beware of the Fiery Sauce! – Video

Want to experience the ultimate food tour in Bangkok? Look no further! This Bangkok food tour has been voted the no.1 culinary experience in the city on Tripadvisor. Book a private or small group tour with “A Chef’s Tour” and let them guide you through the incredible food scene of Bangkok.

Starting in the popular shopping area of Pratunam Pier, the tour takes you on a boat ride along the Sanseeb canal to Bobae Pier, a wholesale market with food vendors. Throughout the tour, not only will you get to try amazing Thai dishes, but you’ll also witness the preparation of these delicacies and learn about the cooking techniques from your knowledgeable guide.

Visiting a restaurant that has been in operation for over 100 years, you’ll be able to feast on roasted duck, pork belly, and an array of other authentic Thai dishes. Some of the dishes you can try on this tour include grilled sticky rice with Taro filling, salted Tilapia, green papaya salad, and much more.

But the tour doesn’t just stop at the food. Your guide will also provide insights into Thai food and culture, making sure you have a well-rounded experience.

One thing to watch out for, though, is the spicy sauces. While Thai cuisine is known for its spiciness, the seafood sauce on this tour takes the heat to a whole new level. So, pace yourself and be prepared if you’re not a fan of extreme spice.

So, if you’re a food enthusiast looking for an authentic Bangkok food experience, book a tour with A Chef’s Tour and savor the flavors of Thailand like a true local.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate Bangkok food tour you’ve found it you’ll travel around Bangkok like a real local while tasting a variety of tied dishes Delicacies and culinary Styles stick around to find out [Applause] More hi guys it’s Vanessa from wander onwards and today we are in Bangkok for an incredible food tour this is our guide will you introduce yourself and let us know what we’ll be doing today hi I’m Whit likey in English and uh we’re going to show you how to move and how to

Eat like a local people in this kind this country in Bangkok can’t wait so this is actually a private tour but you can do a small group tour as well I think that the food culture here in Bangkok is some of the best I’ve ever seen in the world especially the street

Food so right can’t wait to see what you have in store I wait right now we are here you see right there number one here this is like a shopping area in Bangkok like with many plenty shopping malls in this area and they’re going to take the boat right the

Big the big one like a like a bus on the water and then we go to along this canal This One S Canal you see and then we go to number four right there you see this B Pier B is the name of the market actually the wholesale market for

Clothes like this like fashion uh tie three fashion like this uh tie Brands like this so now this this one your number one that we’re going to try but remember this one number one from minimum 15 this minimum right so which one are we try this the one on the charal gring

Uh right here this one we start from a tight name first that we call cow Neil ping In tha C Neil that’s name In tha the meaning Cil sticky rice thing Grill that’s the meaning so this one uh the sh Grill um sticky rice with the Taro paste

In the middle this one fing in there you know Taro right yeah are you from us yes all right that’s why Taro you know so this one uh still so hot we take them away and we’re going to try this one on the table with another numbers on the

Table together please take a time yes take a picture please Market is this this one B market the wholesale Market you see yeah everything closed right there and so cheap 50 bu only one [Laughter] Pair okay everyone so now uh we will try the first number and the more numbers right here at the same time right so now come come this way please so this one like this old ladies right there all the chefs cooking for you and then let me show you one by

One what they have so this one for you see pork right there this one chicken right there this one uh you see the snake has uh fish right here this one tilapia and this are the catfish right there but one uh question do you know

How we put salt on this the whole fish right there do you know you see the right that salt we put the egg white in there mix with the salt and then we put on the fish with the scales there and then with the pandant you see in there

And then we grill this one’s super good and then we’re going to try by this one with the more numbers together okay Place stick a time and this way place your seat in here okay so we are at our first location and I’m going to dive into this

Sticky rice so we have sticky rice and Tarot right um wrapped up in a beautiful Banana Leaf that we picked up next to our uh water taxi so it’s been grilled on all sides and I cannot wait to try it so when we’ve been eating super spicy

Things we’ve been having a lot of sticky rice to try to like tone down the the spice the Tai know how to make a spicy food so definitely get a side of sticky rice whenever you’re eating something spicy all right let’s give this a try amazing m

M okay so now we’re going to try more numbers right here and we start from this one first the most beautiful thing on this table this one tilapia you see the whole fish with the scales and the bones everything right there but this interesting because like we put salt in

There you see this one and the one trick um the way that we stick uh salt on the fish and that is we put salt with egg white in there and then we put on the whole fish right here and then we put the pandant Lea you see right there

Pendant is like some something I would say that is like vanilla of s Asia in this region we put in there to to give the fragrance in there and then this one right we go with that spicy sauce right there liing sauce and then also with this one the barbecue of eggplant UB

Jeene right there together and then also with the sticky rice or this one fermented rice noodles this one interesting this one when you try alone with no sauce or nothing in there this would be slightly sour in there this one um fermented overnight one night only

And then we uh try with everything in this country uh even like with the green P yes and this one the LA catfish right with the roasted rice powder in there lime fish sauce chilies um shallot and the the fresh uh the minat leaves on top this one interesting this one somam the

Green papaya salad and um I believe that in your country you have tried this already many times but this one super local so this one uh the green papaya salad right with the saluted egg yolks in there Blended like creamy cabonara in there and then with the barbecue pnck so

This one will be crunchy Smokey and creamy at the same time yes all right guys we take we’re taking a break from eating this delicious food to warn you this is a PSA so this is the seafood sauce literally called Seafood um I I would say I am an avid uh spicy food

Eater I am ethnically Mexican I have gotten my butt kicked by this I don’t know if you can see the sweat on my face it’s not from the humidity it is from this sauce I even had to buy a Pepsi uh because I just I I’m dying I am dying so

If you cannot handle jalapenos or like a little bit of spicy run the opposite direction from uh the spicy sauce the spicy seafood sauce um because I dumped it on my food uh and now I can’t uh taste anything so you’ve been Worn uh one by one we start from this one first number one and again this one in time we call uh I mean that one not this one right that one we call GL to GL banana to deep fry you see and this one one thing that interesting when we cook

When we cook we always use the one that are between ripe and unripe you see in between not so ripe but not so unripe green and yellow together combination like this why because we want to get the shoy texture from unri banana at the same time the soft and sweet taste from

R banana and that’s why I like this always and then we peel and then we slice them to pieces and then we drop in there you see in the bucket right there the lady right there what inside there this one we have the rice flour in there

With the yes with um the shredded coconut meat in there and the salt in there U white sugar and sesame seeds in there and mix all together and de fry in the walk right there to be GL away T number one and then number two this one is

Interesting you know what this one is um tiny you see smaller but this one’s sweeter than this one you see and uh again this different kind you see not the same thing right here this interesting because like when you when you see people around the world and in

Every country they have own names to call this one my customer from Bahamas this they call sugar banana one banana yes but the one from Australia this they call lady finger but this yeah you see similar right and this one from Philippines this they call Sorita o this one what about

In this country In tha right this one we call in Tai GL to GL banana ah sorry um GL Kai sorry GL Kai GL banana Kai egg the meaning this one egg banana we call like this because the uh the color when is ripe is so yellow like a egg yolk

That’s what we call like that in TI GL K and then this one right we use the one just R only you see so yellow like this and then we peel but we don’t cut to Pieces sliced like this but we wrap them the whole thing by this this one is wrap

You see so this where we have the shredded coconut meat in there with the coconut palm sugar in there with salt a little bit in there and with also the sticky rice in there like this and then we wrap them around this the whole thing

And then before we fry we want to get the crispy texture right so we dip in the r flour this one and then we de fry them to call this one cow mouth to inside so now bang Ready okay guys uh so now we keep eating yes on the food exactly right so uh this place uh we call tipy inside the name of this place and uh this place right now 104 years old already and this place right now running by the fourth

Generation right now let me show you um shortly can you see that uh that two people right there the couple they’re from uh China a long time ago and this one the first generation right there and then the Beautiful old lady right there behind the counter right there she is

The third generation yes uh back there and right now her son the young guy running this place this business right now the fourth generation and now we’re going to try two numbers and that is um duck roasted duck and pork Bly from this place this one so we are at a restaurant

That is over a 100 years old right now and we are enjoying two different meat dishes pork belly and roasted duck and then we have this incredible bone broth that is made out of pork and what was the other bone duck bone um for all of you broth enthusiasts this is some of

The best broth I’ve had ever period Point Blank um and this actually looks very Chinese to me because the original founders of this restaurant back four generations immigrated from China so you can start to see how cultures blend their food together and adapt to new ingredients locations and I think that’s Beautiful and this one uh in thae okay you do do you want to try to pronounce it no this you see okay one more time your tie excellent this one can bring right um meaning you don’t know right no idea but if I say this one in English the M Bean

CPE ah mang Bean do you know mang Bean yes yes and no okay let me show you do you know the bean sprouts in P something like this in noodles bean sprouts from M beans okay do you know mango sticky rice yes yes right and the crispy beans on

Top that we we put on top springle M beans mang beans on top and one more thing do you know the glass noodles yes do you know that the main ingredient M Bean flow in there the power of M beans exactly so now we show you how we make them this

Way please so now we try uh one number one number from this this lady you see right there the crepe this one from uh M bean flour with the rice flour two things in there mixed all together and then we put the turmeric powder you see that’s why yellow like like this and

Then this one U inside that the filling so this one from the shredded coconut meat in there with the black peppers in there and one thing do do you see something green and Tiny in there you see do you know cfim leaves yes ah this cim Leaf the same thing in tomyam soup

Right yeah this one in there like um citrusy in there and then we have the tofu we have the this one fermented um dyin in there the radish this one and then we have the peanut in there this and then this one the so this one the

Salad this on the side so we have the cucumbers in there and we have the shallot in there we have this one the young Ginger not the old Ginger this one young Ginger like mild ginger in there and then bomb on top the green and red peers on top learn a lesson yes

Exactly look ah okay let me uh show you this one dressing you see how like thick of this one you see like honey right so so this one we have the coconut sugar in there salt and one more thing that is the pineapple vinegar and mix all together and put on that

Grape amazing chips kiss okay so now we have like three numbers on this table and this one the the Cur place right so we start from this one first the one that not spicy this one the classic one mustan Curry M I think you know right yeah

Masaman curry with chicken and the sweet potato in there and the peanut and the uh onion in this one and then this one the panan curry panan curry pork this one pork in there and this one the one uh spiciest on this table uh be careful

This one green curry with beef this one beef and this one the you see egg plants in there the ti eggplant the ra one like go bowl here for this one and then this the this stop we have rice for you and this will be your main lunch what h

We just had um appetizers this one me lunch and we keep going stay with me stay with me having a Nervous thanks for watching if you like that video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel

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