Discover the Ultimate Lake Como Experience: A Travel Guide to Como, Italy and Lake Como Boat Rentals – Video

Discover the Ultimate Lake Como Experience: A Travel Guide to Como, Italy and Lake Como Boat Rentals – Video

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places in Italy, and one of the best ways to see it is by renting a boat. In this travel vlog, Ashley and Christian take us on a tour around Lake Como, sharing their experience renting a boat and cruising around the lake. If you’re not up for renting your own boat, they also provide information on how to book a group or private boat tour.

They start their adventure by renting a boat in Bellagio, which allows them to explore the lake at their own pace. They sail around to various stops including Nesso bridge, Villa del Balbianello, and Pescado Bay, providing stunning views of the surrounding areas.

The vlog also includes footage of their experiences in other towns around Lake Como, such as Menaggio and Varenna, showcasing the vibrant colors and beautiful promenades of these charming Italian towns.

The vlog provides useful information on getting around Lake Como, including tips on taking the car ferry and staying in an Airbnb with a breathtaking view of the lake. It also includes breathtaking scenery, including a lush, mountainous landscape and crystal-clear waters.

Overall, this travel vlog offers a comprehensive and exciting guide to exploring Lake Como, whether by boat or by visiting the surrounding towns. Ashley and Christian’s enthusiasm for travel and genuine love for the places they visit shines through, making this vlog an inspiring and informative watch for anyone interested in exploring the beauty of Lake Como, Italy.

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I’m Ashley and I usually travel with my husband Christian but every year my dad and I take a trip together we decided to head to Switzerland and Italy this time places we’ve been before but keep coming back to I am so excited to share some

New to us spots as well as some old Favorites good morning from Lake Como which is one of the most beautiful places ever we are renting a boat today for about 3 hours to go on the lake by ourselves we don’t need a boat license it’s just a 40 horsepower boat but this

Is a great way to see the lake on your own schedule we are in Bellagio which is one of the little communes of Lake KO we took a car fairy to get over here it was €1 19 very very easy you just get in line

Go by buy a ticket to get onto the ferry Roll On You have about 5 10 minute ferry over from the magio area which is across the lake there’s multiple car fairies all around Como and if you’re driving that’s really going to be a good Option we have picked up our boat we have it for 3 hours and it was €180 which includes Fuel and like third party Insurance she gave us this map and then circled the best places to go for 3 hours so we’re going to start out by going down to Nesso My hair is crazy wind hair right Now we are right in front of the bridge here this is the nesso bridge that’s near the town of nesso or the commun of nesso there’s a beautiful waterfall behind the bridge like kind of inside of the gorge There Right here is ISA komina which is the only Island on Lake KO we can cruise around it if you take a boat you have to be very very slow it’s like less than 1 RPM behind us is the Villa balbianello there were a few famous movies filmed here there was Casino Royale and Star Wars It’s a museum now down the lake farther George Clooney’s house so there’s a lot of very cool little sites here that you can stop and See right over here is Verena which is another really pretty town on Como this is so Colorful our last stop on the boat is pascolo Bay which has really calm Waters this is a perfect place to go swimming or to have a picnic lunch which is what we’re doing this is right on the other side of Bellagio so after we’re done

Eating here we are going to make our way back around and drop the boat off thecal Bay is a great place to Go We came and got some gelato up a little bit higher in Bellagio we walked up a staircase and we’re kind of walking through the town this place is really good we had to stop and get our first Italian gelato [Applause] [Applause] we are back on the carferry to go back towards the side that minio is on and that’s what we’re staying but I just love these little car fairies like this is so easy to get around KO instead of having to drive the entirety of the lake

Because it’s so far around you can just there’s like three or four that you can take to get across the lake so keep that in Mind We are back at our Airbnb and I just just wanted to show you where we’re staying so we’re pretty far up like a mountain surrounding Lake KO so this is our view back here just absolutely beautiful and we have multiple decks we have this deck

Down here this is like the main deck and then we have two up here there’s two bedrooms in this so there’s one right here and one right here coming inside from the deck you step directly into the kitchen nothing super special here but you walk through the kitchen and

And you have your own little wine Celler and right here is the living room space has a really cool stone walls you can see out on the balcony the deck from Here this is the entrance to the house so you can see from the top of the staircase you have a really beautiful view outside it’s floor to ceiling Windows right here with some very fun light bulb like light [Applause] Fixtures Good morning from minio this is a village that was about 50-minute drive from where we’re staying it’s really pretty a lot of the buildings are colorful so we’re just kind of walking along Lake for a bit before heading on to Verana They’ve built this beautiful prominade on the edge of the water here so you’re able to walk along the lake and enjoy some flowers and beautiful views of the lakes and mountains pretty sure most of the bigger towns have this but this one is a lot longer honestly less crowded

Than bagio so I think menaggio is also very well worth your time to come over here there he goes on a dad Mission okay but look how this tree grew around the like the metal pole here it’s so intricately wound around it that is so Cool we are getting on a ferry to go across the lake to Verena which is the third town that we’ll be visiting on Lake KO it looks really colorful from the water so I’m excited to go over there and walk through the streets minio is definitely the smaller one there

Wasn’t there’s not a lot to do besides just walk around walk along the prominade and enjoy the water but I think there’s a few more streets and like a cathedral in Brena that we can go check Out we’re on the ferry we’re not taking the car this time so it was only $460 per person to go across to Verena and then on the way back we go Verena bagio minio to get back over Here and we’re sharing the boat with a giant tour bus like look they can fit this big old charter bus on which is just Insane We’re just wandering the streets of Arena it’s just like bagio with the narrow Cobblestone Alleyways and and just walkways leading basically straight up but we are in search of some food right now some good Italian pasta pizza sounds Perfect we just ate lunch at this restaurant that overlooked the lake it’s really beautiful we had some like April Spritz carbonara and then the best tomatoes I’ve ever had on a Bretta in my life so we’re just walking around in Verena now and going to find some gelato and then head back to Vagio we are back in minio we took the fery back over from binaa I think that if you just have a couple days on like KO try and run a boat if you can but if you don’t have time to do all of them definitely make sure you see bagio

Menaggio and Verena because they were all incredibly beautiful in their own Way You

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