Discovering the Beauty of Playa Las Ánimas: A Must-See Beach in Puerto Vallarta 🇲🇽 – Video

Discovering the Beauty of Playa Las Ánimas: A Must-See Beach in Puerto Vallarta 🇲🇽 – Video

The video titled “The Most Beautiful Beach in Puerto Vallarta?! 🇲🇽 Hiking to Playa Las Ánimas” takes viewers on a breathtaking journey through the coastal paradise of Playa Las Ánimas. The video creator, who is clearly an enthusiast of Puerto Vallarta, describes the experience as one of the best things to do in the area, offering a refreshing escape from the busyness of the Romantic Zone.

The journey to Playa Las Ánimas begins with a bus or taxi ride from Puerto Vallarta to the charming fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan. From there, travelers have the option to embark on a 2-hour hike through the scenic coastal path to the beach or take a short 5-minute boat ride. The video captures the beauty of the coastal path, showcasing lush landscapes, secluded beaches, and crystal-clear waters.

The video also highlights the practical aspects of the journey, such as providing the location of the bus stop in Puerto Vallarta and emphasizing the need to bring cash along for the trip, as the area doesn’t have ATMs. Additionally, the video creator shares tips for ensuring a comfortable hike, including wearing sneakers and bringing food and water.

Throughout the video, viewers are treated to stunning views of Colomitos, Playa Madagascar, and Playa Caballo, each offering their own unique charm. Upon arriving at Playa Las Ánimas, the video conveys the excitement and beauty of the wide Bay, complete with boats and restaurants that cater to day visitors.

The video creator shares their personal experience of enjoying a delicious seafood meal and a few celebratory beverages at Playa Las Ánimas before opting to take the boat back to Boca de Tomatlan. The breathtaking views from the boat ride back add to the overall allure of the trip.

Overall, the video serves as an informative and visually appealing guide to experiencing the beauty of Playa Las Ánimas. The creator’s enthusiasm for the journey is palpable, and their insights into the different beaches along the way add depth to the narrative. For anyone considering a visit to Puerto Vallarta, this video offers a captivating preview of the natural wonders that await.

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Las Animas Beach is a little slice of paradise to the south of Puerto viarta and is a place I have had on my bucket list for years to get there you need to take a bus or a taxi from Puerto via to the small fishing Village of boka De

Tomad Lan from here you can either hike to Las Animas in about 2 hours or you can take a 5-minute boat ride which costs 100 Mexican pesos good morning today I am so excited to go somewhere that I have wanted to go for years I have been to ptoa six or seven

Times and I’ve always had this place on my list but I haven’t had a chance until now to get over there today I’m going to Las Animas which is a from what I understand very beautiful beach that you can only access either by boat or by

Hiking there so I’m going to hike there and and perhaps take the boat back but first I need to go get some cash because the area where you get the boat from Bo tomad Lan uh does not have any ATMs and I’m pretty sure if you want food you

Want to pay for the boat you want to do anything uh you’re going to need to pay in Mexican besso so let’s go get some so one of the reasons I’ve never gone to tight before is it’s a little bit of a mission um you have to take the bus to B

Toman which takes about an hour and then it’s a 2 and 1/2 hour hike to the beach and then you do it all in verse my loose plan is to do the bus the hike see how my legs feel what time it is how much Daylight’s left uh and probably take the

Boat back to badlan and then possibly take an Uber depending on the price I checked this morning and it’s about 300 pesos which is around about $15 so we’ll see after getting some cash I got in line for the bus outside of Oxo I’ll link in the description below where the

Bus stop is located it only costs cost 10 pesos or about 60 the bus to boka only took about 35 minutes in the end so much faster than I thought it would be the bus ends here so you’ll know you’ve arrived when everybody gets off the bus from here walk towards the water

And then to the left so that the river is on your right side until you see the foot bridge that takes you across the river and along this beautiful Coastal path so from what I read this hike is not strenuous in any way um but there

Are a lot of rocks it’s not fully paved all the way so I’ve worn sneakers and socks um I’ve got my bathing suit on underneath but shorts that are comfortable for walking in a big 32 oz bottle of water uh some snacks because I think there are

Restaurants on the beaches but um my plan is to come back to Boke tomad Lan for lunch cuz I heard that the food here is awesome so that’s my plan for the day the path is a little bit uneven to say the least but for the most part it’s

Pretty easy to follow there are signs everywhere pointing the way to kitos and Las Animas I don’t know if the trail was affected by some of the tropical storms that came through PTO via this year but all these articles that I read about this Trail being

Easy Li woo as I fall over it’s not like not really hard but there’s scrambling like there’s Sandy path it’s quite steep there’s a lot of stairs and it’s hot and this is in December it’s December 16th today and it’s over 80° so yeah it’s a little difficult never travel to Mexico without

Travel insurance You walk past several beaches along the way to Las Animas where you may be tempted to stop and stay for a while I actually thought perhaps a little controversially that the beaches along the way were even more beautiful than Las Animas itself first you come to colomitos then Playa

Madagascar Playa cabayo and eventually Las Animas opens up to a wide Bay full of boats and restaurants ready to serve you and all of the other day visitors most of whom arrive by Boat the hike at a leisurely Pace takes about 2 hours especially if you stop for photos or simply to enjoy the different beaches along the way well this is a much bigger Beach than I thought it was going to be there like restaurant I was so hungry by the time I

Arrived the plan to wait until I was back in bokeh was out of the question so I found a place where I could Lounge in the shade and enjoy some delicious Seafood after a few celebratory pacificas I decided the best idea would be to take the boat back to Boa at told

For about $5 it was totally worth it not only for saving my legs but to enjoy the views back over all the Bays I hope you enjoyed hiking these beautiful beaches with me is it worth it I think the hike is 100% worth it it’s one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve

Done in Mexico there’s no doubting that but I do think I would probably rather spend my time at Playa cabayo or Madagascar there’s so much more Solitude there and as long as you bring all you need for the day you can have what feels like your own private

Beach if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up it really supports my channel and I will see you next time as we Explore More of beautiful Mexico

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