Don’t Mess with a Devil! – Video

Don’t Mess with a Devil! – Video

Don’t Try This with a Devil!

“Don’t Try This with a Devil!” takes viewers on a wild adventure with Coyote Peterson as he faces off against a pack of Tasmanian devils in a feeding frenzy. Known for their powerful bite force and scavenging nature, Tasmanian devils are often misunderstood creatures. Through this unique encounter, Coyote explores the softer side of these iconic marsupials and highlights the conservation efforts of Devil Ark, a breeding program dedicated to saving the species from extinction. With a close-up look at the devils’ feeding habits and impressive jaw strength, viewers are treated to a thrilling and informative experience. Join Coyote as he navigates the dangers and delights of feeding a devil and discover the importance of protecting these unique animals for future generations. Don’t miss out on this heart-pounding episode of animal encounters and conservation efforts!

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Video Transcript

Make sure you keep the M L look at this look what Coyote’s got oh all right we got one on everybody in for a little bit of the kangaroo Buffet line they’re really heavy so much strong like T war with your dog in the backyard only

When I say Tasmanian Devil I have a good feeling that the first thing that comes to mind is this guy right here Taz from the Looney Tunes cartoon one of my favorites as a kid he was Notorious for being ill-tempered spinning around like a tornado destroying everything and talking like

This but what do you really know about this creature it’s one of the most unique marsupial on the planet carnivorous it’s a scavenger and they’re famous for having one of the most powerful bite forces based on size per body mass today we’re going to find out just how powerful that bite is by

Entering into a Feeding Frenzy with an entire pack of Tasmanian devils but what I ultimately want to determine is whether or not the Tasmanian devil has a softer side perhaps that bite isn’t quite as loud as its bar the barington tops are unlike any other place in Australia and they

Resemble the environment Devils naturally roam on the island of Tasmania today we will be working alongside Davis at Oar a conservation organization that began in 2011 this initiative was strategically set up and separated from Tasmania where in recent years an incurable illness known as devil facial tumor disease has

Decimated wild populations of devils driving their species toward the brink of Extinction it’s a massive undertaking but thanks to an incredibly successful and quite active breeding program a founding population of 44 Devils has now produced over 500 healthy joies and aurist found this insurance population survival is crucial to the future of

This species more on that and how you can help at the end of the video but right now it’s time for dinner with a devil good morning hey y good Cal nice to meet you you too all right looks like we’ve got some prep already set up with

Our Tasmanian Devil Feeding Frenzy I brought Taz with me today has a film crew ever brought a Tas minan devil to a Tasmanian devil Feeding Frenzy I think it’s a first yes I was hoping that that would be the case what is the buffet line that we have set up for the Devils

Today so we’ve got some nice lean natural kangaroo for them so all the buckets are ready to go okay oh really I don’t have to chop anything up you can if you want to I will definitely avoid cutting up the meat if I have to I’ll just get right into the Feeding Frenzy

Awesome okay so grab these buckets yeah they can just go on the back of the you wow yeah definitely smells like fresh kangaroo before we get into The Feeding Frenzy I just want to say thanks to ag1 for sponsoring today’s episode now while I’m on production I spent a lot of time

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Left to get a your supply of vitamin D3 K2 and five free travel packs okay this is the first gate we must go through and then there’ll be a second gate let me know just in advance little safety quick tips before we enter with the Devils absolutely so they’re

All here ready and waiting they’re very keen they’re very very food motivated but the thing of it is that the meat that’s what they want so a lot of people are really tempted to try and walk to where we need to go and hold the meat

High up in the air if they can’t get the meat they’re going to get for you so you want to just make sure that they’re on the meat and you always keep the meat between you and the devil yeah we’ll avoid the bites as best as we can this

Is our oh this is oh this is like a whole leg oh yeah okay grab the this up and um all right I think I’m ready let’s feed some Tasmanian devils let’s do it oh hey fellas ladies and gentlemen we’ve got meat here little sniff test nice and

Fresh oh you guys hear them all right they’re so they’re getting really fired up now right absolutely they can’t wait so the sense of smell is what’s drawing them all in from all the underbrush absolutely they could smell that when we drove it through the main gate okay you

Ready all right here we go make sure you keep the mate L let them have it look at this look at this look at coyotes got oh all right we got one on got one on here you go guys everybody in for a little bit of the kangaroo Buffet line they’re

Really heavy so much strong it’s like playing tug OFW with your dog in the backyard only whoa with a bunch of biting ultimate Tasmanian devil tug of war woo all right coming up on the pole here and oh there you go guys woo that’s fantastic all right caly we

Are right here about as close as you could get to a devil frenzy yes and not necessarily in danger at this point like you said they’re really focused on the meat well this is the thing people have this idea about what a Tasmanian devil is and it is largely affected by

Cartoons Etc but you know how many carnivores can you Lions you’re not going into a p of lions as they’re tearing apart something and and that’s what they’re focused on they’re not Hunters they’re they’re really scavengers so we’re alive we’re fine so they smell the fact that this is non

Living meat and they say this is exactly what we should be feasting on and they’re in a sense the cleanup crew within the environment absolutely they perform such an important ecological role in that regard preventing spread of disease when we’re talking bite force with this animal where does it rank

Amongst Australia’s mammals it’s actually the strongest closing bite force for any animal for their size so if you scaled it up uh they’d be you know more powerful than than a lion or a tiger or a whale or anything like that uh they’re only around 8 to 10 kilos but

They have the equivalent jaw pressure of a 50 kilo dog I mean look at how fast they’re just demolishing that meat and they’ll go through the tendon the skin the hair and even the bone absolutely yeah they they go for what is quickest first so they can get as much food as

Possible cuz they don’t they don’t really want to share too much um and so that’s the muscle that’s really quick and easy for them to do uh and then you know the smaller bones that are really easy then start working on that skin and that fur it takes a little bit more

Effort and then that big thick uh leg bone they’ll be Goring on for a little while so you can see as they’re getting excited their ears are actually getting redder as they’re continuing with their meal so what that is why they have the red ears is is you know for us if we

Exert ourselves our face flushes and and that’s how we cool down but cuz they’re covered in fur they can’t do that except on the ears you don’t have much fur covering so they’ve got lots of blood vessels within that area and so their blood rushes to the ears to help cool them

Down so this is something that we see as well as that food is gotten less that’s when those fights start to break out a little more they’re fighting over those last easy morels well they’re definitely very focused on the meal at the moment it’s impressive to see how quickly they’ve they’ve really worked

Off all of the meat at this point and now they’re really into just the tendons and the bones and will they actually digest the bone they will yeah you can actually see it in their in their scat in their feces where they’ve got uh it’s a paler color and that’s where they’ve

Ingested a lot of that bone now I noticed that their faces are quite gnarled is this from from fighting I mean their their hides must be incredibly tough to be fighting each other and biting each other all the time yeah so people think it’s over food but

For the most part the fights in Devils occur during breeding okay it’s the sort of test of strength but they’re not really too much or very often biting each other but that’s enough for those scars to occur and enough for the disease to spread through the population

As well right so when it comes to devil facial tumor disease that’s how it’s primarily spread from devil to devil it sounds like it’s more posturing in many instances than it is an actual full-on fight but that’s how the disease is ultimately transmitted absolutely and if you think about how quickly they’ve just

Eaten that if you’re spending too long fighting then you’re going to miss out on food and so a lot of their little interactions very brief and a lot of bluff and display uh but it is you know this disease is spread through their natural behavior is what they’d normally

Be doing now that you’ve seing how quickly they can terap poot flesh would you like to hold one I think I would love to hold a double let’s see if I can do that without losing some fingers let’s go all right Cal so we’re gonna get into

An enclosure now with a devil that may be a little friendlier do I need my bite proof gloves to snuggle you should be okay but just don’t quote me on that okay we’ll see what happens and we’re going to be meeting with Sandy yeah Sandy or Sandra

D she’s one of our ambassador Devils so she’s a lot more humanized and uh usually enjoys a little cuddle okay well this will be the softer side of Tasmanian devils we’ve SE what they look like ferocious I see her over there let’s see if we can make friends all

Right this is actually her brother Danny oh this is Danny this is Denny or Denny Zuko that is like the quintessential Field Guide specimen devil right there so then this must be Sandy this is you want us to go back here into the shade you just you just grabb on to it just

Like that okay since she was really really little she loves a little bit of a comfort bite so that’s what she’d be doing with Mom just holding on and making so sure that she’s safe and has that connection so she might do that with your clothing or your fingers or

Something like that um but there shouldn’t be any aggression to it she just wants to feel nice and comfortable but how cool are those fet the pads are incredible I mean it feels a little bit like a raccoon paw it’s like if a raccoon and a badger combined together

And this was their paw that’s exactly what it would be yeah she’s so sweet let’s see I’m ready I’m ready and probably cap it away from your face just in case just in case see candy hi but oh yep there’s the little Comfort Comfort chew on the jacket yeah you chew

Away on the jacket totally cool with me totally cool yep that’s a zipper very nice yeah she’s so soft the bristlin of the coat is really cute all right let’s just Crouch down right here see if she’ll hang out with us for a second he baby all right so let’s talk for a

Second about the conservation work you guys are doing here at oark and when we were in the middle of the frzy we talked a little bit about devil facial tumor disease but why is it so important for you guys to be creating a contingency population of these animals right now if

The Devils go extinct in Tasmania in the wild so does the disease and so if you have that insurance population you can repopulate and so that’s that’s where uh oak camean or or devil AR as we used to be and we were a dedicated breeding facility for

Tasmanian devils you know we have 200 here so that’s you know more than more don’t do that more than double hello more than double the carrying Capac worldwide as it was previously mhm so in in doing this you guys are ensuring that Devils will never go extinct they’re not

Going to go the way of the thine and this population will ensure that no matter what happens in the wild in Tasmania devils will always be a part of our planet absolutely very cool well Cal it certainly was an amazing experience getting in today with the devil Feeding

Frenzy and then getting to see this softer side of a creature that has such a ferocious reputation I mean Sandy here has just been snuggling for multiple minutes in a row I don’t want to let her down but she definitely wants to just get back in and run around in her

Enclosure thank you so much for having us out today this was awesome I’m Kye Peterson be brave stay wild we’ll see on the next adventure all right Sandy I think it’s time for lunch what do you think it takes a massive amount of dedication to care for this population

Of devils and if you would like to be a part of this ongoing effort visit oar’s website and discover how you can help preserve the future for these adorably ferocious creatures who’s ready for the centipede bite don’t forget to mark your calendars April 10th at 7:00 p.m. eastern time I

Will be going Live on YouTube to take on this insane experiment it’s the craziest thing I will have ever done but all money raised will support save the horns

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