Episode 13: Nemo & LADANIVA (The Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast) – Video

Episode 13: Nemo & LADANIVA (The Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast) – Video

Nemo and LADANIVA are two talented acts taking the Eurovision stage by storm. Nemo, representing Switzerland with his song “The Code,” brings a fusion of genres that perfectly encapsulates his musical journey. His personal and heartfelt song has already garnered a strong connection with fans worldwide. On the other hand, LADANIVA, the duo representing Armenia with their song “Jako,” bring a message of female empowerment and strength, delivered in a fun and light-hearted way. With their unique blend of French-Armenian influences, their performance promises to be both entertaining and impactful. Both acts are ready to take on the Eurovision stage and leave a lasting impression on audiences around the world. Catch them at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest and witness their musical magic unfold.

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Nemo the breakfast at this hotel is so weird isn’t it it’s like everything you could want it’s definitely not the healthiest but it’s my it’s my man I have to say I didn’t choose the healthiest things but I never do I just had like a croissant then a chocolate croissant like I wanted

To get a churo but then I was like oh no but then I got a pancake I got like no vitamins so they had they had peas yesterday they had a bowl of peas for breakfast yeah it’s like the strangest thing and then had jelly it’s so yeah

It’s so weird I wasn’t near yest but they didn’t have peace today right no peace today no no no no sad um Nemo thank you for joining us on the podcast we’re going to find all about you stay right there this is the official Eurovision song contest [Applause] Podcast hello it’s Steve and this episode is coming to you from Madrid where we’ve been for the first pre-party of the season so big thank you to pre-party es for having us it was the first chance that many of the acts got to meet each other uh there was this

Surreal moment pretty early on in the hotel lobby where everyone was waiting to go to the venue and stood in their own individual pockets of countries and looking at each other thinking um I know you I’ve seen you on YouTube and now you are here in real life life it was a

Great atmosphere lots of connections um and everyone who performed did such a good job on the way you are going to hear Jacqueline and Louie who are known together as Ladena who are representing Armenia this year but as you just heard let’s first speak to Nemo singing the code for Switzerland hello Nemo

Hello so I’m guessing this feels like the first day of school term yeah like it no it properly feels like a school trip like really like we’re not even like we’re not even in our real school we’re like going to Spain for like a little trip to celebrate the three years

That we had together but we didn’t have the three like it feels really surreal but amazing like it it’s it’s an amazing experience so far how was it to meet everybody did it because you’ve seen them obviously online right and probably dm’d a couple of people but actually

Seeing them face to face it’s like it’s you yeah it’s it’s weird it’s cool it’s like it’s it feels surreal in the sense that like we’re all here together now The Vibes are so nice everyone’s really kind-hearted and like feel like everyone really takes time to talk to each other

And to yeah I mean in the limited time that we have like to get to know each other and just yeah a lot of positivity and love well I was talking about breakfast that’s the odd thing because everyone is in the same Hotel so it’s like you’re your next to like hi morning

You getting some peas as well yeah yeah um who have you kind of bonded with at this early stage um so many people I feel like I’m just kind of like I haven’t had like properly like time to talk to anyone for more than like 10 minutes other than like Sylvester also

So we yesterday we um went back from filming like some social media things yeah and there were no caps no like uh no Ubers because there’s like it’s Easter here so we walked back the whole the whole um the whole time uh to get to the venue and then it was like a

Beautiful little walk and uh it was really really nice to get to know each other more and um yeah I hope I hope I I can get get more time with everyone so you’re saying about walking so the shoes that you’re wearing at the minute you

Didn’t walk in these ones did you so for the sake of the the sake of the podcast this is like part of your extensive collection right this is yeah this is actually my extensive collection just got way smaller because I lost my suitcase like 5 days ago it hasn’t

Appeared yet so um and and they told me like the the train company that kind of like you can send them a request for finding things they said like yeah we haven’t found anything yet I hope they can find it again because I have some

Nice clothes in there that I love a lot yeah maybe I just have to go thrifting again the irony of you losing your suitcase on a train when your video for Eurovision is on a train right right I was like oh no no that’s Karma right there yeah like

You’re you’re filming a train video you think you have this all figured out no no no no you now have no clothes cuz you lost them on shoes that were luckily not in my suitcase you didn’t you didn’t lose your hats did you I did I did lose

My pink fluffy hat I was going to ask you that was my favorite yeah I know I know I really hope you know like I had like a call with um some fans from Switzerland um and they were like yeah we all want to get like the same hat as

You and then throw up at like in in Spain and also like in Amsterdam and then maybe of course in in Malo and I was like oh maybe one of them is here right now and has actually bought a hat and would let me like use it because

That would be really good I have to do an Instagram story afterwards so B because that’s that’s your one of your signature looks isn’t it it feels like you’re attached to that hat as if it was a sibling or a loved one yes yes so you you can imagine the loss that I’m

Experiencing right no you know I I feel like I want to change my style a lot I want to be able to like experiment and like wear different kinds of hats but this hat is just like and every time I wear it I feel I feel really good and

Also it’s such a great conversation starter I I went to Paris with this hat and I had it on and I remember this one scene so vividly I was in the Metro and then this one person started talking to me I was like yeah I love your hat and

It’s really pretty and we should talk about fashion in Paris and then like we were talking like a little bit in my broken French and then multiple people started like entering the conversation on the Metro and it felt like I was in a movie or something because like I was

Like just strangers talking about a hat in in Paris I was like okay I got to keep this I got to keep this hat also this is good for Eurovision you know being the center of attention you know the center of the world you know the conversation starter and stuff have you

Loved the reaction to the code it’s been incredible honestly yeah I I I I’ve gotten so many messages beautiful messages like like really emot ones as well and a lot of people really connect with it on a deeper level and that is like more than

I could could have ever hope for like I it’s a song that is so personal to me and that means so much to me but you never know what happens when you put something out you know and to see people really truly connect with it is insane

Is it the most personal song you’ve done I think it is not only from like a a lyrical standpoint I think also from a musical standpoint because there’s just just kind of like every phase of my life Incorporated like musically like when I was nine I started singing opera in the

Youth Opera in Beal and then when I was 13 I started rapping and really obsessed with rap and then later pop kind of like entered my world and I was like wo this is like and I’m like okay let let me combine all of these things one thing

Yeah it’s the perfect Fusion it’s like everything in a song Recipe Allin one baked to Perfection you know it’s like a cake a Eurovision cake EUR Vision cake here for you to to eat it if you want have you got I know you can’t say much

About like what the staging is going to be like but is everything in place for malma um yeah we’re we’re still there’s still some work to do we’re on it and it’s a lot of fun it’s a great process so far banket is amazing who’s that that’s the person who’s doing your

Staging okay yeah I’m I’m just in awe of his like creativity and like his knowledge I won’t get into details but secret yeah yeah yeah just like he’s a a great person to work with there is somebody in your life who can give you advice right because you one of your

Best friends is tea from tea and Selena yes and we met at the camp where I later wrote the code really oh my God so everything lines the everything like fits in the right place so how did you know that you’d get on with her so well

Like what did you Bond over instant like it was like just a I don’t know like sometimes you just feel like a spark with people you know like you’re in the room and like 2 minutes into the conversation it just feels completely natural to you and you’re like oh my God

I’m like we click um and that was the case with her and we obviously we have like a lot of shared interests we have like similar music tastes we similar tastes in movies and we talk about so many things and it’s it’s just like I feel like we always have like very

Meaningful convers and I love that about friendships and that’s something I really look for in friendships Anda is an amazing an amazing amazing friend she said that I think she wrote I’ve never been so excited to see a Eurovision song Drop before it premiered she really hyped it

Up she did she brought the hype she did yeah oh yeah I’m like I’m really thankful like even in the like I remember like in the camp like I showed like at the end of the day we were kind of done with the song or we were recording like some additional vocals

And then um someone told her to like come and like watch what we’re doing and then she entered the room and she was just like sitting there and then she was like and I think then like the next day she tweeted like I’m like 99% sure that

We heard the Swiss entry this year and I’m 100% sure that you’re going to love it if here like she’s been hyping it up from day one she is your ambassador basically she she is the she is the UN ambassador to Nemo should we should we ring her yeah

Shall we yeah let’s just’s say hi okay we’re not going to disturb her are we I hope like I don’t know is she ready is she ready with this no I haven’t said anything let’s Okay okay let’s see what she does she might ignore your phone

Call she’ be like no not this morning not today I’m tired okay hello hey T hey hey um ta I I hope it’s okay that I call you I’m in an into you right now with the Eurovision podcast you want to say hi hi ta it’s

Steve hi Steve oh good to hear you how you doing I’m really really good we’ve just been talking about you how how you are basically Nemo’s biggest fan oh I am I really am a how how proud you’re a big Fanta how how proud are you of the song

And of Nemo oh I’m so so proud I can’t even like explain how proud I am I’m just so so incredibly happy to see Nemo arve and to um watch everything going on it’s just it’s kind of like I I feel like Nemo I don’t know I feel like a big

Prow sister kind of oh ta what’s been your biggest bit of advice um I think my biggest advice was um that Nemo should get a journal and write everything down because I felt for me last year everything went so fast and and I really didn’t like understand what

Was going on until like way later so I asked Nemo to buy a journal and to write like physically write everything down like old school style yeah yeah it’s so good are you g to be coming to support I’m not I’m not going to be there this

Year but I’ll definitely support from um from home and um already have a big watch party plan yes you should make that like T you should really make that like an event you know like if you could like no but it should also be chill like

In the end like I think no no it’s going to be a big party just for you Helena is gonna come all the way from Switzerland just to watch that’s so cute a Nemo what’s been your favorite night out with tea my favorite night out we had some kind of people

We we’ve been to a few cute like late evening hangs let’s call it that we but I I’m sure the grandmas will will have a night out one day that’s kind of appropriate T isn’t it considering your new song is basically you as a grandma absolutely I mean I’m not lying it’s the

Truth t so good to talk to you and thanks for answer thanks thanks for picking up the phone of course I’m on the toilet actually perfect well I hope it goes well and uh I’ll talk to you soon and I can’t wait to answer the email I read it this morning oh my

God have so so much fun I’m definitely going to try to watch your performance and U I’m sending you both a big hug and have the best time oh cheers ta see you soon I love you byebye byebye love you bye oh so cute so cute and that support

I still listen to who the hell is Edgar yeah what a banger we need to change it to code code code code code code code code code code code you know yeah just modify it for one year you know I I can tell there’s a lot of drama already in your journey to

Eurovision honestly yeah and I was going to ask you can you remember your earliest memory of Eurovision did you used to watch when you were a kid mhm mhm I I wonder what my earliest memory was I think probably hearing satellite oh yeah bya I think that was like I must have

Been like 10 11 or so but that like song something that song really catched me like I think it’s like it’s the Infectious energy of it and like I I love Pop more than I love anything and I love like yeah yeah why why else would

We be here and um and and I think that like that really just wrapped my intention I listened to that song like a week ago again it’s just such a good song and was it did you think then like one day I want to be on that stage MH I

Never really thought about it that much because especially like for the songwriting camp that I went to I thought I was going there as a songwriter and I never like really thought it would be an option for me to to go to EUR Vision yeah until it kind

Of happened and and I was like okay we have this song now and like this song is amazing and I love it so much and hm if I ever go to your vision then probably with this and then it kind of just naturally flowed and now I’m here and

You know what like I feel so comfortable and I feel like it was so it was so much the right decision to come here like the whole Community the people like the people here but also the people in the internet and like the whole Vibe is so supportive so accepting and beautiful

And I’m really glad that I that I’m here yeah the Oz and ones have brought you to on the way to Malmo it’s so lovely it’s so nice I think we should finish with the way we started this is quickfire breakfast okay okay juice or coffee uh

Coffee fruit or fry up fry up cereal or pastry wait what is Fri Fri I just heard like fried and I’m like fried things yeah it is all the sausages EG you know all that kind stuff so fry up for sure and uh cereal or pastry cereal cereal okay nice

Mix balanced breakfast with Nemo but no peace obviously no peace this is going to be a wild ride enjoy every minute of it and I hope you get your luggage back thank you so much thank you if anyone knows where it is if anyone seen the

Pink hat hit me up a beige suitcase with lots of colorful clothes in it like somehow I believe will be like even if it’s in in half a year I’ll gladly take it back uh Nemo good luck thank you so much thank you for this Interview thank you to Nemo and thank you to TAA especially as she did answer Nemo’s call on the toilet she is a true friend indeed while we were in Madrid we also spoke to Armenian is Ladena who are singing their song jao I’m not going to

Say too much uh please just listen for quite possibly the best impression of a chicken you are ever going to hear that is all I can’t speak much French but I tried obviously representing Armenia but with a very strong French Connection because jacn you are arm Ian yes Louie

Next to you SE yes uh where in France are you from Louie I’m from L but I live in Paris now I’m living in L in the north of France okay so there’s like a lot there’s like an East West European mix and connection yeah yeah um how are

You finding the Eurovision world so far uh we just came uh for the first time now in Madrid and uh we just discovered this this um this mood we meet the new artist and uh it’s very joyful also we meet a lot of people who who like a

Vision the fans and so we play a little bit with them it was very fun and now we’re just preparing for the concert tonight I saw you arrive yesterday and it’s raining here in Madrid but all the fans were there waiting for you C you know they Eurovision fans are incredible

Yes we are really um uh impressionate impressed at the the the way how they spend the time to waiting us and um and they are so happy so interested they have a questions they also they I um some girls some girl she’s singing also with us we play the

Guitar and she’s singing she started singing along it’s very cute like and they know every lyric of every song and you already collaborated kind of with Nemo as well cuz she had a taxi yes but it’s it’s a good way to meet the artist when you are you take just a same taxi

And after we start to play uh we just improvise and uh it was a good connection we love him how long have you been working on uh yako it was a music of Louie at first he composed it it don’t take too much time but um yes uh

It’s a special song for me because um because I have a message in this song that that is important but the way that I give this message is funny because uh I like to to to say the the important thing with the light way and the funny

Way because um uh I’m like this I’m usually I’m happy so this song it’s um it’s about U you know that I told you what about it it’s it’s a play on your name yes it’s it’s my um it’s my nickname yes I read this song just uh

Like for me child and I say to myself don’t listen jao no one just be like you are so I just want to say with this song that um I love the tradition because all my life I I dance the traditional dance I sing the traditional songs but the way

The tradition sometimes oppress the the woman I never be been agree with it and it’s the the way to to give this message in this song it’s about female empowerment strength and not being a stereotype yes yes yes I just I don’t want that people have just the image of

The girl uh and now I I speak the song is in Armenian so I maybe I speak more about Armenian girls because I’m Armenian girl also so it just the image that we must be beautiful and just don’t speak too much just uh Smiley and very humble

No it’s not it’s not it’s not enough it’s not uh we must give the the the girls to be themselves and to to express themsel to be like they are if they want to do the strange thing everything it’s girly everything is girly yeah I love it

I love the message and the video looks really fun thank you like really fun where did you film it it was in Armenia in D Jan the name of this place yeah it was a very very beautiful places and also the people who work for the for

This uh video very talented people yeah and how and how many animals were in it what can we count there chickens chicken yeah it was a a yeah and there was a Ducks yeah Ducks yeah a and a duck yeah I have a special love with the the the chicken because uh when

I was child I run in I running after the chickens and that’s a childhood memory of you and the chickens and she can imitate the chicken sound very very good so you have to do the chicken sound now yeah now I was sure I was sure that you will ask it concentation

Well what did I just hear that was amazing an actual chicken when did you find out that you had that talent I I just I don’t know I just imitate them because I like them I when I was chat I running after them they running running

Running a lot and after they stop so I take them and I just do the hug you’re like the chicken mom the chicken mother but I I I think I was terrifying terrifying the chicken they was afraid of me but uh I think that I do good thing I just want to hug

Them more people should be chicken Huggers honestly do you do any more animal Impressions or just the chicken yeah I love the cats of course the cats and know imitation oh or just chicken oh chicken really I’m professional chicken Prof it’s my speciality uh Louie do you have any uh animal

Imitation uh talents oh yes maybe with my trumpet I can imitate some yeah this is a Talent the chicken don’t you think it’s like special Lou had can do sorry it’s the chicken know it’s a virus uh Lou can do with his trumpet the sound of M what’s his

Name I can do the horse sound or elephant sound with my trumpet okay so you you basically the two of you are a human Zoo Factory so you can basically make all the animals together like this is good I enjoy it um how many instruments do you play I play uh I play

Piano guitar bass double bass uh trumpet many fluts and cinate and many flutes yeah yeah and B were you always musical from from being a child yes cuz my my mother she’s a Pianist and there was a piano at home so I I’ve always been playing yeah it he’s

He’s impressive with music right yeah he’s very impressive very talented guy happy to meet you happy to have you in my band basically where does the creativity come from we just feel the things uh um we have a similar sensibility of the music we know what uh Louie will love he know

What I will love and yeah it’s just very connected and also I love really the way Lou are musician so he have a good ideas and who Lou he okay and Lou he like also the way I’m singing and um so everything is working very easy together I don’t know I don’t

Know how to explain but um yeah I’m happy to to to have this chance to meet someone with who we can I can create the things uh that I love and uh and I’m sure and I’m proud to do it and now going to Eurovision the one of the

Biggest stages in the whole world yes crazy crazy experience yeah yeah is everything coming together for the performance we will practice we will also have a fun because the song is very fun so we must to be in the good vibe you know and also just don’t um don’t

Take it seriously like uh be happy and and try to share something light and uh joyful so but we will work we will dance Lou will prepare a very good very big choreography very difficult it will he will work yes very impressive the people we don’t understand what happened on the

Stage yeah but maybe you should have some chicken imagery you know some pictures or you know no I just will I will be Chicken on the stage with a costume I was TI my song with the with the sound of chicken people will say what happening well everyone everyone will stop and they’ll

Be like the chicken woman yes no amazing what are your Eurovision memories like who do you remember seeing and watching in Eurovision oh when I was child I I I I saw every year the the yra vision it was like I was with my mother with my

Sister we watching like yeah go Armenia go yeah I remember I remember K yes 10 years this year yeah 10 years already yeah 2014 oh my God it’s a special year yeah I I remember Loren beautiful yeah I I was impressed at the way she move too much good and

She singing too much good in the same time it was like how she do it she was alone on the stage like a I was impress impressed when I was child I think you might see her in Malo because she’ll be there won’t she doing something as a

Double winner and Armenia has done so well recently you know you look at Rosal Lyn and what she’s done around the world making your country so proud C yes it’s crazy the the the way uh the song her song is become so popular in the world it’s very impressive well look have a

Great time enjoy the Eurovision ride yes we can wait us LBA thank you so [Applause] much

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