Episode 8: Mustii (The Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast) – Video

Episode 8: Mustii (The Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast) – Video

Mustii is a multi-talented artist who is representing Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest with his epic track “Before The Party’s Over.” In this episode of The Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast, Mustii discusses his Eurovision plans, his love for Madonna and David Bowie, and the support he’s received from his drag queen friends. The song is the first single from his upcoming album and represents a new chapter in his life where he embraces life to the fullest. Mustii is dedicated to working hard and staying focused as he prepares for Eurovision, all while balancing his acting career and other projects. With the support of his drag race family, including a message of encouragement from last year’s Belgian singer Gustaf, Mustii is ready to take the Eurovision stage by storm. Don’t miss his performance of “Before The Party’s Over” at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Today’s guest is not only a singer he is an acclaimed actor he is a judge on drag race Belgium he is an All Around Talent bonjour am hello hello hello SAA SAA yes a bit a bit stressed by everything a bit overwhelmed but Sava it’s really a good

Good good time for me good week you are representing Belgium the song is called before the party’s over and am I writing thinking that you found out that you were going to represent Belgium while you were filming drag race exactly it was is during the shooting of the season

One so I think uh a long time ago in fact because we are already in the season 2 right now yeah the director of the the rtbf she came like one morning was super early we were we were um it was during the makeup makeup time and

And she was like behind me with his two hands on my shoulders do you know euro vision yes I know euro vision do you want to do it for Belgium it was really it was a Daydream for me well if you were sleepy you were awake after

That and I just love that you were in the makeup chair as well how glamorous how how appropriate I I don’t she would making fun of me you know I for me it wasn’t it was it wasn’t true it was like okay are you sure or or you do you want

Me to make a guting or something or do you want to hear a song the song is called before the part’s over stay exactly where you are MTI we’re going to get into it next musty congratulations I mean what a year so far and it’s only going to get bigger

And better um have you gone into full Eurovision mode now I for now you know I want to see things like step by step I don’t want to see the whole picture you know because it’s a bit scary for me so I’m really like okay the sound is out no

Really focused on vocal rehearsal uh visuals like you know just day by day I don’t want to to think about later I am just like day by day focus on the work like there’s a lot of work to do uh I have a good team with me I really want

To put my best and but staying focused because there’s a lot of voices you know everywhere I I can people are commenting it’s great it’s it’s positive thing but I really want to stay completely in the work and you know we can easily become crazy in a way because it’s a lot

And I don’t want that I really want to stay focused on on the work and but I I have a good good team with me for that you’re going to keep slow and steady you were the First Act to be revealed of this whole year then because sometimes

We say that the first are the last you know we say that it’s a it’s like a line in French and so I hope ion no no it won’t happen no the I have my own meaning of course but I think you can put your project your own mind into

The song I I don’t know if it’s really Cor in English what I’m saying there but no it is it makes total sense yeah there there’s like layers yeah for and for me it’s also the new a new chapter it’s the first uh song of my next album I know

There’s euro vision of course but it’s also I like to think a bit bigger it’s in it’s in the first stone of my of my Newcastle you know it’s and and for me I can already tell that it’s the closing chapter of my next album it’s the last

Song um because the album will be like a metaphor of a long party night and that the party is the metaphor of life also the last few years I I am assuming more myself I’m more good in my in French we say better in my boots you know I feel

More confident than before and the sound is also a bit about that you know the first part is more about um sadness I had a Restless feeling of how life can be tough and violent sometimes and then at one point you need to um you need to

Embrace it you need to live to the fullest you need to be completely who who you are and without fear but with pride and and and because we have no choice life is like violent absurd short so fragile sometimes we have a lot of different struggle for whatever whatever

Reason but then that’s reason why you have to live to the fullest and show your inner fire to the world really that’s really the the the the and that’s how I Live Now That’s I’m growing up and I’m I I I discover the all Queer alternative World in Brussels also I I

Feel way much better than before and this song even if it’s a bit melancholic in sad in a way I really want it to have like a breath of life in it you have to live it sorry I’m I’m I’m talking too fast but no I like it because you’re

Enthusiastic and also I like in the song that it builds to this big Crescendo and I can’t wait to see what you do on stage with that moment I’m sure You’ got some ideas already it’s a bit of a risk because I and I know that people are

Like okay but it’s super slow in the beginning or it’s there’s nothing sometimes it you know how can I because I know that the audience they want to be um really in it at the first second in the in the first 10 seconds so I know it

Might be a bit slow and and smooth in the beginning and I really want to trust the rhythm of the song you know I don’t want to pull all the strings at Eurovision with the fire tiger and stuff I don’t I really want to trust the process of the song you know because

It’s the story that I’m telling there’s the the first part like more fragile more quiet but still there but but there’s a drama in it and Visually also the challenge is to translate the choir you know how to to use all these vocals from all around the world and yeah I

Won’t say too much of course I want to keep the mystery I can’t wait right it’s going to be so exciting um your your drag race family are they all excited because you’ve got a family of drag queens now haven’t you when you’re in this family you you feel that there’s

Like um a Sisterhood or a Brotherhood I don’t know you know we we have a we share a bond or a link and and they support me a lot they share the the news on on their Instagram and also yeah the Queens in Belgium they’re so so with me

You know EUR vision is is like a a big body here H you know it’s in every bar every cabare where I’m going also and I can feel like they are behind me and and it’s it’s so lovely it’s it’s a bit overwhelming but it’s yeah I can feel

The love and it’s great do you have a catchphrase on the show I was thinking do you ever say like what’s the must tea do you ever say that no no it’s nice but there’s also yeah I think in French and in English musty is

Not a good word I’m if you say musty it’s like um it’s a bit smelly that’s why in French the I’m it’s like my my last name is Mustang so I pronounce musti must yeah right that’s yeah because must I don’t want to be musty or that’s why it sounds so much more

Glamorous in French obviously musty so listen musty I had um I got a voice note from a mutual friend of ours should I play it to you yeah here we go hi musty it’s Gustav here I am very proud of your journey so far in this Eurovision Adventure

I’m also very glad that we talk every now and then on WhatsApp and that we actually met in Brussels a couple of weeks ago cuz just talking to you and having that afternoon with you was really special and very very nice to see an artist who is really going through

This journey with a lot of integrity and a lot of artistry I really admire that in you yeah I cannot wait for the rest of your adventure but I am very convinced that you are making all belgians very proud I wish you nothing but the best and I love you bye

You know it’s my it’s really a new friend for me I’m I met him a few weeks ago and also on the Drag Race season two he was like a guest judge yeah and is the most sweetest soul is is incredible and it’s a like a brother in a way it’s

So so touching for me I can feel the love and and so much respect and I and and even it’s his own story is amazing you know I I think he told me that like bookmakers were saying that it it will crash or it didn’t like him a lot and

Then he made like a big rontada like he came from last to to seven and it was it’s it’s amazing his story what he did at EUR Vision you know no Gustav is in my little world and it’s and we are connected now for me it’s already win

And I I hope we can perform together soon we can do some stuff together we talked about that if I have some if I’m going into depression or I don’t know or if it’s a bit too overwhelming at one point he will be there I know it I want

To take him with me in malm you know I want to take him in my badge I would have my my gustaff with me you know your little pocket gustaff just a little one that you can pull out I think if it’s the end of the world of the the

Apocalypse it’s the one one kind of guy that you want you know with you at yeah yeah yeah he’s the one he makes you feel safe he makes you feel secure and he’s a friendly face uh but who would win in a lip sync between you two do you think

That’s a tough question but I don’t know it depends of the artist you know if I’m doing Mad Dona I’m winning May will share or something is is Madonna your number one is she your number one I no my number one is David Bowie to be honest

Amazing it’s it’s God for me um M had me a lot when I was a teenager uh you know to to trust myself to to to go into life and to be confident met the the lyrics the the mood the yeah mad is really helping David Boe is more on the artistic side

More on the music really on the the experiment uh you know how how we can try different stuff madona is more the viable C yourself Express Yourself Bo is more uh intellectual in a way but they’re both like icons and part of my my my childhood my T when I was a

Teenage it was it it’s two of my great great artists yeah yeah Madonna has been on the Eurovision stage she was interv act and and I always think I mean I I would say this I work for Eurovision but imagine David Bowie on the Eurovision

Stage he’d be he’ just win it of course there’s no there’s no other other way of course my God Belgium is has done so well in Eurovision recently we’ talked about gusta we’ve had blanch as well but you mentioned blanch but for me citylights the song is a masterpiece for

Me it’s a what of voice for me it’s one of the uh best female vocal in Belgium blunch really and that’s funny because I was with her like one week ago we were yeah because I was uh a bit uh celebrating the the release of the song

And stuff you know with my team and you know the song I worked a bit with Pier Dulan also who worked with blanch on the composition of the song and so we asked her to to to to come by and she was there and we had a really a really a

Great time she’s also a really sweet Soul now she’s more working in cinema you know she’s a studing for director for to be to be a director in oh interesting which um performance sticks out in your mind oh uh it’s I think it’s a little a lot of

People are saying that but the mankin performance for me was um it made me want to do it you know I was in in the couch I looking at the performance I was like oh my God they they they look totally free on that stage they look

Totally free and and honest and authent autic and so powerful and I was like my God and you feel the fun also you feel that oh they are in control of everything I love that you’re going to Channel A Bit of Madonna a bit of Bowie

A bit of monin I’m at this level but it’s really good advs to look for you know it is it’s great inspiration you know it’s great inspiration um I’ve got a little quiz for you musty are you ready so question number one before the party’s over do you a put on your own

Music or B request G staffs because of you request G staffs because of you never my own music horrible sometimes people wants me to do it I’m like no way if you do that I’m throwing up or I’m I’m going away no what that because of

You for sure so no so when you’ve been at a party has anyone like put your music on and you’ve had to leave the room because you’re too embarrassed completely it it happened or I’m going to uh destroy the machine myself you know yet it happen I was like no no no

You can’t say and even the worst is sometimes it happened to me in the bar in a public space hey musty it’s you dance and sing horrible well that that leads me to my second one before the party’s over do you a cause drama so everyone knows you’ve been there or B

Keep your sunglasses on in the VIP oh my God I I keep the sunglasses on and I put drama everywhere a bit of both a bit of both um and number three before the parties over do you say goodbye to everybody and give them a hug or do you do what’s

Called an Irish exit yeah yeah but I know I I like to hug people I’m I’m I’m a hugger you know so uh yeah I take time I like to to yeah and even if I have some drinks I I like to to go to Every

To everyone and to say goodbye so when I was younger I was definitely saying goodbye to everybody now I just leave quietly out the b I’m like I’m tired I can’t be bothered goodbye where’s Steve oh he’s gone but no with you it’s a good the long goodbye

To everybody no I I like to go to to people and but yeah but you know what often I don’t have to say goodbye because I’m the last one in the party are you you’re the last one standing part is never over with me never that’s

What it’s going to be like in Malmo on the Sunday after the Grand Final everyone’s gone you’re still going you’re still there I will I will be stuck on that stage waiting EUR vision is never ending no I am here to The Bitter End honestly we’ve got

Eyes on you now we know what you’re going to be like um how many rehearsals are you doing at the moment to get things sorted you know I I want to work as the the the most as possible like G told me that also as an advice it’s all

Rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal and really I want I want to even I I I need to stay fresh you know if you do it some too much too too too many times you can dry yourself you know like you lose the magic but really

I want to be I want to work a lot I’m really it’s it’s not to give me some flowers and not at all but I like to work a lot it’s really what I’m it’s it’s what I’m doing even on in a studio for the music and uh even in theater or

Cinema I like to do it and do it and do it again yeah don’t and and you’re filming stuff as well right because you’re still acting it’s already down it’s a movie called L TR it’s going to be out in the next few months with a

It’s a French movie I’m working a lot in France so it’s a good thriller like um with a with I I play a character like really opposite to what you see now and to what you see in Drag Race it’s like I have no more hair I have like um how do

You say grills you know yeah grills on your teeth yeah I’m I’m a horrible young kid and it was so funny to make I like to explore really different um Z in my personality like really extreme and different Zone that’s what I like it’s it’s my late motive you know I I work

For that to try different stuff and for example Bowie that’s why is an example for me because he was always out of his uh comfort zone you know there’s there’s no escape from you for the next couple of months musty there’s Drag Race season 2 there’s the film and there’s

Eurovision you’re everywhere if you don’t like me you need to go really far in I don’t know in the Arctic b or I don’t know but um have you told the producers of drag race that uh you’d like before the party’s over to be a lipsync song it’s

My dream if one Queen can do that really it’s my dream I I think I’m I’m going to cry a lot if I’m SE that but to be honest I already heard some rumors and queens talking about doing it in Brussels in some bars in C I’ve heard

Some stuff yes would be amazing I love that you’ve got the support of all your all your Queens from the show that’s so nice to have this family that are going to just celebrate you in the runup to Eurovision I know they can judge me huh that’s yes they can judge you

Yes yes uh what did Rita bager say she’s the host of drag rce Belgium or she released a story on her Instagram saying that she was really proud to be my friend a friend of a king and she was and she in the video she was like it’s

Uh impressive how we can see a mix between vulnerability and power at the same time she’s my friend now and uh we went along very well on this on the set it’s really easy to work with her we we have a lot of same uh the point Comm we

Have a we have the points in common yeah exactly we have the same my English sorry today I’m like my God I need to sleep a bit well I’m not surprised with all the work that you’re doing I think if people want to check a video out they should

See you singing shame with all the queens of season one um I it’s amazing it’s a b that shame was already out because it could have been funny also you know at EUR Vision to perform this song like a really up like a tatol song it’s a Runway song but yeah it’s too

Late now well no no because gustaff did a Runway song last year so so you’re doing something completely different so you know we know what you’re doing you’re you’re bringing the drum you’re bringing the the the tension the buildup the explosion um finally must have you been watching all the other countries

Bring out their songs like on a quick uh like quickly in once so I need to go there dive into it a bit more but I have an overview yes yeah yeah yeah it’s it’s rich and it’s so many different ways you know I’m glad I already talked a bit

With Aiko on Instagram because she was and I’m also like a huge huge fan of O alander like I’m a big fan since so even the fact that I I’m able to meet him it’s crazy for me I was like he added me on Instagram you’re going to be his best

Mate in a couple of months probably you’re going to meet all these people I hope he will say hello to me and we will you know I’ll take a picture with me musty finally what’s your karaoke song I’m an I’m an old school s so often I’m

Singing my way fors my way I would not have said that yeah that’s weird it’s weird for a young to sing these words also because it’s for you know it’s but yeah I love to sing it like really it’s so so fun to sing you know I’m a bit of

A kuner sometimes yeah I was going to say I wouldn’t have had you down as a a theatrical kuner like this it’s another side to you you were thinking about what’s like you have a song in mind well I no I thought it was going to be a

Madonna song cuz you you talked about her so much I thought it was going to be V or Express Yourself no but I don’t have the same range as madona sry but no my way my way I I seen that a lot and I was at the karoke the other week

And I I did something different it was The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony again another good choice yeah yeah I love it it’s like it’s it’s it’s almost classical that song isn’t it and did you know that they stole the the strings from the Rolling Stones I didn’t know that you

Know yeah I did not know that uh right I I expect every every time I see you now musty to give me a musical fact that would be great please just think of lots between now and may just just be my own uh encyclopedia for of

Music we can do that uh musty it’s so good to talk to you I know you’re so busy at the moment but congratulations on the song coming out enjoy these next couple of weeks and months listen to gustaff he knows what he’s doing and we

Can’t wait to see what you do so thank you for joining us on the official Eurovision song contest podcast good luck musty thank you

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