Escaped CONCUBINE Exposes DICTATOR in Explosive Interview! – Video

Escaped CONCUBINE Exposes DICTATOR in Explosive Interview! – Video

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Concubine of the Supreme Leader Escapes And Tells Everything In An Interview. For decades, the world has been fascinated by the closed-off society of North Korea, ruled by the Kim dynasty with an iron fist. Countless defectors have risked their lives to escape the regime’s clutches, shedding light on the horrors endured by the North Korean people. But what goes on behind the heavily guarded walls of power? And what secrets lie buried beneath the facade of grandeur and oppression? Join us as we unravel the story of one woman who dared to defy the odds, and was once only known as the ‘Concubine of the Supreme Leader!

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DICTATOR’S CONCUBINE escapes and TELLS EVERYTHING in an interview!


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