Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched: January 2024 | #UnitedByMusic – Video

Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched: January 2024 | #UnitedByMusic – Video

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Video Transcript

DC that only I don’t care about the I’m not your toy not your you stupid boy stupid boy I’ll take you down I’ll make you watch my on the mother now You’re one’s going to keep us aart breaking it down but I’m still getting nowhere B stop hold on thunder and lightning it’s getting exciting lights up the Skylight to show where you are my love is rising the stories I’m minding together we make it and reach for the Stars you could be the one in my dreams you could be much more than you seem and I wanted in life do you understand what I mean I can see that this could be f i can love you more than they hate doesn’t matter who they will blame we can beat

Them at their own game I can see it in your eyes it doesn’t come as a surprise I see you that’s like a star no matter how different we are when you go I follow it’s that the P you DIY f so I follow in your way ah ah

Ah ah you got me you got me a more powerful than gravity it’s physics There’s No Escape no love my aim is straight and true Cupid are is just for you I even painted my toes for you I did it just the other Die My through my

And I can hear you call my name on the Mountain High always on my mind always in my dreams I want to hold you close to me all my all the time off on my mind always in my Heart always on my mind always in my dreams oh with all the Time her Is this world is not the sprad of the she the KE the key she will be the of the north and sou Sea you never the love within my heart we going [Applause] [Applause] Dan n n n n n s [Applause] baby you’re perfect for me you are my gift from Heaven this is the greatest story all we met like in a movie so me to last forever and what you do to me angel I wake up and live my dreamless for youen Phenomenal you can call me queen and love you want to see me dance you want to see me dance y you want to see me dance watch [Applause] me Fore some only you got oh DC only no don’t care about the ball so want to be l and all I care about is you you stuck with me like get to do no I don’t care about pain I the fire just still get closer to you letting my head down Tak a

Cool you come my higher don’t lose up my friend so that I’m Go oh let me bre let me leave to run away from a mind oh again I don’t need I want re to get away from [Applause] life [Applause] More want more if you wish could this Hey Ch chop chop my are you ready hold it dadyy come to Daddy all you have to do is to be ready for some action now d d i yummy yummyy JY right after mey buny you L the B bny you have to do is to be ready for some action I’m in

Love with a fairy tale even though it hurts cuz I don’t care if I lose my mind I’m already Curs oh let me bre you believe just run away from my mind I need bre just get away for my life oh for let me just run bre from my mind oh the bre just get away for [Applause] [Applause] life

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