Experience a one-of-a-kind journey on Qantas’ latest addition, the A220 jet, in Australia – Video

Experience a one-of-a-kind journey on Qantas’ latest addition, the A220 jet, in Australia – Video

Experience the beauty and majesty of the Australian outback with a special flight aboard Australia’s newest jet, the Qantas A220. This video takes you on a journey from Sydney to Uluru (Ayers Rock), showcasing the incredible landscapes and changing scenery from green to red as you travel through the heart of the country.

The Qantaslink A220 features the stunning artwork of Maringka Baker, named after her original creation story of the two sisters. The aircraft is part of Qantas’s Flying Art Series, known for its striking Aboriginal paint schemes that celebrate the diverse culture and heritage of Australia.

Join the passengers on board as they enjoy the quiet takeoff from Sydney and witness the breathtaking approach to Uluru, with its vibrant orange earth colors and unique vegetation. After landing, experience a special Aboriginal dance and ceremony at the brand new aircraft, followed by a mesmerizing sunset and drone show called ‘Wintjiri Wiru’ by Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia.

As the video comes to an end, enjoy an air-to-air view of Australia’s newest jet in the country setting, highlighting the beauty and wonder of the Australian outback. This special flight offers a unique opportunity to explore a part of the country that many never get to see, making it a truly unforgettable experience for all on board.

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Video Transcript

Oh hello everyone this is the family of the artist Mar Baker and we’re heading up to Yola on the what plane C on her airplane with her artwork to go and have a big launch and celebration together with all the um wder family and and special friends enjoy your thank

You a special trip today let’s fly the newest condis airplane to uaru the rester Center of Australia how are you how are you welcome welcome on our brand new aircraft hello hello oh I’m here I’m in the window seat here you look at this how cool these are

The special pillow for today’s flight this one is definitely to take Home very start to be here our newest aircraft ever a220 it’s got that new PL smell it does we can finally unil it to Everyone your seat belt by inserting the clasp into the Buckle and Tien if emergency oxygen is required a mask will appear from above you pull down it firmly to activate the flow of Oxygen so here where we go and if you haven’t noticed our tail is not the rare kangaroo this one’s definitely stands out among older Red Tails oh my God so Quiet beautiful take off Sky clearing Sydney through over the city it also F over where I used to live 15 years ago I used to live in Sydney around the inner West at Paramount River uh the waterways and um now we just flew over the Blue Mountains and coming to

Inland New South Wales the uh color is changing and shifting I’ve never been to the middle Australia many many people live in Australia never get a chance to go there so I’m very excited I’m looking forward to on behalf of all of us at Airbus it’s my pleasure to pay our great

Respects to the traditional owners of the lands over which this aircraft will fly this new watus A2 20 uh this is one of the most complex liveries that we’ve ever designed on our on one of our aircraft uh and it’s uh with great pride that 100 people from Airbus helped

Complete delivery on this on this Airplane just had a beautiful lunch that is an upgrade usually in economy you would not get that kind of lunch right today is a special flight um looking out the window while enjoying that lunch I think we’re getting very close the landscape has changed it’s going red and then it’s

Going in all different colors and very dry there’s not even a cloud right now on the horizon I’m with a very special guest all the way from Canada from Montreal the father of a220 Mr Rob Deer the question I just have with you is how did you came up with an airplane like

This yeah basically we started back and uh when we losted a program in 2008 and uh you know essentially we really saw a market need for this aircraft so we looked at all the technology that we could add uh it was a challenging birth

It took 8 years uh we started set in 20 8 and the first aircraft was delivered to SP Airlines in 2016 and uh of course since that we’ve been growing uh ramping up the program uh we now have over 20 customers and I want to mention a few things about

Quantas was of course because of the geography of um Australia and the range they really drove the the range of the aircraft which uh was really um you know at the time a big foresight because it turned out that now many other customers that weren’t so sure they needed the

Range use it so coming to the numbers how many a220 you’re building in the factory in C so far we’ve delivered 34 uh aircrafts to uh 20 uh operators that are operating aircrafts today uh We’ve sold 9914 aircraft total and so we have a backlog today of 600 Aircraft so I also went around the cabin had a look at new airplane 10 business class seats 127 economy uh row four to row 9 on the left side the two seater Road 4 to row 9C has extra Lake room we’re currently cruising at 36,000 ft at

Uh Mark 78 and we have about an hour to go uh before we land into air what’s the approach like into A’s Rock uh so we’re going to fly because of the wind direction we’re going to fly an r&p approach today into Air’s Rock um it’s

Quite warm there it’s 44° C at the moment and the wind is from the southeast at about 20 km hour 44° 44° so it’s aane doesn’t like heat uh I don’t like heat either the airplane uh it should perform well but it’s it’s very hot 44° C W it’s very bumpy now very bumpy we’re coming close to land but I think because the fmo the heat in this place 43° outside um would check with a captain after landing on the ground Welcome to ol cor link would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the airport land the Rango people and pay respects to Elders past and Present what a place uaro here I landed as we were approaching the color is getting deeper and deeper it become from red to orange and then I started to see a lots of vegetation I thought this place was just desert like Saudi Arabia or something but there’s a lots of trees

Here it’s very interesting never seen something like this Before hi Captain Pat here playing the a220 we did Sydney to uh A’s Rock we came at 36,000 ft 2 hours and 20 minutes right there was a bumpy approach it was everyone go who yeah it was quite turbulent because it’s so hot in uh today it’s 44° at the moment so that

With the tering byee wow the heat quite similar to the Middle East but what a beautiful setting here [Applause] so this airpl D Mar bingi marinka is actually the artist who came up with this beautiful indigenous design after leaving the airport we went to enjoy a spectacular Sunset and drone show over the Uluu Real Beautiful sunrise look at the landscape here Majestic at the same time um why I’m wearing a n cuz the Flies work really hard they W hotter than human they came out really early as Sunrise to come and buck you here Here I’m inside the cave of one of many caves here and um it’s very interesting people told me I should come here in Rain time and you see waterfall coming down from the rock you can see water marks as well my visit to to uaru was a

Very special one it was my first time set foot in the Australian Outback even though I lived in the country for 14 years to end the video here are some most beautiful flying footage of the new Quantas 8220 thank you for joining Me

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