Exploring Ko Tao: A Tropical Island in the Gulf of Thailand – Video

Exploring Ko Tao: A Tropical Island in the Gulf of Thailand – Video

A tour of the little island of Ko Tao in the Gulf of Thailand near Ko Phangan and Ko Samui. In this video, Gabriel takes us on a tour of this tropical island, showcasing its beautiful beaches, stunning views, and welcoming atmosphere. He provides tips and recommendations for traveling to Ko Tao, and describes his own experiences on the island, including renting a motorbike and exploring different bays and beaches. With his trademark sense of adventure and laid-back style, Gabriel’s video is the perfect introduction to this idyllic island in the Gulf of Thailand. For those looking to plan a budget trip to Ko Tao, Gabriel’s book “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel” provides practical tips and advice for budget travelers. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this awesome tour of Ko Tao!

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N Go You The ground the Stream Hey there good afternoon how’s it going this is lovely Co CA Island Thailand what a scene of the main Bay today is January 12th 12 about 5:30 p.m. it is kind of late to be starting a video but that’s the way that it is so as some of you will have seen I

Took a boat over from the mainland chumpon that was 2 days ago I had booked three nights accommodation here as you saw at the beginning there but I was just kept busy yesterday and then through most of today catching up with work Etc tomorrow I am leaving I

Have a ferry over to copon and then we’ll be staying there for at least uh 4 days so this is the way that it is we just got to make the most of it I want to uh get away from here the main Bay Beach Town

Etc and go see what we can see of the island in the next just little while with the light uh that we have left yesterday I went up there up and over to a little Bay on the other side and had a lunch there and a couple of drinks and

Was working away on my computer so I uh still have the motorbike let’s go grab it and head the other direction up there so as I have mentioned previously this is my second time here I was here almost exactly a decade to go and so I’ve seen the island otherwise I probably would

Have stayed longer this island is quite small it is about the same size as the other two islands that I visited cop payam and coang the small coang not the big Coen and so you can see it in you know half a day get around and see most of the stuff but it

Is a really really sweet island and so it is definitely worth staying for some days I forget how long I was here the last time but I feel like it was a while like at least a week maybe 10 days something like that but uh anyways let’s

Get cruising go see what we can see hi 250 bot or $7 for the motorbike per day it’s really quite crazy how popular this island has gotten there is traffic of course it is High season now in the middle of winter the weather has been great my

Entire past more than two weeks in Thailand I don’t think that I’ve seen a single drop of rain Jun Chia B maybe we’ll head down there but uh let’s go this way first so uh point being that uh this is the uh main turet season but man it has

Definitely changed in the past decade since I was here the last time and so we have a nice looking Bay here big bubble beach restaurant and Bar here we go very nice uh bay here Really nice uh spot here that water looks so inviting I took a swim earlier in the afternoon all right let’s uh just keep cruising and uh try to see a little bit more with the tiny little bit of light we got left View Point Let’s go see what it’s

Like little bit of a hike a little uh Shrine There hello is it a restaurant also or the main thing is real point and we have food for service also okay great with this tiet 50 you can get ring spray up there okay uh 50 he said so 50 bot that’s just $150 for whatever we’re going to get here which I

Am going to do quickly bar up there I guess that is the uh view oh up top there let’s check that out I guess that is the 360 View not bad that puts things in perspective just gorgeous so I guess that is the Bay that I was just at and then the main

Bay out there another really nice one here I think that is Shark Bay I remember going there the last time let’s go get a closer look welcome to the beach free entry no allow outside food drink available at beach so I think this must be the way to Shark Bay let’s find

Out okay I’ve been here before and I don’t remember it being a tiny little path well the water is right there maybe this is like the far end of it or something or maybe I need to go further on the road we shall see seems like nobody else is coming down here

Though okay yes I think it is the far end of it or is it a separate little beach I think that it might Be I let’s get a view around this area no free seating you drink something at bar so if you’re going to take a seat buy a drink okay there we have the answer this is a separate little Beach okay let’s try to get over to Shark Bay Itself there again is the big bubble beach restaurant bar so to get to Shark Bay you have to go quite a ways out of the way I mean it’s all relative it’s just a minute or two but uh anyways you have to wrap around and access it a different way

Probably I could have gotten over to the beach by the looks of it from there just walk along the Rock but uh this is the way especially if you’re coming from the other side of the island to access it by road we got a hit tiger

So you can see there it says guest bike parking only guest bike parking only to all visitors non Resort guests the hadan beach resort is a privately owned property although the resort will allow access to visitors we reserve the rights to limit and refuse the same entrance

Fee 100 bot per person so we’ll see if I end up paying that that is $3 so to get here then I ended up on this road that went past a hotel resort entrance that said Resort guests only I continued past that and then the road was going up the

Uh Hill like way steep up there and that wasn’t going to work so I turned around and then looked on Google Maps and it was pointing me into the hotel and so I like looked at the uh security guard and he just waved me in so Shark Bay is now

Very much uh privately owned I don’t remember if that was the case last time but I don’t think there was this uh kind of secure entrance I remember a restaurant I don’t remember if there were you know maybe these same Bungalows or not but

Uh we’re in so let’s uh take a look I am considering whether to stop here but I’m thinking that I won’t and we’ll get back to the main beach with a little bit of light that I have left and show more of the main town

And beach so I was never charged the 100 [Applause] bot Okay so before we were over there and then up I guess there I can see people on top of that Hill nice spot I wonder how accurate it is as far as sharks I don’t think uh sharks are much

Of a problem at all to people I think pretty much zero in Thailand I have seen sharks while snorkeling underneath me good size like 5 to 6 feet long maybe nurse sharks or something but apparently they’re harmless it was still a little unnerving being that close to sharks

Almost the same size as me but uh I haven’t heard about any shark attacks in Thailand if there are any they happen very very rarely all right that is it Shark Bay that is basically the uh Island tour let’s get back to hat Sye hat or

Had means Beach sir Beach is the main Big Bay and so here you get a good idea of how busy it is when it’s busy tasty Mediterranean food Dairy Queen taxi sow exchange Red Pharmacy fruit shake the most delicious pancake for sure you will come back the beach is very very close that

Is the way to hin Wong Bay which is where I went yesterday and also stopped at the Viewpoint up there that I showed previously okay how do we want to get over to the water all right let’s do the uh Walk Through The Nightlife scene not uh late enough for actual

Nightlife but it will be starting soon so I’ll tell a very quick little story of something that happened right here which is of course why I thought of it I think literally right up here so earlier today I had uh breakfast on the beach at a restaurant up

Ahead yeah it was literally right here so I parked my motorbike right there and came back to it and I was blocked in I had parked my motorbike this way like this up against it and somebody was parked another motorbike right next to it completely not possible to get it out

Now there was a local taii guy sitting nearby I kind of gestured to him like any ideas whose bike this is any points and uh there were couple of guys right nearby at the front of that other uh like bar talking and so he seems to indicate it’s one of those guys and

So I get uh their attention while they’re talking there we got a uh motorbike and dog and one of the guys says yeah it’s his and he’ll move it and then while he is getting his uh motorbike out of the way I realize I recognize

Him because uh he was on the boat coming from chumon two days ago and I had seen him up by the front I showed video clips like showing scenes and stuff and he had been up there like with his phone taking video clips and stuff like that and so he’d

Been right in front of me as I was sitting there looking forwards on the boat and so I just remembered him from having seen him you know for a couple minutes pretty funny Nice Guy Tom from England all right the water is right [Applause] there just barely in time to catch a bit of a view of the bay look at this amazing Tree amazing uh colors I’m sure it was a spectacular Sunset earlier Let’s go this way so the uh place where I’ve B several times is just up ahead on the right but I want to go somewhere different for tonight so uh let’s check the Options so right here it is Called wind Beach and I highly recommend it both because good food good drinks good service and especially if you’re a digital Nomad they have insanely fast Wi-Fi like more than 200 megabits a second pretty much like the fastest Wi-Fi I’ve seen anywhere traveling very uh stable so uh good spot

To uh hang for a few hours get some work Done okay let’s see what else we got down here this place looks pretty cool well lit and sort of the end not the absolute end but getting close to the end of the beach let’s take a look 150 bot for cocktails that is $427 c €390 not

Bad kotow is not cheap but uh there are some good deals the motorbike is a good deal my room is really nice for uh the price considering where we are but you can pay a lot more the food is very reasonably priced appetizer 100 bot $120 that’s $3

$3.50 popular dishes fried rice with vegetables 100 three bucks 121 60 150 200 $3 to $6 fish will be more expensive salads 100 110 120 again $3 or so taii soups curries 220 250 getting up to you know 6 s $8 still uh very fair deal got a Mojito let’s give this sucker a Try [Applause] W I’m

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