Exploring Koh Lanta on a Budget: 5 Activities to Enjoy in 3 Days – Video

Exploring Koh Lanta on a Budget: 5 Activities to Enjoy in 3 Days – Video

Koh Lanta, Thailand is a hidden gem waiting to be explored on a budget. In this video, “5 Things to do in Koh Lanta in 3 Days on a budget,” Tony and Sara, also known as The Detour Duo, take us on an adventure through this beautiful island paradise while attempting to stay under $100 a day.

The video starts with a visit to Bamboo Beach, where they share the sand with some unexpected monkey friends. They then make their way to Oldtown, admiring the views along the ride with a rented scooter for $5.45 a day. Exploring the area near the pier, they soak in the local culture and art before embarking on a 4 Island Boat tour, including a visit to the stunning Emerald Cave.

The boat tour costs a little over $27 per person, providing a day filled with snorkeling and scenic beach stops. After a relaxing day at sea, they head to a night market on Walking Street, indulging in delicious street food and refreshing fruit shakes. The total expenses for the boat tour and night market amount to $15 for both of them.

On day two, they visit Lanta Animal Welfare, a non-profit charity dedicated to rehabilitating and caring for stray animals. They tour the shelter, learning about the animals’ stories and how they can support the organization. Lunch at a local restaurant called Kwan offers a spicy challenge that tests their tolerance after months of building it up in Thailand.

Including accommodation, scooter rental, visits to Lanta Animal Welfare, and food, their total expenses for the day amount to $56.66. Over the course of the two days, they spent a total of $172.57, showcasing that Koh Lanta can be enjoyed on a budget without compromising on the experience.

Join The Detour Duo on their budget-friendly adventure in Koh Lanta, Thailand, where they explore, relax, and immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of this island paradise. Follow their journey on YouTube and get inspired to plan your own budget-friendly trip to Koh Lanta.

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