Exploring Macao: China’s Las Vegas – Video

Exploring Macao: China’s Las Vegas – Video

Walking the streets of Macao, also known as Macau, is a fascinating experience. This special administrative region of China is often referred to as the Las Vegas of China due to its ultra-modern cityscape and thriving gambling industry. In this unedited video, Gabriel Morris takes us on a walking tour of the city, providing a glimpse into the architecture, culture, and diverse language influences that make Macao an intriguing destination.

Macao was a Portuguese Colony for more than 400 years and was merged with China in 1999, but still operates under its own special set of rules. The region boasts its own currency, the pataka, and has a high per capita income, making it one of the most affluent places in the world. The city is a melting pot of Chinese and Portuguese influences, with both languages being the official languages of Macao, along with English being widely spoken.

As Gabriel walks through the bustling streets, he encounters impressive architectural marvels, bustling bus stations, and, of course, a plethora of casinos. The video offers a glimpse into the vibrant and modern side of Macao, with glimpses of the Grand Lisboa Casino and the city’s colorful and trilingual signage.

For those interested in experiencing the sights and sounds of Macao beyond the tourist hotspots, this unedited video provides an authentic and raw look at the city’s streets, offering viewers a taste of the city’s unique charm. And for those interested in a more comprehensive tour of Macao’s main sites, Gabriel hints at another video that is being filmed on the same day.

So, if you’re interested in exploring the Las Vegas of China and immersing yourself in the vibrant energy of Macao’s streets, this unedited video is a great place to start. And for more of Gabriel’s travel adventures and videos, be sure to check out his Patreon page and follow him on social media for more exciting travel content.

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Hi there this is maau a special administrative region of China a very small area a city the most densely populated region in the world with mainland China very very close I’m filming another video today more of a proper tour but uh I am walking over to a

Square and thought that on the way let’s do a walking the streets unedited video I don’t know what it’s going to be like since I haven’t walked through this area before but it is looking quite interesting so I’ve already shown the ruins of Sou APO and Largo do sonado the sonado

Square so I want to try to go a different way okay let’s give this a try I am only here for a few days flew in yesterday it is one of the most affluent places in the World one of the highest uh per capita incomes and it is expensive my room is $115 a night and that was the dirt cheapest place that I could find all right things are definitely getting interesting so it was a Portuguese Colony for more than 400 years and in 19 1999 was merged with

China but with special rules they have their own currency the pataka there is a border between here and Mainland China I could not go there without a Visa so I couldn’t go into mainland China I just came here with my passport okay this is a little boring here so I’m going to Uh make an edit here and uh continue filming bibla publica the associal commercial day Maau so that’s the library by itself just that colio de Santa Rosa de Lima maybe there’s a more of a library area down below or not sure well this is going to be a mostly unedited with a couple of edits video CU I got to stop here and wait

Actually let’s go this way look at this really cool bus Stop jardim de s Francisco so St Francis Garden up there Santa Clara Street and we are now on the back side of that building that I was seeing from the fort that I filmed in the uh other video interesting design that is quite a monstrosity of an apartment complex there looks like

They’ve improved their uh architectural style in more recent years and obviously this is old Portuguese construction okay here we have a casino gambling is very popular in maau but how do I get over there pedestrian crosswalk up there that is a lot of motorbikes so they’re again Chinese Portuguese languages the official

Languages of maau again here but English is also widely spoken they drive on the left here same as Hong Kong Hong Kong is very close just across the water to the east let’s take a look at a casino I won’t be going inside I already got busted when I started filming the last

Video because I walked into a casino thinking that I was walking into the hotel but on the lower level was the casino realized it and then filmed just like 30 seconds because nobody seemed to be noticing me and then stopped filming and then it was when I was not

Filming but I was holding the camera pointing it downward but uh a security guard approached me and sort of questioned me a little bit and basically kicked me out quite an interesting City and look at the name Casino Lisboa Lisbon Portugal all right let’s just uh do a couple more minutes here try to figure out where we are looks like we might be near the water over there let’s go get a shot of the water okay once again we got a long way here looks like this is the central bus

Station look at all these signs so colorful so there you have Chinese Portuguese English English so it’s sort of trilingual Grand Lisboa so that one was Casino Lisboa Grand Lisboa okay I want to get across over there somehow can I or is this all bus area I

Might have to uh oh no there’s a Crossing up Ahead all Right so I don’t know if uh you can see China from here but I’m guessing not these buildings right here but that mountain is other side of the water that could be mainland China there of course we are in China here but as far as outside of

Maau all right well I think that is going to do it for this video so this was BAS basically just a like walking through the streets giving a little taste of the uh City and region of maau the other video that I am filming also today is much more comprehensive

And we’ll show a bunch of the main sites to see so look for that video all right that is all for now more coming from maau [Applause] China okay so I didn’t realize it was a Casino [Applause] oh

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