Exploring the Exciting Khan El-Khalili Market in Cairo, Egypt ūüá™ūüᨠ– Video

Exploring the Exciting Khan El-Khalili Market in Cairo, Egypt ūüá™ūüᨠ– Video

This video titled “CRAZY MARKET SPREE in Cairo, Egypt ūüá™ūüᨠ(Khan El-Khalili)” takes viewers on a tour through the Khan El-Khalili market, one of the oldest and most popular markets in Cairo. In this video, the host bargains their way through the market, getting their hands on incredible souvenirs and local beverages. The energy and vibrancy of the market is showcased, as it is a bustling place popular among both locals and tourists.

The video gives an inside look at the unique items available for purchase, such as perfumes, jewelry, traditional clothing, and souvenirs depicting iconic Egyptian symbols like pyramids and sphinxes. The host also shares some tips for bargaining, giving viewers a glimpse into the cultural tradition of haggling for prices in Egyptian markets.

Throughout the video, viewers are immersed in the sights and sounds of Khan El-Khalili, creating a sense of wanderlust and a desire to visit this historic market while in Cairo. The lively atmosphere and diverse array of goods for sale make it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the city.

The video provides a captivating and informative experience, giving viewers a taste of the lively market culture in Cairo, Egypt. It serves as a virtual tour of Khan El-Khalili, highlighting its status as a vibrant and essential destination for travelers in Cairo.

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Malala let’s go Egyptian king yes to Egypt thank¬† you thank you Egyptian people like evil no egyp¬†¬† Egyptian people they use the hand of Fatima or the¬† eye that is colored in blue to protect them from¬†¬†

The evil eye they sing s okay okay do you think¬† it works I don’t know what are you selling this¬†¬† necklace here oh I like them what’s the price of¬† the necklace Egyptian pound doar no Egyptian pound¬†¬†

100 pound this Market is big oh this is your¬† souvenir shop this my souvenir shop you got¬†¬† perfumes man a little bit of everything okay thank¬† you mister thank you what is it sugar cane sugar¬†¬† cane how much 10 Egypt what’s up everybody welcome¬† back to another beautiful day here in Cairo Egypt¬†¬†

Now today is actually my first day here in this¬† incredible uh City now the drive from the airport¬†¬† to the hotel yesterday was beautiful and it got¬† me really excited to get out and explore right¬†¬† now I’m actually staying at the Novatel 6th of¬† October for those of you who watched the previous¬†¬†

Video of my arrival here in Cairo and right now¬† we’re going to head to KH El Khal Market which¬†¬† is actually pronounced khel KH it’s hard for me¬† to say that um and it is the oldest bizaar oldest¬†¬†

Market in Cairo it was founded in the 13th century¬† so that’s where we’re heading to right now Uber¬†¬† is used here in the country I got one pulling¬† up and it’s about a 45-minute drive to ancient Cairo morning sir good morning sir hello thank¬† you California yeah and you are you from Ciro¬†¬†

No where you from us oh okay New Jersey New¬† Jersey yes nice and you’ve been living here¬†¬† how long I’m by the way I’m I’m Egyptian but I¬† already got the uh immigration visa and 7 17 of¬†¬†

February I’m going to be in USA oh okay to get¬† the green card oh cool yeah weather is beautiful¬†¬† right now huh yes it’s not too hot no no no when¬† is the hottest time of the year to be in Egypt¬†¬†

The uh May in May so in May you don’t want to be¬† here huh yes it’s too hot so right now January¬†¬† is the best time January February March April is¬† more more okay okay wow this mosque is beautiful and is that the new Sky Train that¬† they’re building in Cairo yes wow¬†¬†

When is it open I guess April next¬† this April this April yes man I missed¬†¬† out yeah they’re building a Sky Train¬† the sky Train is going to take people¬†¬† from 6th of October to Cairo city to uh¬† the new capital the new capital yes New

Cairo wow the energy in the city center is¬† amazing there’s all kinds of food people¬†¬† selling everything windshield wipers fruits¬† vegetables is this where I’m getting off you¬†¬† have to take the tunnel to cross the way¬† okay thank you sir because there is very¬†¬†

Crowed traic so take this tunnel the ti thank  you sir thank you thank you enjoy your day it   was nice talking to you enjoy America yes maybe  inshah hello Mar hello Siro every Budd all right  

So we just made it here to the center of Cairo¬† but yeah a lot of energy a lot of people a lot¬†¬† of movements out on the streets thank you¬† wow look at this place it is beautiful so¬†¬† there’s an Arab Indian restaurant across the¬† streets mosque in every direction I was told¬†¬†

That I got to cross underneath this tunnel to¬† actually make it across the um the way into¬†¬† the market so let’s cross now and wow to be¬† quite honest with you guys man I’m impressed¬†¬†

That um that long Uber Journey Only costed $5 us¬† I was expecting it to cost a lot more but not $5¬†¬† us to make it all the way here how impressive¬† as that all right I’m excited time to start uh¬†¬†

Bargaining a little bit and do some shopping¬† there’s actually quite a bit of things that I¬†¬† want to get my hands on here in this market so um¬† my backpack is one of them I don’t got a backpack¬†¬†

And I like to have one so I can carry you know¬† all of my belongings while I’m out on the road¬†¬† doing sightseing just made it out of the tunnel¬† and now it’s time to dive on in to the markets¬†¬†

What is this this looks like a perfume shop wow  this shop is beautiful all kinds of different perfumes and this here is the entrance to  the market look a nice little ATM so you   can grab the cash all kinds of jewelry all  right so this here is one of the um oldest  

Or the oldest Bazaar in all of Cairo so it¬† should be quite interesting to see what we¬†¬† can the items we can uh purchase from here¬† I definitely want to take home plenty of¬†¬† Egyptian souvenir so yeah let’s start doing a¬† little bit of shopping doing a little bit of¬†¬†

Bargaining and see what we can come across¬† I mean look at all the items they’re super¬†¬† vibrants beautiful they got like the¬† babush uh North African slippers that¬†¬† are popular in Morocco and Tunisia as well¬† plenty of shisha a lot of pyramid and sphin

Souvenirs wow what a cool little market huh now¬† no one has actually approached me just yet but¬†¬† we’ll start doing some intense shopping here in¬† a minute the moment the vendor starts all right¬†¬† which way should we Veer off into man there’s a¬† lot of jewelry I think that’s what we’re going¬†¬†

To have to get our hands on Plenty of jewelry  now the Uber driver as soon as he to dropped   me off here he was like yo you have to bargain  you have to bargain hard if they say 100 drop  

It down to 50 raise it up and don’t go past 70¬† he was like very Egyptian thing to do all right¬†¬† well you know what we’ve done a lot of small¬† talks oh look spices incense we’ve done a lot¬†¬†

Of talking let’s start doing some shopping¬† cuz I know that’s what you guys came here for no one’s approaching me I think it’s¬† because of the camera maybe they don’t¬†¬† like the camera there’s plenty of videos¬† from this area so I can imagine that’s¬†¬†

Um that’s probably why the vendors haven’t¬† approached me just yet but yeah this place is awesome beautiful Market all right now like I said first things first¬† I think i’ would like to start off with¬†¬† a um a backpack of some sort wow look at¬† this in Thailand they got elephant pants¬†¬†

In Egypt they got camel pants hello how¬† are you doing good thank you thank you¬†¬† you know what I’m going to come back back¬† and look at his shop he seems like a super¬†¬† friendly guy wow these are beautiful¬† what are these for are like perfumes or

Something okay you know what he’s busy man it’s¬† starting off slow but it will pick up watch it¬†¬† will pick up oh you want to take my money all¬† right well show me how can you take my money do¬†¬†

You want to let me try that yeah show me around¬† let me see thank you wow your Shop’s nice thank¬†¬† you I think I’ll let you take my money maybe over¬† here I got the wholesale market price in the whole¬†¬†

Market which means like three $1 is three magnets  of this okay $1 is three key chains cool those for   the kids for okay and how much are these 20 for  one 20 for one what is 20 20 which is like $1 is  

Like 40 $1 like 40b yes man I like that okay you¬† know what I’m going to do he’s taking my money¬†¬† he’s taking my money all right you know what let¬† me do um have a look them wow these are cool they¬†¬†

Got the hand of Fatima yeah and the evil eye huh  Egyptian people like evil eye no egyp Egyptian   people they use the hand of Fatima or the eye that  is colored in blue to protect them from the evil  

Eye they sing s okay okay do you think it works¬† I don’t know no all right well you know what you¬†¬† don’t think so okay fair enough I don’t know if¬† the evil light works but hey we’ll try it we’ll¬†¬†

Try it even put the big ones on their walls¬† and on their doors to keep the spirits away¬†¬† fair enough so maybe we should get some big ones¬† for Mom’s house all right you know what sir I’ll¬†¬†

Take um let me take these two one two and then  I want to look at these items too what are these   oh these are like little Sphinx with the pyramid  man these are awesome and what are your prices for  

These like this are fiberglass and we usually put  sand inside to make them a little bit heavy okay   but the the real ston one is going to be like  this those are the bazal stone okay are made by  

Handmade this and this over here these are all¬† handmade this is the Chinese stuff that’s the¬†¬† Chinese stuff okay and how much are these um let¬† me see let me look for some cool ones they’re all¬†¬†

Cool but wow I like that one that one looks um¬† very nice who is this you know that’s the King¬†¬† Tut oh King to man I’m so bad at this guys the¬† the the history stuff I’m not good at but yeah¬†¬†

King tuts that’s him right there all right so King¬† tuts um what is the price for this one that’s 50¬†¬† pound 5050 lb yeah will you do 30 40 40 probably¬† all right 40 there you go I’ll take that one as¬†¬†

Well and let me see what else I’ll take in here¬† oh I really like these what is the typical name¬†¬† of these guys okay those are the band of omum she¬† used to be a do you knowum the famous s singer she¬†¬†

Used to be a famous singer she I’m not I’m not no¬† I don’t know her okay she’s an old famous one she¬†¬† used to sing in the whole world she’s called Kum¬† it’s a set like this see they come in a 10 pieces¬†¬†

Set 10 pieces set so you have them in your house¬† okay after 12 at night it’s going to sing her s¬†¬† okay that’s cool so you can tell uh Egyptians are¬† like very very spiritual people huh yeah umum was¬†¬†

Very famous everybody until now they hear to umum¬† okay those have the glowing papyrus in the dark¬†¬† wow that’s cool when you close off the light it¬† gives a different design you see the big ones¬†¬†

Over there oh yeah wow that is cool okay those are  the factory stuff those are real comes from the   factory with the certificate with the boxes look  like the banana leaves those are the banana leaves  

The Ved one oh okay man those are cool though cool¬† well you know what I’ll take those ones and then¬†¬† I’ll take also let me take what what what what¬† other one is super popular right here that’s a¬†¬†

Sphinx this is Katra and here is the that that’s¬† the same shape of the Sphinx of the real one like¬†¬† the one at Giza oh it looks just like this yep¬† okay and then this is more like a eati NTI n¬†¬†

Tititi and this one you do 40 as well okay I’ll¬† take I’ll take those how much we got there 40 4¬†¬† 80 20 20 um let’s see what else could you take for¬† me what are these buy how much are these those are¬†¬†

The jewel boxes but we got two different types  of them those are the fake one this is normal   wood the tree wood covered with plastic here is  the real seashells that we use in the boxes those  

Are real the expensive one which 150 for this the¬† same size over here is going to be like 350 400¬†¬† because it’s seashells yeah okay do you have any¬† um you have a small one here maybe for like a 100

Oh thank you so much well I’m going to take¬† this bro thank you appreciate you um wait 180 200 you know what I I’ll leave one of the¬† bracelets why not okay this was 200 really man¬†¬†

Thank you so much I appreciate you can I get a¬† bag please chunk man you guys got to come visit¬†¬† his shop then he’s as soon as you coming to he’s¬† right on the left so oh you got a business card¬†¬†

It’s a business card you want to visit me again¬† and I’m going to show you one more thing turkey¬†¬† Bazar those are the silver cou where you can¬† put your name on them and her olic language in¬†¬†

English on Arabic in a Pendle bracelet earring¬† ring whatever you like wow D that’s sick okay¬†¬† silver gold 18 gold even silver plated into gold¬† whatever you like maybe I’ll come back for one of¬†¬† those starts from like $10 okay I’ll come back¬† silver 925 guarantee with the government stand¬†¬†

Thanks bro appreciate you you guys are so kind¬† thank you my first day so I’ll come back thank¬†¬† you brother you’re welcome see you again inshah¬† you too man what a nice little shop huh all right¬†¬†

Now um I feel good we’ve broken it in so now let’s¬† really start digging on into this market and you¬†¬† know what I need a football jersey so we’re going¬† to buy a football jersey a backpack and all kinds¬†¬†

Of other uh souvenirs as well wow this clothing  shop looks very interesting I wonder when they   use these outfits for is this how they dress up  for Christmas here in um here in Cairo huh not  

A bad place to end up for Christmas then I guess¬† yeah there’s actually not that many tourists here¬†¬† here like I was expecting it to be I was thinking¬† it was going to be like um the Medina in Tunis or¬†¬†

In Morocco but no here it’s very calm very chill¬† you know what I think I’m actually going to have¬†¬† to approach people myself how are you sir very¬† nice what are you selling this here oh I like¬†¬† them what’s the price of the necklace Egyptian¬† pound dollar no Egyptian pound 100 pound 100¬†¬†

Pound yeah what are these ones this is B 150 150¬† yeah what does it say you need business okay what¬†¬† does it say this is an scar oh okay need business¬† H not photo how um what’s the best price you do¬†¬†

100 120 okay 120 yeah you have changed for¬† 200 no one more two one more yeah I give you¬†¬† one necklace more which one’s the most popular¬† necklace necklace one this the most popular one¬†¬† yeah yeah you sure it’s more popular okay the¬† same Egypt I look Egyptian not egyp everybody¬†¬†

Says I look Egyptian all right I take here I¬† take both of them okay give a yeah please can¬†¬† you help me give him $1 million please I’ll give¬† you 1 million if if I had a million I give you a¬†¬†

Million bro I ain’t got a million though this¬† for I’m okay right now no no no I’m okay right¬†¬† now thank you take care bro thank you see you wow¬† look at this these are cool hello hello how much¬†¬†

Are these Fox yeah 850 850 for the fox rug can I¬† take this home Egyptian no problem you can take to¬†¬† America no problem wow okay okay thank you I’ll¬† come back thank you wow I’ve never seen one of¬†¬†

Those but I’ve always wanted one I just got one¬† thank you bro appreciate it 100 okay thank you¬†¬† thank you man those are cool Fox rugs all right¬† let’s turn this camera around now you know what¬†¬†

I keep I’m noticing right now that I keep saying¬† all right and that’s because well I’m not having¬†¬† really too many interactions right now at the¬† moment so I’m kind of thinking about where I want¬†¬†

To a I just got some jewelry thank you so much¬† yeah never um I think I’m going to steer away¬†¬† from the jewelry for now but you we got a long uh¬† walk through this market so let’s actually just¬†¬†

Keep on walking and who knows maybe we’ll start¬† coming across a lot more a lot more interesting¬†¬† items as we get deeper on into the markets now I¬† think there’s not a lot of tourists out here right¬†¬†

Now because it is super early in the morning but¬† you come out here in the evenings and I’m sure it¬†¬† changes a lot wow these clothing is beautiful I¬† love all the rugs something about walking around¬†¬†

Bazaars and medinas in North Africa is always¬† just such a unique experience I smell a lot of incense to be quite honest with you¬† this whole streets this whole neighbor¬†¬† uh markets just smells really really nice¬† and I think it’s because of all the incense¬†¬†

That they have burning look you can see the¬† towers coming off from the mosque in every¬†¬† direction okay this little part of the market¬† right here looks like it’s it gets a lot more dense some I love Egypt t-shirts¬† Egyptian t-shirts traditional¬†¬†

Clothing here we go there’s some bags¬† we need to find a bag shop that’s Nick¬†¬† we got to find a nice shop where we can¬† purchase a backpack and of course grab ourselves a whole lot of other¬† things that we can take back home¬†¬†

With us I like to get myself one¬† of these Egyptian rugs as well and scarves hello sir how much for the¬† backpacks what’s the price 300 300 M¬†¬† let me see 300 for the big one oh I like this one

Too okay you know what and the backpack¬† this one 3 350 as well oh no 350 for that¬†¬† one 300 for this one okay you know what¬† you do um 200 no no what’s the best price¬†¬† for that one 300 300 final price okay¬† I’m bad at the bargaining I’m I’m not¬†¬†

Egyptian I’m bad at bargain where they uh us¬† California Egyptian people good bargain me no bargain all right but now we got a backpack so¬†¬† uh no bag no bag yeah I just¬† I’m going to put it on right now actually have to assemble it as

Well business slow today yes when does the market  get busy what time uh Market yeah no no one empty this MOS oh this is the MOs MOS oh okay   so I think the the MOS is that  way what this Hussein Hussein

Okay thank you Muslim no no muslim no¬† muslim here you go thank you sir all right all right so now we’re good we got a¬† bag and we got plenty of room to throw all¬†¬†

Kinds of other of other goodies into all right¬† now I got 2,000 lb on so I got 2,000 lb on me¬†¬† which is something like um about a $100 actually¬† I might be off I think it’s around $7 so plenty of¬†¬†

Budget to you know splurge and buy a couple¬† items oh wow this is what I want right here¬†¬† but they don’t have a big size it doesn’t¬† look like mm no big size hello how are you

You know usually when I enter markets like this  I see a lot more uh football jerseys present and   also a lot more souvenirs but this looks like  a very you know very local market maybe the   entrance was more for tourists but this here this  is definitely like a very local market you got  

A lot of local clothing excuse me sandals hello  how are you how are you doing good you okay doing   good is this your shop no my shop here souvenir  souvenir yes my shop you got good souvenirs yes  

Good souvenir I I’ll follow you let’s go okay¬† thank you let’s go let’s go how far is your shop this Market is big oh this is your souvenir shop this my¬† souvenir shop you got perfumes man a little¬†¬†

Bit of everything okay thank you mister thank you¬† what’s your name my name is s Chris nice to meet¬†¬† what’s your name nice to meet you Chris Chris nice¬† to meet you nice to meet you happy New Year thank¬†¬†

You Happy New Year to you as well kicking the¬† new year off right in Egypt what are the prices¬†¬† for your souvenirs where you have a different¬† here this is the pyramid three pyramid is 65¬†¬† pound okay Stone it’s Stone yeah not another¬† it’s Stone 100% Egyptian Stone oh yeah GI I¬†¬†

Not give it my I give you a good one these are  good good pyramids what does this mean this is   his min carab is good luck okay and this is the  queen of Cleopatra Cleopatra Cleopatra and this  

Is here the pr this Egyptian on the cam this is C  to okay King King King okay okay this the pyramid here this the set oh so you have to buy the set  no if you want why no problem because the same  

In the Giza the pyramid in the Spen is Spen side¬† right and this here the pyramid yeah there’s three¬†¬† right yeah the big one is that’s one marara one¬† marara yeah and so this here is the grand pyramid¬†¬†

This is a grand yeah okay how much for three¬† Egyptian pound or Egyptian pound yeah uh what¬†¬† else more oh we’re going to do a a package huh¬† a package yeah can you can you explain a little¬†¬†

Bit of these which ones are which okay this is his¬† Anubis this is Anubis Anubis Anubis this one here¬†¬† the king far he not beli the God okay he far he¬† die he’s you he back again the life he can making¬†¬†

The operation like this is here Cano so that’s¬† what he came back as you put it here the stone¬†¬† stomach oh okay he headache not believes the god¬† he’s after one month one year back again you have¬†¬†

More your mind and he back again the life the he  die okay yeah this is Dr Anubis yeah Dr Anubis   yeah and this is here before this like that one  he bought it a stomach inside okay yeah and um  

Who’s who’s this one this one looks interesting¬† to me this is is the rames Ramses rames oh like¬†¬† the train station yeah oh so the train station¬† is named by that guy this is the rames yeah okay¬†¬†

These drum and you don’t have a big one like that¬† of King toots which one’s King Toot I have yes I¬†¬† have it that’s King Toot huh that’s here W oh¬† that one’s huge though this is bazal Stone oh¬†¬†

That one’s heavy no stone yeah it’s Stone the¬† fake fake is is money fake light yeah Chinese¬†¬† yeah yeah this be forever okay okay yeah good¬† one so that’s Egyptian quality Egyptian quality¬†¬† that one Chinese no get all this Egyptian quality¬† here oh everything bring just only here have two¬†¬†

Pieces China is can see the people like that the¬† keychain this the China oh that’s Chinese because¬†¬† you put it here the statues and the water why he¬† put Theon water inside not just lady you know okay¬†¬†

Okay hon to okay well hon how much how much for  this set this and this one no no no this set and   then I think I will take um nuas right nuis yeah  nuis yeah that one for these ones yes uh enough  

No that’s it man okay yeah 350 all together¬† 350 Egyptian pound man that’s good price you¬†¬† know you do 300 no problem hey super nice guy are¬† you here every day every day I’m here one man one¬†¬†

Walk come visit him okay yeah come visit him what  about your perfume does it um you got one for men   this is the perfume the natural the essence pure  Essence pure Essence yes this is can just you put  

It here touch here and touch here if you want  to yeah if you want to mix alcohol 1 by8 spray   like French perfume okay this French perfume is  alcohol this is Egyptian made Rose this is they  

Cut the flour and they make down the oil so  this one stays on your skin all day yeah pure   Essence and help for the skin no problem okay  this Essence oil this is here Dr one for man  

Or for lady no for men for men that is here is¬† called Egyptian so these are for the perfume you¬†¬† put the perfume inside here this is you put it¬† here in your house it’s much better because you¬†¬†

Put it here the perfume you lose it why because  this is the bottle not good well for the rabbit   in the backet oh this another bottle here this  is the and this is scotch plastic nice topper  

Close this size and this size yeah and have a Min  size this the perfume okay yeah this for man that one Egyptian uh people love perfume huh Egyptian  like to smell good smell that one oh that smells  

Nice wow man that smells good yeah this rames  this is rames everything no and this is the name   yeah how much how much is the small one this is  a bottle this size or this size because this the  

Better oh so you have to buy this size and then  you do this this is empty you put in home your   house you put inside okay how much for this one  this one 800 Egyptian pound oh 800 oh so yeah a  

G 60 7 anywhere 1 G 20 yeah yeah 2,000 1,500¬† 800 to follow it and this is the big bottle¬†¬† I sing it for you yeah yeah yeah that’s a big¬† one yeah this size is good okay 600 that one’s¬†¬†

600 yeah is better okay you know what I think¬† I’ll just take that one for now okay maybe maybe¬†¬† tomorrow or later on I come back okay I give¬† you a small for your try okay like that one a

Sample okay how much for that one is 200 and¬† 20050 250 for both 250 for both for both that’s¬†¬† good price it’s good price sure sold okay that’s¬† how we make business um small one which one you¬†¬†

Like it that one oh I like that one what what is  this this is the rames this is the rames yeah I   like the rames what about for lady no like lady  no just just one for me okay yeah okay the lady  

Will have to wait I have to smell good right now¬† you’re a nice man thank you and your lucky wife a¬†¬† lucky family thank you thank you very nice you¬† do um smoke or no smoke no smoke is very good¬†¬†

Yeah yeah you got to stay my son you have to stay¬† healthy like yeah he’s very good man um so you do¬†¬† 500 perfume thank you you’re welcome thank you so¬† much give me back a please two minute because I¬†¬†

Give you good backet okay quickly okay thank you¬† take your time and thank you thank you all right¬†¬† so we got the I got the whole set I’m going¬† to put them in my backpack I give oh you’re¬†¬†

Going to wrap it okay thank you thank you nice¬† shop how’s business today slow alhamdulillah no¬†¬† business it’s good it’s good oh okay because¬† me here is accept good money you happy and¬†¬† me happy exactly some people Pi high price you¬† take this one ¬£3,000 why do that after you can¬†¬†

Make it 800 900 this not good business yeah me¬† I give good for you and for me you happy and me¬†¬† happy you good profit I get good souvenir yeah¬† exactly oh nice the tape so it doesn’t open I¬†¬†

Told you no quickly this is every people every  year you come here my shop and you buy for me   okay yeah because be honest okay I might have to  come to uh Cairo to do cologne shopping once a year where come from uh us California  California have you been to California  

Yeah no I expensive for me it’s expensive to¬† go very nice country yes good how how um are¬†¬† you from I’m from Cairo yeah and his before¬† is M California New York here in Egypt now¬†¬† his life is expensive you not to same like¬† before because Co and everything yeah yeah¬†¬†

I’m here it say 35 years wow this is your¬† shop 35 years no is new shop another shop¬†¬† this is before smaller how many how long¬† is this shop this here is is 10 years oh okay

What is your favorite Egyptian food this color  like it or like a another color um I think I   like this color this color okay no problem thank  you and this Crystal shop asking this how much is  

It 300 250 okay yeah thank you thank you secret  price all right yeah I like secret price thank you what is the best um best best food in Egypt  B food that is here another state the name g  

Get okay if you want Egyptian food bans bans a¬† tomato okay or some chipsy potatoes okay yeah¬†¬† this is very nice and clear and the normal price¬† ticket not some other the prices okay I I’ll go¬†¬†

Later yeah if you like it chicken or like meat¬† also you have it okay thank you you’re welcome I think those ones um let’s see we’ll throw¬† them in the bag I don’t think the pyramids¬†¬† those ones don’t need wrapit you think so¬† for yeah true because then it crushes and¬†¬†

Then I’m going to be sad yeah like I came all¬† the I came all the way to Egypt and my pyramid broke thank you sir and this is traditional¬† for women huh this is tradition that is here¬†¬†

This is that one for men this one’s for men¬† this is for lady man beautiful this for lady¬†¬† okay and have a more if you want like this¬† for man have a different I think right now¬†¬†

I’m okay I’ll come back to you okay when I¬† come back and do more shopping in the future¬†¬† nice guy thank you thank you I would like to¬† take home one of these bad boys I mean look at¬†¬†

The details they’re beautiful but this one here¬† is definitely um pretty heavy let me know what¬†¬† you guys think of the Egyptian souvenirs down¬† in the comment section I think they’re super cool I hope 20124 is very good for you yeah¬† I hope so thank you you like football Meo my¬†¬†

Son he like too much oh okay my son  mosalah Mah Mah everybody likes Mah   very nice because me the old work alone  yeah yeah yeah my son finishes school he   want football he want to go you work so you  no time for football yeah got to make that

Money this is per different not CR okay  thank you and this is if you want to have   a 5 minute explain Papyrus no I I I saw one  earlier where at the at the last shop but to  

Be honest I don’t have the but no more no¬† more budgets no no this is your clone the¬†¬† dark that one glows in the dark in the dark the¬† handmade not the fake okay yeah the original and¬†¬†

Here’s the price who makes these this makes¬† here in the garden the plant he’s cut it and¬†¬† he can puted the machine and after you be¬† finished like that one yeah oh like what¬†¬†

Yeah and this is the artist can put it here  the SC good luck The Mask to is the cat or   the pyramids this close the light we see this  piure glow the dark this here no glow in the

Dark that one doesn’t glow in the dark there’s¬† no glow in the do this is cheaper okay yeah maybe¬†¬† later maybe later how much in this size how much¬† you um I’m not I’m not sure what’s your price me¬†¬†

Yeah honest to you 150 150 okay Egyptian maybe  when I come back anywhere you see this 100 200   600 I know the prices okay maybe when I come  back okay this B is 80 Egyptian pound that  

One’s 80 Egyptian pound 80 pound $2 and half okay¬† I I’ll come back later okay okay no problem thank¬†¬† you sir and if you want also silver you have¬† a nice silver you have silver okay pure silver¬†¬†

Man you have you have everything no this is the¬† another shop the brother my your brother’s shop¬†¬† is a the silver C with the name uhhuh like¬† the bracelet okay piece of art Scarab or to¬†¬†

Camel some nice pieces and the rank 9 CH 925 925¬† silver stamped I give my car take a look no it’s¬†¬† okay right now sir I’m going to keep walking have¬† a look the silver jewelry no I don’t I don’t wear¬†¬†

It’s cuz I never wear a photo it took a photo¬† in yeah but I never wear jewelry so thank you¬†¬† sir you’re welcome take care and if you want ni¬† interesting go Al that’s here Spice Market okay¬†¬†

This is 3,000 same s okay these two Old Market¬† for spices okay yeah thank you you’re welcome¬†¬† appreciate you again yeah you will thank you¬† thank you you too all right well now we got¬†¬† ourselves those hey what’s up bro now we got¬† ourselves some uh little souvenirs to take home¬†¬†

With us and yeah the homie was trying to take  me to go see some uh silver some art all kinds   of other things too but I decided to opt out  on that because I want to go out and you know  

Make some uh make some conversations with some¬† other people right now you you remember me no¬†¬† not before first time you’re welcome you’re¬† welcome thank you thank you not the last time I think a lot of people um recognize¬† other people that have made videos here¬†¬†

In the area and then they think I’m that¬† person but n this my first time out here¬†¬† so I’ll be out here plenty plenty more¬† times though that’s for sure I love it¬†¬† here already this is my work the sil Factory¬† here my work silver Factory Silver factory

Factory okay I’m okay right now sir I don’t¬† it’s cuz I don’t I don’t wear I don’t wear¬†¬† jewelry no silver for me I give you my business¬† C don’t for to buy just look no it’s okay it’s¬†¬†

Okay thank you mys it’s okay sir thank you¬† thank you I appreciate it I just I’m not a¬†¬† big fan of jewelry I don’t really uh silver¬† too often I only bought the bracelet and¬†¬† the necklace from the other guy and these¬† two bracelets to give to you know people¬†¬†

Back at home at souvenirs but I personally¬† don’t wear um any jewelry all I wear is my¬†¬† Apple watch and I really like watches but um¬† yeah I haven’t really built up a collection¬†¬† yet however that’s definitely something I see¬† myself buying a lot more of in the future our

Watches now there’s no there’s no uh musala¬† Jersey that’s what I need I can’t find one¬†¬† anywhere around here wow these bazars¬† are crazy I mean there’s all kinds of¬†¬† little side streets as well so yeah this¬† is a very uh local side of the market I¬†¬†

Mean mainly clothing sandals HomeGoods  a lot of traditional clothing [Music] sweatshirts you have for you big size  yeah big size for youa Egyptian king   yes thank you thank you you have  big size mosala yes okay big size

Oh that’s big big size okay yes what’s the price¬† uh good price good price what’s the good price 350¬†¬† 350 350 okay let me see yes can I see the front¬† yes bigger oh man that’s nice huh what’s this one¬†¬†

Say right here what’s that Egypt Egypt fa football¬† okay m is the best the best the best okay better¬†¬† than better than Ronaldo yes better than Messi¬† Messi this this and Messi and Ronaldo and Ronaldo¬†¬† Ronaldo in Egypt in Egypt they like Ronaldo¬† more or or mosalah mosalah this Mah another¬†¬†

Small this small okay okay you do 300 30050 300¬† 300 for you okay 300 300 sold buying it thank you¬†¬† good man welcome to Egypt Egyptian king Egyptian¬† king Egyptian king Egyptian king Egyptian king he very good good man good man yeah I’ll¬† take that one I’ll take that one thank¬†¬†

You you’re a good man and the good man¬† not are you are you buying a jersey as¬†¬† well yeah you got to hey madona madona¬† Madonna you said you look like Madonna¬†¬† about years old Madonna’s Madonna’s ancient¬† right now she’s she’s almost as old as the

Pharaoh Madonna that is too funny she¬† is old have a nice time have a nice¬†¬† time than I am going to have a nice time thank you brother see you again in take care I’m okay right now¬† thank you man that was fun what a good guy huh¬†¬†

Classic he’s if I would have ran into him in¬† the beginning of the video like the it would¬†¬† have been completely different Vibes out here man¬† they saw a lot of lingerie out here in Egypt h¬†¬†

I didn’t think it was going to be like you know¬† place like that where you can see like lingerie¬†¬† everywhere but hey I guess I guess they got it¬† like that out here oh wow I mean look at this¬†¬†

Market guys it is super awesome okay now I’m not¬† sure exactly um where this Hall leads to but now¬†¬† that I got a SIM card I can essentially just¬† pop out on any Street and just take an uh in¬†¬†

Uber back to wherever the next area or places¬† that I want to visit here in the city today¬†¬† now I don’t know if I’m actually going to go¬† to uh the pyramids tomorrow or the following¬†¬†

Day but it is happening this week all right now  oh man I had a Toy Story blanket just like that   when I was younger I actually had so many  blankets like this when I was younger let  

Me know if you guys had blankets like that as¬† well that had like you know cartoon characters¬†¬† and all kinds of interesting stuff on them¬† I also had I’ve been seeing a lot of memes¬†¬†

Of them lately but I’ve also had one of those we¬† always had them in in our room growing up me and¬†¬† my brother the big rugs that have like all the¬† roads and can play cars on that stuff is super cool I’m noticing there’s a lot of¬† people walking around with tea as¬†¬†

Well so I’m guessing they walk¬† around and sell um sell tea to people to be honest I feel like a nice mix of of¬† as Asia and um Africa as I’m walking through these¬†¬†

Streets wow I just got a a strong uh whiff of¬† some green I guess that that that must be pretty¬†¬† popular around here as well but yeah look great¬† quite impressive how much lingerie there is around here you know I wouldn’t mind actually¬† purchasing a beverage or a nice tea if¬†¬†

I can find somebody walking around right now¬† as well and the weather is very nice it’s too¬†¬† cold not too hot it is perfect out here right¬† now it sure does beats walking around making¬†¬† Market videos in Asia when you’re sweating¬† your your your a off you know but this here¬†¬†

Is definitely more of my my kind of hello¬† hello what are you what are you selling you¬†¬† sell for men men you got men clothes okay I’m¬† coming I’m coming what do you have for men so¬†¬†

What oh these ones right here dress yes okay  but not for men you have men men clothes you   have I am Z okay okay thank you thank you thank  you sh very much okay I think they were trying  

To um sell me those dresses or something I’m¬† not too sure what was going on there thank you not sure what happened but¬† dude just grabbed my arm and¬†¬† started saying that wow these are like¬† pumm isn’t it or I think use those to

Scrub you know I was expecting it to be a¬† lot more hustle and bustle in here but it¬†¬† is definitely a a place more so for for locals¬† not really a tourist Market it’s definitely a¬†¬† lot more um local environment but I like¬† it I wish we had markets like this in in¬†¬†

Long Beach where I live I’d spent a lot of time¬† in them but unfortunately we don’t have bazaars¬†¬† like this where we live it’d be pretty cool if we¬† did w I love how they have all the shoes hanging

Up yeah I’m not sure what else we’re going¬† to be able to purchase from in here I don’t¬†¬† really need a sweatshirt right now but they¬† got a lot of sweatshirts jackets a lot of¬†¬† great quality stuff underwear I mean I could¬† use a pair of socks you can never go wrong¬†¬†

With socks but I actually really wanted  to purchase more souvenirs I thought we   were going to come across a lot more in this  market but I guess not I might have to come   back here later on this week then and maybe go  on like a a traditional clothing spree maybe I  

Got to buy some actually you know what maybe¬† we’ll buy some uh traditional clothing right¬†¬† now why not maybe we’ll buy something in this¬† market since we can’t purchase anything else all right let me see if I can’t find a¬† shop that sells something for men most¬†¬†

Of the items I’m seeing though are um primarily¬† dedicated towards or to a woman you know what um I don’t know if we should beer off¬† back to where we came from but you know¬†¬† what we’re just going to continue¬† trooping it out we’re going to go

Forward I’m really interested in seeing¬† what’s in these little side streets but I¬†¬† have a feeling that if I Veer off into those¬† then the camera quality is not going to be¬†¬† too good and you guys aren’t going to enjoy¬† it I feel like the moment we walk in oh man¬†¬†

These are fireworks hello are these fireworks¬† fire oh okay what’s the price how much these ones wow I didn’t realize they sell¬† fireworks on the streets like¬†¬† this this is cool this is for New¬† Year 120 um legal like no no police¬†¬†

No problem no no okay yes you hold it¬† okay okay you know what here I’ll do okay you do 100 100 thank you why not I like buying fireworks I don’t think¬†¬† I’ll actually use these but I’m sure¬† some kids would love them as a gift nice thank you 20

More yeah thank you thank you hello  hello how are you how are you come   on hello hello good good good good good what was that take care sir thank you all right well got  some fireworks why not actually you know what  

Might actually pop those later on tonight why¬† not yeah yeah bro okay yeah fireworks this is¬†¬† a very popular firework area then I’m seeing a¬† lot of poppers that was the first 10 I had seen today thank you so

Much man Egypt is awesome it’s such a Vibe¬† walking around these streets oh you know¬†¬† what I can go for a beanie hello sir how¬† are you how long how much are the beanies price how much ah with the phone 110 110 oh I like¬†¬†

That good quality huh okay you know¬† what I’ll take this one this one thank you I wonder no no gloves just¬† the hats you do um 100 thank you all right okay does get a little bit um chilly¬† out here wow what is that I’ve never seen¬†¬†

This before what is it suar can sugar cane¬† how much 10 Egypt 10 pound Egypt o you have change I think he’s trying to get change right¬† now from all of the vendors no change

Huh it’s hard huh hard to get change all right¬† you know what let me put this camera down for a¬†¬† second and I’m going to put all this stuff in¬† the bag actually we’re just going to go like this very good thank you sir thank you thank

You you want I invite you you sure oh it’s nice can never go wrong with¬† sugarcane juice all right well you know what¬†¬† I think we’ll keep on walking but it looks like¬† we’re getting out of the market now we’ll keep on¬†¬†

Walking a little a little bit and then we’ll see¬† what what else we get ourselves into today but I¬†¬† just realized I spent already my the 2,000 I had¬† in my pocket between the Uber getting here and¬†¬†

Right now like I got about 100 left in my pocket¬† so money went by quite fast but the sugar cane¬†¬† juice is definitely extremely popular here in¬† Cairo because I’ve seen people walking around¬†¬† the market with those trays since we’ve entered¬† and as you can see even as we’re out on the main¬†¬†

Road there are still a lot of people out here¬† here look selling the sugarcane juices and yeah¬†¬† only about 10 so something like what is 10 I don’t¬† know like 10 cents no no it’s not it’s more like0¬†¬†

50 cents 200 is like five bucks I don’t know my¬† conversion is all off but yeah now we’re on the¬†¬† main road guys and I think that this is actually¬† where you know what let’s walk for a bit let’s¬†¬†

Walk for a bit and then we’ll bring the video down¬† to an end maybe down here by the maybe down here¬†¬† by the bridge but I just want to show you guys¬† a little bit more of the Vibes here in the city¬†¬†

Center you can hear a lot of horns sounds almost¬† relatively close to like the streets of of India¬†¬† when you’re in India all you hear is horns and and¬† chaos but uh here I feel like it’s a tad bit more

Organized I’d like to know exactly um how¬† it works to take these buses maybe I’ll hop¬†¬† on one later on this week and just Cruise¬† somewhere just some random neighborhood or something all right well you know what guys¬† I think this is going to be the end of this¬†¬†

Video I think um this is going to be the¬† end of the little market spree I’m going¬†¬† to figure out what else I get myself into I got¬† to go to ATM get some cash yeah maybe grab some¬†¬†

Lunch and then I’ll see what else we get¬† ourselves into later on today but yeah I¬†¬† hope you guys enjoyed that video Han El the¬† oldest Market in Cairo what a crazy Place huh you always smart I was the one to take love¬† I remember how we started do realize from my

Supp strange Motions like a shift in the flow

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