Exposing the 17 European Countries with the Fastest Declining Populations – Video

Exposing the 17 European Countries with the Fastest Declining Populations – Video

17 Fastest Dying European Countries Exposed!
Confronted with declining birth rates, high mortality rates, and increasing youth emigration in search of better opportunities, the following 17 countries are at risk of experiencing a severe population decline. Some even predict that some of these countries might disappear entirely without a population.
Let’s explore the 17 countries with the highest likelihood of population decline in Europe, with rapidly aging populations and high mortality rates!

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17 Nations most likely to die out exposed confronted with declining birth rates High mortality rates and increasing youth immigration in search of better opportunities the following 17 countries are at risk of experiencing a severe population decline some even predict that some of these countries might disappear entirely without a

Population let’s explore the 17 countries with the highest likelihood of population decline in Europe with rapidly aging populations and high mortality rates number 17 Italy Italy is facing one of the most severe population declines in Europe due to continuously low birth rates and an aging population the country has the

Lowest birth rate in the world averaging around 1.29 children per woman economic factors such as high youth unemployment rates and costly Child Care further exacerbate this low birth rate additionally Italy boasts one of the highest average life expectancies leading to the second highest proportion of elderly population Italy’s population is

Predicted to decrease by 1.1% from 2020 to 20 to 2050 the current population of 6.5 million is projected to decrease to 54.4 million in the next 30 Years the lowest birth rate ever recorded since Italy’s unification and young people leaving Italy for other European countries in search of job opportunities

Have further compounded the population decline as a result Italy has many policies encouraging immigration in fact some places even offer money and Free Housing if you migrate here what do you think about Italy’s policies and would you consider moving here comment your thoughts below number 16 Bulgaria the situation in Bulgaria is

Straightforward and understandable the country has a high mortality rate coupled with low birth rates and a significant number of immigrants with 8.15 births per 1,000 people the country is struggling to balance with 18 deaths per 1,000 people furthermore Bulgaria holds the record for the highest mortality rate in the

European Union with over 82% of bulgarians dying from circulatory system diseases and cancer Bulgarian doctors have declared for years that smoking and alcohol are the leading causes of death in the country when giving birth Bulgarian women actually have the lowest average age of first child birth compared to other European

Countries however the biggest challenge for this country lies in Immigration more and more bulgarians are leaving their country in 2019 about 40,000 people immigrated from Bulgaria to other countries in search of opportunities this has led to a loss of 10.3% of Bulgaria’s population in the past 12 years what do you think about

The population decline in this country share your thoughts with me number 15 lvia lvia has lost 20% of its population in the past 12 years and it predicted to lose another 40% by around 2100 lvia has made significant progress since leaving the Soviet Union and this has indeed slowed down immigration from

Lva to other countries especially in Western Europe however many lvans still immigrate abroad in hopes of finding new jobs therefore the government has established a trade alliance with Beijing to attract many Chinese people to migrate to this small country in recent years the goal of the Latvian government has been to improve

The country’s economy and thus provide better economic conditions for young people about 14% of the population here is immigrants many of whom are Chinese furthermore lvia is one of the countries with the most significant gender related difference in life expectancy here there is about a 10year difference in life expectancy between

Men and women compared to the EU average difference of 5 years this is due to higher cancer rates and a general lack of understanding of health issues among men in lvia number 14 North Macedonia North cedonia is among the countries with the lowest birth rates in the Balkans at 1.3 children per woman

Falling into the category of nations with shrinking populations this is compounded by economic challenges encouraging migration the flow of young often Highly Educated individuals exacerbates the demographic crisis impacting Economic Development additionally an aging population poses additional challenges to the sustainability of healthare and pension systems the population of North

Macedonia is projected to decrease by1 9% from 2.1 million to 1.9 million from 2020 to 2050 meanwhile North macedonia’s population has decreased by 24.6% since gaining independence in 1991 number 13 mdova this small nation has lost 40% of its population over the past 30 years with the United Nations predicting a

Further 38.6% decrease by 2100 making mova one of the highest risk group for disappearance however moldova’s population is likely to continue to exist but abroad with an extremely high immigration rate averaging 15,000 people leaving the country each year the population decline is evident with villages about 50 km from the capital

Chiso displaying deserted streets with few illuminated windows at night dilapidated Farms schools and many broken and tattered roofs also indicate sparse or absent populations in these areas number 12 Ukraine it’s easy to understand why many ukrainians leave their country isn’t it on February 24th 2022 Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory marked a significant

Escalation in the conflict between these two countries which has been ongoing since 2014 the war has caused the largest Refugee crisis in Europe since the end of World War II however even before the war migration had begun in Ukraine according to data from the state statistic service of Ukraine the country country’s population

Has been declining since 1990 due to prolonged negative birth rates and massive economic migration after the collapse of the Soviet Union ukrainians mainly worked in Russia and after 2010 they mainly went to Russia and Poland where there were liberal migration policies with a birth rate of 9.23 births per 1,000 people

Mortality rates are also high with 14.3 deaths per 1,000 people even before the war forecasts for Ukraine’s population are after the end of the conflict vary but all are extremely pessimistic ranging from 24 to 35 million people and by 2030 the country’s population could be one of the oldest in Europe while

Also bearing a high burden of illness disability post-traumatic stress disorder or depression High mortality rates and fewer births are the main reasons for the sharp population decline from 2010 to 2022 ukrainians decreased by 18.2% and it estimated that there will be fewer than 40.7% ukrainians by 2100

What do you think about this country please comment your thoughts below number 11 Croatia among the primarily Balkan conflict involved countries Croatia is the most economically resilient with a per capita GDP of about 117,000 USD much higher than that of Bosnia and Herzegovina however this has not prevented crotia from losing about

770,000 people over the past decade in terms of population C CA has lost residents not only in rural areas but also in cities making this case particularly unusual compared to neighboring countries this is also due to a lack of affordable housing for the young population according to croan Media

Analysis the job market is insufficient and the lack of housing for young people is the main cause of both immigration and low birth rates however while croci leave more people are being attracted by the prospect of new jobs in tourism in 2023 for the first time in 15 years the

Number of tourists to this country exceeded record levels number 10 Lithuania the population of Lithuania is predicted to decrease by 2 22.1% over the next three decades the population is expected to decrease from 2.7 million to 2.1 million people like Bulgaria the largest population decline in Lithuania is due to mass

Migration among the countries with continuously declining populations Lithuania is becoming one of the most severely declining Nations the significant decline is due to a combination of high immigration rates and low birth rates economic factors especially after joining the EU have fueled waves of Youth migration additionally lithuania’s birth rate

Hovering around 1.6 and the Aging population contribute to this decline furthermore in lithuania’s future it will be a place where every 100 people in the labor force will have 50 retirees indicating a significant number of Elder LLY people beyond the reproductive age number nine Romania in recent years

Romania has lost 13.3% of its population since the country joined the European Union there has been an increase in Romanians immigrating abroad it is estimated that about 5.5 million Romanians are currently living abroad with 2 million of them residing in Italy and Germany alone in reality immigration started in

1989 after the end of turmoil in the country many Romanians chose to migrate to other countries in search of a better future while this country has more children than Bulgaria they also face High mortality rates number eight Hungary Hungary is also among the countries with rapidly decreasing populations due to high

Immigration rates especially among the youth and educated individuals this brain drain further exacerbates the population decline in this country additionally Hungary has the lowest birth rate in Europe influenced by economic instability and shifting social values notably Hungary has nearly 1.9 million people aged 65 and over with

About 1.3 million of them having various disabilities hungary’s population is predicted to decrease from 9.7 million in 2020 to 8.5 million in 2050 this is a population decrease of about 1 2.3% furthermore according to population figures Hungary has been losing over 40,000 people each year year with no

Signs of slowing down hungary’s policies aimed at slowing down the population decline are focused on increasing the birth rate to address this issue the government decided to establish state-run fertility support clinics for example in December 2019 prime minister Victor orban’s government announced the purchase of six private specialty in

Vitro fertilization IVF clinics the government controls IVF facilities exempting them from competition restrictions since 2020 the states provide free fertility treatment drugs at many clinics prime minister Orban also outlined tax exemptions proposed loans for families in efforts to boost the birth rate since the summer of 2022 prime minister Orban has banned private

Clinics from providing IVF Services the government stated it would make efforts to help people access procedures more easily what do you think about the declining birth rate and the policies of this country please leave your thoughts in the comments below number seven Bosnia and herova in the past 12 years bosnia’s

Population has decreased by 15% according to the United Nations this is the country with the highest long-term risk of Extinction alarming forecasts indicate that by 201100 Bosnia and heroina will lose an additional 49.4% of its population making it the country with the highest population decline by the

End of this Century the amount of migration is also extremely high in this country each year year this causes the country to lose about 1.5% of its population especially young students or skilled workers this is also a cause for concern for many bosnians in addition to significant immigration this country also has the

Lowest birth rate in the world simply because there are fewer young people and fewer opportunities to raise children it seems like this country is struggling to recover after the end of the Bulan conflict marked by the Dayton agreement in 1995 number six Poland Poland’s birth rate at approximately 1.32 births per

Woman is steadily declining making it one of the countries with a decreasing population this demographic challenge is exacerbated by the immigration of citizens especially towards Western Europe after joining the EU additionally Poland faces an aging population characterized by an increasing number of elderly people and a narrowing population within the

Working age group Poland’s population is predicted to decrease by 1 12.0 0% over the next 30 Years the population will decrease from 37.8 million to 33.3 million low birth rates and continuous imigration are the two main factors contributing to Poland’s population decline number five litah the birth rate in litva is less

Horrifying compared to the countryes seen above however this country has a high mortality rate with 15.6 deaths per 1,000 people experts believe this is mainly due to three factors of obesity alcohol and suicide for every three men in litva one has a serious alcohol problem leading to consequences such as traffic accidents

And cardiovascular issues over 60% of the adult population in litva is overweight leading to cardiovascular problems and strokes the second leading cause of death in the country is related to Suicide this is a serious issue in litva seemingly starting after the collapse of the Soviet regime due to all the

Economic and social changes that lithuanians have experienced since the peaking in 1995 lithuania’s intentional self-injury rate has steadily decreased but Remains the highest in the EU in among the 36 oecd countries litva has limited Mental Health Care Facilities created an environment where seeking appropriate help is a challenge notably lit’s

Healthcare agency is not prioritized with Community Healthcare spending among the lowest in Europe litah has lost 17.5% of its population in the past 12 Years number four Greece Greece’s population decline has become more severe in recent years due to the financial crisis starting in 2009 the crisis led to high unemployment rates thereby fueling waves of migration and also negatively impacting the birth rate additionally an aging population is another contributing factor with over

21.8% of the entire population being 65 years old and above Greece’s population is projected to decrease from 10.4 million to 9.0 million a decrease of over 13.4% in the next 30 Years Greece’s population began declining in 2011 when the first negative birth rate was recorded Greece’s population could

Decrease by up to 50% in the next 50 years if no measures are taken to counteract this number three Estonia estonia’s population deine is a complex issue rooted in historical challenges and current ones from the Soviet era including low birth rates in Immigration although Estonia has one of

The highest birth rates in Eastern Europe at 1.58 children per woman this rate is still lower than necessary it high immigration rates especially after joining the European Union in 2004 have led to a significant number of young people leaving additionally an increasingly aging population is a growing concern

With the proportion of elderly people exerting increasing pressure on the healthcare and social systems estonia’s population of 1.3 million is predicted to decrease by 1 two .7% to 1.2 million by 2050 compared to other Baltic countries estonia’s population decline rate is relatively slow and stable this is because many foreigners have also

Immigrated to this country delaying the rapid population decline in recent years number two Albania in recent years Albania has undergone an economic boom mainly due to tourism however Italians still remember the large ships full of Albanian migrants fleeing to Italy to escape poverty and instability in their country in the

1990s today Albania aims to become the new Portugal in terms of Tourism and attract wealthy retirees from abroad however from 2010 to 2022 Albania has witnessed a 21% decrease in population and if nothing changes it will decrease by another 35.5% by 2100 the rate of immigration abroad is

Very high making the country the third largest immigrant community in the world after Bosnia and Herzegovina Guyana poverty Still Remains significant in many places in the country young albanians feel disillusioned about the future and the youth lacks hope that the situation in the country can change entirely opting to immigrate

Abroad the government is also trying its best to bring them back offering a tax exemption of €5,000 for them from local taxes for one or 3 years but currently this seems insufficient before revealing the first country if you find this video interesting please hit the like button And subscribe to the

Channel number one Serbia from 2010 to 2012 Serbia decreased nearly 27% of its population losing nearly 2.5 million people Serbia is one of the countries with the lowest population and the oldest population in the world according to some U estimates it will be one of the five countries

Along with Bulgaria Ukraine lvia and Lithuania that will lose the most population by 2050 the mortality rate in this country is high but not as high as some countries above Additionally the birth rate is similarly low with 8.74 births per 1,000 people so why is the population declining in Serbia surely it’s because

Young people in Serbia aspire to immigrate to other countries to seek better job opportunities and higher wages moreover a major reason is the disillusionment of the youth young people don’t believe that the government can make changes serbians don’t believe that the situation in their country can change therefore they live in a constant

Sense of unpredictability and stagnation young people cannot plan their lives in Serbia so they immigrate abroad what do you think about the government or regimes of Serbia leave your thoughts in the comments so we have explored the 17 countries with the largest potential population decline today what do you think about the

Countries I’ve shared above or do you have any ideas about why the populations of these countries are aging rapidly and dying off quickly remember to comment and share your thoughts thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to get updates on our latest

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