” Full Episodes: Firsthand Accounts of Ukrainian POWs, Taiwan, and Red Hot Chili Peppers” – Video

” Full Episodes: Firsthand Accounts of Ukrainian POWs, Taiwan, and Red Hot Chili Peppers” – Video

The 60 Minutes Full Episodes video titled “Stories from freed Ukrainian POWs; Taiwan; Red Hot Chili Peppers” features three powerful and emotional segments. The first story focuses on the plight of Ukrainian prisoners of war (POWs) who were captured by Russian forces and endured unspeakable torture. The stories of these brave women, who fought in the city of Maryupole, shed light on the cruelty of Russia’s invasion and the atrocities committed against Ukrainian troops.

The second segment takes viewers to Taiwan, where tensions with China are escalating. The report explores the possibility of a war between China and Taiwan and the chilling reality faced by the Taiwanese as they live under the shadow of Chinese aggression.

Lastly, the video features an interview with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, where the band members discuss their unique connection with each other and their musical process. They reflect on their individual roles within the band and share insights into their creative collaboration.

Through these gripping and deeply moving stories, 60 Minutes Full Episodes provides a comprehensive look at the human experience in the face of conflict, adversity, and artistic expression. The video is a poignant and thought-provoking exploration of the resilience of the human spirit.

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When Russia shelled this city to ruin it captured Ukrainian troops including these three women the fight there was desperate um yes this was non-stop fighting non-stop shelling tonight stories of survival and POW camps that the U.N condemns for torture when did you realize that you were pregnant

Close is the world to witnessing a war between China and Taiwan we went to the island of 23 million to see for ourselves we found the Taiwanese calm some say tucom given China’s aggressiveness militarily and that’s Taiwan that’s Taiwan so you’re designating where they’re attacking with those circles

Everybody good in L.A we met the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip where they told us just as they connect with audiences they connect with each other the way jazz players play and the way that basketball players play telepathically and understanding when to

Go and when to move and when to do what we’re all supporting each other at the same time everybody has different ways of doing that I see the base as the lead instrument the whole time you see him as the lead instrument oh yeah I see each

Song as being like a bass solo where I’m I’m there to support it I’m Leslie Stahl I’m Bill Whitaker I’m Sharon alfonsi I’m John worthheim I’m Cecilia Vega I’m Nora O’Donnell I’m Scott Pelley those stories tonight on 60 Minutes one atrocity in Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine is largely

Hidden the torture of prisoners we met three former pows survivors last March in Kiev Ukraine’s capital they were soldiers and all women what they have to say is difficult but it further exposes the cruelty of Russia’s Invasion their stories can’t be verified independently but they track with testimony the U.N collected from

More than 150 former prisoners at the end of a vicious battle last year in April fear of Russian captivity was so great that one of the women we met simply looked to God and said please let me die they fought here in the southern Port City of maryupole once alive with four

Hundred thousand residents Putin shelled Mary eupol to misery in April the last Ukrainian troops were cornered in those steel mills above the graveyard tell me about the fight at the steel plant 35 year old sergeant Irina Stoney is a medic um we saw people dying children dying children’s heads being blown off civilians

It’s hard to bring those memories back hard because at least 25 000 civilians were killed she continued we tried to help civilians we tried to give them some assistance at least something water medicine food there were little children with us it’s hard to watch your friend’s head be

Blown off in front of you it was you can’t describe this with words difficult very difficult when people you know and children die for nothing Sergeant Stoney served in Mary upole with Captain Mariana Mama Nova a 31 year old military doctor she told us there was one time when we

Saw a family running as we were driving to save our soldiers and when we were coming back the father was crying over his family the bodies of the mom and a little child also at the steel mill 33 year old sergeant Anastasia chornenka ran Communications the fight there was desperate

Yes constant Aviation artillery this was non-stop fighting non-stop shelling during the battle chorninka often sent her family a text just one character she said it was very quick if you sent a plus sign it meant you were alive Dr mamanova also had a message it should

Have been for her husband back home but she would not send it when did you realize that you were pregnant because I realized that I was pregnant in the middle of March and when I saw that the test result was positive I cried I was hysterical but

She didn’t want her husband to know how much he stood to lose I knew if I died it would be easier for him to reconcile with the loss of a wife then the loss of a wife and baby by April the fight for Mary upole was hopeless Sergeant Stoney’s unit was surrounded

They took away our men separately splitting them up some of the men were beaten some of our men were how shall I put it shot in the head the Russians killed unarmed men and them yes we were unarmed about the same time Captain Mama Nova’s unit was moving in the night to

Reinforce troops fighting for their lives she told us I would just say to my soldiers in my medical unit that if I was going to get captured just shoot me don’t look at me just shoot me and don’t let me be captive don’t let me suddenly in our interview she was back

Hiding in the rear of a truck that ran into a Russian Patrol she turned to a fellow Soldier please tell me that we did not get captured and he’s looking at me not knowing what to say I see fear in his eyes I realized that he can’t tell me that we

Didn’t get captured because we did get captured next came a blinding light and voices warning that they would be shot artillery shells were falling down and at that moment I was asking God to let me die I thought oh God I don’t want to be captured I just want to die here please

Let me die she knew that the walls of Putin’s prisons muffle cries of torture a unpow investigation collected testimony of executions starvation attacks by dogs twisting joints until they break and mock executions when they first talked about taking me for execution Anastasia chernenka told us

I only had enough time to pray and say goodbye to my children probably the worst you feel is that you won’t see your children ever again all her children knew was that the plus sign text stopped lighting up the phone you don’t know where the fighting is and

Whether your children are in a safe place this is the most frightening thing for a mother after Putin’s unprovoked Invasion the un-p-o-w report also found Russians abused by Ukraine mostly during capture but Ukraine has opened its Pow Camp to International inspection while Russia hides its penal colonies

Irena Stoney says that she was moved among four Russian prisons and tortured with electricity they would rape some men when we were in tehanro prison there was a cell for men and a cell for women and we could hear our men screaming when they were being raped they were making

Our men scrape off their tattoos they were beating them badly they did the same to women they would beat them pour boiling water on them the only thing they didn’t do they didn’t rape women but the beating was brutal abuse was very bad this is a Russian propaganda film in

April that shows Mariana mamanova in captivity she’s about four months pregnant and was told privately what would become of her baby they said they would take my child away from me and they would move the baby repeatedly from one orphanage to another so I could never find my child

I wonder as you felt your daughter moving what did you tell her I was saying to my child that we were strong and we could do it your mommy is strong your mommy is military your mommy is a doctor your mommy will save you she asked only one thing from her child

In return you will be born in Ukraine can you hear me in there you must be born in a free Ukraine unknown to the prisoners a free Ukraine was working to get them home Andre urmac is Chief of Staff to president vlodimir zielinsky from the very first day urmac told us

President zielinski set up the job to return prisoners of War leading negotiations for prisoner exchanges is your Mac’s job so far his team has negotiated 46 pow swaps trades of about equal numbers 2500 ukrainians have been freed an estimated 4 000 or so remain what is your commitment to the pows who are

Still being held by Russia and remember that your country will never forget you we will do everything to get You released have strength and faith in our ability to return everyone home there was fresh faith in his work in October with a deal to free 108 ukrainians at once all of them women

Urena Stoney was among them hooded tied and told nothing we had been transported in vehicles and by plane so many times before and we thought they were just taking us to another cell Anastasia chorninka was also in the dark she had duct tape over her eyes so her

First inkling was something she could feel they put us on quite comfortable buses which were never used and we thought something’s not right something’s up because the bus felt comfortable and soft the tape was cut from her eyes and you realize that there is no guard behind

You and you stand there looking at the big sign that reads Ukraine I understand that you got a new tattoo after you were released May I see it it reads they were trying to kill me they captured me but I didn’t give in because I was born Ukrainian

Another Ukrainian birth was delayed just enough this is Dr Mariana mamanova walking to Freedom she told us near the end of her captivity one kind Russian officer sent her to a hospital and weeks later she was in a prisoner exchange how long was it from that moment of liberation

Until your daughter was born four days I was liberated on the 21st of September and my child was born on the 25th a healthy girl named Anna so she did exactly what you asked her to do not be born until you were out of there

Yes I was stroking my bump and I said okay we’re home now and you can be born everything is good we are home no one knows Freedom like those who have lost it the women we spoke to were held six months Anastasia chorninka retired from the military

Sergeant Irina Stoney is on duty near the front and Captain Mariana Mama Nova has maternity leave before she returns to the fight for Ukrainian freedom and now Freedom’s future ever since Mao Zedong won China’s Civil War in 1949 and the losing anti-communist side fled to a small island nearby Beijing has insisted that

That Island Taiwan is an integral part of the Mainland the U.S has walked a tightrope respecting that one China policy but maintaining a special relationship with Taiwan today a progressive thriving democracy last year President Biden vowed on this broadcast that the U.S will protect Taiwan but as we first reported in October

China has steadily increased its pressure on the island including launching its largest military drill ever last summer after then house Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan foreign of frightening military might China subjected Taiwan to three days of continuous sorties with over a hundred warplanes a barrage of ballistic missiles and

Warships that encircled the island delivering a loud and clear message that China could choke Taiwan any time it wanted to you think they’re going to invade it’s this and that’s a matter of if they were invaded it is a matter of when they were invade Admiral Lee She

Mind who used to had taiwan’s Armed Forces has been ringing alarm bells for years because as China’s military has been growing taiwan’s is shrinking the number of soldiers in uniform has been cut in half over the years the length of mandatory service had been reduced to just four

Months and Admiral Lee complains that the government has been buying the wrong weapons for years tanks and jets from the United States instead of smaller portable missiles what I gather you think the military needs are these stingers and javelins and drones exactly what they need in Ukraine yeah it’s the truth and you’re

Not getting them now because they’re giving them to Ukraine we already ordered in my view not enough but however we begin to order that but we have not yet received any because other accounts we also have a kind of a similar requirements we are not on the

Top list but we need now we need now did the Taiwanese military waste all those years buying those big weapons I believe so you know but still we don’t have time to waste anymore Taiwan received little U.S military aid mostly buying its weapons but the manufacturers can’t keep up with demand the Taiwanese

Have already purchased about 14 billion dollars worth of weapons that they are just starting to receive we were surprised that few here seem to share the Admiral’s sense of urgency here in Taiwan you’d never know that the dragon to the north recently sent warships to surround the island people told us over

And over no big deal China’s been doing versions of that for 70 years well much of the world thought an invasion was imminent polls show that a majority of Taiwanese think that’s unlikely anytime soon if ever and that’s reflected in what we saw in the capital Taipei where life goes on

Uninterrupted morning traffic flows normally Shoppers do what they always do during the day and at night we saw old people painting outdoors and teenagers practicing hip-hop routines despite the threat from the north this kind of thread is our daily life a parliamentarian from Southern Taiwan says a kind of War has already started

China they try to Annex Taiwan for past 50 years they try all different kind of way maybe I can give you very concrete figures there are 20 million cyber attacked per day per day yes every day Wong who sits on parliament’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense

Committee took us to a high security lab where Engineers track those attacks this is Taylor yeah ah a small island but we’re proud of it the map shows the attacks from China in real time as they hit Taiwan and it’s so close to China yeah unfortunately so is China hoping to

Defeat Taiwan without firing a single shot that dream like that they dream the desperate dream like that he says on top of cyber warfare they’re trying to sabotage taiwan’s thriving economy and intimidate politically powerful groups like The Farmers and fishermen in Wong’s home District of Tainan who’ve

Been hit especially hard with a series of export bans when speaker Pelosi was here yes China we’re told banned 1 000 products Taiwanese Brothers a lot from your region down here it two-thirds to damage some individual business like the fish industry is there any grouper here 90 percent of grouper exports went to

China in 2021 but last year Beijing suddenly banned taiwan’s grouper devastating the fishermen boxes and boxes of the fish piled up China also went after pineapples crushing Farmers like this young couple it devastated us our pineapples got stuck in Taiwan and we lost 60 000 US Dollars and I understand the ban was

Sudden like that no warning the government fought back with a freedom pineapple campaign to entice everyone to buy and eat a lot of pineapples oh my God they’re so sweet our Housewives they have a voice say let’s eat pineapple on our dining table everybody did not provide pineapples we found a

Fairly prosperous country a leading exporter of bicycles and other sports gear this tiny island is a Tech Giant in agriculture Innovation and above all in semiconductors Taiwan is practically the world’s only source of the thinnest microchips manufactured almost exclusively by one company tsmc China relies on these as does the

Rest of the world for things like iPhones Advanced Computers and car components 91 year old Morris Chang tsmc’s founder explains why a lot of people here think the chips protect them from XI jinping’s attacking I’ve heard this expression silicon Shield or chip Shield talking about your company well it means that

Perhaps because our company provides a lot of chips to the world maybe uh somebody will refrain from attacking it if that person’s priority is for economic well-being I think they will refrain from attacking what if the priority is to come here and nationalize your company within you know one China if there’s a

War I mean it will be destroyed everything will be destroyed China say some of their Chinese Communists say let’s invent Taiwan and occupy tsmc make become party owned company then we will be superpowered United States and Japan and Europe we don’t Supply land chip they will follow Chinese orders but

That’s naive why is that naive not only a cheap company even a Sausage Company you need a recipe you need human capitals you need to know how to manufacture manufacture in that kind of products if there is reunification what would happen to you die die yeah next Taiwan people like me a lot

Will be perished Beijing has sanctioned wongding you personally for being outspokenly pro taiwan’s Independence he passionately defends the country’s Progressive democracy we saw campaign Billboards everywhere validating the Island’s commitment to clean elections and freedom of speech Beijing has promised that if there were reunification Taiwan could maintain many of its freedoms and yet

In 2019 China broke a similar promise to Hong Kong protests led to beatings arrests and stripping of democratic rights it hit home in Taiwan and led to president XI Ying Nguyen leader of the aggressively anti-reunification party winning re-election in a landslide we are firmly resolved to defend our freedom democracy

And way of life given what happened in Hong Kong and the recent military escalation we were curious why the people are so stoic asked if they’re in denial or apathetic a Taiwanese writer said it’s kind of like global warming you know it’s there and it’s going to get worse but mostly

People go about their lives what can one individual really do but then the Taiwanese watch the ukrainians stand up to the Russians it’s so inspired Jack Yao a young Taipei coffee vendor that he went there to help the fight did you go because your Taiwanese yeah because it was the

Connection just like in the Ukraine situation and our situation is very light they also have a big hammers and and it was the Communists and we have to face the Chinese Communist and they want to take us they always want to take us it wasn’t in your mind that if you go to

Fight for Ukraine other people will come here and fight for Taiwan yeah what the ukrainians have done is raising a question here in Taiwan if that’s small democracy can stand up to its menacing neighbor why can’t we you see civil defense classes sprouting up like this one on how to

Identify Chinese fake news during an attack and this night class in the park on how to operate two-way radios in Morse code in case the internet is knocked out we want our students to be able to apply a tourniquet within 30 seconds Enoch Wu a former Special Forces Soldier is running training workshops

And how to treat bullet and shrapnel wounds and conducts search and rescue and Admiral Lee wants to take it a step further calling on the government to arm Taiwan citizens and create a volunteer Force like Ukraine’s if Ukraine can do that why not Taiwan you know I’m trying

To convince the poor people that is the importance because this is a symbol of the deterrence determination so you’re proposing what I guess I would call the Ukraine model similar Ukraine people really inspire all people but to all people change fast enough I don’t think so do you think that

Taiwanese have that same kind of determination I strongly believe this because we cherish how we live we love peace we don’t like War but we won’t see it or our democracy our life for peace that’s surrender is there a chance you’ll surrender no not a chance never

Since our broadcast last fall the length of mandatory military service in Taiwan was extended from four months to a year foreign rock bands are sensitive instruments creative tensions clashing egos the grind of touring none of it scream stability add drugs death and demons and you have a breakup or a breakdown

Waiting to happen how then to explain the durability of the Red Hot Chili Peppers they started in the 80s swiveling among genres Funk punk rock rap in underground La band until they broke through as we first showed you last February 40 years on they persist selling out stadiums

Worldwide rocking and relevant for far longer than anyone would possibly have predicted not least themselves the Red Hot Chili Peppers warned us the stage is no place for boundaries all intensity and improvisation and happy chaos they were as much a band for the eye as for the ear [Applause]

We saw them in Nashville and at the Austin City Limits Festival The last stop of their most successful year of touring ever north of 200 million dollars grows As remarkable a fact as this founding member was celebrating a milestone happy birthday thank you so much you’re gonna go out they’re gonna be 80 000 people that are going to know every word yeah can you wrap your brain around not after all these years I kind of feel

Like the phenomenon of our band and this is the thing that I do I do find kind of inexplicable is that every time we make a new record and we go out and do a tour and I look out into the audience as far as I can see I like acne face teenagers

Losing their minds that’s Michael bowseri known universally of course as flee he plays bass in the quartet It includes drummer Chad Smith age 61 guitarist John fershante 53 and lead singer Anthony Kiedis 60 born within a few weeks of fleeing Everybody good all right in La we met them at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip one of their early haunts where they told us just as they connect with audiences they connect with each other like the way jazz players play and the way that basketball players play just like

Telepathically and understanding when to go and when to move and when to do what we’re all supporting each other at the same time it’s it’s everybody has different ways of doing that you know I see the base as the lead instrument the whole time Fleet doesn’t see it that way

You see him as the lead instrument oh yeah yeah I see each song as being like a bass solo where I’m I’m there to support it to understand their enduring appeal start by listening to their four decade long list of bangers that cut a ridiculously wide musical SWOT Partial explanation it’s also the torrential Talent Prashante is widely considered to rank among Rock’s greatest guitar Heroes Chad Smith is regarded as one of today’s great drummers flee’s name is synonymous with virtuosity on the bass within their psychedelic circus and this might be a band’s secret superpower there’s no clear ring leader foreign What do you call yourself what do I don’t call myself anything really I call myself a band member uh on a good day musician songwriter do you buy frontman the Red Hot Chili Brothers have three front men and and we always have and we have a front man in the back

Mr Chad Smith I’m really struck by the physicality of what you’re doing we value so much the ability to go rock out on stage for two hours nobody wants to lose that So what happens to you on stage describe it from your perspective it’s a sacred time for me So when I get on stage like no matter what I’m gonna give everything I can I want to articulate all those feelings physically I want to honor the great entertainers that came before I want to honor Frank Sinatra and Iggy Pop and Jimi Hendrix and the Xavier cougar

Orchestra you know what I mean the real lineage of John Coltrane you see yourself on this Continuum I do and I think having that vision it’s a a big part of why the Chili Peppers have managed to maintain for so many years and for us to at least to

Ourselves we still feel relevant and vibrant still based in Greater Los Angeles it’s the city they live in the City of Angels they’re not just from the area but of it kedis is a local fixture on his motorcycle flea at Laker games and in his retro ride

This is your town yeah look I’m an LA boy all my life and I you know I know this town inside out every little crack in every sidewalk their Story begins on the pavement of Hollywood not Palm lined movie star Hollywood but the Seedy one from the 70s fleece spent his early

Years in New York before heading west with his mom Anthony Kiedis was a transplant from Michigan living with his father neither critically had Brothers long before they were bandmates kedis and flee were best mates at Fairfax High what was the Friendship born of we both came from broken homes slightly atypical

Homes non-conventional homes and really we wanted to get in trouble like how much trouble can we get in without going to jail we were just little street urchin Petty thieven running around in the street trying so hard yearning so much to figure it out like how can we matter my relationship

With Anthony is a profound thing for me I remember that my mom telling me she goes Michael you came home and you said Mom I met somebody that I’ve never been able to talk to like that before you know like someone I could really talk to and

I felt heard by flea and kedis found kinship with two other Outcast classmates Hillel Slovak a guitar player and Jack irons a drummer while his friends were working on their musicianship keedis first tried to make it as an actor and fun fact shows up in an after school special I promise not to

Be the word anyone but eventually kedis joined his friends in a band in the beginning he wasn’t even singing he was rapping a lot of it had to do with hip-hop and Grandmaster Flash like I never saw myself as a wildly melodic person but at that moment I was like oh

You can just tell a story and and be in a band you don’t have to necessarily be Al Green and be in a band so that was my ticket to think I I could do this they called themselves The Red Hot Chili Peppers a nod to early

20th century jazz bands within a year they had a record contract from the beginning they went Full Throttle all gas no break we had a lot of musical influences from Hardcore Bebop Jazz to crazy progressive rock to hip-hop but we also had the Three Stooges we also had the

Marx Brothers we also had Richard Pryor and red fox you know comedy and being ridiculous meldos together meldom what did they leave you with a Make It or Break It bunch of boys that were willing to risk everything to have fun in the moment at the same time they’ve always

Taken the work seriously how do you guys write and construct songs how’s this work John and Fleer are the most kind of prepared and come in with I’ve got these ideas Felina used to do face-offs quite a bit what’s a Face-Off we need a section we’ve got a

Verse say and we need a chorus in the old days we would start it out by going like that to each other and give each other a dirty look and then we’d go into other rooms and we’d come in and each guy plays his section for the other guys

We could either go home and like think of it at home or we can do it right then we’re gonna do a Face-Off right now the part’s gonna get done can I tell you what I love about the Face-Off it said uh an unexpected moment of humility they

Put their ideas on the line and and whatever is the best for the song No One Cares how do you hit that balance between the commitment to the craft and also the Ridiculousness you’re proud of we just are all of those things we’re just being ourselves like we’re

Disciplined we work hard we’re silly we’re funny we’re entertainers we’re entertainers like all entertainers they have to work at maintaining their peaks they practice they generate they stay in shape Chad Smith replaced Jack irons in 1988. he’s very natural he joke with us that the band used to have groupies now

They have tech support and physical trainers how is your body holding up at this point I told him pretty good for an Old Gentleman I want to make sure that my guys know that he’s back there the engine is running like a well-tuned machine and it

Gives them a lot of confidence that they can just paint like the drum kits kind of like the canvas and they get to paint on top of it John Frusciante plays perpetually and prefers to warm up for four hours the day of concerts flee a converted accomplished Jazz trained trumpet player is constantly innovating on the base it’s just like a little work space you know as he showed us at his Malibu home studio nothing fancy so there’s plucking I guess

There’s like walking with two different fingers And then thumping and popping as you hit my thumb and pop it I did this so much and so aggressively that this callus medicine would split open and I said this gash open wound in my thumb and I and I figured out how to fix it by pouring super glue in there the band has also confronted the kind of physical challenges that cannot be so

Easily hacked not least sobriety Hillel Slovak the original guitarist died of a heroin overdose in 1988. his eventual replacement for Shantae has been open about his deep descent into hard drugs particularly heroin he has left the band twice before returning as for Anthony Kiedis he told us he

Works at staving off his various addictions the cliche sex drugs and rock and roll he hit that Trifecta hard which he discussed with bracing openness in his 2004 memoir just as music changes soda cultural norms when you look back at some of the Antics and behavior from

The 70s and 80s in particular and women in particular that wouldn’t fly today how do you process that wow uh I feel like I was who I was when I was that person I wouldn’t blame it on an era or a cultural landscape or a difference in the way Society views

People it’s like if I did something stupid then it would be stupid today and vice versa hopefully I’ve made those amends along the way therein May lie another secret to the band’s longevity just as bad as bad good is good ERA be damned the Red Hot Chili Peppers have evolved without concessions

Not just playing their instruments but still attacking them they’ve survived sometimes in spite of themselves no coda in earshot no end in sight Friends you’re not just trotting out the hits from 20 30 years ago this is a vital vibrant creating Enterprise yeah it takes diligence it takes sacrifice we work we write we never stop this is our purpose like we’re humble we’re students we care we want to grow we want to learn

Not every artist feels that every good one does what happens at home with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at 60 Minutes overtime.com sponsored by Pfizer I’m Leslie Stahl we’ll be back next week with another edition of 60 minutes one of the most important things we talk about every day is following your curiosity I’m a very curious person I wake up every morning asking you know what’s happening in the world why is this happening and how do we answer that question why did you want to share your story water up this High where are these coming from that’s the million dollar

Question how are you doing I’m hanging in there I believe in the power of Storytelling to change lives we’ll have to tell him when he gets older when you were two months old he was on the news the news doesn’t have to always be depressing it can be uplifting Foreign

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