“Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek at TCL TVs at CES 2024 #shorts” – Video

“Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek at TCL TVs at CES 2024 #shorts” – Video

CES 2024: TCL TVs First Look #shorts

At CES 2024, TCL has unveiled a range of new TVs equipped with mini LED technology, promising impressive picture quality and brightness. The QM8, one of the flagship models, boasts an incredibly bright picture with 5,000 nits and 5,000 zones of local dimming, making it one of the best in terms of picture quality for its price range.

The QM7 and Q6 Pro are the more affordable versions of the mini LED TVs, with the QM7 offering slightly lower brightness at 4,000 nits and the Q6 Pro being the most budget-friendly option without mini LED but still promising excellent picture quality and brightness.

With a reputation for offering great value for money in the past, TCL’s new line of TVs is highly anticipated. The combination of mini LED technology, local dimming, and high brightness levels make these TVs stand out in the market.

David Katm, reporting from CES for CNET, gives a first look at these new TCL TVs and expresses excitement about the potential for top-notch picture quality at an affordable price. With the promise of impressive brightness and picture quality, TCL’s new TVs are sure to be sought after by consumers looking for high-quality viewing experiences without breaking the bank.

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Hey guys tcl’s making a bunch of mini LED equipped TVs this year similar to the one I really liked last year this is the qm8 behind me this thing has super bright picture from what I’ve seen 5,000 nits 5,000 zones of local dimming probably one of the best picture quality

For the money TVs this year we’ll wait when we get a test it the step down versions of these things are the qm7 that’s this big guy over here 85 in in this example but it goes down to 55 in the series again mini LED a little bit

Dimmer at ,000 nits finally there’s the q6 pro it’s going to be the most affordable of their local dimming TVs this doesn’t have mini LED but they’re saying it does get really bright and again for the money expect really good picture I really like tcl’s value in the

Past so we’re going to see what they look like in 2024 David catm here at CES for CA

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